Don Orsillo Salutes Red Sox Nation, then Red Sox Players Salute Don

I remember Don Orsillo’s first game as permanent Red Sox commentator for NESN. It was April 4, 2001, and Hideo Nomo threw a no-hitter. I recall cramming one of those chunky VHS tapes into the recorder to capture the final outs, and despite that ****** tape recording (the height of technology 14 years ago), Don’s voice rings with the charming enthusiasm that would come to define...
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Francona vs. Orsillo, or “Why We’ll Miss Don, Reason #27,849″

History has shown us that every Batman must have his Joker. Every Casear his Brutus. Every Marty McFly his Biff. Every foodie that best friend who just wants to go to Arby’s. It’s a circle of conflict that has kept this world spinning for years. Now we must add two more names to those classic confrontations: Don Orsillo and Terry Francona. For reasons I still don’t quite understand...
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Mookie Betts Tells Yankees, “NO CLINCH FOR YOU!”

Only he didn’t say it with his mouth. He said it with his bat. Twice. That was the first home run, off Dellin Betances, which tied the game up at 5-5, where it stayed until Mookie’s second home run of the night in the 11th. Afterward, Mook chalked his success up to an act of kindness, explaining how the night before, he and Blake Swihart were walking through NYC with a pizza...
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No Clinch For You!: Crushing Yankees Dreams Since 2004

Look, barring any Christmas miracles in September, the Yankees are gonna make the postseason. There is almost nothing we can do to prevent this. The best we can do is make the Yankees’ road to the wild card as painful and drawn-out as possible. If we can keep them from clinching it on our watch, even better. Needless to say, I’ve been happy to see the 2015 Red Sox’ “Too...
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Remember This Jon Papelbon?

  I wonder how many players will look back at their Red Sox years as the best times of their career. Case in point: Jon Papelbon. His tenure in Boston included four All Star appearances, a World Series championship, and a lot of silliness. The Irish jigs after big wins, wearing a Bud Light case on his head…good times. Papelbon’s time in Philly was productive (and profitable...
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Can Someone Please Get Xander Bogaerts His Gatorade?

It’s right over there. See it? The orange one. Can you pass it to me, man? I’m feelin pretty comfy sitting here and I see you’re chatting with Wade Miley but I really have no interest in getting up. You’re already standing. So can ya grab it for me, E? *tap tap tap* Hey, I know you pitched a hell of a game against a playoff-bound team, but I need my goddam electrolytes NOW...
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Mookie Betts and Rich Hill Save the Day, September, and Possibly the Season

Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration. This season was pretty much a lost cause way back in June. But last night, the Red Sox gave us another magic moment in a year of meager returns. First off, we had Rich “Who?” Hill turning in a pristine, two hit complete game — the third straight game in which he’s struck out 10 or more batters. After that, we had the final out...
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David Ortiz: Wannabe Porn Star

Apparently not content to be a member of the 500 club and legend of baseball, David Ortiz recently revealed to the Players’ Tribune that his dream job would be… a porn star. In that same piece, one of the Tribune’s popular “Fill in the Blanks” player questionnaires, Ortiz also indicates that his favorite song is “I like big butts” even though no such song exists. Sure...
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Xander Loves, Bullpen Kills

Last night, after Alexi Ogando and the Bullpen Kids pissed away another lead — which has become their calling card this season — you would have been forgiven if you decided to hit the sack. But you would have missed another highlight reel moment for young Xander Bogaerts, as the kid came up big again, hitting his first grand slam in the eighth to push the Red Sox ahead of the...
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Red Sox Giving Us Playoff Baseball in a Year Without Playoffs

I don’t ask much from my last place baseball team. Give me a couple of heart attack moments where I’m reduced to pacing, cursing, throwing punches at shadows and wrapping rosary beads around each bottle of Coors Light and I’m fine. If I’m not gonna see playoff baseball, at least throw me a couple games where I feel like there’s an October chill in the air, two on and two...
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Joe Maddon Tirade Invokes Tony Soprano, Vigilantism, Branch Rickey

With the Red Sox slowly fading into off-season oblivion with a whimper (let’s not even talk about last night’s turgid loss to the Jays), we have to find our excitement somewhere else. One good source is the Cubs-Cardinals series that kicked off last night with a couple hit batsmen, two home runs by the coolest name in baseball (Starlin Castro) and a classic Joe Maddon post-game...
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Xander Bogaerts: Still the Best Story on the 2015 Red Sox

Last night, once again, I dutifully flipped on the TV to watch the last vestiges of this wasted Red Sox season float off into the breeze. Then I realized that Xander was given the night off. And I gotta say, the night was kinda ruined for me. Look, I don’t want to get all sentimental on you. But to me, a game without Xander is like a day without sunshine. With respect to Jackie...
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Random Movie Moments: Summer of Sam

I’m a sucker for any mention of the Red Sox in movies. I’m not talking about movies that feature the Sox, like that Jimmy Fallon thing a decade ago, I’m talking about the Sox mentioned in the periphery. It’s no secret I think Robin Williams’ “game six” story in Good Will Hunting should have won him an Oscar, pure cinematic brilliance. Lat night, instead of suffering...
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David Ortiz: 500 Home Runs… and the Two That Meant the Most

For more than a decade, whenever hope seems lost or we need some kind of magic conjured at the zero hour, David Ortiz has been the go-to guy for pulling our asses out of the fire. With a capital G. Down three games to none in the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees? Fine, here’s some walk-off magic. Worried that some punks are gonna dictate our freedom by blowing up the Boston Marathon...
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Update: Rusney Castillo Does NOT Drive a Camry

One of my favorite post-Sox game at Fenway activities — besides trying to convince the sausage vendors to cut me a deal on stale rolls — is wandering over to the team parking lot and watching the players drive off. If you’ve never done it, I highly recommend it. Partly because it’s free, but also because it delivers some pretty high entertainment value. For one thing, there’s...
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Never Forget

Remember The post Never Forget appeared first on Surviving Grady.
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A Quick One with Kevin Millar

With all respect to Aerosmith and the J. Geils Band, the 2004 Red Sox are the biggest rock stars to come out of Boston. With their beards, hair and no-*****-given attitude, they somehow managed to shake off one of the franchise’s most crushing defeats in the 2003 ALCS and keep an entire Nation screaming, swearing and bloody-knuckled through two unforgettable weeks the following...
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In a Lost Season, the Red Sox Still Have Me Punching Walls

Now wait, before you judge: punching walls is a good thing. At least as I see it. Sure, the wall hates it and the noise gives the neighbors even more fodder for their eventual lawsuit against me. But if the Boston Red Sox, owners of the worst record in the American League, can still inspire me to bouts of screaming, drinking and wall-sparring, then they’re doing something right...
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Rick Porcello Goes 7 Scoreless, Prompts Investigation into the Whereabouts of the Real Rick Porcello

Alright, we give Rick Porcello a lot of crap in these parts. And a lot of it, so far, has been justified. Watching ownership refuse to pay Jon Lester and then turn around and crash a blimp full of cash in Porcello’s backyard — before he’d even thrown a single regular season pitch for us — seemed a curious move. When the multi-millionaire stumbled out of the gate with a...
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Don’t Test Jackie Bradley Jr.’s Arm, Son

Photo by Matt Stone Another lousy Red Sox game in a lousy season on a lousy day in which we learned Don Orsillo will be leaving NESN at the end of the year. The only return on my four hour viewing investment: a sweet play by Jackie Bradley Jr. to gun down a runner from right field. Stuff like this makes me happy for the future. You know, the Orsillo-free future. The post Don...
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Don Orsillo Out at NESN, Red Sox Ownership Continues to Step On Our Nuts

As this season continues to circle the bowl, waiting for inevitable early-October flush, all of Red Sox Nation is in agreement that change is needed, and very likely coming before the region’s first snow. But the first salvo of that change has proven to be straight out of left field: NESN has opted to not renew Don Orsillo’s contract after this season. Meaning DO will no longer...
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Pablo Sandoval and the World’s Unluckiest Tarp

Lots of great things came out of last night’s 5-4 Red Sox win over the White Sox. Joe Kelly turned in his fifth straight quality start and Rusney Castillo went an impressive 3-for-4, knocking in all 5 of the Red Sox’ runs. But for me, the game’s most memorable image came when Pablo Sandoval dropped a twenty-megaton belly flop on a tarp along the third base side while snaring...
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This Video of Don Orsillo and Wally Will Haunt Your Dreams

As if yesterday’s spirit-crushing loss to the Royals couldn’t have been any more horrific, NESN also saw fit to treat us to footage of Don Orsillo performing the “belly bump” segment of the Wally Wave. Spliced together with actual Wally footage, it’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Even creepier than that Tazawa meltdown, believe it! here it is in Vine and GIF form, for...
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Dave Dombrowski is Here. And the Red Sox May Never Lose Again.

The manner in which the Red Sox announced that Ben Cherington was gone and Dave Dombrowski was in — casually interrupting the annual Jimmy Fund Telethon — tells you everything you need to know about the ******-up current state of this team. Stealing thunder from sick kids and one of this region’s more noteworthy celebrations of human kindness is a truly curious move. That...
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Xander, the Dugout Cop, and the Oddest Moment of Last Night’s Red Sox Game

So what is Xander Bogaerts running from in this clip? A bug? A bat? Or did the police office sitting behind him have something to do with it? I’m open to any interpretation you might have. This is the most popular theory: YO, DID THAT COP JUST FART? — Red (@SurvivingGrady) August 18, 2015 Folks, I’ve been blogging for 12 years and tweeting since...
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