Andy Reid Needs To Threaten Mike Vick.

Posted October 07, 2012

I think Mike Vick is getting a little too complacent.  When he first got out of jail, he was a guy who was humbled by what he loss because of his own mistakes. Now Vick is back with the money, the freedom, and apparently the complacency. Mike Vick was never a guy who was good at holding onto the football, but it takes a special kind of player to fumble the ball when he doesn't get hit! Mike Vick right now seems like a guy who is taking his opportunity to be the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles for granted. He doesn't seem to have any concern for his turnovers. Still unwilling to change his game choosing to dive rather than slide for first downs. Still throwing balls to well covered receivers and trying to force balls down field. Still missing open targets. It's time for Andy to give Mike an ultimatum. It's time for Reid to threaten him with a benching. It's time to give the young kid more snaps at practice just to put Vick on notice. It's time for Mike Vick to see that he shouldn't take this amazing opportunity he has in life for granted. He already has once. I hope he's smart enough to change his ways and not lose out on this great privilege twice in life. Come the bye week maybe Vick needs to take a field trip back to that prison cell he spent so much time in. Maybe he needs to rekindle that motivation that drove him to never want to go back to that place. Maybe then we will get back 2010 Mike Vick and not this guy who doesn't seem to care if he's a turnover machine and who seems more concerned with talking a good game instead of playing one.

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  • I think that might be too much right now. I still think Mike Vick is salvageable as well as this season and that's why I'm not ready to say blow it up. Still something drastic needs to be done here. There is far too much complacency going around in the Nova Care complex these days.
  • I have thought that for a very very long time. The whole thing will be blown up at year end.
  • Well if you think about it the last man standing is Reid. If Reid doesn't get his act together then he's out the door. Now isn't the time to worry about that. Now is the time to real both Vick and this offense back in.
  • With that OL Reid should be charged with assault against Vick, how much threatening on a person's life do one man need?
  • Romo would be Vick's character witness with those stiffs in front of him.
  • Any hopes of Eagles OL providing witness protection is out the window.
  • How about we both just agree that both of our lines leaves something to be desired.
  • Not sucker's way, Eazy. He'll bury the Eagles for the same problems his Cowboy's have and won't stop and realize how foolish he looks doing it.
  • It's a foolish mentality to think your team has no weaknesses. If the Cowboys are perfect then why aren't they undefeated? I'm not asking you this question, but you get where I'm coming from. The Cowboys fan I have the most respect for on this site is Robbo24. I mean the guy can get a little dramatic at times, but he at least discusses his team. He generally doesn't cross over unless he's provoked. Unlike others, Cowboys business is far more important to him than any other team. As it should be for a Cowboys fan.
  • I agree with you about, Robbo. We have had some disagreements and I'm sure I'll never see some things his way but at least he posts about the team he cares about and seems to do so with honesty.
  • It is more entertaining to discuss the Eagles than to talk about their own team with some of these guys.
    I don't get it.
  • Sucker stated that this is more fun or at least his stretching the truth and constantly pointing out the Eagles faults were anyway.
  • I don't know if he is complacent or just so focused on making something happen that he forgets to take care of the ball (I would guess the latter) but either way he needs to take care of the ball...PERIOD! Can't consistently win this way.
  • maybe he has too much to think about
  • Damn, why did't I think of that! No excuses, right hollywood...take care of the damn ball!
  • too much riding on one player and the dont have a McNabb type QB. Reid hasnt adjusted anything for Vick. Cant they design one play that uses his footspeed to help protect him. NO! So, you have to ask yourself about the coordinator and HC are they smart enough to adjust or they just dont have the ability to change. So far other than a few Shady runs that they abandoned this week this coaching staff is nearly clueless.
  • Some of it is playcalling but you have to stop blaming everyone else except for the main man who cost them this game...Vick! Too much riding on one player?...come on hollywood. He's the quarterback...what the hell do you expect? He needs to make the plays and hold onto the ball...that's why they pay him the big money! You were the one insisting he needed to be the quarterback behind that crappy line in 2010...where is that quarterback now?
  • Maybe he's just not that good.
  • We know the pros and cons of Vick. So do the coaches. Mike Vick having trouble holding the ball is nothing new but why is having such an impact now. Thats the real riddle. So either you believe Vick is done and cant play anymore or you believe the plan can be changed to make him more comfortableand play better. I happen to think he can still play at a high level. If you dont just say so.
  • Just meet flip at his line and it will work! It's a mortal lock!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Maybe the Eagles arent as tough as advertised. maybe they arent that deep. I watched the Patriots vs broncos. The Pats rolled out three running backs that all can bang the ball inside and and out. The Eagles dont have that luxury. They take the talent they have and throw evrything on a thin group of players. Superbowls are won by teams with deep talent. Not teams with a few really good players.
  • It isn't necessarily the players when it comes to the backs. We complain about Reid not running McCoy's been a long time since he used his #2 back (besides a carry or two a game) let alone gave his #3 some carries. Besides, I have no problem with Reid riding a talent like McCoy...probably would have been enough if Vick could have held onto the ball early.
  • maybe but by playoff time all these guys wont be standing or effective the way Reid uses them. But Im sure it will be Vick that doesnt make it. He is bound to get injured just a matter of time. And then Reid will have his escape hatch again and the coach with more than nine lives will be here next year.
  • A lot of the hits Vick takes are his fault!
  • Im not arguing with that. But, I dont think you can form a fair opinion when the playcalling stinks, the line isnt blocking, and their isnt an established running game. If thosae things were working and Vick was JUST missing his targets I would say he is the problem. But thats not the case.
  • Yes you are and you have! Nothing is ever Vick's fault in your eyes. What would I expect from a man who blamed Weaver's career ending injury on the quarterback! Even though Vick is struggling somewhat right now, if he happened to hand the ball off to a running back and that back got hurt you would never have those thoughts! Vick's fumbles are everyone's fault but his yet a fullback gets hurt and it's Kolb's fault. Pretty much sums you up with these two are a joke!
  • Lets get to the Facts here GTD. Weaver was a team player, a tough player, a guy that when he picked up steam was going to inflict damage on the opponent. Hes an asset. Kolb on the other hand was scared, running for his life and completely overwhelmed. The opposition stackes the line of scrimmage to get after Kolb because hes helpless so the Eagles to try to protect Kolb send Weaver into a wall to slow the rush down and in the process gets stood up and gets his leg mangled. Had Kolb been on the bench where he belonged there wouldnt have been that wall but gaps for Wever. But more thanjn likely that play is never called in that situation. havent seen it since have you?
  • FACTS? This is nothing but absolute BS, hollywood! They have used Havili on a few carries this year just like they did with Weaver. If Havili would have gotten hurt, would it be Vick's fault? Absolutely not you stubborn fool and the worst part of you not admitting this is I know you aren't that stupid! Vick can't hold onto the ball to save his life so if McCoy gets hurt on the short yardage plays do we blame Vick? No, we don't! They signed Weaver for his playmaking abilities not because he was an excellent blocker! Reid gave him a carry and he got hurt. Tell me one place you have heard this stupid claim other than when you read what you type! You fill this website with so many of your outlandish claims and this one has to be in the top five of your dumbest ones.
  • I like how you started with getting to the "FACTS" and then proceeded to write nothing but fiction and opinions. You make me laugh sometimes Hollywood.
  • Same thing with Jackson. They started shortening Jacksons routes so Kolb could get rid of the ball. What happens bingo concussion. Like the one you have because that play had no business being run under those circumstances. The defense was blitzing everydown. Where was Weaver going with 8 men stacked upfront?
  • Stupid call to protect a player that had no business starting ahead of Vick or McNabb period. END OF STORY
  • Because McNabb and Vick are lighting up the league two years later! god you are such a fool!

    Regarding your Jackson comment, how many times has Vick gotten Jackson the ball deep this year? I know. I's the offensive lines fault or most likely Reid's but it CAN'T be Vick's or Jackson's at all since you so openly backed them even though you keep claiming all they call is deep routes. hollywood, you are a...well, we al know what you are!

    The whole Weaver injury was nothing but a running back getting hit low and getting hurt...leave it up to the king of yardbarker controversy to try to make it anything else.
  • I agree run anybody at this point
  • fact is the backups for NE are not as good as Ridley but effective. Putting a guy in for 3 plays does what?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • When Vick took over the reigns after Kolb got his brains scrambled and led the Eagles to the playoffs I bet you didnt say he cant throw or run did you? In fact you said just the opposite. So the only thing that has changed is the OL and Reids inability to adjust to the blitz. A good coach calls plays at the right time that negates the blitz. I would suggest that Reid and Marty rewrite that stale old playbook of theirs and add a few wrinkles that might just suprise some teopponent for a change. You think that might help?
  • Vick can't regress since 2010, hollywood?...sure he can because he certainly has! He has actually played fairly well besides the turnovers in the last couple of games but as today proved they are killers and a BIG part of the game! You are freakin' unbelievably stubborn when it comes to your predictions! You keep typing how Reid won't ever win a Super Bowl here and you may be right...but if you want to keep typing that you may want to add Vick to the prediction because Vick and he are tied to this team together and one will only go as far as the other!
  • ...actually I'll go farther and type that I think Reid has a better chance of surviving this season than Vick. I doubt it happens but if Reid makes the change and Foles shows enough promise to get the Eagles to the playoffs and possibly win a game (unlikely but possible) it could be enough for Lurie to give Reid a couple more years. Again, I don't think Reid will go to Foles soon enough and I also doubt he would be good enough to win a playoff game this year but stranger things have happened in the NFL. I only typed this because I don't see Vick staying here unless he starts having a season somewhat like he did in early 2010. Vick needs 2 things to happen to stay here without Reid, he needs to to start leading this team to more points and more wins (less turnovers is part of that) which would help Reid's case also and he needs to be good enough to impress his next coach into thinking he's not only worth that BIG money but also worth the time he will need to invest in him...don't think it will happen. A new coach is more likely to want HIS quarterback. Could be Foles but like I stated earlier it could also be a young backup that he has his eye on or it could be a first round pick next year. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing the Eagles make a Redskin's type deal and go after Barkley if possible (or evaluate the college QBs at the end of the season and make a move). Regardless of all this hollywood I do know that Michael Vick is the Eagles quarterback and barring a turnover on every drive against the Lions he will be the quarterback when the Falcons come to town. I will hope he gets his **** together...I truly do root him on every time he touches the ball and want to see him prove me wrong! I get excited when he throws a touchdown pass or breaks a run for a 1st down. He is an Eagle and I don't know any other way!
  • Signing Reid to a few more years would be a big mistake. He will calkl it quits after this season.
  • I'm not stating I want to see The Eagles re-sign Reid and I don't believe it will...just stating that unless Vick improves drastically, Vick is definitely gone in my opinion.
  • ***they not it
  • thats valid point. never thought of it that way.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I respectfully ask you to stop with the trash mouth. I have not attacked you in that manner.
  • Im sorry you are angry or furious. Ive been there. So cool it.
  • Looks like the whole team babies Vick when he makes a mistake. It was pissin me off today. Somebody needs to get in his face and tell him to hold onto the f'n ball, you're gonna cost us the game! He played well in the 2nd half but the fumbles early cost us points,field position, and the game.
  • the steelers didnt look that good. the eagles didnt look that good. It was a tossup of two very unimpressive teams.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • They had more than a half to make up for the fumble. Learn the game. Its a team sport. The receivers couldnt beat the coverage. Celek moves like a turtle. And now that McCoy is dinged up Reid is pass happy. They need more physical players on offense.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • They scored 14 points after the fumble but if you do the math the Eagles MAY have won the game if they could have scored points there hollywood. That turtle you speak of has over 400 yards on only 21 catches and is on route to have a 1000 yard season this year which means he is getting open always seem to project your anger and insults at some of the wrong Eagles..."McCoy is average", you constantly rip Celek who is now third in career receptions (should be 2nd in a few weeks) and TDs as an Eagle TE in only his 7th season not to mention spewing obscenities at rookies. Yet you throw love at a player just because he likes to mix it up a little and even though he constantly seems to get beat on play action fakes and still misses way too many tackles. Your favorite highlight of the year so far is probably from yesterday when Coleman took Brown's shoe and tossed it. You also have been arguing your points about Vick even though it is absolutely clear that he is a BIG part in losing these games (and making the close ones closer than they should be) only because you so openly backed him. Spotella is right...your arguments make me laugh too!
  • I agree gtd. We have a lot of players that are playing well, but it's going to be wasted if Vick continues to turn the ball over.
  • Yeah it is but I don't think Reid will make the change to Foles unless the Eagles hit bottom.

    I just get tired of hollywood burying everyone except for who he openly types favorably of. Everything is Reid's fault according to him even when Vick fumbles the game away as if Reid could have held onto the ball for him. His arguments are ridiculous (I know you have seen this for years) and his stubborness to admit he was wrong just shows all of us how much typing the truth actually means to him...NOTHING!
  • My problem with your analysis is that you fail to implicate Reid. He is the common denominator in the equation. Eagle fans have blamed everyone BUT Reid. If he were anywhere else he would have been fired. Thats the truth. You think he would have been here in Balto. The fans would have called for his head. Hes overrated and you cant seem to accept that. Jim and John Harbaugh blow him away. belechik makes Reid look like a pop warner coach. He has gone threw several highly touted Qbs and has come up sway short. Why is it that every QB that leaves Philly goes under dubious circumstances. Because Reid sets them up for it. He is the king of deflection and the master of manipulation. Vick will fall and Eagle fans will wait AGAIN
  • Bull, hollywood. I've already stated that Reid shares the blame and I have also typed the playcalling is at fault. Don't try to pin your comments on me! I don't tell you what to type. Vick is struggling and he needs to share the blame yet you can't bring yourself to type that without taking it farther and blaming everyone else also. Vick did not hold onto the ball on Sunday and cost the Eagles at least 3 points and most likely more and possibly the game! End of story!
  • first of all Im not a big fan of Celek. Hes tough Ill give him that but he just looks slow to me. Just an observation. I never said McCoy was average in fact I said he is a good back that shouldnt be overused. Do I think he is an elite back? I dont think he runs with power or authority like a Stevern Ridley or Frank Gore but he has good skills.
  • Power isn't everything, hollywood.
  • thats true it isnt and with a solid backup that got playing time McCoy would look even better. He probably is an elite back but because of the line and lousy coaching he is underutilized while being heavily counted on.
  • "Power" doesn't make a back elite. On a side note he sure ran with enough power to get that first down against the Steelers. He's also considered THE BEST BACK AT BREAKING TACKLES (AND ANKLES) IN THE NFL. That's not my stat. It's a proven fact (except for the ankles part) that I have shown you all before.
  • I wont argue with you there and he does have a unique running style but w/o that other back his quality runs are limited. He would be even better with a complimentary backup.
  • He has other backs. Bryce Brown and Lewis are playing in games. The bigger issue is the fact his coach refuses to use him more.
  • He never gives up. "Vick can't be at fault", "McCoy needs help" but before last week he was 3rd in yards, "The defensive line is weak because of the loss of Patterson" even though I have given him proof that Patterson is average. The guy just doesn't realize how foolish he looks!
  • I won't even go there with Patterson anymore Green. The guy is average at best. Nobody misses him.
  • Nice to see that it isn't just me that you reply to with words that have nothing to do with the original comment. Brinkster types about Vick and you throw out a comment about unimpressive teams...WEAK!
  • You can't look good when the quarterback is nonchalantly turning the ball over and ending drives.
  • Focus is a coaches job. He needs to have all the players prepared. Vick included.
  • Again, it is also on the players to stay focused...they aren't 10 year olds learning to play the game! Here you go again!
  • I wouldnt call the play of the rest of the team stellar.
  • Where the hell did you get stellar out of anything I typed here? Are you really that delusional or do you just avoid the topic because you suck at debating your points? Maybe a little of both?
  • you are implying that Vick was the only one that lacked focus. The team lost and you could argue several players lacked forcus right? Therefore you can conclude its not an individual problem but a team problem since more than one lacked focus. The "team" is Reids responsibility or is that not the case?
  • I am not implying anything are an ass! Show me where I typed that. I even typed players and 10 year OLDS and didn't even type Vick's name! What the hell is Reid supposed to do? Walk the sidelines screaming focus all night? Do you not think that with all these boneheaded penalties and the turnovers they don't go over this? At some point grown men have to take fault with what happens on the field. Penalties, turnovers are mainly the players fault. The only blame you may be able to place on Reid if he doesn't somehow punish his players for THEIR lack of focus. Stop acting the fool just to hold onto your ideals, hollywood. Just showing everyone what a joke you are.
  • I remember the Redskin game when a young player on special teams (I think it was Marsh) fumbled. The Eagles were up big time at that point in the game, and Mike Vick still got in his grill and got on him. You're right. Sometimes someone needs to get in the grill of the guy who gets in the grill of others. Vick needs a good chewing out. Maybe it happens in the locker room, but judging by some of Vick's recent comments I doubt it's happening at all.
  • That would be an enforcer and the Eagles dont have one.
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  • witha gun??? a sword?? a knive and a fork
  • With a wall.
  • kellyscott is now going for the "Eskin" angle to get barkers to pay attention to him...with backhanded barbs (weak but intended) towards us. I usually give him what he typed in his one forum...ignore him but I couldn't resist a paragraph in a forum he typed about us in the main yard. I think he's getting desperate.
  • He typed another post?? Hadn't noticed.
  • LOL!
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  • Whoever Romorules is or isn't, you can exclude sucker4yurlove krusty the clown
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  • It is unethical to think that S4YL would acquiesce to gay love. Other than taken without consent, in every way a woman can be had I'm in favor of. This way, that way or the other, inside out, outside in, upside down, bottom side up, backward, forward, circular, rectangular, triangular, perpen{dic}ular, diagonal and diametrical.
  • checkmate--that run vick fumble was on offen coord and andy reid----one of the best backs in league with fullback----will not run,or a two tight end set-----with celeck and harbor----why keep gilyard,and not sign a true vet wide receiver,that can help you now----i do not get it!!the more weapons you have the better for vick----i am puzzle completely---just like 49ers---randy moss will show up.when they need him best----in the second half.
  • yep
  • awww ive become as a guy who works with my dad might say??? "poplar" amongst the crew
  • Be whatever you want to be KS. You like everyone else is more then welcome to state your opinion. Some will agree and other wont. That's what's great about freedom of speech.
  • Freedom of speech ain't so great if you get your arse sued for slander.
  • I have no problem with that. Freedom of speech shouldn't allow people to just make anything up and make someone's life rough in some way. Speak and type the truth and you make things easier on yourself (right, hollywood?). Nothing wrong with little white lies if it means going easy on someone's emotions.
  • I'm sorry sucker. Do you feel slandered by me? I'm the one who promised you two cookies. LOL
  • I think it's funny hos people want to bench Mike Vick for Foles now, because they wanted a game manager. That's exactly what the Eagles had in Kolb. The truth is Mike Vick got paid off about 6 games worth of work. He's been average to erratic in most contest since those games. I will give Vick the credit of having the ability to bring the Eagles back in those games, but he is the primary reason they are behind in those games. Mike Vick's true colors are starting to show as well. For two losses he has thrown teammates under the bus. First he said Shady missed a block, on that fumble against the Cardinals when in reality Mike Vick missed the read on the play. Then he blames the defense for the loss against the Steelers for giving up the field goal late. Mike Vick is showing he is not a real leader. Nobody will follow a guy who is unwilling to admit he makes mistakes as he is claiming to not have a fumbling problem. Well Mike Vick is right in a sense. He doesn't have a fumbling problem, he has a turnover problem. That problem reveals itself at the most inopportune time. In the Red Zone.
  • Im with Vick right now are you?
  • Tell him I said hi!...and ask him to hold onto the damn ball!
  • A better question is can the Eagles win the big one with Mike Vick. 2010 Mike Vick maybe, but the guy were are seeing right now absolutely not. I don't have sacred cows. I will call a spade a spade every time. I will give credit when it's due, because I don't have a preference to any player, coach, or owner. I will reply how a see them perform. Right now Vick is playing awful football. Wouldn't you agree.
  • the question specifically is do you want him in for the next game? I do. Be accountable.
  • I will specifically answer your question. I want Mike Vick in the games for now. I think it is still a mistake to go with the young guy if the plan is to win now. I specifically asked you about Vick. do you think he's playing awful football right now? I'm not interested about what you think about the others. I asked you about Vick.
  • I would agree that Vick and other parts of the offense arent functioning properly. Coaching, playcalling , OL. The receivers are mediocre and McCoy only one showing up.
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