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The '10 or more Pro Bowl selections' quiz

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These days more attention goes to players who did not receive Pro Bowl invitations than those who are selected. But this year saw a milestone bid handed out, as Tom Brady earned his NFL record-tying 14th Pro Bowl invite. Whether or not the Patriots icon deserved such an honor aside, this is another standard the 19th-year veteran QB has now set.

The NFL divvies out its Pro Bowl voting responsibilities to coaches, players and fans, each receiving a third of the vote. Fans have been permitted to be part of this process since 1995. The 2010s have featured further distortion of these invites. The Pro Bowl now occurs before the Super Bowl, as opposed to previously being the final NFL showcase each season. In addition to alternates being required to replace players on Super Bowl-qualifying teams, numerous other invitees bow out each year. Game-day rosters barely resemble what the votes reveal each December. (Yet deep alternates are still acknowledged as Pro Bowlers .) So, there’s a good chance Brady, Aaron Rodgers and other high-profile names will not even be in Orlando next month.

On the surface, Brady’s selection looked strange given his, and his team’s, slight decline. Andrew Luck has thrown 10 more touchdown passes (34-24) than the 41-year-old New England quarterback and has completed a higher percentage of his passes in a season that will likely net the Colts QB the Comeback Player of the Year Award. Brady does, however, best the younger passer in yards and yards per attempt. Fans may or may not have helped, but players — see: the oft-scrutinized NFL top 100 lists each summer — have been known for odd choices. ESPN’s Max Kellerman called this a Kobe Bryant- or Derek Jeter-like “thanks for the memories” selection. Rodgers appears to have received similar treatment. Despite the Packers’ 5-8-1 record and the two-time MVP being well off his usual full-season touchdown-pass pace and his No. 20 QBR ranking, he was chosen for his seventh Pro Bowl ahead of the more-deserving Russell Wilson.

Which brings us to today's quiz of the day. Whether or not Brady deserved a Pro Bowl nod, he joins three others in the 14-Pro Bowl Club. As of the 2018 season, 31 NFL players have made 10 or more Pro Bowls in the Super Bowl era (1966 to present). So with that in mind, how many of the 31 can you name in five minutes?

Good luck!

Can you name every player with 10 or more Pro Bowl selections in the Super Bowl era?
14 / NE (1) / QB
Tom Brady
14 / KC (2) / TE
Tony Gonzalez
14 / IND (2) / QB
Peyton Manning
14 / HOU/TEN (1) / OL
Bruce Matthews
13 / NO (2) / QB
Drew Brees
13 / BAL (1) / LB
Ray Lewis
13 / SF (3) / WR
Jerry Rice
13 / PHI (3) / DE
Reggie White
12 / DEN (2) / CB
Champ Bailey
12 / WAS (2) / DB
Ken Houston
12 / MIN (2) / G
Randall McDaniel
12 / SD (3) / LB
Junior Seau
12 / KC (1) / G
Will Shields
11 / DAL (2) / OL
Larry Allen
11 / TB (1) / LB
Derrick Brooks
11 / GB (4) / QB
Brett Favre
11 / ARZ (1) / WR
Larry Fitzgerald
11 / LARM (1) / G
Tom Mack
11 / CIN (1) / OT
Anthony Munoz
11 / BAL (1) / OT
Jonathan Ogden
11 / NO (2) / OT
Willie Roaf
11 / BUF (2) / DE
Bruce Smith
11 / DAL (1) / TE
Jason Witten
11 / PIT (4) / DB
Rod Woodson
10 / PIT (1) / DT
Joe Greene
10 / SF (3) / DB
Ronnie Lott
10 / LARM (1) / DT
Merlin Olsen
10 / DET (1) / RB
Barry Sanders
10 / CHI (1) / LB
Mike Singletary
10 / NYG (1) / LB
Lawrence Taylor
10 / CLE (1) / OT
Joe Thomas

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