Posted February 07, 2013

We have found our new DC and his name is Billy Davis.......Another Browns assistant. So this is gonna be the guy to help our defense get back to the Jim Johnson days ehhh..........No negativity from me this year, just a we shall see.. So we shall see if this is a good hire.

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  • Someone please say something good about this guy because I have nothing. I am kind of down about this one
  • I wonder if they chose him, because they could not find a guy who wanted to coach with guys he didn't hire.
  • So that means that he will be a "yes man" and not be allowed to choose.....But we shall see
  • According to Wikipedia in 2006 "He banged a cheerleader."

    If I don't laugh, I swear I'll cry.
  • I didn't see that on Wikipedia but I did see that he used steroids and dressed up like a goat on numerous occasions.

    We wait and wait and wait thinking they would hire someone from a couple of tough defenses in the Ravens and 49ers but they end up signing someone from...the Cleveland Browns. Take that Joe Banner!!! LOL. Similar to the Castillo hiring in the way that it happened. Don't know anything about him...obviously hope he knows what he's doing.
  • They took it down. Nazis.
  • And now Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman are going to say that he was their first choice all along
  • As always. If that were the case why wait so long to hire him?

    I guess the Browns were busy wrapping up the playoffs and their Super Bowl parade first.
  • on the upside he was the d coordinator in AZ when DRC made the pro bowl... maybe he's got the key to pushing him to elite level
  • DRC won't be in Philly next season unless the Eagles tag him in some way. I'm sure somebody is going to fall in love with his athletic skills and over pay him.
  • Do we take the positive and run with it? At least Davis has a defensive background including being a defensive coordinator before. I would guess the Eagles targeted a coach or two from the Ravens and/or the 49ers and were either turned down or weren't interested after they talked to them....probably the former. This is what happens when your head coaching search takes a bit too long but it is what it is...let's just hope that what it is turns out to be success. Not feeling it with this one looking at Davis's background. Think I read that Davis's defenses never ranked higher than 14th in points allowed (I would guess as a coordinator). He was defensive coordinator of the Cardinal's (2009-2010) and the 49ers (2005-2006) so it looks like it didn't take long for Mike Nolan and Ken Whisenhunt to realize that Davis wasn't getting it done. Let's hope he gets what he needs from Kelly to build this defense back to prominence and in that proves that his last two stops were nothing but stepping stones.

    Does it sound like I'm just trying to convince myself here, or what?
  • Chip and Co. took their time in hiring the "Right" guy so I'm not going to judge this move as a good/bad one.

    I kept telling my buddy that I thought the Browns were the "Best" worst team in football last season. Given the talent they have on their team, coupled with the multiple injuries on defense. They usually put up a good fight almost every week.

    Here are some of Davis' highlights from previous coaching stints:

    Arizona DC: In 2009, Under Davis’ direction, the Cardinals allowed 325 points, the fifth-lowest total for the franchise since the NFL transitioned to a 16-game schedule in 1978. The team also tallied 21 interceptions, the team’s highest figure since 1994.

    2011-2012 Browns linebacker coach: Davis oversaw a group that helped the Browns finish 10th in the NFL in total defense after finishing 22nd the previous season. In addition, it also marked the first time the Browns finished in the top-10 in total defense since 1994.

    Under Davis leadership, he was able to get his players to respond. Making Pro Bowlers out of Browns LB D'Qwell Jackson, Safety Adrian Wilson garnered Pro Bowl selections in 2009 and 2010 while defensive tackle Darnell Dockett, safety Antrel Rolle and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie each garnered Pro Bowl honors in 2009.

    Davis began a four-year stint as the outside linebackers coach with the Carolina Panthers. In 1996, Panthers linebackers Kevin Greene and Lamar Lathon finished first and second in the NFL in sacks with 14.5 and 13.5 sacks, respectively, helping the team advance to the NFC Championship Game. Both of them made the Pro Bowl.

    Davis also spent three seasons as the Atlanta Falcons’ linebackers coach. During his tenure in Atlanta, Davis helped then defensive coordinator Wade Phillips implement his new 3-4 defense. During Davis' three years at Atlanta, linebacker Keith Brooking went to the Pro Bowl each year.

    1992-1994 Davis was the defensive assistant for the Pittsburgh Steelers (Under head coach Bill Cowher).

    Even though the Browns transitioned to a 4-3 defense last season, given Davis coaching history, I think this almost confirms we are moving to a 3-4. I'm excited to see what happens next and look forward to the press conference (assuming there is one) introducing the offensive/defensive coordinators.
  • The only way the Eagles even consider Teo is if they decide to move back in the draft (#9-12 is probably where Teo will be drafted). I think there are more pressing needs on the OL/DL/DB which are major concerns how the roster sits before Free Agency.
  • Latin I respect your ultimate optimism and uncanny ability to shine up a turd. Lets be real for a moment. At best Davis is their third choice otherwise he would have been hired weeks ago. So now we should be excited from getting former Browns coaches, because they are the best worst team in football? Personally I think I would rather have a coach from one of the best teams in football or at least a coach who has a pedigree. Scattered Pro Bowl players doesn't mean he is going to create a solid defense here. Nevertheless I will be patient and let this play out. Right now he seems like a scapegoat if things go wrong.
  • Given that the Browns had a new defensive scheme (from a 3-4 to a 4-3) and a few suspensions/injuries to deal with (LB Fujita/Joe Haden/LB Chris Gocong IR before the season) they played O.K. The Browns were generally competitive all year long even though they had an anemic offense which put the defense at a disadvantage most games (this was also the case when he was DC for the 49ers who at the time were horrific on offense).

    Also, I believe the Eagles were waiting to see if they could interview Georgia DC Todd Grantham (who didn't want to speak to any NFL team prior to finishing college recruitment which ended yesterday) before they decided on who the DC would be.

    The Eagles took their time, and left no stone unturned. Just because the person they interviewed previously ultimately wasn't named DC immediately, it doesn't mean they didn't already think highly of him. Exhausting every option and picking the right person for the job is more important than rushing into the process.

    Who knows, he could be good/bad/average. But at this point he's the "right" guy and has many years coaching experience in the NFL (which produced quite a number of Pro Bowlers). Like anything, it will be a "wait and see" project in the making. But right now we have a good idea that the Eagles will be moving to a 3-4 defense, and I'm excited about the new direction.
  • In any case the guy has his work cut out for him. His assistants were signed before he was, he has a suspect secondary, he has to transition 4-3 guys to a 3-4. Some seem to fit, but there are many guys who really don't. The man has his work cut out for him and the few times he's actually been a DC his defenses were poor to average at best. I'm not excited by this hire at all.
  • It's a head scratcher. I don't get this move when other viable options were available unless none of those guys wanted any parent of Philly. Who can blame them though? I mean they already chose your staff, the defense needs an entire new secondary, and they want to transition to a 3-4 using 4-3 players. It's a daunting task.
  • It will be a daunting task, Eazy but as long as they stick with Vick and make a few key roster changes they should compete this year! LOL! Sorry, that was just my hollywoodeagle moment's gone now.
  • LOL I thought you might have hit your head or something. It seems that flip has joined hollywood's cause of bringing back Vick.
  • I'm not sure what either of them are thinking. I get not being behind Foles (has anybody on this site said they think Foles will be a stud?) but at least Foles has his whole career ahead of him to improve and learn from his mistakes. Not only has Vick proved he doesn't learn from his mistakes he has flat out refused to fix some of them by not sliding and avoiding some hits.
  • I agree. I don't see how anyone thinks Vick should be their first option from a fans perspective at this point.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Sorry guys...just went a little nuts for a split second. Won't happen again.
  • Why do I get the feeling we'll be looking for another head coach and a new GM in 3 years?
  • If Roseman sucks I sure hope it doesn't take Lurie 3 years to figure that out.
  • Lurie kept Reid for about 5 years too long. He had every reason to fire him before this past year, but he wasted another season. What leads anyone to believe he'll be any quicker to realize that Roseman's a complete stooge?

    Look at Bill Davis's track record. He failed miserably as a DC in both San Francisco and Arizona when the NFC West was at its weakest. Both teams finished in the bottom third of the league in total defense under him. This long and this is best they could come up with? Really?
  • No too promising right now, but I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt. Right now the guy seems like a scapegoat in case things go wrong.
  • This is insanity. At this rate, I might get my wish and we end up with a high enough pick for Manziel or Clowney. Not that it's gonna matter with Howie Doodie running things.

    Asante was right. This FO is playing fantasy football.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Idk if this is "the right" hiring or more of just a hiring. my guess is that there aren't too many coaches out there that look at the eagles roster and the teams performance over the past two seasons and get overly excited. If i was a defensive coordinator of a team like the 49ers or ravens with a top defense that i've coached to the superbowl why would i leave a good situation with a team who obviously doesn't want me to leave to go get the very same job were all there seems to be is a headache with and no aspirin to help it.
  • news worthy? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • I like the 3 words
    #1..WE # 2..Shall and #3..See
    I think in many minds??? The eagles have lost?? all ready teddy??????OTAY
  • This is chips team. He is front and center, He is the personality. We dont need a singletary or rob ryan. This is setting up like the Reid era. Just a little more unpredictable.
  • here's hoping that he gets his franchise qb in his first offseason like andy did as well
  • look we can still draft a geno smith and keep Vick to keep us in the mix but to let the team bottom out at 2-14, 0-16 or 1-15 would be a huge mistake.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • lol everyone on here has been scratching their heads about the coordinator hires but expect chip to go at least .500 this season with a qb who hasnt gotten the job done in two season and a defense who plays like a hs team.
  • He does have plenty of reasons, Spotella so I wouldn't expect miracles. No stud quarterback, new coaches and new schemes and many new players I would guess, he's never coached in the NFL and this team is coming off a 4-12 season and an 8-8 one before that. The Eagles will probably be lucky to be 8-8 this year unless every ball bounces their way and they stay reasonably healthy...and that may not even get them to 8-8 there.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Still, Spotella...from 4-12 to 8-8 may be tough for a new coach even if he kept the same schemes. New coaches, new schemes and a new quarterback doesn't mean automatic success. It actually points to a down year. I think most people understand that (of course people will still complain) and I haven't heard many in the media say they expect a turn around in year one of Kelly's era here either. Many have said they expect this to be a building year and a feeling out year. I have also heard many (Anthony Gargano on WIP mainly) say this is why Kelly should break away from Vick and start that search for his new quarterback even if it means starting Foles in Kelly's scheme...I obviously agree. Foles doesn't mean they have to stop looking for Kelly's just shows me that Kelly is in it for the long haul and knows that building a competetive team takes time. Andy Reid took a year to build his team and was fortunate enough to have the 2nd pick in what was then thought of as a deep pool of quarterbacks. Even with McNabb he sat him on the bench for a dozen games or so knowing he wasn't heading to the playoffs with Doug Pederson as his QB. I don't need to tell what kind of success Reid had or how long he lasted here. Ray Rhodes on the other hand built his team around veteran journeymen when it came to the quarterback position and won for a couple years. He did draft Bobby Hoying (3rd round) and we again, know how that (didn't) work out. Rhodes didn't put much effort into finding his quarterback and Rhodes (with his job) and the Eagles paid for it until Reid came in and with a little luck was able to find the Eagles QB of the future in his first draft. Vick isn't the guy, most of us know that...why waste any more time seeing what the Eagles have in a 33 yard old oft injured turnover machine?
  • Im gonna agree with spot on this one. Lurie in his own words said they can be right back in it and doesnt intend to rebuild. I happen to believe him on this one. From a business standpoint going deeper in the cellar is going to destroy his ability to gain credibility back. and he lost it and it was his fault along with the rest of the pukes in that front office. If Im a season ticketholder Im holding Luries feet to the fire and would not be silent in losing.
  • You happen to believe he isn't rebuilding when from the looks of things he certainly is. New coaches, new schemes and it's almost certain that they will have a high turnover of players so Kelly can bring in his type. What exactly do you mean by deeper in the cellar? From 4th worst to worst isn't THAT far of a drop.
  • I think if Vick is his quarterback 8-8 is unacceptable. Why you may ask if I think Vick is part of the problem? The answer is if he is going with Vick, then he expects to win right now. If he goes with Vick and loses, then one has to question his decision making as an NFL head coach. I can give some leeway to a guy who would be starting a 2nd year player who doesn't fit his system, but I can't for a guy who made the decision to stick with Vick or even if he goes with a veteran like Alex Smith.
  • as Ive said a zillion times I am just going to watch and see.....
    MY GOD IN HEAVEN we havent even played a game yet..and???
    ok ill shuteeeee

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