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Posted January 18, 2013

I see that most people on here are agreeing to disagree. Who's the QB? Vick? Foles? Will Kelly's "System" work in the NFL? Are the Eagles taking a HUGE risk with hiring a college coach? Who should we trade for or draft? Etc etc.

Obviously everyone has their opinion, so I figured I might as well "Chip" in with a few thoughts of my own.

So, we have a new head coach (the "hottest" name on the coaching wire this off season btw) and the biggest uproar seems to be about his up tempo/read option offense. While I do believe that our offensive strategy will change with more up tempo plays, I don't think that Kelly is the type of person to try and fit a square peg in a round hole. I highly doubt Kelly will try to run the Oregon offense in the exact manner he will run the Eagles offense (Vick or no Vick). The NFL is a different landscape and Kelly is smart enough to know this. 

After watching his press conference on the Eagles website, Kelly struck me as someone who's intelligent, football savvy, and willing to express his thoughts openly. He's a football guy who will be an equal opportunist at every level. Right now he's gathering information and watching tape on ALL the players. He's trying to figure out who our best option is at quarterback, and will also add competition to the mix as the draft approaches. Kelly doesn't buy into reputation, he believes actions speak louder than words. And if someone thinks they are a starter, prove it.

The best type of coach is one who will evaluate the ENTIRE roster and position players in a manner where they will be most productive. I believe Kelly (much like Billichick) has an eye for "talent" and will put players in the best possible position to succeed. Kelly knows what he wants, and will work towards molding the team into a winner. Think of it as food, Chip has an idea of what he wants for dinner, so right now Chip is checking out the fridge to see what's available/ what spices he has to work with etc etc. If Chip ultimately wants a chicken salad, and opens the fridge to see a 1lb of ground beef, he obviously isn't going to have chicken for dinner. Chip will probably improvise and make a taco salad instead (which is just as delicious btw haha). I think I'm hungry.. LOL

Anyway, I firmly believe Chip is a visionary and will put our players in the best position to succeed. Who plays quarterback? Good question. Currently we only have a few options (Vick/Foles/Edwards), but that could change drastically in the next few months. If I were to make the decision I would run a New England type offense with Foles, cut Vick and use that money toward improving the OL/Defense (unless Vick agrees to renegotiate his contract to remain with the team). But who knows, perhaps Chip thinks our best option at QB this year is Vick? I suppose we will find out as training camp fires up. Until then, it's all speculation as to what will happen.

This also goes with the type of defense the Eagles will run. Will it remain a 4-3 or will the Eagles move to a 3-4? Do the type of players on the Eagles roster make a somewhat smooth transition if we go with a 3-4? How many players fit the Kelly mold who can execute any specific type of defense? Again, we will have to wait and see. But I do think that the Eagles have the versatility to move to a 3-4 if they so desire (Cole and Graham both played LB in college) and I don't think they would do worse than the longtime Colts DE's who made a similar transition last season (Mathis and Freeney). Again, our roster will take shape in the months to come and we will have a better insight as to what type of offense/defense we will run given the hiring of our offensive/defensive coordinators.

To sum things up, I think any coaching regime change is going to set for change. I don't think it matters who they are/what credentials or perceived credentials they might have obtained in the NFL. I can think of HOF coaches who returned to the sidelines and didn't win the SB (Gibbs with the Redskins and future HOF Bill Parcells with the Jets/Cowboys etc). I can think of hot college coaches who were complete failures (Spurrier, Nick Saban), as well as college coaches who made it to the Superbowl and won it (Dick Vermell, Jimmy Johnson etc). There have been coaches who were failures at their first stop, and who have made/won multiple Superbowls (Bill Belichick after he was fired by the Browns and eventually hired as the HC of the Patriots). And coaches who were flops their first time around, but made it back to the NFL as a success (Pete Carrol as the HC of the Jets/Patriots and now in Seattle).

All we can do at this point forward is speculate and wait with anticipation as the new year draws closer. The first step is hiring offensive/defensive coordinators/entire football staff. I think this is the only time we can get a "idea" of what this team MIGHT look like. September is a LONG ways away, and there are many tasks that need to be done. Who will lead the Eagles is certain, who executes the plan? That is where the uncertainty will remain .. until then. Stay tuned!!

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  • AND HE BETTER START LIKING THE MEDIA AT OREGON EVERYONE KNEW HIS dislike for a mic in hand!!!!as if to say go away im trying to coach football!!!! I recall several times he heading to halftime>??? the sportsperson" what are going to do in the second half???? he'd look at the person and one could read his mind?? as if what kind of a question is that????
  • I heard about his disdain for the media. Of course Parcells was like that too. Reid was as well. Personally I don't care about that. Just win.
  • There's that comparison again. Chip Kelly and Bill Belichick.
    Let's not forget that Belichick was developed under Bill Parcells and STILL (once he went on his own) endured the fires of hell (5 seasons, 4 losing ones) before being canned in Cleveland. Belichick was developed by time and experience. Kelly has no in-house mentor here.

    Even at the GM level.

    I'm sure he's going to adapt what he does to what he can get away with in the NFL (the opportunist you mentioned). If he plays it straight and plans for the future, he has to cut Vick and find someone to develop. As nothing about Foles says "up-tempo", an attempt to come out winning means he has to stay with Vick. He could do both (win and plan) with a monster trade, but those are silly to bank on even occurring.

    It just seems like we got a guy who's going to be in over his head at the start, and nobody throws lifelines in the NFL.

    I hope I'm wrong. I swear I hope he can string together seasons that look consistently better than 8-8, even if he never wins a Super Bowl here. But from all the evidence I keep straining through thus far, I just don't see it.
  • Is it fair comparing Kelly to Spurrier? I would say no, but with that being the case I don't think comparing was latin's point. I think he's just laying out scenarios to show people shouldn't assume the worst here. He's right that the Eagles got the biggest name on the coaching market this off season. All of the clamoring for the retreads doesn't guarantee a Super Bowl as none of them have gone to another place and won one. All I'm going to say is maybe Kelly IS Steve Spurrier. If he is like Spurrier he gets fired. Then again maybe he's Jimmy Johnson. Now we have a find, because unlike our owner he won't fire the coach, because his ego got too big. We could be racking up trophies for years to come! Bottom line is at this moment we don't know, so it's best to just sit back and let it play out.
  • "I believe Kelly (much like Billichick) has an eye for "talent" and will put players in the best possible position to succeed."

    I don't know who taught YOUR English class, but here in America that statement IS a comparison, in that it talks about how 2 things are ALIKE. When Latinferno said that it was technically a comparison.

    All talk here is speculation, but when I speculate I do it with my whole person on ONE side of the fence. All this "We'll see" BS, is the equivalent of saying nothing at all. Everybody KNOWS we'll see. That's hardly new, insightful or relevant. The whole point of coming here is to TALK about football, and talking means you should have something of some substance to say. Even if that substance is just where you stand on something.

    Where do I stand? I think Chip Kelly is in over his head. I think there were other NFL assistants we could have had, even if we couldn't land one of the "retreads". I also hope to Hell that I'm wrong.

    Now why would I hope to be wrong, when being right could mean I get to say "I told you so"? Well since saying that doesn't add an inch to my ****, or a dollar to my bank accounts, it immediately loses any value, (real or imagined). Now if the Eagles can DRAW people consistently, then my friends who depend on revenue down there will be fine. I've mentioned this point ad nauseum I think. I STILL stand on this point.

    I refuse to come on here and make weak or blah statements. It defeats the point, and as a writer I would be ashamed to do such a thing.
  • You are more than welcome to come here and waste your time writing about all of your fears. If that makes you happy then do as you see fit. Considering how all of your predictions have been completely wrong, Chip Kelly is probably going to be a hit. Keep doing what you do. That way i know Kelly will be fine , because you have about as much football sense as a five year old school girl.
  • Go easy on him...after all he kept telling us over and over that the Eagles would be fine in 2011 and after winning their last 4 they roared to an 8-8 season. He also kept telling us they would be fine this year and they...oh never mind.
  • Remember when the eagles hired a coach that was an OC under Holmgren that apparently didn't know his a$$ from a hole in the ground? Well kell is my guy and I'm excited
  • I like Kelly even more after watching the presser.
  • Lets also remember that Lurie had the foresight in hiring Andy Reid who was Green Bays quarterback coach. He wasnt even an offensive coordinator in the NFL (I believe). While Reid didn't win us a Super Bowl, he was by far the most successful coach in our history and gave us hope year in and year out. I trust that Lurie is as obsessed with winning the Super Bowl like the rest of us. He demands a winning organization and does things the right way IMO. I am encouraged by the Chip Kelly hiring and feel he's more "Jimmy Johnson" than "Steve Spurrier". Kelly emphasizes TEAM and that is also a key component of New Englands success. The NFL has already adapted its game to a lot of Chip Kellys offensive style. And knowing that we have a progressive coach with a flair for offense makes it exciting to ponder the possibilities.
  • Im not very fond of the front office(or whats left of it) but I think Lurie quickly realized that the fans grew impatient with two back to back troubling seasons. It cost his as an woner dearly. He saw the fans heading for the exits. There empty seats(not the 65,000 so called people lining up for season tickets). He sees a fiscal cliff and is desperate not to fall off. Kelly is here for quick results. There is no such thing as years to rebuild in the NFL. If he puts Foles in and goes 1-5 there will be a storm of criticism in Philly. Only the foos will be sitting in that stadium watching leadfoot Foles getting sacked and throwing ducks on Sunday. I wont waste my time. I dont care who is coaching I know this guy isnt going to win a superbowl. Isnt that the goal. Im not watching pee wee leagues here. My kid isnt playing so whats at stake if you know your team cant win with the current QB? Nothing. And I dont spend my days doing nothing. I have multiple businesses I have to maintain. I have things to do. If you are hoverig around the Eagles evaluating Foles you need a hobby or something. Thats a time waster. But back to Kelly. This guy has a very limited window. Its gonna be boom or bust. I think Lurie is a shrewd businessman and knows this guy can do more with less. But I seriously doubt he counts of Foles for wins. I think that was the delay in signing . The QB question had to be worked out and I think its Vick. A wise choice for Kelly until he finds a permanent solution.
  • Sure, hollywood. Chip Kelly held out until Lurie and Roseman told him he could keep Vick. Kelly based his whole decision on coaching in the NFL on being able to coach an oft injured 32 year old turnover've got to be kidding me!
  • Kelly will figure out the best solution in terms of quarterback and adapt the offense accordingly. There are many moving parts to a football team, and I'm sure there will be more competition when training camp begins (after the draft/trades/FA etc). Perhaps the QB of the Eagles isn't even on the roster yet? I think Chip is smart enough to make whoever is QB work to the best of their abilities.

    This year is not a "boom or bust" season. Any new change of regime takes time to iron out. Kelly has to work what is already in place, and a lot of the players might not even be his type of "football player" or fit any of the schemes he wants to run etc. Rome wasn't built in a day, and I doubt Lurie and Co are expecting Chip Kelly to make miracles happen the first (or second) season. I look at it this way:

    1st Season is a mulligan (with hopes of a quick turnaround) and the Eagles aren't expecting a winning season (even though it would be nice).

    2nd Season the players/coaches will have a better grasp of what is expected of the Eagles in terms of philosophy and "winning" with hopes pointed toward the future (a bright one).

    3rd Season will be "Chips Team" and the Eagles will expect a deep playoff run. If it's a disaster, I think Lurie will consider his head coaching options (but may give Chip one more year).

    4th Season is the "Boom or Bust" year. If Kelly can't prove to be an NFL success story. He will be gone.
  • I think only people who think the Eagles are close will think this is some kind of boom or bust year. When your team is 4-12 there is much work to be done. It's going to take some time for Kelly to get his type of players in here. At this point there is no need to jump to any conclusions.

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