5 That's Impressed/ 5 Who Are Disappointing.

Posted December 01, 2013
So far in the Eagles current season I have been more on the impressed side when it comes to players rather than on the disappointment side. Still I will try to come up with five guys who I expected more out of who are failing to deliver. It should be noted that any player who is no longer on the roster I will not comment about, but there is at least one former Eagle I'm glad is gone, because his departure has lead to my first good impression. Bennie Logan: has been a major upgrade to the defensive line. He is getting a lot of pressure in the middle collapsing the pocket on pass downs and he's occupying space on some rundowns to assist the linebackers. He's been a major improvement to this overall improving defense. Trent Cole: was thought to be washed up, but for the first time in Trent's career he's getting sacks late. Usually he starts to wear down by this point in the years, but this season he's starting to turn it up a notch. He even had some great coverage on Fritz during the Williams interception when he came into his zone. Riley Cooper: has become a legit number two option for this team since Foles has been inserted into the lineup and he's doing damage to single coverage. He's going out his way to get the football and he fighting for extra yardage. He's been a total surprise and he's making it very hard for the Eagles to get rid of him. Nate Allen: just seems to be getting better each week. It started slowly for him, but he looks as if he's starting to get his cover skills back, and he is gaining far more confidence in his play. It has been late, but better late than never. Nick Foles: it's hard to choose many QBs over Nick and his play right now. The man is just doing his thing at a high level, and it isn't a coincidence the Eagles have been winning with him under center. He may not be the best athlete on the Eagles, but HE IS THE BEST QUARTERBACK ON THE EAGLES, and it's not even close. Honorable mentions Donnie Jones, Ced Thorton, Billy Davis, Fletcher Cox, and Demeco Ryans. The five guys I am disappointed with starts with Mike Vick: who once again has given people false hope in his abilities, and once again has led this team to more questions than answers. There may not have been a player in the Eagles history who has done so little, but gains so much fanfare. James Casey: sure did seem like a great signing at the beginning of the season, but he's been a major bust so far. Todd Herremans: seems to be playing better as of late, but he's been somewhat of a letdown moving back inside to guard. The Eagles should consider upgrading this position in the offseason. Patrick Chung: if he's not hurt he's slamming into his own players and giving up big scores. He slammed into Boykin on the Fitzgerald touchdown, and he slammed into Williams on another play where Williams chewed him out. Dude has been another free agent disappointment. Bryce Brown: it's really hard to call a 7th round pick a disappointment, but he really has been. When he's moving North to South he's a far more effective runner, but he's trying too hard to bounce plays to the outside against NFL defenses. Maybe his indecisiveness is due to his rawness, but the Eagles should look to draft a replacement for him this offseason. You know after they win the Super Bowl. Honorable mentions Chip Kelly's clock management, 3rd quarter play calling, Jason Avant, and McCoy dancing too much.
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  • Let's see my 5 good would be

    1) Foles: who thought he'd be this good in any offense? He can still improve when the pocket is starting to collapse cause he panics looks at the line and folds up for the sack. Needs to throw it away sometimes.

    2) Ryans: yea he can't play in a 3-4. Thanks Houston.

    3) Allen/wollf: both have just got better as the season goes on.

    4) cooper: how can anyone not love the way he is finally using his size to his advantage. Cooper, maclin, and desean sound nice now.

    5) Donnie jones and overall coverage on ST: jones is killing the ball and Coleman is covering great along with boykins and Anderson.


    1) Cary Williams: I didn't expect much more from him but was hoping to be wrong. Sadly I wasn't. He just isn't that good.

    2) Chung: he's even worse

    3) entire oline: they just seem to give up in the second half

    4) play calling: first half it's great but after half time either the defense figures it out or chip tries to run the clock out but with 15 seconds left on the play clock. He chip just put up 50 every week.

    5) Alex Henry: legs not strong enough. It seems he has no confidence in his own ability.
  • They say that our Oline is rated one of the best in football, but that doesn't seem to make a lot of sense does it? I do think there are plays where the hole is there, but Shady goes the wrong way, and Brown bounces too many things to the outside. Williams almost made my list too. I've seen him give 10 yard cushions on third and five plays far too often this season. Bradley Fletcher is a really good cover guy, but I wonder if he can stay healthy. In any case I think the Eagles need to address the position via the draft in the offseason. It's funny how the positions I thought the Eagles needed to address via next seasons draft have now changed. Most of it is due to how well Foles has played.
  • Yea brown needs to get north and south more, but it's not as bad to me being that he is a back up. I can't believe I left avant off my list. He's been so bad I forgot about him even after reading him on ur honorable mentions.
  • Avant has been killing this team for weeks despite the fact he's been the second most targeted player on the team. I don't fully blame him for the INT in the end zone against the Cowboys, but he seems to be lost out there right now. Trade him in the off season to Reid.
  • I think the important thing is that the oline has improved. Im not seeing large running lanes but im also seeing the QB get some time to throw. Not a great line but not a bad line either. grade B. As far as defense goes there are alot of new faces out there so the fact that they are improving gives some players a pass until the improvement stops. Williams is playing exactly like he did in Balto. he will get physical , can support the run defense but can get beat. I think he looked good in the cardinal game. chung is adequate and a stop gap player. he wont be around long. Its time to say goodbye to Avant. He isnt even a NFL calibur WR. We need two more WR. one for the slot and one for depth.
  • Maclin takes the slot. Add Allen Robinson from penn state in the draft.
    Or continue two TE sets
    Maehl (special teams)
    Maybe benn if he can come back healthy and show something.
  • I can't see Maclin in the slot. He's going to drop a lot of balls, because he's afraid to get hit. After being out for a year I don't think he comes back with a real desire to play. I think the Eagles should draft a receiver.
  • Eazy, I think you continue to be a bit hard on Maclin. The Eagles will probably walk away because of price (unless he needs a one year deal to prove he's healthy) and his injury history (which is legit after this latest injury but he caught more balls than any player in Eagle history in their first 4 years. He's averaged over 60 catches a year and roughly 6.5 TDs. You state that he's afraid to get hit and frankly, I don't remember seeing him shy away from hits...could've happened but nothing is coming to mind. I think the big thing is that he never had that big year we were all waiting for but in Reid's offense who besides TO has ever had that big year? I would have loved to see him this year in this offense...not stating the Eagles need to re-sign though. I wouldn't overpay to keep him. Like 20dawk, I would love to see the Eagles draft Allen Robinson but wouldn't doubt he's a first rounder with a good combine.
  • Where's all this hype for Robinson coming from? Ur like the third person today I seen say he's a first rounder. The way I see it there are three possible first rounders in Watkins , lee, and Evans. I could honestly see Evans slipping to the second. Very very early second. Beckham from lsu possibly a wr from Oregon in the second. I didn't think Robinson was gonna blow up like this.
  • I don't trust Maclin. I think his numbers are slanted. He'll have one big game and then disappear for two weeks. In college he was a big time return specialist, but when he came to Philly he stunk as a return guy. He seemed to play scared in the return game. For everyone who states Jackson never goes over the middle, can anyone remember a big catch where Maclin went over the middle, because I can't. Maclin is at his best when he's running free up a seam, but I don't think he will find as much space playing with his gimpy knee. I believe this is the second time he's injured that knee as well. I don't think he has an AP like work ethic so I doubt he will be worth the risk. On top of all of that who would sign the guy for more than one season? If I were the Eagles I wouldn't touch him for more than one season.
  • I meant to add in my comment that maclin pulls up all the time and him in the slot is a risk which is why I would look to add someone in the offseason. Being that Robinson is flying up draft boards it seems. I was looking at it today and alex neutz from buffalo could be a nice late round pick. He's 6-3 205 runs a 4.55. It would be like adding cooper but hopefully with better skill early in his career.
  • I don't think a slot receiver needs to be a high round pick. Just a guy who isn't afraid to get a little dirty in the middle. Usually guys like that tend to be latter round picks with something to prove anyway. I think Cooper's emergence has made Maclin expendable. Unfortunately Avant seems to have lost a major step. I don't even see him making plays on special teams like he used to. Foles tries to lay them out there to him, but he either is too slow to get there or he only gets one hand on it. I'll look at some highlights on the Nuetz kid, but I hate hyping myself up on a guy only to watch the Eagles go in another direction.
  • @20dawk. Two 1000 yard seasons, big ten honors and possible other awards this year, 6'3" 210 pounds...I stated if he had a good combine...we've seen it happen MANY times. A good combine and senior bowl pushed EJ Manuel from a 3-4 round grade to the 1st round so Robinson could certainly help his draft stock by putting up good numbers. @Eazy. I do agree that Maclin will have a hard time getting that big contract...I think I told you right after the injury his Eagle career may not be over because he may end up having to settle for a one year deal to prove he can still play but I still think you've been a bit hard on your criticism on a receiver who honestly has been been pretty effective when healthy...and he has been healthy more often than not. He may not be what we expected but he certainly wasn't a Freddie Mitchell or a Todd Pinkston. He honestly is probably the steadiest receiver the Eagles have had over a 4 year stretch in quite a long time and he certainly is the steadiest they've drafted. Jackson may change that if he continues, he's having a great year and he's certainly more electric but Maclin had if nothing else a nice Eagle career with a team that likes to spread the ball around.
  • I've been looking at Robinson for a while now, but haven't heard anyone else mention him. I thought he was gonna be a guy to slip through the cracks.
  • Don't get me wrong green. I know he isn't a Freddie Mitchell or Stinky Pinky, but I don't think he's been a game changer either. Ironically the team has won more games with the likes of Pinky than they have with Maclin. To me he's a solid number two, but I think a first round pick should be a legit number one. That's not him, and I don't think he's a slot receiver. Maybe that's me being hard on him, but my expectations for him were high from the start. We haven't won a playoff game since he's been a Eagle. I'm not placing all of that on him, but if he's supposed to be a game changer (that's what first round draft picks are supposed to be) then why isn't he showing up like one?
  • He can be explosive and he can disappear. Im not sure what to make of Maclin. He is comiong off a serious knee injury so is his speed and quickness going to suffer. Because a step slower and I just dont think Maclin brings a whole lot to the table. His numbers could drop dramatically. He was never a leaper or physical so he is a tough spot.
  • The own more games cause they had dmac with pinky and mostly Vick with maclin. Maclins first year, also dmac's last, we went 11-5, 10-4 with dmac according to profootballreference.com. After that well you know how it went. All of our WRs numbers have suffered due to inconsistent qb play. Kolb sucked right away. Vick made everyone believe and then not so much. Now we got foles helping make desean a top 5 statistical wr and cooper a possible number 2, who I think both of us thought could have been cut before he said the n word. The slot might not be the ideal spot for him but chip could also just use him out wide next to cooper or desean without him actually being in the slot. I think maclin needs to be on the team next year.
  • They haven't won a playoff game since he's been on the team. Perhaps much of that has to do with the inconsistency at the QB position. Again I'm not saying he's a bum, but I don't think he fits the slot, and right now Riley Cooper seems like a better playmaker on the outside. I don't think he makes or breaks this team, he was here last season with Foles and the team accomplished little. Now he's gone and they are in a playoff hunt. That hardly makes me think of him as essential.
  • Sorry, 20dawk. I flagged you...freakin' site not phone friendly. Although I don't agree that Maclin NEEDS to be on this team next year, I'd like to see the Eagles get him back on a one year deal. I doubt he will though if he feels he will have to take a back seat to Cooper. He's going to want to show teams he can be effective and to do that he will need to be on the field as much as possible so he could go to a team that needs a number 2 receiver and he's proven that he can take on that role and play it well. I just think when it comes to Maclin some of us fans get a little greedy and I get that. Instead of realizing that we have seen so many nothing receivers play on those fields over the years we want what we think was promised us when the Eagles drafted Maclin. Instead if being happy the Eagles have had a very effective receiver over the last 4 years (who may also flourish in this system with Foles at QB) we want that playmaker that was advertised when he was drafted. @ Eazy...sorry buddy. We agree on a lot if topics but this is one I guess we never will.
  • I wont be upset if Maclin is a Eagles. The Eagles could do a lot worse at the position as we have all seen. He's also a good kid who stays out of trouble unlike Jackson and McCoy. I just don't believe he's as good as people want to make him out to be. I certainly don't believe he's as essential as Jackson, and talent wise I believe he's replaceable. To be frank he's no franchise changing receiver.
  • My own message got deleted???
  • I don't think Maclin is terrible, but I do feel we could do better at the position.
  • I'd have no problem with the Eagles improving but like usual, I'll take the opposite approach when discussing Maclin with you...they could do a lot worse.
  • Lol we have certainly seen they can do much worse. I just believe we have already saw his ceiling. I don't see a player who can get better. I don't see a player who can effectively man the slot. I don't see a player who will play special teams as the third option. If he's not starting I don't see how he fits.

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