The 'Most wins by a college football coach' quiz
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The 'Most wins by a college football coach' quiz

Can you name the coaches in college football with the most wins? Per Sports-Reference, this only includes games played by schools while they were considered major schools and will exclude notable coaches such as Eddie Robinson (408 wins) and John Gagliardi (489 wins) Quiz clue: Wins / Years active. Good luck!

409 1966-2011
Joe Paterno
357 1970-2009
Bobby Bowden
323 1945-1982
Bear Bryant
311 1897-1938
Pop Warner
282 1891-1943
Amos Alonzo Stagg
257 1972-2000
LaVell Edwards
255 1973-1997
Tom Osborne
249 1969-2004
Lou Holtz
248 1990-
Nick Saban
245 1985-
Mack Brown

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