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Mike Vick went on the air to talk about how he's now dedicating himself to playing as hard as he can. He is no longer going to worry about injuries and he's going to "leave it all out on the field." He blamed his precautions on trying to protect himself (even though he never learned how to slide, throw the ball away, or get down to avoid a vicious hit) as the reasons the past two seasons he was hurt. I wonder how Mike Vick would explain his 2010 broken rib? I mean if throwing caution to the wind is the way to stat healthy then why did he get hurt then? That's a question I'm sure will be revisited this season when Vick gets hurt.(that's if he beats out Nick Foles or whoever else is on the roster) Mike also mentioned how he's now motivated to get into the best shape of his life. I am guess being one of the highest paid players in football wasn't motivation enough for him. Later when asked about why his production slipped so much Vick went on about not living in the past or making excuses, but he did take the opportunity to take a slight dig at his team mates. I hope Chip Kelly teaches his players to say as little as possible Unlike his predicessor. These guys still don't get how all of their talking causes more trouble in the long run. Of course the Vick riders will come on and defend him and blame everyone else as usual. Good luck lasting the season Mike Vick. You're truly going to need it.
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  • Didn't he also say that he will return to elite status while running for 1,000 yards? He'll be hurt in the first month. I'm not stating that because I'm bitter (I'm sure I'll be accused of that). I'm stating that because in 9 years as a starter Mike Vick has been hurt in 8 of them and in Kelly's system the quarterback gets hit repeatedly.
  • I was watching the NFL Network this morning and they were talking about the Super Bowl. Suggs said on every play Kapernick ran his direction on a read option play he hit him in the mouth regardless if he had the ball or not. I immediately though of Mike Vick and how fragile he is. Those are unattributed hits that Mr. Brittle will accumulate that will be blamed on his team mates if he goes down later. Yeah Mr. Brittle did say he will run for a 1000 yards. I would rather hear him say he would throw for 4000. Of corse neither is likely to happen. I wouldn't put too much stock in the flipocrites claims of people being bitter. He was the one crying about Reid being fired, complaining about Kelly being hired, complaining about who Kelly hired, and who the Eagles may draft. He then threw one of his many online temper tantrums ( like the crybaby that he is) and proceeded to hijack the site with a series of ambiguous Raider content crying for attention. Now the moron wants the Eagles to waste their top pick on a safety. Like I wrote before the dude loves mediocrity.
  • I didn't even take Vick getting hit when he DOESN'T have the ball into consideration. I was only kidding the other day when I typed it but Mike Vick may actually die in this offense. Just kidding again obviously but he is going to get hurt, no doubt about it. Whatever Vick said he just needs to be one of those sport's figures that doesn't talk to the media so he can focus on his game. Nothing out of his mouth when he talks to the media helps this team.

    Flip claims his Raider posts weren't meant to deceive or annoy but they certainly were...even Brink asked him to stop. Flip is starting to remind me of hollwood in a way. He certainly knows more about football but just can't admit when he's wrong and would rather just spin things. I got tired of him patting himself on the back (he's done it for years...figured if he wants to point out what he thinks are our faults I would finally help him out by pointing out his) with his predictions so I pointed out a few he got wrong. He blamed the Eagles, other players, injuries, and just about everything else instead of just owning up. He even hung onto the injury excuse as the reason the Eagles were 4-12 this year even though in other comments he has made lately he discusses how the playcalling didn't help Vick, the safeties sucked and that the defensive coordinator struggled. Well, Reid, Mornhinweg, Castillo, Coleman and Allen were all there when he predicted that mortal lock, weren't they? People are upset and bitter, it's always going to happen with sport's teams. It's just funny watching flip climb back up on that pedestal and pointing it out. We've seen him bitter, we know he's not above that...I just don't get why he feels the need to read into everything and point it out when other's are upset. Fans get upset all the time...him explaining why HE thinks it happens doesn't help at all.
  • It's kind of a recycled mentality around here. When the quarterback does great they give him all of the praise, but when he does poorly everyone else is at fault. It can't be both, but that is how they think regardless. So in 2010 all of the success was only due to Mike Vick, despite the fact he didn't win all 10 games. That's how they think, but as soon as Vick struggled the line was bad and the players quit. Ironically most of them don't want any real changes to the offensive personnel. The offensive line was horrible last season yet nobody wants them to draft an offensive lineman first? By the way Aaron Rodgers had a horrible line, the Packers had several players go in IR, yet they still won the Super Bowl. I am glad everyone is back. Now we will see if it was everyone else's fault Mike Vick stunk or is it because teams simply figured him out. I have a hard time blaming his 4 interception game in Cleveland on injuries, but I'm sure all of his apologists don't mind it at all.
  • I've seen that mentality on here way too much especially with Brink and hollywood. They both have crucified Reid for everything bad and basically state that McNabb carried the Eagles to the Super Bowl in 2004. Hollywood is worse because he constantly states Reid utimately gets all the blame because he is the head coach but never turns that around to give him ANY credit.
  • I figured Vick got hurt because of predictable play calling and dropping back 50 times a game behind a screen door for an offensive line. Shoot, Foles only made it seven games before he broke his hand and Kolb made it a whole half as the starter. Maybe it was the system?
  • Sure it was the system...just like it was the system that led to McNabb not being able to win it all even though he was 1/2 hour away from winning a championship and his 3 picks were the biggest reason they came up short in 2004. Two reasons that your comment is a bit of a head scratcher, Brink. He still got hurt in most his seasons as a starter in Atlanta before he even came to Philly and Chip Kelly's read option is sure to get Vick hit more often than he ever has been.
  • Yeah it had nothing to do with 16 rush attempts vs 51 pass attempts.
  • Andy Reid is a moron. I am glad he's gone, and I surely hope Mike Vick does whatever he needs to do in order to get that hunger back. If he doesn't then I surely hope Chip Kelly has the stones to pull the trigger on the Mike Vick experience and bench him.
  • They dont lay any blame on Reid or that pathetic excuse of an Oline. Never will. They hate Vick so much they dont want to judge him fairly. The fact is he was in a hopeless situation. The team quit on Reid. They hated him more than I did. Reid left town without even a thank you to the fans. He was a first class jerkoff. And always will be. Im sure his family would support that thought.
  • Reid is no longer here for Vick to hide behind. He will succeed or fail off his own merits don't you agree?
  • Hollywood, hollywood, hollywood. Tell me the truth...did you type that with a straight face? How can you even bring up the line when all you did was make excuses when Foles stayed on his feet MUCH more than Vick did while playing last year? The line was bad, no doubt about it...but Foles didn't take nearly as many shots as Vick did. I get that the type of plays were different...many were shorter but Vick caused many of those hits by not getting the ball out of his hands earlier, by not sliding. You'll see this year in Kelly's offense...Vick will get hurt in the read option and once again you'll be crying about the coach's play calling. It's only a matter of time.
  • NFL protocol calls for a oline to protect a rookie. They simplified the game plan for quick short passes that defenses were willing to give. Vick was benched because they wanted to save his health. I dont think he was injured but rather they wanted him in good shape for this year. Although he wasnt successful, Vick played with guts. Kept getting up when battered in a way that I havent seen in the NFL. Maybe Aikman vs eagles. But he had heart. And it sthat heart that I believe will get this team back in it.
  • NFL protocol calls for an offensive line to protect their QB period! Here is a perfect example of what you were just whining about...not putting part of the blame where the blame belongs...at Vick's feet. Look at your reponse...now Vick wasn't hurt at all and they were trying to save his health? Sure hollywood, from "the Eagles setting up Vick to be injured" to "he wasn't hurt at all". You seriously can't believe some of the crap you type.
  • It had a little to do with it (although you exaggerate just a bit) but so did Vick's insistence to string out just about every play until someone was in his face and his refusal to learn how to slide. He's even saying the same BS this year. His talk of laying it on the line is pretty much what he does and says every year and every year he gets hurt. Be ready for more of the same.
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  • Ah, Eugenius.... Are you back to rub it in that Chad Hall took Jackson's roster spot or is it maybe to brag about Riley Cooper's yard per catch average? You go ahead and WHINE about the Patriots cheating in the Super Bowl...see what that gets you. All I know is that the Patriots are in the record books for that win and so are McNabb's 3 interceptions...no comment in the books about videogate at all so I guess it doesn't exist but McNabb throwing a pick to Rodney Harrison while he badly underthrew Brian Westbrook who could have walked into the endzone is.

    Let me ask you this, if you call yourself a real fan and real fans don't whine than what do you call your comments about Jackson in the past? You ripping Jackson is okay but we can't discuss Vick because he's your favorite player? Stop being such a freaking hypocrite! Real fan my ***. All you are is a freakin' troll.
  • If thoe plays were stolen and I think the Pats new what the Eagles were doing, then you have to blame Reid for not protecting his playbook in the biggest game of his life.
  • Green you know that much about this guy? Funny I don't recall anything about the loser. I guess he just wasn't that important to me. I ignored him then and I will ignore him now.
  • I rarely dealt with and of those Vick persona guys. I rarely deal with new IDs at all. I believe most of them are just someone on here who is bored and wants to mess with people. Or they are too scared of getting banned so they create new IDs to start some ish.
  • You know what? I dare YOU to say something positive.

    I keep reading about how you're behind your team but all you do is come on here an rip people. If you're going to do that, at LEAST talk some actual football while you're at it.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Our secret weapons is that OUR players don't know what they're doing?!

    You seriously said that? And it's been an hour since you did so now you can't go back and edit it!

    You're honest to god BANKING on ignorance as a WEAPON?
    ROFLMAO!!! Man I don't even want to be seen arguing with you!
  • He comes on here to rip every one of us and he pumps out this piece of "brilliance"...he certainly is a "genius". LOL!
  • Now I understand why I completely ignored you before.
  • I don't care what you guys think, I like this guy.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Well I am hoping he uses this for motivation. Maybe he gets out there and actually shows us something. Maybe he's finally out of Dream Team mode.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I know Vick has been awful, and honestly I doubt he can change, but now if he doesn't he's certain to be gone. He has run out of excuses and will be fighting for his job with Foles from the start. I can live with that. As far as the Patriots go I could care less about that game now. Rehashing what happened now won't change the fact we lost. That cryogenic's fellow who is probably nothing more than a fake is on here causing trouble from two years ago which is probably the last time he was on the site. I don't remember him from then and I don't care about him now.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I can only assume that Chip Kelly knows what he's doing. Still remember if he doesn't get the job done he is gone.

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