2013 Mock Draft

Posted April 25, 2013

So I headed over to NFL.COM and noticed they had a section where you can complete a mock draft. I took the challenge and here are my results:

1. Chiefs OT Luke Joeckel

2. Jags OT Eric Fisher

3. Raiders DT Shariff Floyd

4. Eagles OT Lane Johnson

5. Lions DE Ezekiel Ansah

6. Browns OLB Dion Jordan

7. Cards OT Johnathan Cooper

8. Bills WR Tavon Austin

9. Jets OLB Barkevious Mingo

10. Titans CB Dee Milliner

11. Chargers OG Chance Warmack

12. Dolphins CB Xavier Rhodes

13. Jets TE Tyler Eifert

14. Panthers DT Star Lotuleile

15. Saints LB Manti Teo

16. Rams DT Sheldon Richardson

17. Steelers OLB Jarvis Jones

18. Cowboys S Kenny Vacarro

19. Giants OL D.J. Fluker

20. Bears WR Cordarrelle Patterson

21. Bengals WR DeAndre Hopkins

22. Rams WR Keenan Allen

23. Vikings LB Alec Ogletree

24. Colts OL Justin Pugh

25. Vikings DE Bjorn Werner

26. Packers RB Eddie Lacy

27. Texans WR Justin Hunter

28. Broncos S Eric Reid

29. Patriots CB Desmond Trufant

30. Falcons TE Zach Ertz

31. 49ers S Matt Elam

32. Ravens LB Arthur Brown


Round 2

33. Jags QB Geno Smith

I thought about selecting Smith with the Browns pick at #6 but couldn't force myself to do it with OLB Dion Jordan still on the board. After Smith slipped past the Bills (who are in dire need of another play maker outside of WR Stevie Johnson) and the Jets (Pass rush help is a big time need, along with replacing Keller/giving Sanchez a reliable target on offense) there was no other team I could see actually selecting Geno Smith in the 1st round.

Obviously there are going to be some twists and churns during the draft, but given this scenario, I think the Jags will make out like bandits with the best OL and QB of the draft. Can't wait for the draft today!



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  • I'd be happy if the Eagles do get Johnson. Any of the three top offensive tackles are who I am hoping they get. I'd rather they draft Fisher (doesn't sound like they may have that option) but I like Johnson's athleticism and he seems like he could have a bit of a nasty streak when it comes to finishing off his blocks.

    Brian Baldinger said earlier on the NFL network that he expects the Eagles to try and get back on the board around mid 20s if Smith is still on the board. Wouldn't be a bad day at all if they could pull that off depending on what they give up.
  • I can see them moving from the 4th spot and using the extra pick they acquire to move back up in the 1st to select Smith (if avail). My guess would be the Vikings at #25 or the Patriots.
  • I want star or Johnson round 1 wouldn't be upset with Jordan though. The thing I don't get is everyone saying the lions go dline while their secondary still sucks. I hunk they go milliner.
  • There are about 7-8 players I'd be happy with drafting. But I'd be hesitant to move outside of the top 10 if we do move back. WR Tavon Austin is still a bit of a wildcard due to his play making ability. But still not sure I would go that route even if he were available.

    Also keep in mind players who could be traded to get additional picks: QB Foles, DE Trent Cole (Broncos almost make too much sense given the Dumervil fiasco), DE Vinny Curry, WR Maclin (last year of his rookie contract). We could use some extra mid-late round picks and if these players don't fit the "Kelly System" we might as well get something for them now.
  • I'm hoping the Eagles do move some of the players that don't seem to be fits (I'd love to see them move Cole). They have room under this years cap to take on the dead money and could draft some good depth/potential starters in the 3-5 rounds or possibly lump up a couple picks to move up and get a player they really like.
  • I'M JUICED!!!
  • Jordan falling all the way to 8? I get the feeling your first two picks will either go the same or flip flop. Three is where it could get tricky, because that's where the Lions could leapfrog the Eagles to get Lane. If he goes I think the Eagles take Star, Jordan, or trade down. Whoever the Eagles choose they are going to take as long as possible to make the pick. The Raiders could get Floyd at 5 pay him a little less money, and pick up another pick or two to boot. It would be smart on their part to move down.
  • Problem is, I think the Raiders want to recoupe their lost 2nd round pick. I don't think the Lions would be willing to give up that much to move two slots up. Better off to move one spot and trade with the Eagles (assuming we don't really want OT Lane Johnson). Again, Jags are the biggest wildcard. If they go Jordan or Smith, we might have even LESS leverage if the Raiders do in fact stick with Floyd at #3.
  • Funny thing is I don't think the Raiders care all that much about their second. I think in their minds more picks are fine, but if they are sold on Floyd I can't see them moving lover than 5. Now if they do wish to recoup that pick and they don't feel Floyd is their guy I could see them dropping a lot further down the draft board. I think the Eagles may not want Lane, but they could settle for him. I think the Lions think the Eagles are blowing smoke at everyone and want one of these three lineman. From what I'm reading it seems the Lions aren't the only team interested in the Raiders pick so they may have to up their ante if they really want to move up. Personally I would love to see the Eagles move down I don't think this drafts high end talent is that different from the other guys in this draft. That's why in this draft we have seem so many guys take drastic leaps up and down draft boards.
  • Look who the Raider expert is all of a sudden!

    Actually Reggie has made it no secret that acquiring a second round pick is very much on his mind. (Drives me nuts how this time of year even the Raiders become vague.)

    My guess is if we trade down we'll be trading out of the top 10. Maybe into 23 or 31 since the Vikings have 2 picks in round 1 and San Fran has an early second rounder to spend that they got from KC. If we could pick up the 31st and 34th and 125th, I'd be cool with that.
  • Well they got their second. It was obvious the Raiders were looking to move.
  • 2013 NFL Draft Spoiler Alert!

    Reports that the Chiefs have informed Luke Joeckel that Eric Fisher will be the first overall selection tonight. (via nfltradetrumors.com)
  • Ha I was just about to write that. Lol
  • I can't comment on my own post so I'll comment here. Thrilled with the pick! Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Herremans and Johnson should be a hell of a line if all are healthy...if Watkins can come along and give them some depth at guard that would be a huge plus. I wouldn't be shocked to see the Eagles look at a guard/center somewhere later in the draft.
  • Would the Eagles consider moving up to get Mante?
  • I'd rather see them move up for Smith or maybe even Xavier Rhodes.
  • WR Keenan Allen

    Update: April 26, 2013
    And ...NO GENO SMITH. I was actually not surprised only one quarterback went in the draft. Now it comes to how the Jags view Geno Smith. Do they think they need a QB? Would they rather have Barkley? Where do the Eagles go from here?

    LB Manti Teo
    QB Geno Smith
    DE Margus Hunt
    RB Eddie Lacy
    TE Zach Ertz
    WR Keenan Allen
    S Jonathan Cyprien

    Lots of possibilities
  • I read earlier that they like Barkley but we won't truly know until tomorrow. Adam Caplan is stating that the Eagles will not draft Smith themselves. If they don't I hope they are looking at corner...maybe Darius Slay? If not Margus Hunt is intruiging and could fill that DE spot opposite Cox. At 6'8" and almost 280 you think he could add some weight without much of a problem.
  • Barkley really isn't an upgrade over Foles. I'm feelin a defensive pick comin and I like Teo in the 2nd round. He was a top 10 pick a few months ago.
  • I was replying to Latin's comment on how the Jaguars could draft Smith with the first pick tomorrow. I read earlier that the Jags like Barkley...not the Eagles.
  • Surprised to see so many corners and safeties go. One QB. If the Eagles truly want Geno he may be right there for them to take.
  • .

    Update: April 26, 2013
    Sorry. I was trying to edit the previous comment to include WR Keenan Allen and the rest of the text disappeared. Anyway, I doubt the Jags trade out of the 33rd spot, and the 49ers will definitely keep their spot since they already have 10,000 picks.

    Geno Smith being available in the 2nd round wasn't nearly as big of a surprise as LB Manti Teo IMO. I'd be happy to select Manti over Geno Smith if the Eagles think he could eventually be the main cog in our 3-4 base defense.

    I've been excited about DE Margus Hunt for a while now and think he fits the "Kelly Mold" (6'8 and could work his way up to 300lbs). Also have a feeling the Eagles are seriously considering adding one of the top TE's early (but I have a feeling the 49ers might snag Ertz now that Delane Walker is gone). Tomorrow should be fun!
  • i would love to get hunt. i didnt think he had a chance to make it out of the first round. i dont want geno but i wouldnt be that upset since its a second round pick and not the 4th overall.
  • Everyone keeps saying how Kelly will be looking for those players with a little something extra and a 6'8" DE that runs a 4.60 40 and could potentially play in the 290-300 lb range fits the bill in my opinion. I also wouldn't mind Smith here (doesn't sound like it's going to happen) or a corner. I'd like to see them draft Darius Slay and I think the Eagles did show some interest. Nice size, great speed and some analysts think he outplayed teammate Johnathon Banks who was thought of as a 1st rounder by some. Ertz would also be a great pick up if the 49ers pass but they filled the hole left by Goldson's departure by drafting Reid...could they do the same with Walker's by drafting Ertz?
  • Looking at that Magnus Hunt kid ( he has a great football name) and he seems like the versatile big guy Chip Kelly would want. He's a little green right now, but he seems like he would be a guy they could move around in different sets to do different things. I saw some scouts are projecting him a a tight end as well. Two way players are right out of the mold of NE. If we don't get him they likely will. Dude ran a 4.6-4.7 40 as a lineman! I have to say I wouldn't mind him playing in Eagle green.
  • A DE and a OT that run faster than Anquan boldin gotta wanna have that
  • I get the feeling running fast is going to be a common theme for the Eagles under Chip Kelly. That and versatility.
  • Good pick for Eagles. Next one may suprise. I wouldnt be suprised if Geno was the Eagles guy all along. Vick probably wont be back next year and Smith has some skills that can develop while watching Vick. I think Eagles may favor playing out the QBs they have.
  • Getting stoked for the 2nd round. Really liking that safety Johnathan Cyprien and also ILB Arthur Brown (Bryce's brother). He's a little short but gets comparisons to 49ers ILB Navarro Bowman. There are literally 5-6 players I'd be happy with and think we will score regardless. Also, would the Eagles be bold enough to select another OL with the 2nd round pick? OT Menelik Watson is super athletic and could be a really good player in a year or two (also insurance for our OT's who are already in their 30's..).
  • Baldinger and Casserly think it will be Cyprien. I would love that but I would be happy with a handful of options. Too many good players left on the board to draft any lineman with this pick. They can still fill a more immediate need and get a very good player. Hunt, Cyprien, Slay, Ertz (I think you nailed that pick though...49ers) even Smith if they choose to go that route (I don't see it happening).
  • I'd be O.K. with Geno at this point in the draft. But if the Eagles pass on Geno, you will know what they REALLY thought of him. Plus this could be the day where we make some trades (players already on our roster who don't "fit").

    Update: April 26, 2013
    I'd be O.K. with Geno at this point in the draft. But if the Eagles pass on Geno, you will know what they REALLY thought of him. Plus this could be the day where we make some trades (players already on our roster who don't "fit").

    2nd Round pick is in! I guessed a top WR/TE a day or so ago (and not to be too surprised). Really liking the Zach Ertz selection. He get's comparisons to Jimmy Graham/Jason Witten. Not too shabby. :)
  • I'm happy so far. Saw both comparisons...what's not to like about that? Kelly working on his offense! Nice!
  • dont think we need 3 TEs with two being the H-Back. oh nice to see we renamed the full back position. ertz may end up being great and i pray he does but would of rather had hunt/arthur brown/or others.
  • This creates a MAJOR mismatch for defenses. Both Ertz and Casey are similar in that they can play multiple positions and work well out of the slot. We know that Kelly is all for major mismatches and Ertz fits the bill to a tee. I'm excited about the pick and think our offense will be a blend of the Patriots/49ers.

    The draft is deep at a few positions so we could still get another really good player. But I'm curious if the Eagles gamble with the next pick. Is that a bear in the room? Perhaps we get some "Honey" with the next pick. Hmmm...
  • Not overly thrilled with the Bennie Logan pick but if he is lining up at DE opposite Cox at the beginning of the year (or sometime down the line) I'll be happy. Strong and quick...we'll see what happens.
  • Not too many players you can be super overly thrilled about in the 3rd round. Was hoping to take DT Jessie Williams with our pick. But maybe this Bennie Logan kid is good. We shall see.
  • I was hoping for Williams also if they took a defensive lineman...we aren't going to be happy with everybody. It may have been Margus Hunt if he would have still been on the board...we will never know. Greg Cosell said that Logan will push for some time as a rookie and could eventually develop into a starter. DE was a need and I get that you have to draft for need and fit at some point. 4 more rounds and 6 more picks tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
  • We still might get Jessie Williams in the 4th. I'd be happy with that. But it looks like we may draft an linebacker. Hmm..either way, here we are in round 4 and ONLY 2 quarterbacks were selected. lol Garbage.
  • I already typed this up and was going to put it in my post but since yardbarker won't let me I'll make it a reply to you...untouched. Seems we are thinking somewhat alike.

    Now if the Eagles really want to get value for their first pick in the 4th round they need to stick with a defensive lineman and get their NT of the future in Jesse Williams if he's still there...don't think it happens (defensive backs need to be the theme soon) but I wouldn't mind it at all.
  • DE William Gholston could also be a good pick here. He's 6'6 and 281 pounds (NFL.COM compares him to Cory Redding). One of the better 3-4 ends left on the board. I guess if they go DL it will all depend on how they feel about Antonio Dixon at NT and also Cedric Thorton playing 3-4 End. Lets not forget about the guy we also got from the Colts in exchange for Havili.

    Of course given Chips comments yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if we drafted a LB with our 4th round pick. There are still some decent ones on the board. Guess we shall find out shortly.
  • What did he say that led you to believe that linebacker may be next? Not that I would mind...just curious. One thing that concerns me though is that the Eagles need to find at least one corner that could seriously push Fletcher and it may already be too late for that (Poyer who I heard took a step back this year or Webb maybe)? If the Eagles find out they don't have their QB they need out of the 4 that are here (not a stretch) then they may have to invest heavily to position themselves to get a top guy that fits Kelly's scheme next year and it may cost them a few picks in next year's draft to do that. I was hoping they would get at least one corner that could be a potential starter in a secondary that has struggled for years now. They will have to upgrade at corner eventually. I guess there is always free agency next year and possibly the draft if they have the resources and don't find that guy this year.
  • NFL.com has Chase Thomas of Stanford ranked pretty high and I know he had a nice collegiate career but wow did he run a poor 40...probably not what Kelly is looking for in an OLBer and pass rusher. There are still some linebackers available...Greene from Rutgers, Hodges from Penn State, Reddick from North Carolina, Cornelius Washington (big and fast) and even OLBer/DE Michael Buchanan from Illinois who the Eagles were linked with early in the process.

    Ray Didinger is talking QB and stating Scott is a possibilty here...he also is saying they need to think about Ryan Nassib. I don't get the Nassib thing at all (and I love Didinger). I liked him until he ran a worse 40 than Nick Foles...why bother? I hope they don't draft a QB today at all unless Scott slips big time.
  • Kelly said he thought there was a lot of depth at linebacker during yesterdays interview (after we selected Ertz). So this makes me think he believes there's a few players who will fit our scheme. I'm still hoping for a big bodied player, but whoever it is, we better be spot on since most of our remaining draft picks are in the 7th round.
  • "He'll determine when he gets on the field," Kelly said. "I've said that whenever I've coached: 'We don't set the depth chart, you do.' We don't run a dictatorship, we don't run a democracy, we run a meritocracy."

    Another great quote by Chip Kelly who compared to Andy Reid is like a treasure trove of great information. He was talking specifically about Lane Johnson, but I think it's important to see here that Chip Kelly is reintegrating what he's been saying all along. He's going to play who he feels the best players are at all times. Nobody has a starting job locked up yet.
  • Or....QB MATT BARKLEY! Haha Totally out of left field, but the best player on the board. I guess the Eagles really do stick to their board. Great value and now the clock is ticking on Foles? Stay tuned!
  • Is it ticking on Foles or is it ticking on Michael Vick honestly? If Chip Kelly thought enough of a pro style QB in Barkley (I get that it's great value here but...) who's to say that he doesn't truly mean it when he says the QB battle is an open competition? If Foles keeps improving and Vick doesn't get his head out of his ass just maybe his speed won't help him even in Kelly's offense.

    Stating that I wasn't thrilled about the thought of drafting a QB here but Barkley is good value in the 4th and could just battle to be Kelly's guy. Drafting Barkley either does two things here...opens up that QB competition and makes Foles a possibilty or puts him on the trade block for future pick(s).
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Green you know I've been telling everyone for months to stop Assuming Mike has this thing locked up. If Mike isn't bringing the A game to the competition and he just Assumes he has the job then he will be the one to find himself out of a job. It would really suck for a thirty something year old fragile quarterback to try and get picked up on a roster in early September. Neither Vick nor Foles should feel safe from Barkley or the other two guys for that matter.
  • Matt Barkley said "I'm coming to compete", and he said "like it's my job to lose." Man I tell you these quarterbacks better come ready to bring it, because one slip could mean your job. None of them should feel safe and for that reason I LOVE IT!!!!
  • just got jordan poyer nice pick for the seventh round. now where is darick rogers going god damn it
  • Maybe they add him with their last pick although I'm hoping for ILBer Reddick out of North Carolina.
  • I like the Kruger pick too. He's like a lower end Mangus

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