Frequently Asked Questions

About Quizzes

What is the Quiz of the Day?

The Quiz of the Day is a carefully curated quiz inspired by the day's top headlines. Sign up for the Quiz of the Day newsletter to have the day’s quiz emailed to you every weekday.

Are quizzes free to play? Is the Quiz of the Day newsletter free?

Yes and Yes!

What is a quiz challenge?

A challenge is an invite to an ongoing quiz competition between you and a friend. If you challenge a friend, they will receive an invitation to compete with you. Once they accept, you'll see the results of quizzes the two of you have taken in your personalized Quiz of the Day newsletter. Challenge as many friends as you'd like. It's free!

Do I need a Yardbarker account to challenge friends to the Quiz of the Day?

Yes. Challenge functionality also requires a subscription to the Quiz of the Day newsletter.

How can I ensure my quiz results are always saved?

If you are a Quiz of the Day newsletter subscriber, access the quiz through the "Take the Quiz" button found in your daily email. To ensure results are recorded for all other quizzes taken, Sign in or create a Yardbarker account.

Can I edit the names of active opponents?

Yes. Sign in and go to your My Challenges page. This page lists all active opponents and pending challenges. Click on the "Edit" button next to an active opponent to update their name.

Do you have other quizzes?

Yes! We have thousands of quizzes in our database. The Yardbarker quiz landing page displays a reverse chronological listing of all available quizzes. You can sort quizzes by sport. Go to team pages and click on the “Quizzes” link in the subnav to see team-specific quizzes.

How do I see quizzes my friends have taken?

Sign in and go to your Quiz Activity page. This page lists a reverse chronological listing of all quizzes you and your friends have taken in the last 30 days.

Can I create quizzes myself?

No. Currently, all quizzes are created by Yardbarker staff. If you have an idea for a quiz, or an interest in creating quizzes, please contact us at and let us know!

How can I share feedback about Yardbarker quizzes?

If you have feedback, encountered a bug, an error within a quiz or would like to request a new feature, please email Any and all feedback is welcome!