A Foles Led Eagles Doesn't Mean Tanking It.

Posted July 10, 2013

The truth is we don't know what it will mean. Reports out of OTAs had Foles looking sharp and accurate. If the Eagles can find a way to move the football with their offense and score touchdowns they could “DO A BETTER JOB” of protecting the defense unlike previous seasons. Kelly has repeatedly stated he wants his quarterback to make good quick decisions and to be accurate with the football.  These are two aspects of Foles game that he excels at. Foles along with a triple dose of arguable they deepest backfield in football could find the Eagles and their new short passing game churning yards, protecting the football, and eating up clock. The Eagles can vastly improve from last season by simply being better at protecting the football. How many times did we see our defense placed in bad situations, because the offense had a turnover? Let’s just say it was far too many times to want to remember. With the improved line, a commitment to run the football, and an accurate quarterback the Eagles will be better than last season. It will all come down to how quickly members of the offense can learn the new system, and how quickly they can unlearn all of their bad habits like Celek not looking the ball into his hands, Brown/McCoy holding the ball away from their body, receivers committing to route running, and run blocking. Hopefully a couple of these new young receivers will make this roster and become a legitimate Red Zone threat. The Eagles really haven’t had a receiving RDZ threat since T.O. left. This team needs one of these guys to develop. If these things fall into place the Eagles actually could become a playoff contender sooner than expected.

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  • Eagles continue test the waters for dropping more payroll. Its symptomatic and continues to be the undoing of this franchise. Go ahead Mr Lurie cut Vick and start Foles I double dare you.
  • They brought him back because Kelly wanted to find out what his offense looks like with Vick at the helm. Your twist in them possibly looking o get rid of him to save money is just more of your BS. If they let him go it is because he didn't have it in HIM to come out on top.
  • You're wrong on three fronts wood. First the Eagles aren't cutting payroll. In fact they still are one of the teams with one of the higher payrolls in the league. Now if you want to see a team cutting payroll see the Raiders.... Second the reason why the Eagles are down has nothing to do with who they let go and everything to do with who they have drafted and who they picked up. Tell me right now other than T.O. who has really been all that productive once the Eagles moved on from him? Finally It would not be Lurie who would cut Vick, it would be Kelly and ultimately it would be Vick himself for failing to WIN THE JOB. If you have beef with someone in that scenario it would be Vick for failing to do so. So is Vick more important to you than the Eagles?
  • we have a high payroll? 25 million under the cap! You are a funny guy.
  • Do you really think that 25 Million would matter that much? I don't.
  • It isn't 25 million going forward because of the salary jumps. Teams just can't sign players knowing they will be making bigger cuts next year to stay below the cap. I have a hard time believing that you own a couple businesses because you certainly don't have the financial mind for it...either that or you expect the impossible out of the Eagles...which one is it? It makes sense for Kelly to find out what he already has on the roster before tying up most of their money on salaries.
  • It's just a reason for him to whine. I guess he would rather they be like the Raiders. Spending nearly half of their cap money on guys who aren't even on the roster.
  • everytime you talk you say next year , next year, next year. Drop that thought and you will make some sense. can you say this year EVER?
  • I used to say this year all the time. You can't say this year when you lack a legit QB. We know Vick isn't that guy. By wanting Vick you are in fact saying next year too.
  • You have to look at the future Hollywood. It would be asinine for Kelly to commit to players without knowing whether what he already has in Philly can fit in his system. That and the climbing costs of the contracts are something the Eagles have to be concerned about. Besides, the Eagles only have about 20-25 million because of last years carry over money. Their current contracts actually are right about at the cap...maybe a little under. If they used all that 20 million do you get where they would be next year?...quite a bit over.
  • Then they would have to dump salaries and not sign their own young players which often happens to every team in the league. The Eagles rarely get rid of a player they don't want to, because of money. They usually have it for their guys. Of course if this happened to the Eagles, wood would rip them for being to close to the cap and not being able to resign their own guys. Of course somehow it would all be Luries fault.
  • Of course he would. He always finds something to complain about.
  • sadly they will do what they will do...
    ever go to any committee meeting and told they will listen to any input?
    No they wont!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • At least this is a common sense approach.
  • I've heard different reports coming out of camp about both QBs but I'm certainly hoping that Foles has it in him to win the spot. I'm hoping the Eagles keep moving forward and playing Foles and Barkley at least answer some questions.
  • how was your short vacation easy?
  • LOL I'm actually still on it, but I am back at the house.
  • With expectations this low, it can't hurt to try it.
  • Yeah but if it produces a 2-14 record the real crap will hit the fan. They seem to like 4-12 seasons. I dont know maybe they like getting roughed up.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • That I agree with and we do have some weapons on offense. So, if it is determined that the QB is Foles , Vick or Barkley it should be with the mindset that they are prepared to ring up alot of points. It shouldnt be we are going to test these guys to see if they can play. Figure it out soon and then put that highly touted offense on the field and score points . Period end of story.
  • I think the testing them part is during training camp and the first couple of preseason games. By the third week of preseason we will know who the starters will be. If Kelly doesn't make a decision by that point, then I believe he will struggle in the NFL, because week three of the preseason is the dress rehearsal for the season. That is the game where he better have it together.
  • But do you agree with putting in the guy that will score the most points?
  • Who is that supposed to be, because right now I don't know who that is. If you are trying to imply that's Vick, then I have to inform you the offense actually scored more points a game with Foles under center even though he didn't have Jackson, McCoy, Celek, and one starting offensive lineman. I think whoever wins the job should play. It's that simple.
  • the eagles won 4 meaningless games in a row in 2011. do you think those stats mean anything? Who won more games? It doesnt mean anything. But would you rather have the QB on the field that will score the most points now or the QB that may or may not score more points down the road?
  • I think you are confusing yourself. I want the players out there who win the job. If Vick wins the job put him out there. That's all that matters. Vick has done nothing to deserve to be handed the job. Neither has Foles or Barkley until they win it.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • That's a fact. You can't score points if you keep giving the ball to the OTHER team.
  • I find it funny how the Foles and Barkley crowd say it isn't about race, but they NEVER bring up Dennis Dixon in their may the best man play rants. Last time I checked, Dixon was the only guy on the roster with experience running Kelly's system.
  • Your comment is both ignorant and racist. I've stated that Dixon is a key contributor to this process, but wasn't it you who stated this was a two man race? You are the one who cut Dixon out.
  • I believe if a fan thinks race may be involved you can bet players think its an issue. Thats exactly the anger that can fester by making everyone wait for a decision. Too much Eagle capital is being spent on waiting for this decision. Its a sideshow and nothing more.
  • If you think race is the reason Chip Kelly will make a decision on his quarterback then you are a fool. If players think that race will prevent them from getting a fair shake then they most likely wont, because all they have done is give themselves an excuse to quit. If Vick goes out this preseason or Dixon, Kinne, Foles, Barkley and outperform the other guys they deserve the starting job. It's that simple. The only people talking race seem to be the guys that for some reason are lumping all white former Eagle quarterbacks into some pile. How about you jokers focus more on the production on the field rather than the color on the players skin?
  • Notice how the only barker that keeps bringing up race is Hollywood. Funny how the barker who keeps bringing up race as a moral issue seems to be the biggest racist on this website.
  • Awwwww is Uncle Ruckus mad. Boo frickin hoo.
  • I didn't cut Dixon out, Kelly did. But you'd LOVE to blame a Black FAN for this ROSTER move when it was a White COACH who LIED to you and said it would be a "open" competition.

    YOU kept saying it would be between all 5 guys, I called you an idiot and said it would only be 2 guys.

    Low and behold you silly Klansman, IT'S TWO guys! Yet everyone (you and screaming for a Great White Hope has even tried to shoehorn Matt Barkley IN just to push Vick OUT.

    When was the last time Eagles fans called for a 4th round pick to start? Seriously, nobody here EVER called for Mike Kafka and he was 3rd rounder. You hammerheaded, racist. Don't you put that evil on me!
  • Oh so Uncle Ruckus is BLACK! Get out!
  • An uncle tom reference. Typical actions of an ignorant buffoon.
  • Wow. I honestly thought all those comments above were from Hollywood...didn't even know that flip started that thread...just tied in another somewhat racist comment to Hollywood...although he did chime in.

    Flip. Eazy is partially correct in his comment...when discussing the QB race on this website YOU haven't given Dixon a shot and with good reason...he isn't in the race at this point so why should we bother discussing him? As for insinuating that Eazy is a racist because of his views in these discussions and based on what I have seen him type in the past I'm almost certain you are WAY off the mark but I'll let him handle that matter himself. Glad to see that you keep bettering yourself and growing. Did you hope back on with your Raider ID and like your own comment or was that Hollywood...I highly doubt that anybody else would touch that comment.

  • im not sure how i offended you again but obviously some fans and plyers may feel this QBdebate hase racial overtones. Fact is we have had sveral hite black QB controversies in Philly and by my count the black QB ends up on the short end of the stick. Just an observation but you can ask Peete, Cunningham, Mcnabb and looks like Vick. Not a real good tract record. I dont see this happening elsewhere with any Qbs. The Eagles are earning the title of black QB killers.
  • STOP IT! YOU'RE QUOTING FACTUAL HISTORY!! You risk offending him again with that. Let him not address what has happened.
  • You give them that title and it's because of your ignorance. The fact of the matter is that Cunningham had great success here and got the ball rolling...unfortunately his coach did count on him being most of the offense, didn't believe in investing in an offensive line and didn't bother finding him a running game. Peete was already dead when he came to Philly but had some success...unfortunately he wasn't a very good NFL QB...hardly the Eagles fault. How can you honestly claim the Eagles killed McNabb after the years he had here (after you calling him the greatest Eagle to play the game) and after his poor showings in Washington and Minnesota? Andy Reid picked Vick up in more ways than one and had more to do with that 8-10 game anomaly than you give him credit for...the Eagles finally made him a good QB for a short bit but Vick couldn't hold onto it. Your views are distorted, like usual.

    Let's keep it real, flip. Discussing racism doesn't offend me. Hollywood calling two Eagles players by their ethnicity instead of looking for their names offends me. You know this yet you'll twist it. You twist my views and Hollywood's views just because he agrees with some of your opinions on the Eagles. I just love to watch you "grow" as a human being.
  • These two are taking a page out of the Jimmy The Greek book. He would be proud of their overzealous focus of the color of people's skin rather than the character and skill of the individual. I wonder how many more people will be criticized by these two, because of what they look like, rather than what they do. On a side note I really don't care what flipflop or wood think, but I do see the irony in a black male who has married a white woman telling me that I'm not black enough to be black. LMAO
  • Flips is getting more and more like hollywood. Typing anything to try and get his point across.
  • I truly wonder what point is he trying to get across. In his mind the Eagles are already failures so what is the point of continuing with Vick if he himself deems them failures? Is he captain of the We Love Watching Mike Vick Give The Ball To Other Teams fan club?
  • You can't be more racist than the clowns who keep lumping these quarterbacks into categories of color. It's a shame you can't look past the color of peoples skin. If you hate white people then just say that you do. Don't try to make others out to be the hate mongers that you have become.
  • My girl is White and so is IBG78. Pretty hard to hate White folks when you're the better part of a foot deep in one.
  • Do they know you despise them?
  • THEM I love! It's racist White people like you I despise.

    And it was LOW of you to claim being Black when ANYONE CAN TELL that you aren't.
  • I don't have to prove the fact I'm black to you nor do I care that you hate white people. Just keep your racism to yourself or you and hollywood can send messages to one another and go on and on about your hate. You two are the only racists I see on this site.
  • I never said anything about proving you were Black. I already know you can't. Why waste time arguing about it?

    You aren't the first White guy to pen racially denigrating remarks under the guise of "being Black". Anti-civil rights journalists did it FREQUENTLY. It's an old trick, but some of us have learned from history.

    Your ass ain't slick.
  • As I already stated I don't need to prove anything to you. Nor do I care that you are filled with hate.
  • Thats a cop out and your a fake if you think people dont notice skin color. I dont care if the QB is black, white, red or yellow but to ignore the treatement that the black Qbs have gotten in Philly is a sham. Look my company has different ethnic groups in it. We get along great. I see the talent ineverone I deal with. Alot of it is wasted but in 95% of people I meet they work hard and are pretty good at what they do. So you can drop the racist thing. I see a pattern forming in Philly and Im sure Im not the only one.
  • 1 Your ethnic rainbow of coworkers have nothing to do with your racist rants on this site.
    2 Your assumed notion about a city that you don't live in has nothing to do with this site.
    3 Assuming that everyone on this site who has a difference of opinion on the performance of a player is racist is simply ignorant.
    4 The only person(s) I've seen on this site (recently) make disparaging remarks about another due to race is you (with that disgusting rant you made about Chung) and flipflop on how he hates white quarterbacks who play in Philly.
    5 We don't care if your a racist scumbag, but keep that crap to yourself. Try and keep it on the up and up. Nobody here is talking about race except you too ignorant fools.
  • I honestly don't want to go there but I have seen you claim that you are a black man before. Flip's ignorance to admit that a man can look at a QB and give an honest opinion regardless of their color just shows how much he hasn't grown. We all have seen Hollywood's racist rants on here before so I wouldn't even bother going there with him. He has turned his accusations about Lurie being racist into generic racism exists in the NFL claims after I argued with him on the Lurie claim. I know that racism exists in the NFL and everywhere still...that isn't what we were originally debating yet that's how the Hollywood turns.
  • We have never finished this argument and the fact is Ive never heard either of you call Kolb a "turnover machine" , "cant stay healthy"...etc. You saved all your vile quotes for McNabb and Vick. How come your nastiness only comes our in the dark?
  • Kolb turned out to be a horrible QB. Just last week I stated something to the effect that none of the QBs on the roster in 2009 would have been the answer this year. I'm not going to rip the guy for trying to play in the NFL. If you haven't noticed I truly don't bury players at all regardless of whether they can play or not. I'll leave that up to the likes of you. There are definitely players I'd like to see the Eagles move on from but what fan doesn't? As for my "vile" comment that Vick is a turnover machine...look at how many turnovers Vick had over the years here and over his career...he is a turnover machine...he can't stay healthy. They aren't derogatory comments and you trying to spin them that will never change that fact. Keep reaching there, Hollywood. Maybe you should finally spend some quality time on here and start working on that long overdue apology for your "America's Team is Now Mexico's Team" post from years ago.
  • http://www.thequesadachronicles.com/?p=470

    Check out
  • Where in my post did I claim that there weren't Hispanics enjoying the sport of football in Texas? My problem is that you made a big deal about it as if that was a bad thing. Just because one other blogger (or many for that matter) has issues with sharing a stadium with another race it doesn't make you right nor does it suddenly give you a high set of morals. You're a creep, Hollywood...that will never change.
  • Your the hater. Im glad I dont work anywhere near you. Your a stodgy fool that never learns. Your a bureaucrat.
  • I guess in hollywoods world it's okay to rip an entire nationality of people, but if you speak facts on Mike Vick then you're a bigot?????
  • He's just reaching. Just part of he and flip's problems are that they are so caught up in what they type they seem to forget that we all have eyes and brains and can see for ourselves what has been typed before and by whom.
  • Hopefully the player that emerges will have benefited from the competition and grown as a quarterback. I'll back whatever decision Chip makes.
  • Brink this is the true ultimate goal of Kelly's plan. He wants this battle to grow not only his quarterback but his team. I also view this as I will support his decision, because frankly I have misgivings about all of his choices. One thing I feel certain of. Chip Kelly is going to chose the guy he feels gives him the best chance to win.
  • As will I but I have to admit that if it's Vick I will be worried that he will either get injured or have that huge drop in play like the one he had after that 8-10 streak in 2010.
  • I think history shows that for whatever reason Vick can not stay healthy or consistent with his play. He's been coached by Dan Reeves, Andy Reid, and Mora Jr. Reeves and Reid know a thing or two about quarterbacks and neither could make Vick into a reliable one. My gut tells me Kelly can't either, because Vick can't help himself but to get back into the bad habits that makes him inconsistent in the first place.
  • For the record I believe Kelly has brought Vick back, because he didn't want to lose his team. He wanted his players to actually see Vick get beat out by Foles or Barkley. No one can dispute Vick actually getting beat out. It will cement whomever the starter will be as the guy (unless he fails to get the job done). He also brought Vick back to set an example to these guys. They are going to have to work in order to stay.
  • "For the record I believe Kelly has brought Vick back, because he didn't want to lose his team"

    DUH! GCobb reported that and I wrote a post about it like 2 days ago.
  • I know you're slow, but did you read the rest of what I wrote Polly?
  • All this Foles jibber jabber is simply trial balloons from the front office preparing to slice Vick from payroll and see if the fans will take one more insult. and they would.
  • Explain how Mike Vick failing to beat out Nick Foles and summarily released is somehow insulting to the fans?

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Drafted player changes Twitter name to ‘Pick 245′

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