Redskins took a calculated gamble on Terrelle Pryor. Still even money on the bet.

Was there any player more disillusioned at the end of last season than Terrelle Pryor? For his gaudy effort with the league’s most woebegone team, The Browns declined even to lowball a one-year contract to keep him. Pierre Garcon returns to FedEx Field Sunday with his winless 49ers cohort. Fans speculated that the Redskins would let either Garcon or DeSean Jackson walk in the offseason...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
5 days ago

Losing Josh Norman will test Redskins depth, resilience

Coach Jay Gruden’s attempt to blow smoke up Kyle Shanahan’s exhaust pipe blew up when word came that ace CB Josh Norman will be out four weeks. Gruden implied that Norman could return in time for the game against Shanahan’s 49ers on October 15. Hog Heaven was skeptical about that anyway. Norman’s injury, “fractured rib” sounds suspiciously like the injury suffered by RB Rob Kelley...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
12 days ago

Kind words for the Redskins after tough loss to the Chiefs

Pro Football Focus published its weekly take-away for NFL Week Four. There was plenty to like about the Redskins. They had kind words about Kirk Cousins. “Perhaps most impressively, Cousins had a perfect passer rating of 158.3 when he was faced with a blitz.” They were also impressed by Vernon Davis and Matt Ioannidis. We’re going to share their words about the least likely Redskins...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
15 days ago

The morning after the Chiefs, “good losses” don’t work anymore for Redskins fans

Bottom line: We lost, 29-20, and it doesn’t matter our Redskins played the Chiefs close most of the game. Only a win counts as a win. Hog Heaven hasn’t paid attention to Alex Smith since he left the 49ers. He’s in the other conference seen on another channel than the one we most watch. Couldn’t help thinking though, Why exactly did the 49ers get rid of this guy? Why is that important...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
15 days ago

Two Redskins defenders named to PFF Team of Week 3. Oh yeah, we are the 8th-ranked defense.

The hits just keep on coming for the Redskins defense. Pro Football Focus recognized TWO, young, with upside potential players after that Raiders beatdown. Montae Nicholson, S, “Nicholson had the highlight reel interception of QB Derek Carr on a deep shot on Sunday night, but he was also in close coverage numerous other times….” Kendall Fuller, CB, “Thrown at four times, Fuller...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
21 days ago

Are you thinking what I’m thinking about the Redskins over the Raiders?

Hog Heaven has not enjoyed a Redskins game so much since the 1980s Golden Age. Joe Gibbs’ Hogskins dominated teams the way our ‘Skins dominated the Raiders. The difference is we expected to dominate back then. Nobody saw yesterday’s performance coming. We are laser focused on the defense this season. Hog Heaven considers them the primary reason we missed the playoffs. How did they...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
22 days ago

I drink the Kirk Cousins Kool-Aid, but I don’t swallow everything.

No, Kirk Cousins did not have an incredibly horrible, terrible bad game against the Eagles. But, Hog Heaven’s entire impression of his day came down to one play—His intercepted pass at the goal line that deflated any chance the Redskins had to win. Inexcusable! After 45 NFL starts, Capt. Kirk should know that taking a sack was better than a pick. Hog Heaven has followed Cousins’...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
September 13, 2017

Bing Predicts ‘bleh’ year for Redskins. You won’t believe where they have the Giants and Packers.

Just noticed Microsoft Bing has this Bing Predicts thing. Football is life, so why not promote your product with an NFL tie-in. They should not have screwed this up, however. Here’s the 2017 won-loss record Bing Predicts for NFC East teams: 1 – Cowboys, 11 – 5 2 – Eagles, 9 – 7 3 – Redskins, 8 – 8 4 – Giants, 7 – 9 Bing pegs the Packers with a 7 – 8 record and says the Saints will...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
September 06, 2017

Quick Reaction: Bengals at Redskins, Preseason Week 3

The Redskins “lost” the battle of the first teams with the score Bengals 14, Redskins 13, at the end of the half. The first half stats support the eyeball test. These teams are closely matched. First downs – 9 each. Total Yards – ‘Skins 162, Bengals 138 Yards per play – ‘Skins 4.9, Bengals 4.8 The Redskins controlled the ball for 17:00 minutes, but trailed by a point after a sluggish...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
August 27, 2017

Hog Heaven to Redskins: Impress me in Preseason Game 3

Coach Jay Gruden is going out of his way not to tip his hand about the 2017 Redskins. We get it. In fact, we approve. With the roster turnover at wide receiver, at every level of the defense and questions still unanswered about the rushing attack, why should we give any hints to the Eagles before the game on September 10? But what the Redskins showed us so far has left fans feeling...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
August 27, 2017

Redskins at Ravens was empty calories for fans. We’ll take it for now.

Well, it was a football game. We saw guys in burgundy jerseys on the field and it was not a replay of the 1980s golden age. Yes, it occurred to me that those golden pants do look dated now. The Redskins play in 1970s throwback uniforms every week—a visible reminder of my current beef with team owner Dan Snyder. Mr. Snyder looks to the past to recreate the glory years cooked up by...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
August 11, 2017

Coaching legend Richie Petibon warned you about the Redskins defense

Richie Petibon revealed everything when he told us that only two defensive stats matter: turnovers and third-down stops. The 2016 Redskins weren’t good enough on the one, and they sucked on the other. More than anything else, it’s why our team missed the playoffs last season. Not good enough on turnovers. The Redskins forced 21 turnovers, 13 by interception and eight recovered fumbles...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
August 10, 2017

Sean Taylor and Lucky Whitehead, case studies in rush to judgement

Um, yeah. Hog Heaven is just as guilty as you of milking Lucky Whitehead’s arrest warrant for its humor. We winced when we read the rest of the story. Shades of Sean Taylor! The Virginia State Police arrested the sainted Redskins safety in an October 2004 incident. Taylor faced charges for DWI and for refusing a roadside breathalyzer test. Sean was in his rookie season. Redskins...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
July 25, 2017

The Redskins should know not to play chicken with Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins is under contract to the Redskins for the 2017 season under the franchise tag provision of the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement. The Redskins did not have to tag him. Kirk did not have to sign the offer sheet. But they did and he did. The options to replace Cousins with another quarterback of his caliber are quite thin. They will be just as thin next year. In other...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
July 17, 2017

Why Redskins fans should express disdain for Kirk Cousins

I wrote an article very critical of Kirk Cousins a week ago.  I noticed at least one other article that was very critical as well. Now we are seeing a Kirk Cousins PR move to try to act as if he cares about the team and the fans.  It’s clear he is responding to the hate. That’s why if you are a Redskins fan, you should be shouting out the Kirk Cousins disdain.  Though he got the...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
July 12, 2017

Should you bet on the Redskins to make the 2017 playoffs? Oh Hail yes!

My friends at Bovada give the Washington Redskins the least odds of all the NFC East teams to make the NFL playoffs this season. They’ve assigned them the biggest payouts if they do make it. Your $100 bet wins $450 if and when the ‘Skins make the post-season. Hog Heaven is no gambler. We don’t get that + or – gobbledygook sports books use on odds tables. We like round numbers instead...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
July 11, 2017

Kirk Cousins, the choker

I’m starting to root for Nate Sudfeld hard. I’m starting to hate Kirk Cousins and his smug manner of making way too much money.  He’s a bigger choker than Tony Romo – just watch when Reed or Jackson wasn’t on the field.  Or a playoff game. Or a virtual playoff game.  Or a team with a good run defense. He chokes. He’s choking negotiations not as far as getting big money, but he is...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
July 05, 2017

Forrest Gump on Redskins Receivers: You never know what you are going to get.

No NFL Top 10 receiver to be found on the Redskins’ roster. Not according to a story today on Larry Brown Sports via Don’t stress, Redskins fans. DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon didn’t make this list either. The Redskins chose youth and strength over old-age and cunning when they deliberately shed Jackson and Garcon for Terrelle Pryor and Brian Quick. In the words President...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
July 02, 2017

Redskins: 5 things you should know about Derek Carr’s deal and Kirk Cousins

Will you people please stop with the Derek Carr contract comparison to Kirk Cousins. One of these things is not like the other. ~ Sesame Street Raiders QB Derek Carr’s new deal with his team caused quite a stir in Washington, Detroit, Green Bay and perhaps two other NFL markets. An story that Carr’s deal was structured to “help retain our stars” caused inevitable fan comments...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
June 26, 2017

Hail to the Redskins, the brand that just won’t die

It turns out that Daniel Snyder was right. And this time it doesn’t pain me to say it. Like a good football defense, the Supreme Court threw the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a loss for going offside on the law. We are talking an 8-0 shutout of the government’s argument. The Redskins are collateral winners of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of The Slants musical band...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
June 20, 2017

Redskins: Kirk Cousins is not worth the price

Sorry, all you people drinking the Kirk Cousins Haterade. This is not a bash Kirk story. The Redskins put themselves in a pickle by mismanaging – there’s no other word for it – negotiations for Cousins to the point where they can neither afford to keep him, nor can they afford to release him. No one understands this better than Capt. Kirk and his agent, Mike McCartney. (Fathers,...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
June 15, 2017

Redskins: How long have you been a black GM, Doug Williams?

Trick question. Doug Williams not a GM. The Washington Redskins promoted Williams to Senior Vice President of Player Personnel today. He held a mysterious job in player development before now. As best anyone can tell, Williams’ role was to be the special mentor to Robert Griffin III and any other player in need of advice on how to succeed in the NFL. Never read that RG sought out...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
June 13, 2017

Are the Redskins holding off Kirk Cousins and biding time for Jimmy Garoppolo?

Everything I know about blogging click bait headlines is embedded that title. See the end of this post for the explanation. But, Hog Heaven is also perplexed at why Kirk Cousins isn’t already under long-term contract to the Redskins along the deal Cousins own people offered before the 2016 season: $20 million per year with $55 – $60 million guaranteed. In hindsight, that would have...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
June 07, 2017

Serious question about Redskins CB Joshua Holsey

Is it my imagination? Or does 7th round pick Josh Holsey (CB, Auburn, seventh round) look like Alfred Morris’ little brother? If he can show his knees will hold up, Holsey makes the roster as the slot corner, backup free safety and special teams ace. He could be the Kyshoen Jarrett replacement the Redskins have desperately needed.  Losing Jarrett was a fatal blow to this defense...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
May 27, 2017

Which Redskins’ Draft picks will have the most impact year 1, year 2 and beyond?

Jonathan Allen and Ryan Anderson change the mentality and toughness of the defense day one.  Really hope Anderson is on the field in packages essentially playing the other linebacker besides Zach Brown (no more Compton please!). Samaje Perine and Jeremy Sprinkle change the red zone zero rushing woes. Chase Roullier wins the Left Guard position if he can add some muscle on those puny...
Via Redskins Hog Heaven
May 05, 2017
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