Chip Kelly Wants Winners And Not Whiners.

Posted July 16, 2013

Chip’s making it clear he wants to win now, so that means all of the old days just getting by and not being held accountable for your actions are over. Good or bad the slate is clean for these players. Now they can decide to do things they way they used to by taking plays off, being lackadaisical with the football, constant mental lapses, not having any pride in the uniform or for the team they play for; or they can step up, work hard, compete, fight, and ultimately win! Despite what some people believe YOU CAN’T WIN WITH A LOSING MENTALITY. The truth is Chip has to change the mentality and not IGNORE the losing mentality is there. Rather he must confront it, and force these men to once again believe they can win. Winning is hard work and it takes pride, determination, and dedication to ones craft.  This team as it is can’t win from all the losing. At the first sign of “here we go again”, these players are going to revert back to being the losers they have become lately. Just watch the Raiders this season and you will see a team that will fold like tissue paper at the first sign of adversity, because they would rather ignore the losing mentality that has befallen them.


["Everywhere I've been, it has played itself out on the field…”]


 Is what Kelly has said, and any Eagles fan worth half his salt wouldn’t want it any other way. He/She wouldn’t want players dictating to coaches who should and shouldn’t be starters unless those players were the likes of Peyton Manning or something. There’s no Manning on this roster.  A true fan wouldn’t want anyone other than the coach handling who starts for his team and who doesn’t. Imagine being forces by management to start a player, because he makes too much money or some front office idiot makes a trade for the guy and forces you to play him! The Raiders fans know all about that, and most of the smarter ones seem very upset about it. Chip Kelly was brought here to win, and he can’t win with players that aren’t willing to work and change their losing mentality.


["My job is to win right now…”]


And this should be a notice to the players on this roster who have been here and haven’t been winning. Don’t think being the guy you used to be under Reid will get you by now. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that nearly every player the Eagles brought in this offseason came from winning teams. So unless you’re a guy who has been brought in (and understands how to win) or you’re a rookie then you better consider yourself on alert. You are the players Chip Kelly HASN’T CHOSEN and are the ones under most of his scrutiny. Anyone who from the start of training camp is found to be dogging it, we may not find them on this roster despite how great they think they are. Some of you have favorite players on this team. One of mine is Shady McCoy, but I know this. If Shady wants to be an Eagle this season and beyond then he better come into camp in shape, ready to work, and hungry to win. He may not be cut, but trades can happen in the NFL. All of the players who have been losing under Reid are on notice and any TRUE Eagles fan wouldn’t want it any other way.


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  • When u say players shouldn't dictate to coaches who should start do u mean like desean? Cause to me chip caving shows just who runs the team and it ain't the coaches. Same with all the stuff we been seeing about chip would lose the locker room if Vick wasn't brought back so Vick had to be brought back. That shows the players run the coach not the coach runs the players. Also since chip did decide to bring Vick back does that mean he is one of the people who doesn't need to be on alert? Cause he knows how to win. The question is more his ability to get it done.
  • Players should not dictate to coaches in terms of who they are going to play or keep anymore than front office people should be dictating to coaches on who to play or keep. Now there is a side of not losing a locker room, but can Chip Kelly truly say he has this locker room yet regardless? If Kelly were to come in and kept things like Reid did them what would he accomplish? The answer is the exact same thing as Reid, a tired message, disinterested players, and his ultimate dismissal. He has to make changes in order to make Reid's team his team. Now that's going to ruffle the feathers of some players like Desean, and that's why he found himself demoted just in OTAs for a moment. Speaking as a man from the military I know that in order for one to change a man he must first become broken and then built back up. The losing mentality must be broken before Chip Can make them winners.
  • So desean saying he isn't going to practice with the twos wasn't him dictating to the coach? Cause it is last time I checked
  • From how I view it Jackson was upset with his demotion. Do you think if Jackson dogs it with the ones he will stay there?
  • Yea cause all he needs to do is tell Kelly he doesn't wanna be with the twos like he did before and he will be back with the ones. That's what Kelly has showed us so far.
  • We'll see. I can only go by what Kelly says. If he truly wants to compete then he will make that an expectation to all the members of his team at least until they show they can be trusted.
  • Except for when he says desean was upset we talked and the next day he was with the ones. Just gonna ignore that ?
  • Yes he's going to ignore that. He KEEPS doing that.
  • Yea don't worry I'm not holding my breath
  • Nope and maybe you should read my other posting. Jackson's "demotion" was a warning. He got his attention. That's what he wanted to do. So you believe that he should have permanently benched Jackson for him dogging it at a volunteer workout when there were players that didn't even show up at all? Let's not forget that Kelly himself said there is no depth chart. I know you're smarter than you're making yourself look right now.
  • Dude. Just stop. Ur embarrassing urself. All players were running with the twos and threes. Mixing it up. It's a good move by Kelly. The bad move was b!tching out when desean said he didn't wanna do it. U need proof? Let me introduce u to this nifty little thing called
  • EZ: There's what you SAID, and what Kelly DID. Guess which one fans care about.
  • Thank you 20Dawk. That's also the whole point of what I've been saying since DJax and Kelly had that meeting.

    It's hard to buy into the whole competition thing we keep being told, with the way things keep shaking out. I mean even Trent Cole is being groomed to start a position that Mychal Kendricks is better suited to. It doesn't say "competition' at all.
  • Don't even get me started on the defense. Besides this site can only talk qb competitions.
  • I put out PLENTY non-QB stuff out here.

    It's just EZ and GTD who are stuck on the Vick/Foles debate. (I happen to prefer Vick to Foles, IN THIS SYSTEM. If we were still running the WCO, I'd consider it a contest. If we were running Air Coryell, I'd prefer Foles.)

    I think if the REST OF us want to discuss something other than QB's we need to stick to those discussions. At least until there is something of substance to discuss.
  • and I think if you ask any coach in any sport?
  • EZ I think you are simplifying the situation. You usually overanalyze but in this case you are assuming a team can be molded just based on open competition. I can tell you for a fact that Ray Lewis from an impact standpoint did very little physically in his final two years but from a mental aspect he was dominating. So to simply just say let them play doesnt always mean you will come up with the best collective group. You may have the best physical players but not necessarily the best team. Chip has to build confidence that he can lead them. Just pitting them against each other doesnt mean you will get the best out of them. You have to remember they are teamates and have to win as a group. Chip has to be intelligent.
  • Absolutely!

    He also has to be consistent. If he keeps on SAYING one thing but DOING the other, he'll lose credibility with his roster. Losing credibility BEFORE the preseason? Be hard to get the ship righted after that.
  • Andy was an expert at saying one thing and doing another. But Im sure when he did it the fornt office was tugging the strings. Eg. TO, Castillo, Dawkins, Trotter, McNabb on and on. I dont believe Reid would have acted so arrogant without the approval of his boss. Thats the main reason why I am not writing him off in KC
  • But now that Andy is in KC, what are your thoughts on Kelly? For all our pointing out of Andy's faults and failings, we have a new guy who's job it is to fix everything that was left broken. Or better still, instead of fixing it, building something stronger.

    Judging from what I've seen so far, Kelly hardly seems up to the task.
  • One thing is for certain Flip, if you start with inferior parts you get a flawed product. And I don't see the present list of players giving Kelly too much to work with. If he wins right away then he is truly a miracle worker, but I don't see that happening this season.
  • I think aside from O-line and Safety, Kelly has a lot of talent to work with.

    So far my issues with Kelly are mostly deployment based. Deployment of information. Deployment of hierarchical structure. Deployment of systemic keys. As well as the deployment strategy of his 3-4 alignment. Even the most talented players if used wrong, will fail to succeed.
  • I think people are undersestimating this team in some ways. Our offense is intact. We have young veterans in their prime. I could list them but you know them. We arent counting on rookie players so I think if the system works our offense can score big points. On D Im ot sure what we have but guys like Allen , Colemanshould play at a higher level because again they are maturing.. If Graham plays well we could have a diamond in the ruff. In reality, we have had the lean years. This team is entering its prime. Thats why I laugh at the rebuild concept. that would take 10 years.
  • Flip and Holly, all valid points. I think the biggest problem is at the most important position...QB. Vick has proven he is not the answer....I don't see Foles as the guy who's gonna tear it up...and I'll stand by my opinion of USC QB's. That school is the place to look for a Running Back but they have sent a long list of bums to the NFL from the QB position. We can only watch the drama unfold when the NFL kicks it off for real.
  • That's true GR. The truth is that he's not going to be able to cut away all the deadwood in one fell swoop. Rebuilding this bunch of pussbags into a team worthy of representing this city is gonna take some time. I've always believed you have to give it at least three years before you can get an accurate judgment of a new coach.
  • Definitely, it takes time to install a new way of doing things. I can see them winning a couple of more games than last year but I can't see any playoffs in their immediate future, stranger things have happened though, so you never know in sports.
  • Remember Reid went 5-11 his first year.
  • I wouldnt say hes not up to the task. But I think he is treading softly and thats not overly encouraging. I dont think we need a Buddy or Rex Ryan here but we do need a guy willing to be the Lieutenant maybe Major in the field. We need a coach tahst going to spill some blood for the players. meaning risk his own reputation. Put his name on it and say I support it 100%. He needs to paint the picture of what he wants. Right now hes just broad stroking and throwing out the canvas. He needs to be specific and let fans identify why this owner hired him. What makes his capable of leading. He needs to somehow expose his leadership traits so that players and fans can hop on board with his ideas. Right now I dont have a clear message but lets see what transpires in camp.
  • Understand that no players is bigger than the team. If there is someone who isn't going to play the game Kelly's way then Kelly doesn't have to play him. If you think Jackson or anyone else is going to bully Kelly into playing him you're a fool. If Kelly were going to be bullied he would have named a starting quarterback by now. Wise up people.
  • Na he was just told if he didn't bring Vick back he would lose the team so Vick was brought back. Desean told him he doesn't wanna practice with the twos so he doesn't. Yea ur right the players can't bully kelly. Only seems like what was brought to the media first doesn't matter.
  • I call bull. Show me the article, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or anything where Jackson said what he isn't going to do. If you can't find it you're lying.

    Here's an excerpt from Jackson:
    "When I went in there, he said he expects everybody to buy into the system and do everything the right way,” said Jackson. ”And if there is any little thing a player doesn’t want to do, that’s his way of reacting to it. The best thing I did was go talk to him instead of just sitting back and being mad.”

    Did you see it? ”And if there is any little thing a player doesn’t want to do, that’s his way of reacting to it."

    Apparently there was something Jackson DIDN'T want to do, that got him demoted. Yet all he had to do to get his spot back, was have a little chat! Usually a player who ends up in the coach's dog house has to play his way out of it in ACTUAL GAMES THAT COUNT! Here? Jackson didn't even have to buy Kelly a beer.
  • This is your proof LMAO! All this did was make it clear that Jackson's now on Kelly's page and not vice versa. This is basically what I already read. Like I wrote early let me know when Jackson refuses to practice. It's only happened under Reid.
  • Yeah, I'm thinking a DIRECT QUOTE from the player in question, regarding the situation we're discussing would count as proof to anyone but you. Buy a dictionary.

    Jackson apparently didn't want to do something and Kelly reacted by demoting him. (As Jackson himself said.)

    If refusing to practice is the only thing you recognize as a player bucking the system, then you probably can't understand why they fired Rich Kotite. Everyone showed up to practice, but he clearly had lost credibility with his locker room.

    Kelly right now has that Richie Kotite smell.

  • ”And if there is any little thing a player doesn’t want to do, that’s his way of reacting to it."
    The word "his" is referring to Chip Kelly. That means if you don't follow the rules you get demoted. Considering Jackson was the only one who needed the lesson I think he's doing fine with it.
  • And that stops working right around final cutdowns.

    Right now, (even though it's pure idiocy) Kelly has 90 or so guys to stack different ways. At this point demotion-based re-stacking gives bottom guys a chance to shine, when ordinarily they wouldn't see many reps.

    Sounds good right? WRONG! This means you spent camp shelving your best guys, so when they come out rusty, and the timing isn't developed you get early losses and a hole to dig out of. So while your division rivals were sharpening their teeth, you spent time trying to "prove a point".

    Recognizing that he doesn't have the juice to bench a 9 million dollar player, Kelly caved and "let DJax off" with just a meeting. Note how even TODAY Jackson has once again banged the pot for Vick in front of national media .

    Jus' sayin'.
  • Maybe my timeline is messed up but I think it went like this

    Desean (and the rest of the team) got demoted
    Desean had a meeting with Kelly
    Only desean was no longer practicing with the twos, cause as far as I know maclin still is.
    We find out about it
    We find out Kelly would have lost the locker room if he didn't do what the players wanted and bring back Vick.

    Am I good or missing something?
  • We get it. You two believe Chip Kelly is a lying incompetent moron. I sure you both with your extensive knowledge of the NFL and how it works would "do a better job" than he has (even though he hasn't played a game yet) and with your great ideas of allowing the players to run all over you I'm sure (in your minds) you can succeed.
  • U see u got it twisted. It's not us who would let the players walk over us. It's kelly and apparently u. If it was me and I didn't want Vick he would be gone n the team would have been told to man up or follow him out the door. If desean came to me and said he doesn't wanna play with the twos he would have been told to get out my office and start playing harder. It's how my coaches did it. It's how I would have done it too. Especially with grown @ss men.

    Oh and if I was the coach new or returning Vick would be gone and desean may be as well if I could have got Vincent Jackson before.
  • I don't believe Kelly is allowing his players to walk all over him, and I'm sure he's not going to let them. I most certainly wouldn't accept it.
  • why don't they coach somewhere in the NFL
    obythe way this will get ignored
  • I read your comment. It's pointless, and you've used it repeatedly. It should be ignored. However, the little gremlin in my head wanted me to prove you wrong, so here's your reply.
  • I don't think that Chip Kelly will fail. That doesn't mean I think he'll be a success, either. I don't watch college football, so I have no idea what sort of college coach he was. I do know that I am not thrilled over the idea that the Eagles will be his NFL coaching training ground. I most likely won't have any opinion on the man's coaching ability until near the end of the pre-season, at the soonest.

    Do I think we should have kept Andy Reid? No. I think his time here was through. He had a great run here, but you could see the downward slide. It was like he had lost his fire. I think he was through here, but not through with football. I wish him well in KC.

    I will say that I think I would have been more comfortable with Reid's replacement having some NFL experience. I don't think that means I want Kelly to fail. Hell, for the sake of the Eagles, I hope he wows us all! I'm just saying that, when you get a new supervisor at work, you'd probably feel better if it was someone with real world business experience, rather than someone fresh out of school. That's how I view Chip Kelly. I'm sure he's got tons of football knowledge, but he's got no NFL coaching experience. I'm just gonna sit back and see how well this plays out.
  • That is a respectable stance. I'm with you on it.
  • His time was through here? (shm) You wound me FMP. lol.
  • I think his time was through here. There were enough bad experiences here, both in and out of football, for it to be reasonable to assume he'd be happier elsewhere.
  • I will bet without exception a good work environment leads to better production. Reid made alot of promises he didnt keep. The work environment deteriorated under Reid. Its Chips job to make it a better more productive place to work. Real simple principles.
  • I wont deny the fact Reid's message got real stale and he himself became a lame duck coach after his agent tried to use his sons death as leverage for a contract extension, but where is the accountability of the players? Even after their heart felt (half felt rather) team meeting, after Reid got rid of the alleged road block in Juan all they did was lay egg after egg on the field. You can't reward these guys by just giving them back their jobs and telling them that it was okay. This team for whatever reason neglected the basics. Right now they are being taught. The ones who catch on will stay. The ones who don't likely won't.

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