The Liver Punch: Roll With The Punches

There are a variety of boxing phrases that have entered the lexicon of the general public. Probably the most well known is “roll with the punches.” It describes a specific skill within our sport, but almost everyone understands what it means on an intellectual and emotional level. The exact boxing technique is something I learned when fighting, but not well enough to explain...
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The Liver Punch: Keeping Tabs

For all but the most devoted fans (i.e. people who need a life like me), only the top matters. If a fight isn’t for a belt or between contenders, they largely can’t be bothered to watch it. In some ways, this explains the proliferation of various nonsense alphabet straps over the last three decades. Convince people that a fight is important and they’ll watch it. Unfortunately...
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Juan Francisco Estrada, Ricky Burns And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule

We’ve had several mild-mannered weeks of boxing in a row, but there’s no good excuse for not giving you the schedule anyway! So here it is. Juan Francisco Estrada vs Raymond Tabugon, Saturday, beIN Sports Espanol, Mexico. No, Estrada is not facing Dr. Mantis Toboggan, although he might as well be. Tabugon is a junior bantamweight out of the Philippines who is coming off a loss...
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The Liver Punch: Flawed Gods And Relatable Heroes

It’s easy to love what we perceive to be perfect. It’s a childish impulse, but one to which all of us have fallen prey. Everyone has had a relationship that seemed destined for greatness fall apart when the vulnerabilities of one or both parties came to light. We either recoil in horror because we are reminded how insecure and flawed it is, or we make excuses to avoid facing...
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The Liver Punch: Is This The New Normal?

Boxing is a worldwide sport. It always has been. One of the things that makes it special is that fighting is a universal experience for human beings. There are certainly cultures that place more value on it, but by and large, everyone gets it. Christopher Hitchens summed it perfectly when he lamented that our prefrontal lobes were too small and our adrenal glands were too big. For...
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Canelo Alvarez, Oleksandr Usyk And The Rest Of The Weekend’s Boxing Schedule

There’s a bigger name fighting this weekend, but despite his Mexican redhead status, Canelo Alvarez’s hair has nothing on Oleksandr Usyk’s. And Usyk’s fight is better, too! We did miss some meaningful action by virtue of your TQBR proprietor being on vacation this week; you can catch up on Dusty Hernandez-Harrison, Shinsuke Yamanaka and Hozumi Hasegawa in the links there...
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The Liver Punch: You’re Missing The Show

What does a fighter struggling, even in a win, say about his career? Answer: Not a ****ing thing. Sometime in the last decade or two, the TV talking heads and social media have convinced us that every tiny aspect of every performance can be used to indict an athlete or that they prove greatness. It’s nonsense. Legacy is by its very nature past tense, so we do fighters, and more...
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Roman Gonzalez In The Time Of Weight Class Proliferation

In some ways, every time you hear, “first X to do Y in Z divisions,” you’re reminded that boxing has too many weight divisions. In other ways, the results in the ring often demonstrate why that many weight classes are a good idea. Saturday night on HBO, when pound-for-pound king and flyweight champ Roman Gonzalez moved up yet again, to junior bantamweight, we were given both...
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Gennady Golovkin Struggles Some Against Kell Brook Before KO Win

Gennady Golovkin looked a little less monstrous than usual Saturday on HBO, aided by Kell Brook’s swift hands and sharp technique, and Golovkin’s own overeagerness. But it ended the way the 22 in a row before did: a knockout. There was plenty of criticism of Brook’s corner for stopping the fight in the 5th round, given Brook’s game showing. The effect of that game showing was...
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Gennady Golovkin, Roman Gonzalez And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule

Carlos Cuadras’ epic bacne, coming at ya. Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook, Saturday, HBO, London. Still not a fan. Brook is a terrific welterweight, and his bravery for taking this bout is commendable. Golovkin is the best middleweight alive, and fighting someone so much smaller is a bad look, even if it brings some filthy U.K. lucre. Brook got wobbled by hard-punching but not...
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The Liver Punch: It’s Not Easy To Let Go

I’m normally not the guy to tell another adult what to do with their professional life, but every once in a while, you just watch something and cringe. Last weekend, on the undercard of Robert Guerrero’s loss to actual ****ing cab driver David Peralta, we were treated to Alfredo Angulo wandering aimlessly after Freddy Hernandez for 10 rounds. Angulo has been mostly washed up...
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Jerwin Ancajas, Naoya Inoue And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule

Welcome to the boxing schedule. Sorry we missed ya last week. Naoya Inoue vs Petchbarngborn Kokietgym, Sunday, Zama Japan. The ultra-talented junior bantamweight Inoue has his third straight “meh” fight since a spectacular 2014 campaign, but at least he’s fighting. It wouldn’t be nearly as frustrating except an appetizing match-up with Roman Gonzalez continued to evade...
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The Liver Punch: Things Are Looking Up

The end of summer is an odd time of year. For millions of Americans, it means the return of football. For millions of students, it means the return of school. Most of us while away in the heat, waiting for summer to be over so we can return to being productive. The time tends to drag, especially for boxing fans because summer is the doldrums. Summer is typically a down time in boxing...
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Errol Spence And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule

It’s a pretty light schedule. Unlike one of Friday’s combatants, who weighs more than Shaquille O’Neal did early in his NBA career but is about seven inches shorter. Errol Spence vs Leonard Bundu, NBC, Sunday, Brooklyn. Spence, a brilliant young welterweight, stays busy in a rare Sunday TV fight. Bundu gave the more accomplished Keith Thurman some trouble with his awkward...
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We All Float Down Here: Kell Brook Boldly Goes Where Canelo Will Not

When I was a kid, I was terrified of my parent’s basement. It was dark. There were weird noises. But the main reason I turned into Usain Bolt when the lights went off was very simple — I’d read Stephen King’s Novel “IT” when I was way, way too young. Most kids were scared of their basements for unspecific fears. Monsters, demons, animals, whatever. I had a very specific...
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Antonio Margarito, Miguel Flores And The Rest Of The Week’s Boxing Schedule

Antonio Margarito’s weird eye is about to get hit some more this weekend. There’s not much happening beyond that. (photo via) Antonio Margarito vs Ramon Alvarez, Saturday, beIN Sports, Mexico. The health and safety standards for boxing south of the border aren’t that hot, so Margarito fights for the second time in his comeback down in his home country of Mexico. Although his...
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The Liver Punch: Adios Chino

It’s a little anti-climactic to learn of the retirement of someone who hasn’t fought in two years. Even the reaction to the news of Marcos Maidana’s official retirement was a bit strange. Normally when fans hear a favorite fighter is leaving the sport it’s met with bitter joy because the guy is usually shot and taking beatings from pugs for almost no money. That’s not the...
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Andre Ward Cruises, Everyone Else Snoozes

Welp, Andre Ward vs Alexander Brand Saturday night on HBO didn’t do much to sell Ward vs Sergey Kovalev in the fall, but everyone probably still will watch anyway. Ward won every round with ease, but struggled to hurt the awkward, survival-oriented Brand, making for a snoozer. On paper it was pretty obvious that this wasn’t going to tell us too much about Ward, Aging, Acclimating...
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Andre Ward Stays Hungry

Former super middleweight champion Andre Ward shared some insights on how he has managed to stay undefeated since he was 12 years old, speaking at a press conference in Oakland on Thursday. Thirty two year old Ward, who is unbeaten in 29 bouts, is now campaigning in the light heavyweight division. Along with Floyd Mayweather, Ward is considered as one of the most focused fighters...
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This Week’s Boxing Schedule, Featuring Andre Ward And The Olympics

Andre Ward, son of the guy pictured above (or, like, his brother? the trinity is confusing) is back this weekend. So are the 2016 Olympics. Andre Ward vs Alexander Brand, Saturday, HBO, Oakland Calif. This doesn’t figure to be much of a test at all for Ward in advance of his fall showdown with a much more dangerous light heavyweight, Sergey Kovalev. Brand was once “mysterious...
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The Liver Punch: This Is Why We Watch

For A.M. Life is a series of tragedies. The things we love have a habit of disappointing us in the same way that the people we love do. They’re simply not what we hope they are. Mostly they are best they can be, no matter how much we wish it was otherwise. Anytime this happens, it’s natural to deflect the blame onto them, because to do less feels like a rejection. Once the bruise...
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Carl Frampton Tops Leo Santa Cruz In A Cracker

The junior featherweight and featherweight divisions have been brimming with match-ups to make boxing drool for some time, and the first couple iterations of those desirable bouts have been compelling yet not outstanding. That changed Saturday night on Showtime when Carl Frampton riveted against Leo Santa Cruz, where the man from Northern Ireland edged a terrific action bout. There...
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Adonis Stevenson Gets — What Else? — A Brutal KO

Thomas Williams, Jr. gave light heavyweight champ Adonis Stevenson several of his toughest rounds in forever. But in the end on Spike Friday, Stevenson turned out the lights, spectacularly, as is his wont. It didn’t look like it would necessary last very long after Stevenson scored a knockdown in the 1st with his trademark left hand. But Williams has a habit of surging back after...
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The Week’s Boxing Schedule, Featuring Leo Santa Cruz And Adonis Stevenson

We have another top-notch boxing match on Saturday! Who knew 2016 could treat us so nice? Earlier, 2016 was like, “Swear I done changed.” And nobody believed it, because 2016 had been a mean mistreater. But now, we believe it. We welcome you back into our crib, 2016, and cradle you in our arms. Leo Santa Cruz vs Carl Frampton, Showtime, Saturday, Brooklyn N.Y. Here we go. For...
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The Liver Punch: Shaving With Hanlon’s Razor

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.” I’ve been using this maxim for years when people automatically assume that a ridiculous score card in a close fight is the result of corruption. Imagine my shock and horror then when the scores were announced for Jose Benavidez vs. Francisco Santana Saturday. Kermit Bayless scored it as I did, 96...
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July 27, 2016  |  Discuss
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