I have been slavishly writing here for years and years trying not to miss a day. I have written through travel days and business meetings and long trips. I started every vacation day sitting here making sure I didn't miss a day and fulfilling some inner goal.So, my first day of vacation is here and I slept late. And instead of immediately starting my vacation day plan, I sat here...
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MLB Game Picks - Friday: June 19, 2015

I will be traveling today and have no way or time to craft a post. As such, I will just give you my picks and see you all for a real post on Saturday:  Saturday's picks The Tigers over the Yankees The Pirates over the Nationals The Phillies over the Cardinals. Yes, that's right. The Blue Jays over the Orioles The Reds over the Marlins The Rays over the Indians The Mets over the...
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MLB Game Picks - Thursday: June 18, 2015

Another 10-5 day with another Pick of the Day incorrect! Doggone it! Talk about going 29-15 the last three days and not being able to enjoy it! How could Clayton Kershaw lose on me! Oh well. Those are the breaks. Friday's Picks: The Orioles over the Phillies: The Phillies have a chance in this one as Bud Norris has not been pitching well. But even if this is a high scoring...
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MLB Game Picks - Wednesday: June 17, 2015

Yesterday looked so good. Despite being totally wrong about the Yankees / Marlins game (ahem), I finished at 10-5. But that dang Pick of the Day did me in again. I have struggled mightily with that this year, more so than any other year. And the Tigers had the lead too. They simply couldn't hold it. Wednesday's picks: The Orioles over the Phillies: While I have some reservations...
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MLB Game Picks - Tuesday: June 16, 2015

I effectively reversed the results of Sunday, which makes me feel a whole lot better. Tanaka got out-dueled by Tom Koehler and I never expected the Nationals to lose their starter in the first inning due to injury. But overall, it was a good day. Tuesday's picks: The Cardinals over the Twins: Michael Wacha has already won eight games. He should extend the Twins' slide tonight...
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MLB Game Picks - Monday: June 15, 2015

We are not going to talk about yesterday. We are going to pretend that it never happened and move on. If you ask me, I will deny all association with it. Moving forward, Monday's picks: The White Sox over the Pirates: The Pirates have been hot, but have only faced nine lefty starters all season. They have handled them well, but Carlos Rodon is a different animal altogether. Francisco...
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MLB Game Picks - Sunday: June 14, 2015

Yesterday was a 9-6 picking day. It could have been at least one correct pick better if the Mets' bullpen hadn't crashed and burned. Collin McHugh crashed and burned too. That let me down. The Blue Jays won again, I believe their tenth in a row. That always leaves a picking dilemma because all streaks have to end some time. The entire AL East is weird right now. The Red Sox and...
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MLB Game Picks - Saturday: June 13, 2015

With a 10-5 final tally yesterday, I had a good day except, the Pick of the Day was wrong again as the Diamondbacks beat Madison Bumgarner, 1-0. Sheesh. Of the four other wrong picks, one was Felix Hernandez not making it out of the first inning against the Astros. Say what!? Michael Pineda was totally gruesome against the Orioles. And, of course, I again could not count...
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MLB Game Picks - Friday: June 12, 2015

I picked terribly yesterday. Picture the old knight in the Indiana Jones movie: "He chose...poorly."  Yes, I did. Looking back, I picked way too many visiting teams to win. No matter how bad a team is, home is always an advantage. According to, home teams win 53.4 percent of the time. That is a pretty significant difference. So if I pick six out of nine visiting...
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MLB Game Picks - Thursday: June 11, 2015

I had a much better day yesterday finishing at 9-6 with a correct Pick of the Day. As pretty good as it was, the day would have been far sweeter if the Yankees and Rangers hadn't had bullpen letdowns and blown their games. But that's the way it goes. The Blue Jays kept winning and the Tigers kept losing. What a weird season. Thursday's picks: The Braves over the Padres: The Braves...
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MLB Game Picks - Wednesday: June 10, 2015

I got smoked by the results yesterday. Wow. For every correct pick I had, there were two incorrect picks. Yeah, that's bad. Congrats to young Mr. Jungmann winning his first MLB start and appearance. But I did not expect you to win. Congrats Chris Heston on your no-hitter, but I picked against you. Congrats Eduardo Gonzalez on another great start. But your team couldn't score. It...
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MLB Game Picks - Tuesday: June 9, 2015

I've never been fond of short schedule days. There is no margin for error and the picks can go south in a hurry. Predictably, I went 4-4 yesterday with an incorrect Pick of the Day. Chris Sale was as remarkable as I thought he would be. But I worried correctly about John Lackey, who was pounded. I enjoyed watching the draft last night except that it was drawn out to the nth degree...
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MLB Game Picks - Monday: June 8, 2015

Saturday was an up and down day with some good picks, some bad picks (I'm looking at you Jordan Zimmermann) and a perfectly mediocre 8-7 final tally with a correct Pick of the Day. I suppose the results are better than the alternative. A very abbreviated schedule today with only eight games. The picks: The Pirates over the Brewers: I don't think Ryan Braun's wrist is ever going...
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MLB Game Picks - Sunday: June 7, 2015

Saturday was a pretty good picking day as most, if not all of the aces picked up their wins.  I guess I really need to pay attention to the Padres as they are putting it together right now. Other teams are scuffling like the Mets and the Reds. All these trends need to be followed when doing this day after day. Can someone tell me why you would bring Vance Worley into a game with...
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MLB Game Picks - Saturday: June 6, 2015

How can you start a night at 5-0 and end up and 7-8? Somehow, that's how my picking day went. How disheartening! But nothing is more disheartening than hearing about that woman in Boston that got injured with a piece of shattered bat last night. How awful and she was sitting there with her husband and son. Gosh, that is bigger than anything else that happened and more important....
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MLB Game Picks - Friday: June 5, 2015

Beware of short schedules. They can hurt you and yesterday's hurt me. I had a terrible picking day and not very much went correctly. The Picks of the Day are definitely in a slump and the month of June just took a decided hit. The sun is shining here this morning, however, and it is hard to get too upset. Besides, there is always another day. Friday's picks: The Nationals over...
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MLB Game Picks - Thursday: June 4, 2015

When I went to bed last night, both teams with "Los Angeles" in their names were ahead and I figured I was going to finish the day at 11-5. Both teams blew those leads in spectacular fashions and I ended up at 9-7. Bah! A short schedule on Thursday after 33 games the previous two days. The picks: The Athletics over the Tigers: Shane Greene has been getting pounded of late, so...
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MLB Game Picks - Wednesday: June 3, 2015

Man! There were a lot of games yesterday. When all was said and done, I finished at 11-6 for the day. I picked three of the four games of the double-headers correctly.  The Pick of the Day was wrong (again) as Noah Syndergaard got roughed around by the Padres...a development I obviously did not expect. My best picks of the day were the Indians over the Royals and Clay Buchholz beating...
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MLB Game Picks - Tuesday: June 2, 2015

Holy cow, there are seventeen games being played today!! The weather played havoc with Monday night's activities and thus we get bombarded tonight. There are sixteen games tomorrow (so far). Wow. With so many games on tap, I hope I do better than the measly 5-4 I went on Monday. Don't get me wrong, that record is better than being under .500, but it is still mediocre. Mike Fiers shut...
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MLB Game Picks - Monday: June 1, 2015

The month of May ended with a slight whimper as the final day produced a boring 8-7 result. The AL East continues to be as mediocre as my picking, the Nationals got swept. A way-three-dimensional, forty-two year old pitcher won his eighth game. Josh Hamilton had a good thing happen to him. And the Twins continue to win. It's a crazy game. A new month is a fresh slate. Monday's...
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MLB Game Picks - Sunday: May 31, 2015

I hope this last day of May is better than the penultimate day. Because yesterday was awful. After five positive days in a row, I could hardly get anything correct on Saturday. Chi Chi? Who knew?  Well, I did know. He did walk five guys. It's just that the Red Sox are flatter than a pancake. Erasmo Ramirez pitching like Pedro Martinez? Seriously? Let's finish May with a flourish...
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MLB Game Picks - Saturday: May 30, 2015

Another up and down day that saw my picks finish a pick above .500 with an incorrect Pick of the Day. Blah. Saturday's Picks: The Twins over the Blue Jays: Kyle Gibson has his share of very good outings and not so good outings. I never seem to be on top of when each will occur. So I'll probably be wrong with this one again too. Aaron Sanchez goes for the Jays. The Rockies...
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MLB Game Picks - Friday: May 29, 2015

Short schedules always frighten me because this is little margin for error. Therefore, I am happy to finish at 5-3. Of the three incorrect picks, on one, I am kicking myself. On the other, I am kicking the manager and the other was a battle between two good pitchers and I picked the wrong one. The latter I don't mind. But I KNEW I should pick the Red Sox yesterday. I had a strong...
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MLB Game Picks - Thursday: May 28, 2015

Yesterday was a second straight 9-6 day for this old game picker. That's a decent record and I should be grateful to be above .500. But a ten-correct day is what I consider a good day. Plus, the Dodgers were the pick of the day and lost, so that kind of stinks. The Giants just don't lose. The Astros finally did. The Red Sox lost again. The Yankees swept the Royals after being swept...
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MLB Game Picks - Wednesday: May 27, 2015

I did not have a bad day yesterday. The Cubs over the Nats was a brilliant pick. There were three games that went into extras and two went for me, one against. That matched my output for the day. I did not expect the Red Sox to lose again or the Astros to win again. But both did. Overall, not a bad day. Wednesday's picks: The Indians over the Rangers: This pick was wrong yesterday...
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