The 'NBA Live cover' quiz
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The 'NBA Live cover' quiz

Can you name every player to appear on the cover of NBA Live? NBA Live 11, 12, 13 and 20 were not released. The first edition, NBA Live 95, featured a live action shot of seven players. Quiz clue: Game. Good luck!

NBA Live 96
Shaquille O'Neal
NBA Live 97
Mitch Richmond
NBA Live 98
Tim Hardaway
NBA Live 99
Antoine Walker
NBA Live 2000
Tim Duncan
NBA Live 2001
Kevin Garnett
NBA Live 2002
Steve Francis
NBA Live 2003
Jason Kidd
NBA Live 2004
Vince Carter
NBA Live 2005
Carmelo Anthony
NBA Live 06
Dwyane Wade
NBA Live 07
Tracy McGrady
NBA Live 08
Gilbert Arenas
NBA Live 09
Tony Parker
NBA Live 10
Dwight Howard
NBA Live 14
Kyrie Irving
NBA Live 15
Damian Lillard
NBA Live 16
Russell Westbrook
NBA Live Mobile
Russell Westbrook
NBA Live 18
James Harden
NBA Live 19
Joel Embiid

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