Top 40ish Point Guards for Fantasy Basketball 2014

Hey, how are ya, man? I was actually planning on getting around to this in September but, well, that didn’t happen. Life, you know how it is! Anyway, we’ll kick off the free 2014 Fantasy Basketball Draft Guide with the Top 40ish Point Guards with comments but, for the time being, no projections because I don’t just give projections willy nilly you know! After that we...
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A few NBA Rookies to Watch 2014!

Fantasy basketball doesn’t always come down to who has the best talent. It sometimes comes down to who has the opportunity. For rookies, it can be hard to break into the rotation, especially if the team has plenty of depth. For those on teams that are lacking talent, opportunity is everything. Rookies can step in immediately and get plenty of playing time. Plenty of playing time...
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A few NBA Rookies to Watch 2014!

Fantasy basketball doesn’t always come down to who has the best talent. It sometimes comes down to who has the opportunity. For rookies, it can be hard to break into the rotation, especially if the team has plenty of depth. For those on teams that are lacking talent, opportunity is everything. Rookies can step in immediately and get plenty of playing time. Plenty of playing time...
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The real reason the NBA banned Donald Sterling. The post Adam Silver doesn’t want you to read!

Oh, hi, been awhile! Hey, if you had a dollar for every time I’ve said something a bit racist in private you wouldn’t be rich but, I admit, you’d have a buck or three in your pocket. How about you? Let’s face it, everyone’s a little bit racist! Like the Broadway song from Avenue Q! That Donald Sterling guy, however, took it to another, unacceptable, level. We all agree...
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The beginning of the End!

It’s that time of the year where we try to end our fantasy basketball seasons strong and get ready to go to battle in the playoffs. How’s your team right now? Hopefully, it’s strong. Real strong. Come Sunday, we will be making those decisions on what players to ditch and what players to hang on to throughout the duration of the playoffs. It looks like we’ll have a few good...
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Fantasy Basketball Playoffs to Payoffs!!

What’s up my fellow fantasy basketballers! It’s getting to be that time of year again where we fight for those fantasy basketball championships, it’s crunch time! Today, I will be breaking down the three weeks in which most of us will be participating in the first three rounds of the fantasy basketball playoffs. I will also break each week down by number of games for each team...
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Start Mullens picking up Byron!

Let’s talk about the Philadelphia 76ers! As predicted, there was plenty of movement down in Philly. Or up in Philly if you’re south of PA. Obviously the biggest loser here is Evan Turner (82%) who was shipped to Benchville, Indiana. I immediately dropped him in a shallowish 12 team league for Tim Hardaway, Jr. (21%) It was tough to see him ago after his significant contributions...
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If Patty is Milling around the wire then stream him!

When Tony Parker went to the doctor the other day I imagine the conversation went something like this:  ”Where does it hurt, Tony?” … “Well, Doc, it kind of hurts everywhere.”… “Does it hurt here, Tony?” … “Ouch, ouch, yes, yes.” … “How about here, Tony?” … “Ow! Yes!” … “And here, Tony?” … “No, not there, um, that’s my nut sack, Doc...
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How’s hecman doing in his leagues? Come find out!

Yesterday I promised I would update you on how I’m doing in all 4 leagues I’m in this season and so here I am coming to you with Open Arms. Like Journey! Or is it With Arms Wide Open? Creed! Ok, enough of the musical references, sometimes I just can’t help myself. That Arnel is a cute kid but he’s no Steve Perry! Anyhoo! I figure it’s reasonable that you might wonder if...
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Jrue is still on a long Holiday!

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed the All Star Weekend more than I did. If you happened to miss the festivities this weekend, you probably didn’t miss a lot. The NBA is desperately coming up with more ways to tweak the events to make them more appealing, but they are making them more unwatchable in my opinion. Marco Belinelli outlasted Bradley Beal in the three point contest Saturday night...
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Good Ridnour!, said Nate Wolters!

If you´re going to pay attention to the free agent wire any week of the year this is the week to do it. This is going to be the last week where player values change without some injury occuring so spec adding is a good idea if you´re sitting with some schlump on your reserves playing 19 minutes a game and otherwise licking his cajones the rest of the time. That said, let´s continue on...
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Better grab Kelly in the Olynyk of time!

Ok boys and girls, yesterday we spoke about spec grabbing the great Tony Wroten ahead of the trade deadline just in case Evan Turner gets shipped out of Philly. Evan may or may not launch but since his name is at the top of the trade rumor list we have to plan ahead. That’s called, um, planning ahead! So we go out and grab and stash Tony for a few days, big deal. If Turner is moved...
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You may go Wroten with Tony but maybe you won’t!

Right now Tony Wroten is only owned in 9% of Yahoo! leagues. Based on the minutes he’s been getting since Michael Carter-Williams came has back that’s totally fine but this is fantasy basketball and we’ve got to spec grab where we can for the next big break out. This site aint like a huge unnamed website who told you to grab Chris Kaman 5 games too late. Hey, Chris Kaman is...
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The Return of Rondo

We finally got our long awaited return of Rajon Rondo on Friday night, which couldn’t have come soon enough for owners desperately needing point guard help. Rondo played 19 minutes with 8 points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 steals against the Lakers.and the minutes will eventually rise as they ease him back into the lineup. Jerryd Bayless (4 points in 17 minutes) will be the...
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I gotta feeling it’s gonna be a good Knight!

What a strange first couple of months of the season for me. After dedicating myself daily to this blog the last couple of years, 2013/14 has been much more difficult due to other non-blog related commitments. As a result, I haven’t able to post nearly as much as you or I would like! Insert sad face emoticon here. So what happens now that I’ve sufficiently pissed off all my loyal...
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Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Fired!!

Andrew Bynum was suspended indefinitely by the team for conduct detrimental to the team this weekend and is expected to essentially be fired before January 7th when his contract becomes guaranteed. I could guess why the suspension came about, but honestly, I don’t really care. Bynum is the “Terrell Owens” of the NBA so this does not come as a surprise. Bynum will become a free...
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Rondo and out!

Hello fantasy basketball friends! It was a hectic weekend and there were fifteen total games over the weekend with not much for injury news so were starting off on the right foot this morning. Now, lets get down to it ….. Rajon Rondo – Sounds now like a February return for the stud point guard. If you don’t have an IR spot and need the spot to actually try to win this year...
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Do I want Andray? You Blatche-a!

With the news that Brook Lopez broke his foot bone, it becomes imperative that Andray Blatche be owned everywhere.  Everywhere! Goez! Quick, quick! He’s only owned in 23% of ESPN leagues right now and in 25% of Yahoo! leagues. Unless you don’t like 16ish/8ish along with a block and a stealish per. Who doesn’t like that? Rhetorical! Here’s what J-Fort saw in fantasy basketball...
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If you Asik, you shall receive

The rumor mill is churning! Can you hear it? Mills don’t usually make much noise so you probably can’t but it’s churning alright. It’s saying Omer Asik will be moved somewhere in the next days. Oh, it’s going to happen, that’s for sure so what you’re going to do, boys and girls, is go out and grab him right now before you know where he’s going. It’s called pot luck...
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This Ross flies the Canadian flag!

Following up on the Terrence Ross trade, I mean the Rudy Gay deal, let’s talk a little bit more about Terrence since he’s the flavor of the week. Yes, he obviously needs to be grabbed for his upside but in the meantime what can he bring to the table. You can probably expect poor FG and FT, 1.5ish threes per, a steal per, low double digit points per maybe like 12ish, 4ish boards...
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Isaiah Thomas is not Grieving for Vasquez!

Wow, someone really doesn’t like Rudy Gay! Wait, that’s not true, someone traded for him twice in less than a year so I prefer to look at it as the glass being half full. It’s better than being half empty. That’s so negative. Who likes negative? My mother does. She’s Italian so not surprising. Anyhoo! Let’s talk about Isaiah Thomas, the second coming! I never much liked...
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Taylor is playing your song! (Maybe)

With news that Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be sidelined for 4-6 weeks Jeff Taylor stepped into the starting lineup and dropped 20/8/1 with a block, steal and 2 threes in 37 minutes. What can you expect from him going forward? Not 20/8! That’s of’ shizzle! How about 12/5 and maybe a three per? That sounds kind of reasonable, maybe a little better (doubt it!), maybe a little worse...
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How to make a fantasy basketball trade!

Hey, it’s December already! That means we’ve had about a month to evaluate our team’s strengths and weaknesses and have a pretty good idea where we need to improve. That also means it’s time to think about starting to trade! So today, boys and girls, I’m going to give you the gift of fantasy basketball trade strategy. I’m pretty much reproducing this post but I think...
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This is starting to get Redick-ulous!!

Redick-ulous is the word of the day, or perhaps the word of the first month of NBA action with the injuries piling up on a daily basis. J.J. Redick took a nasty fall on Friday night as I told you yesterday and sure enough, we learn today he has a hand fracture and a torn ligament in his right elbow. Both injuries are to his shooting arm and what does JJ do best? Yep, shoot. Six...
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Amir Failure? I hope not!!

After last night’s loss to the Miami Heat, the Toronto Raptors coach Dwayne Casey suggested that there may be lineup changes coming soon, and by surveying the minute distribution from last night’s box score, we might be able to see what’s coming. Amir Johnson (16 minutes 2/1/blk) and Jonas Valanciunas (17 minutes 4/3/1/1/1) were both in the starting lineup, but didn’t see...
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November 30, 2013  |  Discuss
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