Posted November 05, 2013


I have no idea how that could be a thing among football players. I know that I'm going to be vilified for not siding with the bullied player on this one, but the fact is if you are an Offensive Linemen in the NFL, NOBODY short of God Almighty himself, should be able to bully you. 

An NFL Offensive Linemen is a man who is paid to push other grown men around. Large grown men. Grown men who bench 300 and up. Your job is to take a large powerful man whose job is to throw around other men, and push him around instead. If you can be bullied, I don't want you protecting me. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was a bullied kid until I was in 5th grade. By the end of the year I was hunting bullies. So I can relate from either side of this issue.

Today there isn't a man on Earth who could bully me. I'm not saying I'm unbeatable, I'm saying if you pick a fight with me you would actually have to beat me, because I won't let you just walk away from what you started. You asked for it, you got it. That temperament helped make me a damned good O-lineman. So that said, I don't get this thing in Miami.

If the one guy thought he was being mistreated and he felt he couldn't go to the staff, I don't get why he didn't just "handle it himself". When was the last time you heard of an NFL player being arrested over a fight with a teammate? During a practice, former EAGLE/RAIDER Bill Romanowski once ripped off a teammates helmet, punched him in the eye and broke his orbital bone (it was how I learned what an orbital bone was). It forced the guy to retire. He sued Romo and won (I believe), but Romo spent no time in cell over that, despite dozens of witnesses to the event.

Remember the resulting arrest from the T.O./Hugh Douglas fight? Me neither! So I don't get how anybody gets bullied in the NFL. 

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  • Yea flip I don't get the whole run home and tell mommy thing, but I also don't get how you can treat a man ur supposed to trust and have him trust u like that. I never played with anyone on my own side of the ball, let alone the guy I line up next to, tell me he wants to kill me and my mother. Idk how u feel about this whole "honorary black" thing with incognito, but even if team members did see him that way, why the f0ck would he be calling Martin a half n? Saying his gonna kill his family. All that's too much and I would have knocked his ass out or got knocked out trying. It's one thing to leave the bill with the rookies make them carry pads clean cars laundry house whatever just stupid ish to mess with there day. Leave pudding in their helmet. Incognito crossed the line in my eyes and would have been knocked out if it was me.
  • If I'd been sensitive to White guys using the word n***er not as an insult but in regular speech, there is no way I could have stayed past camp. I played in South Philly, where people say WHATEVER they're thinking at the moment they're thinking it, so off the cuff/blue/off color comments are how it is down there.

    As for the grind up, You don't get that many Alpha males in one area and NOT see at least some jerk level behavior. And of all people to be involved you have Richie Incognito, who's rep was never pristine to start with.

    To me this is much ado about nothing. More than that though, if I'm a QB and I know my there's an O-lineman in front of me who can be taken out of his game with just words, I don't want him protecting me. If I'm a coach, I don't want that guy protecting my franchise QB. Same for if I was the owner.
  • I don't mean what happens on the field or in the locker room. But when a guy who's supposed to be on ur side and ur no threat to their playing time and that person is going out of their way to call and harass u after hours that's different in my eyes. Sh!t on the field anything goes, especially to the defense when ur an olineman. I don't think that's the problem with Martin. I think he's looking at a guy who's supposed to be his brother and is just flat out harassing him on a daily basis. If it was a defensive lineman doing or saying this on the field in the locker room or through out camp fine. But any team I been on once the season started we were together and all that going against each other was left to the field. After practice it was nothing but love for each other. But hey different people different places.
  • This has been going on for years. Romanowski was a violent freak and he not only intimidated players but bullied them. A good read is the Lyle Alzado book and what he did on steroids. He attacked a person in a road rage accident. Romo broke that dudes eye socket . You may be too young for this Flip but Conrad Dobler of the Cards was always voted the meanest man in football. He was a sick individual. You must have seen this in semi pro ball. This is nothing new in the NFL
  • That's what I mean. You ALWAYS have 2 or 4 guys on a team who think of themselves as the pack leader. They do things to try to get other guys to fall in line and the weaker minded guys do fall in line because they need a leader.

    To be bullied though? I never saw a guy claim that he was being bullied. That's too much like painting a sign on yourself saying "I'M A P*SSY!!"
  • You're right. I've never seen a guy come out and say he was being bullied either.
  • Totally agree, when I heard this story break my first thought was...."What kind of a ***** must this Martin be to run off and sulk...he should have just punched Incognoto in the mouth and all this BS wouldn't even have been talked about". Now Incognito is obviously a major jerk, but Martin should have just dealt with him on his own and not run away from the situation, he has now opened Pandora's Box and he will forever be put under a magnifying glass to gauge his toughness.
  • I happen to disagree with you Flip. Its calle PROFESSIONAL football not pond scum scuffle football. Martin has every reason in the world to be able to go to work do his job and not have to deal with a misfit loser like Incognito. Thats why we have laws for dumb phucks like Romanowski, Conrad Dobler and others that are just one stupid though away from picking up a hammer and smashing someones skull in with it. Football has no morals in and outside the lockeroom and people are tired of it. Thats why these idiots like Romanowski will be in SNF with 24 hour care in a couple years. I think Martin did the right thing and will hopefully make the NFL a better place to work. The league and its owners are riddled with hypocrisy with regardsto how thet treat fans , players and the law. This guy will be given a huge cash award and a medal for hitting the league where it hurts. In public.
  • Incognito, Dobler, Romo, Butkus, Concrete Charlie and many others aren't misfits in this game, they are part and parcel of it.

    I recently read a story with my son about some Australian rugby players who (in jest) set a dwarf on fire http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/othersports/article-2409913/Clinton-Jones-sets-dwarf-Aussie-Rules-Mad-Monday.html

    Right or wrong aggressive men DO THINGS LIKE THIS. We always have and we always will. Football (like rugby) is an aggressive game dominated by aggressive personalities. Notice how Dolphins players are coming to Incognito's aid and NOT so much Martins? They get it. Look at your HOF players. Most of them weren't Anthony Munoz, Marcus Allen type guys. Many Philly fans revere Buddy Ryan even though we all know that he could be cruel to his own players. Two words: Mike Ditka.

    Come on man. This is football. Pro, amateur, High School, it take a certain type of personality to decide to run through or knock down ANY man put in front of you, and that doesn't turn off just because a camera turns on.
  • For every moron like that there are ten Reggie whites. There's a huge difference between being able kick someone's ass on the field and knowing not to do it off the field, compared to just being an a-hole. Suh is a jerk on the field and people kill him for it but off the field he's a teddy bear people say.
  • No one is saying these guys aren't a-holes. LOTS of them are, but then it's a game where you hit people because they're holding a ball that doesn't even belong to anyone.

    A game that has long glorified big hits is not one that attracts the world's best humanitarians. Many of these guys spend years honing their bodies into impressive demonstration of our evolution, and then stop their educations once they get drafted. How any have babies outside of their marriages or relationships? Hazing rookies.

    My point is, this behavior isn't just an NFL thing. It's (primarily) an aggressive male behavior which goes all the way back to hunting for food, getting a mate, and defending what's yours. Sports teams just concentrate where you you find people of this stripe. The LOCKER ROOM laughed over the notion of running a train on the guys sister. That's not one or two guys bullying a player, that's a culture where HE was the odd man out.

    Folks may not like it but it's part and parcel of a sport like this, throughout history and the world over. And that's not just me. Warren Sapp and Heath Evans were making a similar point 2 nights ago. Sure a QB or most WR's and DB's might have a different take, but then it's not like were talking about positions that rely on raw power to dominate other people.
  • Its a game. Thats it. Its not a war like these players sometimes talk. Breaking someones eye socket whether at work or in a lockeroom is a crime. i remember that incident and Romanowski wshould have gone to jail. But the hyprocrites wre promoting that because it sold tickets. Maybe Romanowski should have been shot it was self defense right? Anything should be allowed in a lockeroom.
  • Well he couldn't have been shot because no one had a gun at the time. (And doing it later is premeditated murder.)

    And no "anything" shouldn't be allowed. You shouldn't be allowed to rape or kill each other, but ribbing, and an OCCASIONAL scuffle is hardly unusual. You've spent decades reading about teammates going at it on the practice field, and you'll see it again next year.

    This league is 75 years old and only in the last decade or so have we started in with the pink in October, weird tackling rules, and player koom-by-yah circles. At this rate I hope the NFL goes international, because if THIS is the level of man America is okay with breeding now, we soon won't have the world's best version of this game anymore.
  • What does occasional ribbing or a scuffle have to do with tormenting a guy to the point your wasting your time away from each other calling to tell him your gonna kill him and his family? What other player has done that?
  • I dunno loads of White players back when the sport was being integrated, maybe? But those players didn't go throwing food around, storming out and checking into mental hospitals. They sucked it up, powered through and proved that Blacks belong.

    What's being missed here is the TOTAL absence of support being given to Martin in this case. To the locker room it's just business as usual. Around the league the only guy I've heard say something to back him was Brandon Marshall (a guy with a history no better than Incognito's), who has never played a down with him.

    It'll be interesting to see how Martin is received when he returns.
  • So now we r comparing the early 1900s to now? And do u really believe no black players just walked out cause they couldn't handle it back then? Ur insane if u think everyone just sucked it up and took it. Ur reaching at straws here.
  • More mid 1900's not early 1900's.

    Sure some of them left. The weak ones. Those who
    stayed didn't JUST take it, they had to give some of
    it back. Otherwise you never earn the respect of
    those around you.

    But you're ignoring unity of the Dolphin's locker
    room. If it were really so bad why aren't other
    players stepping up to say so? It's just how it is.

    Some men are tough. Many are not.
  • Didn't know 1902 was mid 1900s but ok. Ur missing the point of it wasn't just in the locker room. Incognito took outside of the facilities. It wasn't hazing. It's harassment.
  • You know what? We are simply not going to see eye to
    eye on this, which is hardly a surprise. Despite the
    high number of these "debates" when have you ever
    seen someone on here actually change someone else's
    mind? It's a wonder that we bother at all.

    It may be that I'm just not as ethical as you are.

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Is Sam Bradford not close to full health?

Are Dwyane Wade and the Heat headed for a split?

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