Brother Verses Brother

Posted January 20, 2013
Once again a coach who was hired after Andy Reid was will be winning the Super Bowl. The Eagles fans who argued so hard for keeping mediocrity once again look like fools. Changing Andy wasn't change for change sake. Changing Andy was necessary to get the Eagles once again in contention for Super Bowls. Congrats to the Harbaugh brothers for getting their teams to the big game! I know some fans don't care about the big game (because they are stupid), but it really was quite a feat for both of them to go on the road and win, something a mediocre Andy Reid is no longer capable of doing. So once again I am glad the Eagles have moved on from Reid. I don't know what Kelly will bring, but I am excited to find out. If Jim can turn the 49ers around so quickly, then maybe Kelly can do the same for the birds. At least I know Kelly isn't going to shelve one of the best backs in football like that fool Andy Reid did time and time again. I also think Kelly is smart enough to figure out how to use Desean Jackson as more than just a decoy. Mediocrity loves company so if you aren't down with Chip Kelly yet then hit the bricks and go root for some other team who embraces mediocrity. Just don't post that crap on the Eagles yard, because WE DON'T CARE!!!
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  • I agree EZ Im happy he choose me to censor. I get under his skin because the guy is the biggest goof in the yard. He starts off with good intentions and then his posts deteriorate into mindless raider rants. I think Chip Kelly has a great opportunity to turn this team of full of girls into ment. I told you the Ravens run an organization second to none. The players admire the owner and coach. Their is respect and love in the lockeroom. Every ship sailing in the same direction as an organization. No games, no backstabbing, fingerpointing or double talk. They do what they say they are going to do. I told Spot about Flacco but she went on to say he isnt elite. 5 playoffs, 3 afc championship games, 1 superbowl appearance. 6 years in the league. He played great vs the Pats in windy conditions. You will see in that dome how this guy can hit targets. This city is going crazy. This could be an epic superbowl. While the Eagles are mired in identity crisis issues the Ravens are operating as the gold standard. But unlike that pompous front office we had they dont rub everyones noses in it. They show class. Organizations that get that attitude always lose. Look at New England. Brady and bellechik cant congratulate the Ravens. Thats arrogance and its toxic. The Eagles have become a toxic commodity. Lurie needs to show signs he has changed. He has to be humbled. when he realizes he cant be the little brat from Boston players will respect him. When he shows he cares about them and wants to be part of something bigger he will get results. But if he thinks that just plugging in intelligence and being "businesslike" will get it done he is sadly mistaken. Emotional times here in Balto.
  • Mostly just a bunch of BS mumbo jumbo. Flip may go a little overboard with his preaching at times (lately anyway) but let's be honest...he doesn't like YOU because you type mostly bullcrap. It's funny that you state flip's posts deteriorate into mindless Raider rants and then you start ranting about the Ravens (a team you have typed more than once you couldn't stand.Just a bit hypocriticl, don't you think hollywood? Why are times in Baltimore emotional if you HATE (yes, you have typed that before) the Ravens? If they are such a first class organization...why do you HATE them?
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  • I never liked the way that baltimore aquired the Ravens vis Cleveland. I thought it was too much like what Irsay did to Baltimore. That was my reason for rejecting the team. But as far as how the organziation is run? Well , its a much more seemless operation that doesnt involve all the drama and disputes that the Eagles typically have. Its focused on winning and apparently thats what they do. Spot still no Flacco comments? You dont live here GTD so what you BS happens to be 100% on point. You have a distorted view of what the rest of the NFL thinks of the Eagles. They are a joke right now. When you accept that their product stinks like a big hairy butt hole after a diarrhea than you will come to tems that it needs a major fix up. from the top of the mess on down to the groundskeeper.
  • I'm not questioning your thoughts on the Ravens (although I would guess that the big difference between these teams is that they Ravens are winning and the Eagles are losing...tiny cracks start developing into huge holes when teams start losing and everybody starts blaming each other) I honestly don't care about the Ravens!. It's all the BS you type about the Eagles. No team is perfect hollywood...wasn't it earlier this year or last year that the Ravens players were whining that Harbaugh was too tough on them? I believe it was right after they lost their first couple games THIS year. Credit to them for getting through it but it still is just the drama you claim they don't have.

    So the Eagles are a major fix up now? Just the other day you claimed that they only need a couple pieces and to be coached properly and you expect them to be right back in it? You just constantly stick your foot in your mouth even while typing, don't you? What a freakin' joke!
  • The major fix up isnt on the field its in the owners perch. Everything flows downward. I think the hiring of Chip Kelly was a bold and good start but I wish they would let go of the Reid connection and move on. If business is going to be different it will start with coaching and draft duties and negotiations with players. They need to just be honest with everyone concerned and move. For instance the cat and mouse game with Michael Vick is not a very different approach than the past. Those are the types of negotiations that build resentment. you dont publicly call out a player and tell him reduce your salary or else. How would that be perceived in any business? It would be like telling an employee you have been demoted because you suck but we need you. If your core belief is you dont need him just cut him loose and leave all the rest private. Simple little practices that will go a long way to insure the team and players will always be treated with respect. I like your opinions and think they have merit but you continue to call me a crackpot when I am sitting here watching this thing dvelop and learning from it. Its a different city, business and culture and Im not saying that all things apply necessarily but it is glaringly apparent that the operations in Balto oare much different than Philly. Unlike our Raider fan, Im not saying I like the team I just can appreciate what they are doing and think Philly should take note. I think Reid once had a decent level of loyalty from his players but it was never like it is here in Balto. This is unique and deserves examination.
  • I call you a crackpot (not sure I ever used that one) because of some of your off the wall comments about the Eagles. First of all, let's go with the premise that the speculation is correct and the Eagles have discussed renegotiating Vick's contract with him (this isn't on the record like you is NOTHING but speculation and it certainly hasn't been discussed openly by the Eagles...and stop with the BS that the Eagles always "leak" the info...just more of your BS). What teams don't do this? Many teams just make it seem like a big deal when it's the Eagles doing it. Vick should consider himself lucky to be asked to renegotiate his contract with the Eagles anyway because fools and stubborn Vick fans with an agenda are the only people that think the Eagles should honor his contract...and yes that includes you! He hasn't even come close to deserving that contract he was given! You claim that the Eagles are a joke in the NFL...besides the negativity that is brought on by a couple bad seasons and the fact that Lurie let his coach stay on too long I disagree. Show me some facts proving that, hollywood and I mean facts...not what you claim your buddies in Baltimore say. Show me where some analysts or other owners have taken shots OVERALL at the organization...not just based on a certain move or two. I want to see claims that the Eagles are a pitiful organization and players should steer clear! If it's that bad you should be able to find some in no time on the internet. I know for a fact it wasn't all that long ago that analysts were raving about the Eagles but will admit that the talk has subsided some...that's what happens when teams LOSE! It's funny that you always bring up the drama with the Eagles but obviously are behind one of their most dramatic moves in the last five years....signing Michael Vick. Look at all the drama that unfolded with him that has kept the Eagles in somewhat of a spotlight. The signing itself was extremely controversial and led the owner to go on record to discuss his hesitancy in allowing it...his 30th birthday party and the shooting of one of his co-defendants in his court case...Reid's quick decision to replace his groomed replacement of McNabb...his huge contract that was given him even though his play seemed on a downward spiral and now the decision of what to do with him. Not only is all this "drama" (I don't think it's all drama...just moves by a football team but of course you do...everything the Eagles do is drama according to you and caused by the team...never the player) okay by want it to continue on even though Vick has played absolutely poorly just because you have been "outspoken" on him being the Eagles quarterback...and you wonder why I question your motives...why I think you are a bit strange? You cry about the drama unless it's something you're behind. Instead of being a man and admitting your ways you will blame Reid and Lurie for every bit of this drama including Vick's birthday party which just shows what you do...always blame the coach and the owner and never Vick! Are the Eagles a perfect organization...of course they aren't but what organization is? Lurie has helped develop this team into a winner, no Eagle owner before has ever been this successful. If they made the right choice in Kelly things will get better for the organization as a whole. If not then things spiral downward for them but what organization wouldn't be spiraling downward with a few losing seasons in a row? You can't honestly tell me that you don't see any "drama", any negative articles bsing written about other teams in the league. All you have to do is go to the yardbarker stories to see a decent just want to pretend it's only the Eagles and you want everyone to think the Eagles are the worst franchise in the league. You want to ignore the facts about the Ravens "drama" that surrounds their organization. The issue that surfaced earlier this year between Harbaugh and his players and how can we forget the drama that will forever follow Ray Lewis? I'm sure you'll just keep on ignoring the drama that surrounds the Cowboys right now with Jones not only firing his defensive coordinator...he also wants to take some control away from his head coach by not allowing him to call his own would bury Lurie for these moves and call him controlling yet I'm sure you'll spin this to where Jones is the man for stepping in. Lurie for the most part steps back and you barely hear anything about him and you claim he has is hands all over the team and you hate him for it yet you love Jones even though he openly makes moves he shouldn't be making as an owner and you claim he is an owner to respect...YOU CONSTANTLY CONTRADICT YOURSELF and come up with weak reasons why your claims make sense. Stop typing the lies and just maybe you'll get some respect from me...until then you'll just get more of the same.
  • both Harbaugh brothers have experience in the NFL....JIM with oakland 2002-03
    john with the eagles...
    kelly... none
  • I will tell you this Hollywood. I would certainly rather the Eagles model themselves after the Ravens than the Raiders as some fan thinks they should on this site.
  • You can have two McDonalds side by side but even though they both are franchises and have specific guidlines they can operate completely different. One good one bad.
  • I'm going with John and the Ravens in this one. Jim acts like a 5 year old with his ridiculous tantrums. Emotion is fine, but if your one of only 32 NFL Head Coaches on the planet you should act like it. John Harbaugh doesn't throw hissy fits like his brother Jim does. It was a pleasure knocking Jim's 49ers out of the playoffs last year. Besides, Ray Lewis winning a Super Bowl after announcing his retirement, you couldn't write a better script.
  • I think it boils down to the Raven defense getting to Kapernick. Hes had it easy with no pressure. The one or two times atlanta applied some he looked confused. Other than that, from a talent standpoint marginal edge to 49ers
  • I agree, you have to pressure the QB. But if Kapernick finds an opening he can be explosive. That 56 yard TD run week before last was like watching a Road Runner cartoon. If the Ravens hit him enough they can win though, it worked on Brady in Super Bowl 42 and 46.
  • Im a westner Im going with the 9ers
  • I don't have a horse in the race. Just looking for an eventful experience. May the best team win.
  • You know GTD you want it both ways. When discussing D-Jaxyou say honor the contract you signed it but with Vick its dishonor it. Doesnt make sense but whatever. Next you bring up the Harbaugh "drama" in Baltimore. Guess what, it wasnt even discussed on talk radio and it wasnt in the news more than half a day. No one paid attention. Now you claim the only reason the organization in Philly is being questioned is because of two losing seasons. Reallly? Why dont you tell that to McNabb, Trotter, Dawkins, Asante, Douglass, Ike Reese...etc. I heard a very interesting conversation with Ike Reese explaining the breakdown in the "organization". I know you cant fanthom that but here was the general jist of it. That the players were fractured in the lockeroom over managemnt dealings with players. Some players followed Reid others followed the player leadership some quit. That the last NFC championship was a veteran lead run to get it done in Philly. They lead the charge not Reid. They simply wanted it for the team leaders and fans. There wasnt one mention of doing it for the owner or management. Now you can lie and ignore the truth but thats what he talked about. Dont believe me ask him. Its simple to get on the radio I do it sometimes and you can go right to the player that was there. You want to build a your own little fantasy world have at it but its easy to understand people outside Philly laugh at Eagle fans. They are detrimmental to their own success.
  • It's a tough business, but that's why the players get their signing bonuses. The contracts are made to favor the owners and they HAVE to be. Players can't expect their 60 to 100 million dollar contracts without having to play excellent football...without deserving them. Basketball teams get buried under their cap constantly because of the guaranteed contracts (just look at the 76ers) and I'd hate to see that in the NFL. The Eagles gave Asomugha and Vick unbelievable contracts last year, they gave Cole a nice raise...not one of them played up to the money they got paid. The contracts by rule allow the Eagles to walk away from them if they choose to...on the other hand when a player holds out there are no rules to protect them, they actually get fined. I don't make the rules up and the NFLPA agrees to them. Are their times that players deserve renegotiations...more money, sure there are but while a team is working that out with them the best way to get it done is by showing up in camp and getting it done. Hold outs almost never work and usually only fracture relationships more. The Eagles gave McCoy a contract because he showed he was one of the best in the game and went about it the right way (kept it strictly between him and the team) much as you don't want to admit it Jackson's game has holes in it and along with his immaturity and lack of leadership the Eagles were leary to throw a huge contract at him...plain and simple! It's funny you keep throwing out these fractured relationships with the players that were let go...I'm sure players of other teams that were let go feel the same way to an extent. Older players are let go on every team every year and finish their careers elsewhere and are bitter, I'm sure. I still hear just about every player you mention have good things to say about the Reid and the organization as a whole. Dawkins came back and accepted having his number retired, Douglass worked for the Eagles after his playing days, Trotter said that after the Eagles released him for the THIRD time, that he and Reid cried knowing it was pretty much over for him and Duce Staly is the current running backs coach. It couldn't have been hell if these players keep coming back.
    Every team has rumblings when a new era just aren't there right now watching the changing of the guard and soaking in the garbage that's being discussed like you love to do with the Eagles. I'm sure the good and the bad was discussed about Billick when Harbaugh came in even though he won a Super Bowl. This is what I mean about you ONLY look at every negative wrapped around the Eagles although most of it is certainly wrapped around every team in the league (you just want us to believe it is only the Eagles). I don't ignore that the Eagles aren't perfect...YOU ignore that they have done some good things and that the organization is far from the Evil Empire that you want us to think they are. Looking back on the financial dealings with the players it sure does seem like it was mostly Banner yet when he left you spun that to be doom and gloom. Banner was the money guy and yes, players were unhappy at times and a few wanted new contracts almost immediately but you know what...I can't remember the last time the Eagles had to dump any contracts to get below the cap. Roseman starts throwing money around at veterans who already have contracts, starts throwing out big contracts at Vick, Jackson and McCoy, lures in free agents with HUGE contracts and now for the first time in over a decade the Eagles have to waive players or offer players less money via new contracts just to get below the cap. All moves you have been crying for the Eagles to make and now they may have to cut players (another move you're whining about). Well you can't have it both ways either, hollywood, can you?
  • I think you overestimate the good. Ok they got to 5 NFC championships and 1 superbowl in 18 years. Over 18 years I dont think this qualifies as one of the greatest streaks in football history. compared to teams with new stadiums I would guess its a pretty modest run. And the great legacy of Reid tell me what it is? He left a team in total disrepair. Shambles would be the proper description. You just want to go along with the finger pointing. Now its Banner. Who cares its Luries fault always. He owns the team. You say that they dont burn bridges but even Banner dissed them with the Kelly truned away from Cleveland talk. There is a trail of bad tales coming from executives & players. And still you refuse to call out Lurie. why? because he "feels your pain". That doesnt cut it anymore. We will see by his actions. Change.
  • Do I overestimate it, hollywood? Here you are stating that 5 NFC championships in 18 years is a modest run and you think I OVERESTIMATE their success? Yeah, that's what's happening here...LOL!

    When did I EVER state that they don't burn bridges...all I stated is that it isn't as bad as you'd like us to believe! I can read, I see what Banner states but what do you want him to say? We knew Kelly didn't want to coach here so we broke off the negotiations? The man knew Kelly's reputation, knew he was open to going back to Oregon yet he still brought him in for an interview...doesn't seem to me that Kelly's indecisiveness was the key reason the door was closed on Kelly or the Browns would never have brought him in. Kelly and Lurie are saying one thing, Banner is claiming another...I will admit I don't know the actual truth and don't pretend you do either but of course you will insist that Banner is the honest one here...the "snake" that is behind your number 1 complaint about the Eagles (the way they negotiated in the past) has to be telling the truth now because it helps your claims. What other executive besides the one who was pushed out when Roseman was promoted has issues with the Eagles right now? What else have you read, hollywood? Come on....names, complaints, proof you didn't make it up. Let's see them...or are you exaggerating like usual?

    I'm not finger pointing at Banner at all, I actually gave him some props with the way he worked the cap. It wasn't perfect but it was effective.

    What does that comment about Lurie have anything to do with me? "Feel your pain"...when did I ever type that? You honestly just take what people type and make up your own meaning, don't you? Feel my pain, of course he doesn't feel my "pain", that doesn't mean he doesn't want to win a Super Bowl.
  • Youve read the articles from former players. I dont need to footnote. I dont have time for that. like I said go ask Ike Reese about the fractured lockeroom and what it was about. Im sure he will tell you or do you just hide behind statistics? I get on the radio. In fact, I will call for you if you want and you can hear it from Ikes mouth. would that be proof enough?
  • Only if you also ask him how he honestly feels about Reid, Lurie and the organization as a whole. Just saw a video earlier today and Reese talked about how he believed that Reid would get a job as a head coach when he got fired (the video was filmed during the season) and that he was a great coach and still was a good coach who just had a couple down years. Do you respect that opinion of Ike Reese's hollywood or do you only respect his opinion when he makes statements that help your view on the Eagles a little bit? Yeah, I thought so!
  • Honestly? You think he is going to say they suck? How many times have you heard an active player bad mouth an owner and coach. When a player says the lockeroom is split and a coach cant win big games I think theyve said enough.
  • Active player...Ike Reese? What the hell are you typing? Ask him how he feels about Reid and the organization when you call him on WIP next time, hollywood...or are you afraid of what you might hear? You just got done typing Reese was being honest about "fractured" relationships but now you're going to state he's being dishonest about how he feels about Reid as a coach? He get's paid to analyze and not to lie. You like to try to bring up all the "truth" as long as it's shots against the Eagles (just yesterday you were telling me about all the players and management ripping the organization) but are going to sit there and type that Reese was lying because you choose not to believe he still respects Reid as a coach? Like I typed before, are a freakin' joke!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Hollywood just keeps continuing to put his foot in his mouth. He wants to hang on every negative like it's pure gold but ignore any positive and try to spin it (just like he normally does). He typed a couple times on here that Reid would not get a head coaching gig after the Eagles...seems they wanted him in more than one city and I'm not shocked that he was the first "new" coach that was hired.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Hopefully I can add to this without yardbarker commentblocking me. Just like I stated hollywood...we aren't around the other teams or pay attention enough to see ALL the drama that hear each players complaints but you keep reminding us that you are in the great city of Baltimore. The one complaint you keep bringing up about the Eagles players is obviously the money and contract situations. You want us all to believe the Ravens are a perfect organization yet the Eagles came to an early agreement with McCoy and the Ravens took their situation with Ray Rice right down to the wire. You like to kick out how great the Ravens are but I don't remember you once complaining how they were doing their running back wrong (even though you have stated he is probably the best back in the game) but all the while you cried that the Eagles were disrespecting Jackson...see how biased you are? Do you want another example? I have seen you discuss more than once how great Flacco is (top 5, right?) yet you keep ignoring the fact that the talk is that the Ravens will be franchising that top 5 QB (in your mind) even though you were insistent that the Eagles HAD to pay get that contract done! Flacco is in his last year, taking his team to a Super Bowl yet you have not mentioned ONCE that he deserves a new contract and instead of ripping the Ravens organization for leaving that great quarterback hanging you praise them and state the Eagles need to learn a lesson from them. Like I have stated before, are a freakin' joke!
  • The difference is the Owner Steve Boshotti came out and clearly stated he will sign Rice and Flacco. He kept his word with Rice and Im sure he will with Flacco. There is no controversy here about that. Flacco didnt get so disrespected that hes acting out on the field like Jackson did and McCoy would have. Did you ever hear Lurie say he was gonna sign Jackson, McCoy , Dawkins or McNabb or anyone else for that matter?
  • You are honestly going to try to tell me that Flacco and his agent trying to get him an elite quarterback type deal and the Raven's hedging on that and deciding to franchise him instead isn't going to become an issue especially after taking his team to and possibly winning the Super Bowl? We'll see about that. I couldn't imagine the crying you would be doing if the Eagles were doing everything exactly the would be flipping out and you know it! Besides hollywood, YOU whined about how direspectful it was to make Jackson play under the franchise tag and now it's okay for Flacco to do that simply because it's the great Ravens organization?...not too biased, are you? You're saying that Flacco isn't getting as disrespected?....what is the freaking difference besides one is playing for the Eagles and one plays for the Ravens? I'll tell you the POSSIBLE difference....when it came down to it Jackson never played under the franchise tag...he got his deal before the season started. That great Ravens organization may make their Super Bowl quarterback go into a season with NO guaranteed money knowing he could get hurt! YOU hung on this every time Jackson played poorly in the last year of his original deal. Jackson played like crap and YOU blamed the franchise for not giving him a new deal (and he already had a contract)...or did you forget that? Here Flacco is at a much more important position and now it's okay JUST because the owner tells him he'll eventually get a deal done. Don't give me that bull that if the Eagles would have told Jackson they would get it done you would have been okay with it...NO FREAKING WAY that would have good enough for you and you know it! As for the rest of the players you bring up do you know why you may never have heard the Eagles bring up deals for these players...because the Eagles got them done before they had to! Dawkins and McNabb were let go and traded before or during negotiations on their THIRD deals and towards the ends of their careers. You only show your hatred for the Eagles and how horribly biased you are when you're okay with how the Ravens "disrespect" their players even though you whined when the Eagles did the same thing.

    By the way, how can you claim McCoy would have acted out on the field when it didn't even come close to him not getting a deal done? He kept stating over and over he wouldn't become a distraction...why would you not believe him? I know why...because you need to try to strengthen your argument!
  • When did you ever hear Lurie say we will sign a player. It came from the owner. I believe him he is a man of his word and Im sure Flacco has been taken care of until negotiations proceed.
  • You're sure Flacco has been taken care of and I'm sure you are just grasping at straws! You claimed Lurie never said he wanted to win a Super Bowl either (which was flat out wrong). Is that all you got, hollywood? All the crying about the Eagles players impending contracts...your guarantess they wouldn't get done! Ignore everything else I typed and you just keep hanging onto your "I believe the owner". Again, you would never be happy with that in Philly. You know if the same exact things were going on here you'd be typing on yardbarker that they need to just get it done!
  • And to think that if the Ravens win the Superbowl, Juan Castillo will have a Super Bowl Ring before an Eagle. Juan was the poster boy/scapegoat this year, and I'll be more than happy for him if he does in fact get a ring.
  • he was hung out to dry by the Phat Phuck. A real classy move.
  • A bad situation for what seems to be a good man, absolutely. I think it's kind of funny though how quickly we forget that this move should never have been made in the first place. I have even seen a comment or two that "all Castillo did was agree to help a friend out when he needed a defensive coordinator". Really? Is there anybody out there that honestly believes that Reid went to Castillo and asked his offensive line coach to help him out? Is there anybody who NOW thinks that Reid didn't have better options but after being turned down by some of his top choices AGREED to let Castillo have the job after he asked to be considered for it. Reports circulated that Castillo wanted the position and it would be foolish to believe he didn't and was pressured into it by Reid. We all knew he bit off more than he could chew the day he was hired and it was one of the decisions that led Reid to being let go I would guess. Scapegoat in a sense that Reid was scrambling to save his job, sure it was but it still doesn't mean the move wasn't needed. I guess Reid could have stuck with his move and went down with his crew but he probably thought he still had a shot to right some wrongs and save his job. We all knew it was too little too late but Reid probably didn't want to believe that.
  • Good for Juan. I'm glad to see Andy didn't ruin his career like he did many other Eagles.
  • exactly
  • I'm curious, Brink. Who's career did Reid RUIN?
  • ...I'm waiting Brink. Should I throw some names out? Maybe he hurt Brad Childress who took his opportunity as Eagles OC and turned it into a head coaching gig with Minnesota?...maybe Pat Shurmur who got an OC job and then a head coaching job after being the Eagles QB about Harbaugh who Reid gave a promotion to as secondary coach from Special teams JUST so he had a better shot to become a head coach (and look where he's at now)...Sapgnuolo maybe, who worked his way from Eagles linebacker's coach to Giants DC to head coach and current Panthers head coach Ron Rivera was hired away as defensive coordinator back in 2004...former secondary coach and current Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier was hired away by the Bengals as a defensive coordinator back in 2003...he gave a chance to McDermott who is still a Defensive Coordinator in the league and even though Reid's biggest mistake in the past 5 years was hiring his o-line coaach as his defensive coordinator he gave the man a chance to do what he wanted to do...the job he asked Reid to be considered for. Maybe you mean he ruined players careers but I would guess just like usual, this is just another one of your shots at Reid because he traded away Donovan McNabb in 2010. If you think Reid drafting McNabb with the 2nd overall pick in 1999 and having him quarterback his team for 11 years and end his career as debatably the best QB in Eagles history was ruining his career than nothing I type will ever make you think differently.
  • McNabb would be the answer. You know that!
  • Im rooting for the 49ers
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • i hope its not a blowout
  • Juan was a great offensive line coach. He made lemonade every time Reid gave him lemons. Reid hurt his team by moving that guy from his job in two areas!
  • Many questionable moves by Reid towards the end. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Some of the moves we liked when they were made, some we knew were hopeless and I think Castillo's hiring as the Defensive Coordinator has to be the number 1 move in the hopeless category!
  • Good for Juan. I hope the Ravens win the Super Bowl so he can put it in Washburn's face.
  • Juanita has rings now! Lol. What I don't get if Reid knew all that time how disruptive Washburn was being why did he not fire home before firing Juan? In fact the defensive line was playing worse that the defense as a whole at that time. Reid couldn't get out his own way from making one dumb decision after the next.
  • Kaepernick about to get his first rookie test with players in his face.
  • should be a great SB or could be another yawner!!!!
  • I'm going with John and the Ravens in this one. Jim acts like a 5 year old with his ridiculous tantrums. Emotion is fine, but if your one of only 32 NFL Head Coaches on the planet you should act like it. John Harbaugh doesn't throw hissy fits like his brother Jim does. It was a pleasure knocking Jim's 49ers out of the playoffs last year. Besides, Ray Lewis winning a Super Bowl after announcing his retirement, you couldn't write a better script.<a
  • Hard to believe that team that lost to the Eagles early is in the Super Bowl.

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JPP injured in fireworks mishap?

Odell Beckham doesn't want to be known for 'the catch'

Russell Wilson 'would definitely consider' playing for Mariners

Solo, Rapinoe among USWNT stars up for World Cup awards

LBS on Sports Jeopardy! Here's how how it went

College football's 35 most patriotic helmets

A brief history of non-star All-Stars

With Love retained, the Cavs can take care of LeBron

Grading the deal: Davis commits to Pelicans

Obama Administration: Change name if Redskins move to D.C.

Deciding what the All-Star Game means

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