The 'Athletes & Rap lyrics' quiz
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The 'Athletes & Rap lyrics' quiz

Can you name the athletes featured in these rap lyrics? Quiz clue: Lyric with athlete name blanked out. Good luck!

Corner store like Mr. Spare-a-Quarter Before Air Jordans, __s
Nas “No Introduction”
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Kick a snitch head through a goal like __
Nicki Minaj "Five-O"
David Beckham
My team something like the retro Celtics Which means consecutive championships Which means I’m __’s equivalent To the way I do a verse he handle the ball
Kendrick Lamar “Blood Sport Freestyle”
Larry Bird
You worthless fella You ain’t no athlete, you __
Jay Z "Pump It Up (Remix)"
Shawn Bradley
Cool as __, I’m blowin' a few Gs
J. Cole “Cost Me A Lot”
Drew Brees
And I’ve got mad hits like I was __
BeastieBoys "Sure Shot"
Rod Carew
I been __ with the shot Been cookin' with the sauce, chef, __ with the pot, boy
Drake "0 to 100"
Steph Curry
Trying to get my hands on some __s like __
Diddy "All About the Benjamins"
Horace Grant
They tried to put two 9’s on me, just like __
Fabolous "Ghetto"
Wayne Gretzky
Here comes __! The throw to the plate’s not in time! My, oh my, the Mariners win it!
Macklemore &RyanLewis "My Oh My"
Ken Griffey, Jr.
W’s on my mind, peep what I’m getting at. Attire proper, __ though slightly darker
Wale "Change Up"
Bryce Harper
And that’s realer than Real-Deal __
Snoop Dogg “Nuthin' But a G Thang”
Evander Holyfield
A-yo __ knows this (what?) and __ knows that (what?) But __ don’t know jack, cause __ can’t rap
A Tribe Called Quest "Scenario"
Bo Jackson
Told you before how I bring the dra-ma Slam __ and his Grandma-ma
Notorious BIG "Whatchu Want (The Commission)"
Larry Johnson
I gotta a friend with a pole in the basement (what?) I’m just __ing like __ (oh) Unless you gon' do it
Nelly "Hot in Herre"
Jason Kidd
Glitter, glisten, gloss, floss I catch a beat runnin' like __
Outkast "The Whole World"
Randy Moss
Pusha pitch it like he __ Striking them switch hitters Dodging popo
Pusha T "The Feature Heavy Song"
Hideo Nomo
RAP PLEASE US! Deliver scriptures similar to Jesus That you couldn’t catch if you was __
Pharoahe Monch "Official"
Ivan Rodriguez
7-7-3, Oh, since Kanye was a three-old Down the street from __, was practicing his free-throws
Chance The Rapper "Hey Ma"
Derrick Rose
Then hit stage and break a leg like __
Ludacris "World of Mouf (Freestyle)"
Lawrence Taylor
Cause to each its own and the lights is bright And I’m feeling like __ at a __ fight
Lil Wayne "Oh No"
Mike Tyson
Who are going through a struggle feels it and Relates, that’s great, it’s payback, __ Falling way back in the draft, turn nothing into something, still can Make that
Eminem "The Monster"
Russell Wilson
I’m as __ as __, not that good with names But I do remember your face from someplace
Common "Orange Pineapple Juice"
James Worthy

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