A New Haircut Wont Be Enough To Impress Nick Foles.

Posted April 08, 2013

The only thing Foles can do to impress anyone would be to be a better quarterback, and in reality he was a better QUARTERBACK than Vick was last season despite not having an offensive line or many of the starters with him. What's funny is everyone wants to ignore the FACT MIKE VICK CAN"T STAY HEALTHY!!!!!! He's done it once his entire career so don't bother blaming the line. IT'S HIM! You cant rely on a guy to be the guy in a system where quarterbacks run when despite the fact if the quarterback is in or out the pocket he's likely to get hurt. As far as trading Foles goes that ship has sailed. There aren't anymore jobs available. Maybe we can trade him to the Raiders for Pryor and a third! I mean the Raiders are dumb enough to do it, but the best part of something like that would be to read flipflop go on and on about how Foles is the greatest thing since sliced bread after going weeks of ripping the guy. If there is a trade that happens I sure hope it would be to Oakland.

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  • I like Foles but I like Vick more. Especially with a coach that can build a system to compliment his strengths. Vick didn't start to struggle until Reid got predictable and started dropping him back as much as Tom Brady.
  • Brink after multiple coaches getting fired thanks to Mike Vick how many chances do you think the man needs? I'm honestly not much of a fan of either option. With that being the case if these two along with the three others are the only options I'm glad Chip Kelly is going to make them earn the job. May the best mediocre option win.
  • Let's be real...Vick didn't become a decent QB until Reid helped show him the way and that didn't last long. He had a 8-10 game run in a 10 year career.
  • That's whats so funny green. People make strange exceptions and excuses for Vick. I don't even get why they are obsessed with doing so. It's not like he has a rich history with the team for people to be so attached. He's never won a playoff game for the Eagles and while under his watch the Eagles all time winningest coach was given the axe. Nothing Vick has done as an Eagle to this point makes him an untouchable. Even if you don't think Foles is the answer (and the jury is out at best), there is no reason to think Mike Vick deserves to be the guy unless he earns it.
  • I kind of get Chip Kelly wanting to see what he can do with Vick...I kind of get Eagles fans being willing to settle for Vick this year with the lack of free agent QBs and the lack of top QBs in the draft in Kelly's 1st year...I don't get people being exited to see what Vick can do in Kelly's system. I'm almost certain we'll see what we have the last few years and what Falcon fans saw before that...injuries and turnovers.
  • It's like rinse and repeat. I will tell you this. When was the most successful time Mike Vick had as a quarterback? It was when his contract was up so maybe Chip Kelly is hoping to get the hunger back in the player. That's just a guess at best, but people really write some stupid stuff here. I mean why are you certain Mike Vick will be the starter if you are certain he won't be here in 2014? What if Vick gets the job and lights it up? The Eagles are just going to let him go? If its conceivable for the Eagles not to have any allegiances to Vick beyond 2014 why would the same not be true right now? The bottom line is Nick Foles and Dennis Dixon would not be popping off at the mouth about winning the job if they didn't think they Mike Vick were vulnerable and if Chip Kelly didn't tell them they did.
  • Blah blah blah. Reid that QB destroyer. McNabb was it and he blew it. Hes a pimp and a drug dealer. Phuck him. Stop inhaling his knob.
  • You know who agree with you Brink? CHIP KELLY.

    Oh. (Nodding repeatedly, arms folded.) And me.
  • Really, because I heard no such thing. He was specifically asked about a player and he spoke on him. Just like he specifically spoke on Foles earlier. Nothing he said about Foles makes me think Foles is his guy. Rather I take him at his word. His quarterback will indeed have to earn the job. Nevertheless you want read into what was said and grasp for straws rather just taking him for his word. I know this is hard for you but think for one moment. If he exonerates Vick for the injuries and play of the poor line doesn't that by default do the exact same thing for Foles? Now is it your bias against Foles, your on you knees love for Vick, or your lack of comprehension skills that have hindered you ability to recognize that point?
  • Sure the poor line play clears BOTH QB's I myself wrote that earlier this year. Before this line was chewed up by injury, we were 3-1. They were ugly wins, but they were wins. The line got mauled by injuries and the musical chairs started and the offenses play (even McCoy's) went down hill. THAT has been my contention the entire time.

    I have no beef with Foles. I think he's great for a West Coast Offense type system. I'd like to see him in a 3-step drop as opposed to last years 5 and 7, but still he played well for a guy picked in the 3rd round, who was pressed into starting.

    Look at his and Andrew Luck's passer ratings and completion percentages. No one in their right mind could complain about Foles. But there is just NOTHING about the guy that says "Special". So why on EARTH would Kelly TOTALLY re-orient his philosophy to create a classic West Coast Offense situation for a 3rd round pick of his fired predecessor? And if Lurie wanted the WCO, he'd have kept Reid. But Lurie wants uptempo, so Kelly will deliver something closer to what he did in college. In his history all his prior QB's have been more mobile than Foles. That's not me talking, that's history.
  • You truly need to open your eyes to how that team got to 3-1 last year. Many of us saw the bottom about to fall out. Your Reid optimism made you not want to admit it and you're still looking for excuses. Sure, the injuries to the offensive line did them no favors but the Eagles were never going to be close to being good enough doing what they have been doing since late 2010...turning the ball over.
  • Your last comment is incorrect as Chip Kelly DID NOT HAVE A MOBILE QB IN HIS DAYS AT NEW HAMPSHIRE. You also didn't answer the question that was presented. Speaking of special what is so special about a guy fumbling, getting ran down from behind, throwing interceptions, completing LESS THAN 60 PERCENT OF HIS PASSES, Throwing intro triple coverage, losing more games than he's won, all while getting injured every season he's played here?
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  • He's not on the roster yet. If Chip Kelly discovers that he can't play then not only won't he play, but he won't make the team.
  • Sure he is. Just check the team website. Here's a link to what the team (not a fan) refers to as THEIR roster.


    If you simply look you'll see that Vick IS on the roster.
  • I know you have comprehension problems, but do you really think everyone on their official roster will make the team? LOL
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE? Seriously? He was the OC at New Hampshire, NOT The HC. I'm talking about instances where he could shape who was on his roster. If you want to go that route, I guess you could say that he didn't have a mobile QB when he was the DC at John's Hopkins either.

    As far as "what's so special about Vick?", why don't you ask Kelly. He said at 1:41 of his interview that there was no question in his mind that he wanted Vick back on this team.

    No question.

    That's not me, that's the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles who said that. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/0ap2000000158220/Chip-Kelly-discusses-the-future-of-the-Eagles

    So I'm just going to step back and let you scream into the wind on this one. I no longer have to waste my time debating this with you. YOU LOST. Chip Kelly saw to that for me.

    You don't like it? Take it up with him.
  • So when Chip Kelly says the word "COMPETITION" You get all stupid and forget what the word means, but Chip Kelly says the the word "QUESTION" it means All MIKE VICK ALL THE TIME??? Like I asked before. Do you have a comprehension problem? Just stop sleeping on Chip Kelly. He's got this regardless of who he chooses. Just don't start whining if it ain't Mike Pick.
  • Barring a rookie if Vick's healthy he starts. You'll see.
  • I don't care who it is as long as the earned it in the "competition."
  • That's how I see it too!!! As a "competition". Good to see you've come around to my way of thinking.
  • Clearly we both do not comprehend the word "competition" the same way.
  • No I think we do. I think there will be a "competition" in the preseason. But I think the guy who gets more reps in practice will somehow, mysteriously look better than the guys who sit around waiting for their turn all day.

    To the naked eye you'll SEE guys getting reps in GAMES, but the situation will be stilted to one guy more then the others in practice. For instance: For anyone BUT Vick their best protector will be frontside not blindside; also Shady and DJax are BOTH pulling for Vick; to which side will the plays be drawn in the playbook when the players get them to study? It's little things like that piled on top of each other that tell you where the leaning is.

    Better QB's were available than Dennis Dixon, including Alex Smith whom we could have had for a 2nd rounder. In Alex Smith, Vick (and Foles for that matter) would have had a REAL fight on his hands. But a REAL fight was avoided and some tomato cans were brought in instead.

    So to be clear, I fully expect to SEE a "competition", but I know when I'm watching two legit contenders vs. when I'm watching Ali vs. Wepner.
  • All those explanations on why McNabb wouldn't get traded in 2010 and the reasons why Reid would still be coaching the Eagles this year come to mind every time I see you stating your case for Vick and insisting he will be the starter barring injury.

    I do agree that with Vick's experience and with Kelly probably thinking he can coach him up (Reid thought that also and it worked for a quick stretch) he is in the driver's seat. I just don't think Kelly is dumb enough to force him into the starter's spot. It's Vick's to lose but with how he has played in the pre-season lately there are no guarantees (mortal locks, whatever you prefer to call them). Kelly has nothing to lose by realizing Vick isn't the guy he was hoping he was early. He is already taking a chance by bringing Vick back...a bigger one would be forcing the issue.
  • Your error to compare Vick to Ali. Vick is no Ali. It doesn't matter who backs who. It doesn't matter who get who to block for them. What matters is will Mike Vick produce better than his competition you swear is so far beneath him that you can't even see them? I disagree that Mike is that guy anymore. So if Mike Vick were as talented say Steve Young, then if Vick goes out there and struggles for a few practices and even a few games then sure Mike would start no questions asked. The problem is Vick isn't close to Steve Young. In fact if you simply look at his numbers the past two seasons he's looked more like Kevin Kolb than Steve Young. Watching him has been just as bad. If you want to compare Mike Vick to Ali then compare him to the old Ali. The one who got pummeled by Larry Holmes the younger hungrier fighter. Vick is in a ring with younger hungrier fighters so he better bring his A game if he wants to win and keep the job. So it's clear I have no problem with Vick winning the job even if he does get all the first string special perks, but if he goes out there throws three picks in his first preseason game, gets injured in his second, and throws two more in the third while Foles and Dixon are lighting it up, and somehow still starts week one Chip Kelly will be yet another coach who ends up in the sad disappointing trail of what it could have been with Vick.
  • GTD:
    You're 100% right about me explaining why the Eagles wouldn't be dumb enough to do those things. I figured why would they dismantle something that needed tweaking.

    BUT, dismantle they did.

    How's that worked out so far?

    Right now you're STILL lamenting the outcome of McNabb being traded from a system he was expert in, to two places that were already in the toilet when he got to them.

    NOW you get to see how the Reid firing shakes out. My guess is it won't take long to do better than 4-12, but that whole deal of fans EXPECTING the playoffs every year; it'll probably be another coach or 3 before you see THOSE days again.
  • and tongue in cheek?? I dont think Chip Kelly cares about the haircut!
  • I dont like the raiders but in Flips defense I think he wanted Mcnabb to stay in Philly. The way McNabb was forced out and placed on two crappy teams doesnt validate EZ and GTD belief that he was washed up. Fact is even without a running back or wide receivers he still managed to eclipse the Redskins best QBs. But here you guys are at it again jumping on Foles like you did with KK. You dont want a fair competition you want Foles but cant admit it. Come on tell the truth and stop hiding behind the gag the Eagles are throwing out there called the competition. Kelly wasnt coming to Philly unless Vick was on the roster opening day. Kelly wasnt gonna sign without the option of Vick. And had he came here without him and relied on that loser Foles he would fall flat on his face. You two dont know chit about QBs. You told me that Boshotti was gonna stiff Flacco. And bam 120 million dollar contract. You said Flacco is just good. Not great. But you gush over Foles. Thats about as fuunny as it gets. Hes a backup at best. Good for a win or two but you want him so bad. I like how EZ distances himself from his first love kevin Kolb by dissing him. That guy was the rotten disrespectful big mouth that got the ball rolling in the wrong direction by publicly challenging McNabb. Hes a jerk and so is foles. Hes doing the same thing with his public demands. hes sucks and wont ever produce anything in the NFL. Forget about him.
  • Your statement is full of nothing but lies and BS, hollywood but we're all used to that with you. First of all McNabb, not only has he now had 3 teams turn their backs on him the whole league has (and let's not forget that YOU were the one talking Redskin Super Bowl when McNabb teamed up with Shanahan). When it comes to Kolb you and I both know that it was you years ago that had better words to type than I ever did. YOU were the one that compared him to Brady not me. As for Foles all I have stated was that I thought the ROOKIE did enough to warrant another look this year but I do get that his style of play isn't on par with what Kelly may want to do. How is that gushing over Foles? How is stating that I wouldn't mind the Eagles looking at Foles again this year MAINLY because their QB play has SUCKED for the last two years plus gushing over Foles? As for Kelly not coming to the Eagles unless Vick was still on the roster...you either hit your head extremely hard or you're on drugs...they could be the only reasons even you would type something that stupid.


    At both their stages of careers and with what was happening with the team it was the right times to move on regardless of the outcome. If you want to sit and sulk in your what ifs and dream of a 37 year old McNabb finally winning a Super Bowl in Reid's 15th year with the Eagles then you go ahead and do that.
  • Again (for like the 1000th time), I don't particularly care if they ever win Super Bowl. I've been an Eagles fan THIS LONG without one; why would I suddenly act like it was all important to me NOW?

    Beisdes, I have my own trophies. I don't need to live vicariously through someone else's.
  • Hollywood nailed it when he said that EZ and GTD want Foles but can't admit it. More like won't say it, even though EZ has gone so far as to say that Kelly (who arrived with something in mind) should create an offense around Foles.

    In the meantime neither dude wants to discuss any other aspect of this team aside form Vick.

    EZ has taken to discussing ALL RAIDERS, ALL THE TIME.
    GTD spends his days cowering behind a shield made of solid "We'll see. The season hasn't gotten here yet. Behold, my mighty calendar!"

    Anything to avoid talking about the holes that Hollywood, 20Dawk, Bnugent, or myself or mentions these days.
  • Look at that, flip...aligned again with hollywood even if it means twisting people's words! How's it feel to be partners in crime again?

    Foles over Vick?...no question in MY mind. Let's see what the second year pro (who looked a little better as a rookie than the 10 year vet) can do instead of the oft injured turnover machine that we have seen for the last 2 years struggle right from the pre-season through the last game of last year. Only a couple problems with that. I'm not Chip Kelly and no matter how you try to twist what I type on here I do get that Foles doesn't seem to fit Kelly's system (you do get that I can want to see a different QB starting but just feel that it may not happen, don't you?). I keep it real...I get what's happening and don't pull the LOUD blowhard on this site and try to predict what will happen when I truly have no clue how it will shape up nor do I act like I'm inside the coach's head like you do. I've seen the outcome with that with you and hollywood looking like fools with your "mortal locks" and hollywood's "book its". I think Eazy is onto something...the two of you have more in common with each other than either of you will admit.

    The holes you and the rest of the crew discuss? I've discussed the good and the bad...hell, you consider Vick being the possible starter a good thing and I think it's one of the worst things this team has to try and conquer somehow but I will not pretend that I know enough about Chip Kelly to state emphatically what he will or won't do. I'll tell you what though...you sure give me another reason to be rooting on Foles but even another "Mortal Lock" gone mortally wrong wouldn't be enough to stop you from "shoving" your knowledge down all our throats, would it? Besides, can you honestly question anyone not pointing out holes the Eagles may have now with your "unicorn pooping rainbows" outlook you had no matter what when Reid was the coach without smirking?

    With how some of the barkers you mentioned have ridden you for over a week now about your incessant whining and your over the top praise on the Raiders you seem like the desperate hollywood looking to "align" yourself with friends by bringing them up. LOL. I discuss plenty besides Vick but I'm more than happy looking for holes in your "wisdom" and reminding you how brilliant your predictions are. I've come to realize that it isn't about winning arguments at all with the likes of you and hollywood because neither of you actually type the truth when discussing football with some barkers. You both only rely on your opinions of others and only vaguely rely on what they type if it's someone you don't like. Keep hammering how all I do is type "we'll see" even though you have commented to me that you don't read my "books" that I type. Keep typing that all I discuss is Vick even though you yourself stated that there is not much going on. Maybe if you started reading other barker's comments and actually let them soak in a little before replying it will somehow help you reach that plane you mistakenly thought you made it to last year.
  • (How am I a LOUD blowhard? This stuff is typed.)

    First let's address the "Mortal Lock". You said I (bold letter there) don't type the truth.

    Okay. Let's see how good YOU are with being truthful. Let's see just how truthful Greentildeath is, and just how "real" he truly keeps it.

    In the comments of this post: http://www.yardbarker.com/forum/3/57/discussion/how_the_east_was_won/11024969
    I said, "If we aren't bitten too hard by the injury bug, the Eagles winning the NFC EAST is a mortal lock." True or False?

    We WERE bitten EXTREMELY HARD by the injury bug. So much so that we lost 80% of our starting O-line, our starting QB for 6 games, LeSean McCoy for a couple weeks and Brent Celek as well. True or False?

    We were bitten hard AND we didn't win the NFC East. True or False?

    Finally I know you're more than happy looking for holes in my wisdom. I can tell by the length and content of your responses to me.

    Seriously. Not trying to "score points" or be funny, or condescending, or any of that; go back and look at your responses at least to me. (I just about always ignore any response not directed at me, although if they're short I do catch a few). Most of what you write (even this response), is about ME, almost none of it deals with actual football. And that's how MOST of your responses to me are. Heavy on conjecture light on substance.

    Recently you corrected me on something (the Eagles not having a 6th rounder), and I thanked you for the correction. You were talking football I appreciated that. Bnugent recently corrected me regarding dead money and the Carson Palmer trade. I thanked him for that too. I'm cool with being wrong, as long as someone else can prove they're right.

    And to go back to the mortal lock thing. It really is starting to bug me that the Eagles 4-12 season has so many of you doing an "I told you so dance" in mockery of me having confidence in a team I backed, (and never stopped backing) even when the rest of you ran. You are literally celebrating about having given up on something you love, just to berate the one man who held fast.

    I never stopped rooting. I never stopped proclaiming. I stayed at my post. Even when the rest of you ran. True or False?
  • Really, flip? All the times I see you type "we" when discussing the teams you root for and you're going to nit-pick on my loosely using a word that still paints the right picture in my opinion. Not surprised.

    I'll try to keep my responses in order so you can follow, okay? "Mortal Lock". I honestly stayed away from that one and many other "holes" that I saw in your wisdom because besides your extremely high opinion of yourself (nothing wrong with that until you start telling everyone how wonderful you are while looking down on them) you seem like an okay guy. That opinion changed when you started trashing just about every barker on here while patting yourself on the back last year. Anyway back to the moratl lock. Sure, flip, the Eagles were hit hard with injuries throughout the season but your prediction was well after their best offensive lineman was already out for the year (and a couple of us questioned how you almost didn't factor his injury in with your predictions). In week 2 they lost Jason Kelce who you have never been a fan of so let's not pretend that you thought even for an instant Kelce's injury was the turning point in a 2-0 season so far. The next part is the part that you just won't let sink through I would guess. Todd Herreman's injury was the next injury and of course was significant being that both tackles were out for the season (and a better center than you give credit to was also) BUT the Eagles were on their way to falling to 3-5 being that he was hurt in their 8th game of the season (their 5th loss in a row). Two huge reasons they were 3-5 were Vick's yearly turnover issues and a lack of a secondary who could stop just about anybody. You ask me for the truth, flip so tell me was it only the injuries that prevented them from winning the division or is it that birdflipper just can't admit that he was well off on his mortal lock prediction? The rest of the injuries were Vick himself (again, a yearly occurence) in week 9 (3-6), McCoy in week 10 (Foles barely had the Eagles best weapon all year and didn't have 3 solid lineman at all yet still looked at least as good as Vick). By the way, injuries cost the Eagles 60% of the Eagles lineman (yes it may be nit-picking but let's keep it real), Watkins was on the bench because of lack of production most of the year and that does not fit your excuses for your mortal lock failing instead of admitting it was only part of the problem. Jackson went down in game 11 (Foles again without a threat that Vick had) and Celek was hurt in week 13 and only missed one other week. Did injuries hurt them...absolutely but when the majority of the injuries started piling up the Eagles were already in a free fall due to turnovers and a defense that had way too many problems (one of them being another man you couldn't bring yourself to question in Asomugha).

    Do I question you lately on how you come across on here, sure I do and one of the things you type is part of the reason why. You state you mainly only read what is directed at you...pretty much proves my point that you only give a damn about YOUR points and comments. All I ever see you do is type your point and defend it if someone questions it. I can tell by many of your comments directed at me that you do that...no big deal but hard to call people out like you do without truly knowing how they feel about certain subjects because you don't bother reading.

    You thanked me and bnugent for pointing out tiny little almost non-football matters...WOW! It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. Go back and try it with your mortal lock for 2012 or the 13-3 season you predicted in 2011 for that matter instead of the (Vick turnover plagued) 8-8 season they had.

    No one is celebrating a 4-12 season (except maybe, hollywood). We all showed our disappointment in the Eagles depressing season last year. Are you honestly foolish enough not to get that all we are doing is pointing out where you were wrong and it just happens to correlate with a 4-12 season? Of course you aren't that foolish...it's just you trying to type around the truth again and trying to make up faults of your fellow barkers that aren't there. You also aren't foolish enough to think that playing cheerleader all year when the Eagles are limping to a 4-12 season doesn't make you the better fan...it only means you can hide the truth when typing on a website when you find it convenient. Convenient for you just so happened to be when Andy Reid was still the head coach.

    No one "ran" flip (aren't we all just sitting at our computers and typing?). Most of us on here would have obviously loved to see a different result last year. Most of us just typed the truth while you tried to pretend everything was going to be okay.
  • Jason Peters injury DID factor into my prediction, but so did Demetress Bell's signing. (No one could have predicted he'd play so poorly.) If Peters was injured in camp it would have been a bigger blow but the fact that it happened early gave them time to patch. The mortal lock came with a built-in caveat with regard to injury. Caveat met, mortal lock voided. Unless you'd like to go against everyone (including your savior Chip Kelly) with regard to how bad the injuries were last year. Regardless, it's a fact not altered by your refusal to accept it. (You probably also think Global Warming is a hoax.)

    An O-line's effectiveness isn't tied to each individuals performance, it's about how well they coalesce. Which is why though I think Kelce is only a so-so player, you don't see me writing that we should bench him. I write that we should draft, trade or get a FA to replace him. As in an OFFSEASON move. (There is no such player on my Draft Wish List by the way.) Doing it once camp starts only hurts the units timing and trust.

    And OF COURSE I primarily stick to reading what's directed at me. I don't tend to mind other people's conversations. Why would I go sifting through other people's back-and-forths like an old busy body? What kind of grown man does that?

    Lastly, yes you did all RUN from the Eagles, and you ARE celebrating them doing so poorly.
  • Not surprised at all that you still can't admit that it ceratinly was more than injury that prevented the Eagles from winning the division. You again prove my point.

    As for reading what's written on yardbarker even if it's not directed at you...how is that being a busy body? We type in the yard and everyone sees it. If you want to have a private discussion with someone than maybe you should message them. Your outlook on things on this site are extremely strange lately, flip. I TRY to read everybody's opinions and comments regardless of who they are to and what they are about. I respond if that opinion moves me to. I do believe that we are on an internet site where you don't even have to have an account to read it, aren't we? Find a private site if you want to have a private discussion, get an e-mail address or a phone number...you're a fool if you think it's happening on yardbarker.

    Your last comment is just you trying to stress what absolutely isn't true...yeah, you don't twist things at all, do you? Fans get upset just like you are now and they show their frustrations. The only difference is that I have only pointed out to you how much of a hypocrite you are for showing yours after your holier than thou attitude last year.
  • You keep talking about my holier than thou attitude but you KEEP reading and responding to my stuff. If I'm truly an egomaniac, blowhard, do you REALLY think your attention is the way to fix it?

    I LOVE me some me, and I'm not about to change. So if you don't like it, then YOU are the one who needs to do something different.
  • Im gonna give Flip another compliment. I respect the fact that he sees personal challenges as more important than living vicariously through others. I play my own sport everyday its called business. I wouldnt wear another name on my back. Thats for kids. If the Eagles had an independent board of directors that analyzed their success based on their situation they would get well below a C. more than likely a D. Are they atrracting fans and new customers. NO. Are they keeping their fanbase satisfied with their product? No. Are they selling out tthe seats? Debatable. Do they have the resources to get better? Yes. Do they use them? No. Have they succeeded in their goal? No. Not a proven track record and as of now way off course and not reliable.
  • I find it funny that when flip starts giving you any kind of props it's only when he isn't happy with things the Eagles have done. He is the only one that has blocked you because you bother him that much yet when the Eagles decisions don't make him happy all of a sudden you kind of make sense to him. What a joke!
  • When did I give Hollywood props? I just said he was right about you and EZ not being man enough to just come out and say you wanted Foles.

    That's not "props". That's saying that the Earth is round, fire is hot, and bj's feel good.

    I swear, you come on here and write books to people but dispense less football info, technicals, technique, or strategy than ANY other barker on the page. And that includes KellyScott.

    I fail to see where you're a fan of anything other than EZ's pubes tickling the tip of your nose.

    Update: April 11, 2013
    I misspoke. You do talk more football than MattYoukilis.
  • ...and more of the hollywood pig in you starts showing.

    You gave hollywood props when you agreed with him about his boycott when Mcnabb was traded in 2010 and you included him in your group of barkers who you stated pointed out faults...wasn't much but for someone who barely acknowledges him it sure was something.

    As for what I type, how do you know when you admitted that you only read what I direct at you? You've already proven time after time that you don't read everything I type...maybe it's time you start. Besides flip...you know that isn't true. You just choose to ignore when I discuss football and only focus on my comments pointing out how much of a jerk you can be.
  • You don't discuss football with me. You just come on here and menstrate to me. THAT is why I said what I said. So no, I won't be increasing what I read by you.

    If I'm such a jerk, well then you just do what you need to. Otherwise suck it up buttercup, because I'm not about to change.
  • I don't expect you to. You let us know how you felt about many of us in the past year...just thought I'd return the favor.
  • "just thought I'd return the favor."?

    What are you, a 13 year old girl? My 15 year old daughter is beyond this catty nonsense.

    You'd better straighten up and act like a grown man or you're going to find yourself as blocked as Hollywood.
  • You think it's catty nonsense but all I've been trying to do is point out that you aren't beyond the same things you accused us of but you are right...it is getting old so I'll back off for now. Just one more question though that pertains to your post on the Eagles trade of Dion Lewis and has a little to do with why I responded like I did. What did you mean by "something they were not doing before the Raiders showed them how with the Palmer trade"?
  • Vick, Dixon,Foles, Edwards, Geno Smith, Kinne I don't care who it is as long as they earned it. Well that's not entirely true. If it were Geno smith I say play him regardless. Maybe not the first few weeks, but eventually the rookie has to get in there in play. If Mike Vick wins the job I won't care as long as he earned it. It seems Hollywood versions one and two would rather see Mike Vick regardless of how terrible he is. In other words neither of you care about the Eagles that much. Of course why would you? They are at best you second favorite teams. The Raiders have been crap for years, but for some reason the only team flip was interested in boycotting was the Eagles, just like Hollywood.
  • I live outside of Philly. And football fans here have a much different take on the Eagles. You guys live in a Eagle fish bowl. And the bowl is filthy. In Balto most fans think Vick is our only hope. In Balto fans saw nothing in Andy Reid. In Balto. they wonder why McNabb never got credible skill players. In Balto they see nothing in Foles. They laugh at him. Your perspective Astro is warped. Rum really rory George.
  • Do you honestly think that we are dumb enough to think that many fans discuss the Eagles in Baltimore? Are you honestly trying to make us believe that you hear or read enough Eagles talk coming out of Baltimore to make a judement call like that? You really will type anything to try and get your point across, won't you?
  • there are quite a few Eagle fans in balto and they know alot about them. Especially, the cheap owner and how Reid was overrated. I dont care if you believe me or not but they kind of chuckle at them. They think of them as disfunctional. The eagles are kind of spastic and retarded. You gotta admit theyare kind of clueless. They runaround and do the helen keller. Dont they astro
  • Talking to yourself in the mirror doesn't count as extra fans.
  • Your call for boycotts, for a QB tandem and your new strange request (beyond strange honestly) for videos of an idiotic dance you're trying to create only makes you look like a fool. So do your attempts at trying to make barkers in this yard think there are enough Raven fans that discuss the Eagles at significant length for you to be telling the truth here. What part of your posts in the past were truthful enough where you think I'd believe you were a man of your word and what makes you honestly think I would give a damn what a few Ravens fan thought of the Eagles anyway? Besides, if any Ravens fans think Vick is the long term answer at QB for Chip Kelly than that only means that they are as foolish as you, nothing more.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Check out my helen keller eagle dance post. Iam dead serious. This franchise is so freaking retarded I cant stop laughing. I mean if you look at the funny side of this its hilarious. They suck so bad.
  • How about you make a video of yourself looking like an idiot and post it on YouTube. It would be far more gratifying to the rest of us.
  • I plan on it if all else fails. This dance will be a stadium favorite if the Eagles soil their bed again this year. Imagine a whole stadium having dance fits on bad plays. How phucking funny would that be?
  • Make a video of it, and post is so we can laugh at you err I mean with you...

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The 2015 All-Star reserves & pitchers

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