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I know some people believe that Mike Vick should be given the job, just because he's Mike Vick and two years ago he captured your hearts, but the reality is Mike Vick is going to have to earn the job. No more of that nonsense from last season where Vick clearly didn't earn the job, was stinking it up during the season, but money and fear of losing his job prevented Reid from sitting Vick. Now that our current head coach has no concern for job security, he isn't going to be concerned with anything other than playing the best guy and that will be determined on the field and not by how much money a guy makes. That should put many of the Eagles current players like Nnamdi on notice as well. So remember folks. If Mike Vick is not the starter it will not be because the fans don't like him or that everyone else failed him. The reason will be that Mike Vick failed to get the job done and nobody should be blamed but him.
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  • Keep holding out hope. Keep dreaming. Foles will be riding the pine. You think Chips gonna chance a nice 1-6 run with Foles to start the season. Doubt it. Vick will bail out the franchise again or at least attempt too. it will be interesting to see if the o-line comes together or they stick him behind that turnstile and let his get assaulted on every play. They may just allow him to get beatdown and cut him. Lets hope they have a better o-line scheme than last year so he gets more than 1.7 seconds on average to drop back and throw. Even hudini couldnt move that fast. But Foles will- thats a laugh.
  • I don't have hope any way. I could careless who is under center as long as they produce. Isn't that all that matters?
  • I agree there . I wouldnt mind a 3rd option to pressure Foles and Vick. But realistically, Im going the same route with Foles that I did with kolb. I think he was drafted to be a 3rd string. Whats wrong with that? He makes a great 3rd string QB now. He can play but hes like a Koy Detmer. There is nothing to be ashamed about with him there. I mean QBs get injured. He will make it onto the field. You have to have role players. He is a role player. Hes no Flacco as some goof tried to compare him too. They have nothing in common. Flacco was a 1st rounder that m,ay have been a 1st pick had he gone to a bigger school than delaware. Face it , foles was picked to be a backup. Its a financial decision to take a qb in the 3rd round and put him on your roster. its a cheap 3rd string alternative. They tried to breathe some life into a faltering team by using him as a smokescreen. He stunk when he played. Whats he gonna develop gunpowder. I mean he is a NFl player but someone has to be a backup.
  • What's funny is that you have been trying so hard to get justification to why Mike Vick should start even though he lost his job to what you call a 3rd round "3rd string" player (and making up excuses why that 3rd rounder stayed on his feet more and took less hits) If Vick is the starter day one I will hope to god he proves me wrong but injuries and turnovers and sacks will almost certainly be Vick's undoing again...and you once again will be crying about the new coach's schemes and how Kelly, the offensive line coach, Lurie and the NFL are trying to get Mike Vick hurt so they can cut him.
  • Going back to my point. I don't care who the QB is as long as he produces. That is all that matters. If whoever wins the job isn't getting it done during the season, then they should be benched too.
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  • The defense is going to be a work in progress. I don't envy Davis. The deck is stacked against him.
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  • Honestly I don't see how a person who hates Vick could not like this one. The Eagles hold all the cards here. Vick won't be a moping guy on the sidelines, because he is still going to want a contract after this. So even if he gets benched he will play the good soldier. Vick or Foles will have to earn the job. Competition tends to bring out the best in athletes. This is a win/win situation even if the Eagles lose a lot next season.
  • Read the comments HollywoodRaider.
  • Um....don't you actually have to have 'real' quarterbacks in order to have a 'real' quaterback competition...just sayin'. ;-)
  • Say it EZ. Say it. I want Nick Foles. You wont choose so you will be right no matter what. Watch this: I want Michael Vick. Its simple.
  • So you want Vick regardless if he stinks or not. In other words the player means more to you than the team. No wonder you called for boycotts along with your new best friend who blocks you despite the fact he thinks just like you. This is why everyone thinks both of you are clueless.
  • Nick Foles? you want Nick Foles? the Eagles need an offensive line. they wanted Vick to stay in the pocket so we see how that worked out, let Vick be Vick and stop tinkering with his skill set, he is who he is. a defense wouldn't be a bad idea either.
  • Let Mike Vick be Mike Vick is a statement completely overused with no true meaning at all. The truth is Mike Vick's best season came when Reid realled Vick in. At least until the league figured out how to stop him again. Look at the history. Several coaches fell by the wayside letting Vick be Vick.
  • Once again Reid gets the credit not the QB. Fact is he had great protection and saved our season that your boy Kolb nearly ruined. We have all seen Foles play and Vick as well. And unless yiou simply look at stats it is clear to the naked eye which QB possesses better skills. Lets see Vick has a better arm, better legs, better record , more playoff wins but Foles is better. Did Foles grow wings overnite. If not he still sucks EZ. You and astro(gtd) have no good idea whats up. rum rorry george
  • So Vick has two more wins than a rookie and we should be rejoicing in the streets for him? You're not that dumb are you? FYI Mike Vick only has two more playoff victories than Foles and he hasn't won a playoff game since 04. What good is it to have a better arm if you throw the ball to the other team on a regular basis? That fact Mike Vick has comparable stats to a rookie makes me more concerned about Vick and less about the rookie especially when to take into account the same EXCUSE you gave Vick. He had no offensive line, but unlike Vick he never had the line. Unlike Vick he didn't have Jackson, McCoy, and Celek on a regular basis. Still with all of the deficiencies around him he manages to have a better completion percentage than Mike Vick and managed to have a lower sack percentage ratio than Mike Vick. Excuses can go both ways. MV is cooked unless he can prove otherwise and his last game as an Eagles didn't prove otherwise. And when MV has a chance to prove he's still got it he gets blown out by the Giants in the last game of the season. Vick better come better than that or does he mean more to you than the team? I know you won't answer. You're far too scared of the truth to answer questions.
  • I don't know if you checked out my rundown of injuries in a response to flip to help back up your reply to hollywood but here's something else I'll throw out to the barkers who feel Vick only looked worse than Foles because he was misused by Reid (not stating he wasn't). Hollis Thomas made a comment on WIP weeks ago that made me do some homework. Thomas said that Vick took more hits than Foles because he had double the passing attempts as Foles did. He said that Foles dropped back about 25 times to Vick's 50 times a game (I'm pretty certain I saw similar comments on yardbarker). Looking at the numbers not only is that not even close to the truth Foles actually has slighty more if I did the numbers right. It isn't much and they both averaged out to roughly 39 times a game but Foles had Vick by a very small amount. Just more excuses why a rookie looked a little better than Vick by some people who want to see Vick get another chance.
  • Its funny how you distort the truth. The real truth regardless of what your ststs say is that Foles was dumping powder puff four yard passes on three step drops while Vick was getting ravaged with an average of 1.7 seconds to pass on a seven step drop back. Lets describe things acurately. Foles was given room by defenses that sat back until it was time to shut him down while Vick was trying to make big plays to keep the Eagles in ball games. You are a LIAR then and now.
  • This may be the most pathetic excuse ever made for Mike Vick. Stop trying to be his advocate. You're only making him look worse. Blitz the veteran and stay back against the rookie. WOW
  • Does hollywood even believe the crap he types? He types to you that Foles is a joke when he has been pulling for one of the biggest jokes on the roster...Mike Vick as the starter after the last two years he has had. He calls me a liar while trying to yet again twist the truth. Foles was eventually asked to do similar things as Vick last year and didn't fair any worse than the 10 year vet did (and even looked better at times). When you look at the upside of both players who would you rather see a rebuilding team go with...the 2nd year player who has his whole career to develop or the 10 year vet who is 32 and has slipped the last 3 years? Just about any coach but Kelly would be leaning towards Foles and many coaches would have probably moved on from Vick.
  • Sorry for the late response but I honestly didn't see this. You state that I'm a liareven though you are the one that constantly distorts FACTS. Go look at Foles and Vick's numbers for yourself. Here is another fact. Vick threw for 236.2 yards per game and Foles threw for 242.7 so unless the Eagles backs and TEs were consistently running through tackles it looks like Foles got the ball downfield just fine. I also know for a fact that your time that Vick had to throw isn't factual because there were times that I saw last year that showed that Vick held the ball longer than most veteran QBs. I'm almost positive that I saw that there were only a few QBs in the league that held onto the ball longer than Vick and they were mostly (possibly all) rookies and very young players. Vick takes many of those hits you whine about because instead of being smart and getting rid of the ball he holds onto it for too long! That is the true reason he took more hits than Foles last year and the offensive line looked so much better when it was protecting Foles...not because the line got that much better (they may have gelled but not that much) nor because the coaches, the players or the league wanted to see Vick get hurt (I can't believe I had to type that but you did suggest that last year).
  • Im laughing right now. If someone posts a funny Helen Keller Eagle dance on you tube I will pay them 1,000. This is an offer. But it must be good and have mass appeal. I cant stop laughing at this retard franchise. they are funny motha phuckers in Philly. what a joke.
  • Just make it yourself. We want to laugh (at you) too.
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  • One of these days all the "experts" may stop swearing the know everything and just listen to what's been told to them. Open competition.

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Lightning reach Stanley Cup Final with Game 7 win

Devon Still's daughter has complications with transplant

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If the Warriors win the title, the parade will be for Oakland

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