Bye Bye Birdie. Bye Bye Reid. Bye Bye sold out stadium.

Posted November 11, 2012

What a bunch of garbage they feed the fans.  This is Bobby Hoying 2 coming.  I mean the guy doesnt have a cannon .  You think Foles wasnt scouted closely.  he is the perfect 3rd round QB.  Thats what he is.  This team is a disgrace.  They are the biggest turd in football.  They are a great dane schit on a cold winter day where the steam rises from the stinc.  They suck man.  Its not even funny where this crap is.   This is sickening its such ajoke.  And GTD is out there telling everyone about the cap management.. You are a straight up moron.

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  • He's called me worse...I wouldn't want the likes of hollywood liking what I type and what I stand for (although in the past he messaged me telling he liked me and told me he wanted to be "allies" but I would have to turn my back on Eazy...weird, huh)? It would make me feel dirty.
  • Turn my back on Eazy? LMAO Does he hate me that much? LOL
  • That was when I first came on here and we were discussing the Eagles possibly trading McNabb and shortly after he made up the BS forum about us (and the Sweez and someone else) never going to an Eagles game and other hollywoodeagle speculation I can't remember. I guess he did hate you that much...either that or he liked me that much back then. I think it has probably switched by now...has he messaged you professing his love for you as long as you turn your back on me? LOL!
  • No I never got that message. LOL I guess Wood has always had an In4mous h8 4 me. LOL
  • LOL!
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  • Funny but absolutely true Spotella and hollywood isn't denying it so you know I didn't make it up (although I wouldn't have been surprised to see him come and deny's not like he has never lied before).
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  • Cowboys!!!
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  • If every team gave up on their rookies one game in on their NFL careers I would guess there would be many great players we would have missed out on over the years. Foles did some nice things out there but also made too many mistakes to win the game, I won't make any excuses for the ROOKIE. The funny thing is that if that was the veteran Vick out there today you would be pointing out everyone elses faults...including Jeffrey Lurie's. The cap management is what it is a man and check out the website I told you deep would you want the Eagles to set themselves up for next year? A potential 25 million over the cap depending on where the max is set?...30 million? Look at the whole picture and stop your freaking whining!
  • What's funny to me is Foles did nothing more than what Mike Vick has done for the entire season and he did it without getting any practice and being thrust into a game with a top 5 defense, because once again Mike Vick got injured. Here you are crying like a school girl taking digs at Foles, but you mention nothing of Mike Vick? Oh that's right you have been his biggest fan tooting his horn since September despite how mediocre he's been. You have moved on from hypocrite to just a plain joke.
  • I always knew he was a hypocrite and a joke! I didn't just sound like hollywood patting myself on the back for something that was so obvious, did I?
  • obvious 7 or 8 years ago
  • Mike Vick laid his body on the line for this team and they never responded. The fumble in the endzone was almost the end of Foles career. I thought the Cowboys might rip him in half. So now the fans have what ? A lame duck veteran starting QB and a rookie that more than likely wont be a starter in the NFL. What would motivate anyone to buy a ticket to watch them?
  • One game in and you are stating he probably won't be a starter? LOL. You stating that probably makes him a HOF lock!
  • Kevin Kolb the next Tom Brady? You havent exactly been superb at evaluating QB talent. Go have that baby!
  • More lies by you. Not only have I NEVER called Kolb the next Tom Brady, it's not my way to make bold staements like that. I honestly think people like you who act like they can predict the future are a bit taken with themselves and fooling no one but themselves! I have no idea what Foles can do but just like Kolb I believe it's time for the Eagles to find out what they have. It's even more pertinent now because the Eagles are looking at a year with no known quarterback because Michael Vick will CERTAINLY be gone. He hasn't even come close to earning that big contract the Eagles gave him and the Eagles will be able to walk away saving around 10 million next year I's going to happen and Foles may be the only quarterback that survives the change...hopefully the Eagles decide to see what he has to offer.
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  • End of Foles career? Dude are you serious? Let me tell you a truth. I would rather watch the unpredictability of Nick Foles as quarterback for the Eagles than watch another game of mike Vick running into the line, because he's too shook to throw a pass. Mike Vick got hurt on plays that were his own fault. Good riddance to Mike Vick, his stupid comments, questionable decision making, and all of his turnovers. At least if Foles plays I can find out if he's the QB of the future. I KNOW THAT ISN'T MIKE VICK!
  • Vick isnt the point. This ship is going down like the titanic. Youve got me laughing may ass off that you have nothing better to do than watch a 3rd round QB TRY to become a starter and a QB that will lead us to a superbowl. Thats a waste of time. If you cant tell that this guy doesnt have the physical tools than you really dont know football.
  • Aikman said he liked what he saw but hollywoodeagle says "you don't know football if you think he has the tools". LOL! What don't you like, hollywood. His arm is fine so don't give me that BS. He's big and showed that he can move a bit (and that is what dropped his draft stock). He wasn't all that accurate in his first NFL start but he was fine during the preseason and during his college career. So give us some answers besides..."he doesn't have the tools". What don't you like? Besides...Vick's career with the Eagles is about a waste of time keeping him in!
  • Im not sold on his arm. He made one long pass on a broken play. He wasnt terribly accurate but you are right Ill give him a chance. Nothing to lose at this point. But Im not paying $200 a seat plus food and parking to figure it out. Ill watch on TV. By the way I have Eagle merchandise I got it for my 50th
  • You don't pay $200 anyway and you haven't for years, hollywood.
  • True. But I will go back when things are on the up and up
  • The up and up? LOL!
  • Vick is the point. Foles either is or isn't the future. You don't care about the future of your so called team that is on you. I actually find it funny that you don't care about the future of this team yet in some way to claim to be a fan of it. Go roll with your boy Jerry Jones and his .500 team since 95. You seem to love mediocrity. Maybe Vick can find his way there too.
  • I do agree he needs to be looked at and there is nothing to lose. But, I also think if a guy like Cowher wants to keep a veteran and its Vick he needs to be in on that decision. fact is some of these coaches might not come here with Nick Foles locked in for 2013. I dont know. Thats why, once again, the Eagles shouldnt just bury Vick so fast w/o a serious examination on what they are trying to accomplish.
  • No one will want Vick at his current price! No team will guarantee him a starter's job after his last 2 years!
  • Not exactly, there was finally some mild form of protction. If Foles gets to experience the all out failure it will be uglier.
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  • This was an orchestrated ending. Vick wasnt even hurt. They are gonna win maybe 1 game from here on out.
  • That should make you happy. That gets rid of Reid, but here you are whining again. You need some cheese to go with all that whine?
  • NOTHING makes him happy! Honestly, think back on all his comments...all his forums (hell, just look at his titles of his forums on his home page). Nothing but negativity in probably 95% of what he types. You should be excited about your team, about football at least at the beginning of the season no matter how you feel about the FO. Not hollywood...all he does is whine about everything ALL the time. I asked it can anyone take all that incessant whining and his BS comments seriously?
  • Excited about your team. You are dumber than I thought. EXCITED. Oh I want to parade down market street and profess my love to the Eagles. You twit
  • Do you want to just pick out parts of each other's comments to pick apart, hollywood? That wouldn't be fair to you. You never show any kind of emotion on here except for hatred...EVER! I am coming up on 3 years on yardbarker and I have NEVER seen you excited about anything! You think someone that spends so much time on here claiming he likes a team could find more than a couple of players he liked (and usually the wrong ones). Of course I didn't mean excited about this team right now...I meant you NEVER are!
  • you are coming up on three years and Im since 2002? Ivee seen and heard it all. Ive learned. You are on information overload.
  • He admitted he was on here as Raveneagle before he was hollywoodeagle and with some things I saw Raveneagle had posted (had to look him up after hollywood admitted to it) I wouldn't have been shocked if he got the boot. After typing that I will admit that although hollywood and I like to disagree he has mellowed since I first came here. He is a little less vulgar and he doesn't insult nearly as many barkers as he used to. You are correct in one thing you typed though Spotella...yardbarker was founded in 2006 so hollywood is telling a little fib AGAIN!
  • if you looked it up what was the date of Raven eagle
  • Sorry, hollywood. Thought I was hitting reply but I flagged you. I don't have to look up your old ID. Look up yardbarker and you can see when it was founded...2006.
  • Heard and seen it all because you have been on yardbarker? LOL! You've puffed your chest out before and have told me you know more about football because you have been on here longer and I laughed back you not know how stupid that sounds?
  • do you know what year Raveneagle started?
  • I just looked hollywood. 2008 so you fibbed by 6 years...why do you fib so much? Why always stretching the truth?
  • EXCITED. I know someone is gonna lie, backstab , mislead ..etc and then try to con me that they have something that they dont and Im supposed to be excited? You should listen to WIP the fans are worse than me. Disgusted, humiliated , disgraced and ANGRY
  • I do listen to WIP and there is NO way the fans are worse than you! Nobody is. Of course they are upset, of course they are disgruntled (and they should be) but I had to run an errand for my wife last night and I did turn WIP on. While in my car I heard Dan Klecko state that he hopes the players don't give up on Reid because Reid is too nice of a man and he doesn't want to see him go through that. Don't you always claim that EVERYBODY hates Reid including his players? You want everybody to hate Reid and of course some fans do and of course they are upset but for the most part I hear fans state they just want him gone and I agree with that. I agree with what a lot of people have been stating about the franchise right now and I have stated the's more apathy than anger right now and that may even be worse. Feeing anger is at least feeling something.
  • Im celebrating that minor victory. Although thats 7 years too late. But Ill take it. I want more. Im not settling for this purely garbage joke they are putting on the field.
  • I know you "blame " Vick. But other than the 1st qtr in this game, I have yet to see the OL block. There was something different today with the OL. Which makes me wonder why the line has been so bad. Was it a Vendetta? Would the Eagles purposely risk that mans life to dump his contract? I think it was very suspicious how "all of a sudden" the line has blocking schemes.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Maybe they got fired up with a new quarterback...or maybe like we have stated Vick is part of the problem? What you stated actually doesn't make any sense anyway. You stated the O-line blocked in the first quarter (Vick was in) and then you stated the Eagles may have wanted Vick to get hurt? The statement contradicts your point. Hollywood, why the hell do you make dumbass statements that are NOTHING but stupid speculation? So, Reid AND Mornhinweg told Mudd NOT to block for Vick hoping he would get hurt and get knocked out of the game and possibly further risking Reid's stay in Philadelphia. You are freaking unbelievable!...and you wonder why we question you?
  • I dont think he was hurt.
  • Of course you don't. You always look for "the Eagles aren't being upfront" angle especially if it's a scenario surronding someone you like. You constantly sound like the boy who cried wolf.
  • *surrounding
  • Okay, here we go. On what planet do you think that Vick wouldn't state his displeasure eventually if what you stated truly happened? You could tell Vick was hurt when they showed him before they took him into the locker room. Why do you continue to insist on showing everybody how much of a wack you are?
  • How about the new one- "They are going to rest him for the rest of the season". Please. Orchestrated exit.
  • Keep flagging me! No attacking at all. All I'm doing is calling hollywood on the BS he constantly types and you know what I am typing about. I do it cleanly and if you haven't noticed I use no vulgarity. It's absolutely not my way. I certainly keep our discussions cleaner than hollywood does and I am no romorules either. If you haven't been tossed yet I fear no repercussions from the mods. If they toss me after years of seeing what others have typed (mostly you, my friend) then shame on them. Actually I really do hope you keep flagging me for nothing. One of their rules is no flagging unless necessary and you are breaking that rule if you are constantly flagging me. It seems like yardbarker is finally getting tired of you or at least finding it necessary to do something...keep pushing with no reason and you may be the next bigrele. Look at how your comments are being blocked unless we choose to see them. Seems to me that you are the one being given a time-out. Peace, bro! LOL!
  • Now where oh where did the romorules comment go that I responded to? It wasn't vulgar, it really wasn't any worse than many of his other comments, I would actually state that it was pretty tame for him and much worse ones are still in the yard...but it's gone. How funny and odd!
  • Romo that Bozo never learns. He dreams about jeffrey Lurie and his cap managemnt. LMFAO. This is crud plain and simple.
  • GTD- " Mommy did you bring home the cap management for supper"
  • Honestly, hollywood? You honestly just turned 50? No one would have ever guessed your age if you didn't tell us. You type like an immature 15 year old.
  • Youve been calling me a "liar" for months. You asked for it. Surrogate baby momma. I have more experience with football , on this site and life in general. But you just keep calling me a liar. Thats funny, I have hunreds of customers everyday but you with your little desk job have the nerve to call me a liar. . Your an ignorant fool.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I'm not sure how a man who HAS to realize he BSs as much as he does gets upset when called on some of them. How he doesn't realize that most of his BS is easy to spot.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
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  • I state it because it is true. You have made things up about about me and other barkers, you make things up about the Eagles in general, about Lurie, about Reid, about speculate about almost everything you type on here and argue that they must be true. I'll make you a deal...put a disclaimer behind every claim of yours stating that "these are the views of hollywoodeagle and they are meant to be taken with a grain of salt, all persons and places mentioned in this comment or forum are fictitous and are not meant to be taken seriously" and I will stop stating you are making things up.
  • More claims from a man who knows almost nothing about the man he is arguing with. Maybe you do have more experience at all these things (and do you really give a damn that you have more experience on yardbarker? pathetic!) you but I can tell one thing by what you have an extremely odd look at football. I am not the only person who has made that claim and you know that hollywood.
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  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • If he's 5 than I'm impressed, 6 or 7 maybe not.
  • OMG - no wonder I went on extended vacation from this place.
    Anyway, even if all the players love Reid, something needs to be done to get their groove back. I worked with a wonderful lady, but she was let go because she couldn't learn the job. I don't like to see people fail; however this team has a lot of talent, and their three wins this season could have been losses. Something is not working on their team, and if a coaching change will make it better, then do it!

  • In the words of the great Bill Parcells "You are what your record says you are." We as Eagles fans need to stop believing hype. This team isn't that talented. They can't rush the quarterback. They have the worst safeties in football. Their corners are beaten on a regular basis. Their offensive line is atrocious. Their wide receivers are soft, drop too many passes, and can't make plays when they are covered. Their coaches more often than not scheme poor game plans and place their players in positions to fail. Their quarterback right now has lost all of his confidence and is far more likely to throw a pick 6 in the red zone than he is likely to throw a touchdown. This team is NOT talented. If they were they wouldn't have been 8-8 last season and 3-6 on a five game losing streak this season. Once we start admitting the truth, then we can move forward. Someone in the Eagles organization needs to start admitting the truth to themselves.
  • I agree with you. They dont have the talent and no matter what the cap figure say they can be manipulated. We let go of too many veteran players. Its not a matter of whether they were the best or not but they kept the ship sailing in the right direction. I would keep as many veterans they can that contibute and start there.. Then reevaluate the mercenaries and get rid of the excess. Babin out. Bell out. Jenkins - keep Maybe. Drc - out. Ryans- Keep Maybe. Nhamdi- Keep maybe. The sooner a new coach can get in here and evaluate the swifeter the process will move. Thats my big complaint with Lurie. He is wasting time keeping Reid around. Its time to get the next phase moving.
  • Manipulated is one thing, hiding 17 million and then finding more to sign other players is another. You don't know what type of hits all these players will cost the Eagles in dead think every owner can make any move they want...your thinking is beyond unreasonable! The Eagles will make moves and cutting Vick will be one of the first at the end of the year. I'm sure some of the other vets they brought in the last two years or so will be gone and if the new coach is already coaching an NFL team as an assistant he will fill in some of those open spots with some of "his" players. The whole 22 million they are under right now will still be mostly used up by growing salaries. Roseman and the new coach will certainly have their work cut out for them.
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