Could The Eagles Trade Andy Reid??????????

Posted November 15, 2012

Added question marks for my man Kellyscott.... I know the idea of a coach getting traded may seem far fetched at best. I know and understand that, but at least consider the idea for a moment. First there is a possibility of 10-15 NFL coaching jobs being available by the end of this off season Nearly half of the NFL could be on the hunt for their next coach some time in February so there could be a frenzy of coaching moves being made by several teams over that time period. The Eagles most likely will be one of those teams, but unlike many of those teams the Eagles actually have a commodity of a head coach who is still legally under contract with the team. Certainly Andy Reid may want to have the chance to weigh his options. If that is the case then he might have to step down and forgo any future earnings from the Eagles and next season. Of course he may want to play ball with the Eagles too. After all he and Lurie have a special relationship and they have paid him millions.

Has it been done before?

Yes it has! And you need look no further than the current rumor going around about the next coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Jon Gruden was actually traded to Tampa bay. "During the 2001-02 offseason, the Oakland Raiders allowed head coach Jon Gruden to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in exchange for 1st and 2nd round draft picks in 2002, a 1st round pick in 2003 and a 2nd round pick in 2004, plus cash."

That was a hefty price for a head coach. Fortunately Andy Reid wont cost that much, but he still is a commodity in this league. The right owner could be willing to part with a couple second round picks for exclusive rights to negotiate a new contract with one of the "best coaches in football."

Why would Reid do it?

As I have stated before Reid is a team player and he does have a special relationship with Lurie. Lurie is the guy who gave him his first shot. Lurie has made him a millionaire several times over! Andy (like Gruden) could still have the option of going wherever (San Diego) he wants to go with compensation paid to the Eagles.  The Eagles also have connections with other teams now (like Cleveland) who may be willing to part with a pick or two in order to get a legit head coach.

Why would Reid Pass?

Well Reid would pass, because he may want to stick it to Philly. Of course the only way he could do that would be to resign his position. If he were to do that he would have to basically give up coaching for a year, but knowing how much Reid puts into coaching this is probably not an option for him. He would rather be out there coaching instead of watching for a year. Still this is a possibility with all of the drama his family has recently gone through.

Why would the Eagles do it?

Simply put it gives them more picks! This team loves to collect and manipulate the draft with draft picks. A new coach coming into this situation could use as many players as they can get their hands on as the Eagles last three drafts have netted quality (pro bowl) players. An extra draft pick or two for a coach who was basically out of the door is a win for a team desperately starved for talent.

Why would the Eagles pass?

Well the best option I could come up with is the Eagles wouldn't want to be trying to get a new coach while still having Reid on the books. Having to deal with the process of trying to trade Reid for cash and picks while trying to convince another coach to come in here at the same time. It could be challenging to say the least, but this is where the Eagles could also help themselves by being forthcoming with that new head coach and explaining the situation. No coach would understand it better than Jon Gruden I might add and unlike the other Gruden's team is getting the picks instead of giving them up! On a side note Sean Peyton knows a thing or two about strange NFL circumstances too so lets not rule him out just yet either.

My Conclusions.

When it comes down to it most coaching firings are often ugly and bad. Now maybe for the FANS Reid's tenure in Philly is ending bad, but for Lurie Reid's tenure ending in Philly has to be a difficult one. He doesn't want Reid to leave, but at the same time understands this is a business. So does Reid. That's why both of these men will leave this situation with the utmost respect for one another. I heard Jodi McDonald say recently on the radio that Lurie would give Andy Reid a "ringing endorsement" to any owner asking about Reid for the purpose of hiring him. San Diego came close to tampering with Reid last season so much to the point that Lurie had to call their owner to tell them to back off! Let's face it. In a situation where coaches will be a commodity, the Eagles one have the hottest ones available under contract. Now at this point some of you will ask then why not stay with Reid. My response to those people is you are a delusional fool and if you are really asking the question you don't deserve a real answer. I believe the Eagles and Reid (if their relationship is a good as it is claimed and if the Eagles really are the "Gold Standard") can find a happy medium and are  MORE THAN CAPABLE OF MAKING THIS HAPPEN! Now the odds of IT HAPPENING are slim, but if there were an owner and a coach who could pull this off in the NFL I would say it has to be this group here.

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  • I know it's happened before with Gruden, but could you really see something so unbelievably rare happening again?
  • Honestly I truly doubt it would happen, but am do think this is one of those RARE situations and Rage off seasons where the climate could be right for such a thing to happen. Again it seriously doubt it would, but anything is possible.
  • Pretty Clever thought. Only one problem nobody wants him. Ill say it now. Andy Reid will never be a head coach again except for maybe an expansion team.
  • Plenty in the media who think he will still get a head coaching job even with his struggles but hey, if you guarantee he won't then I'm sure he won't because you know best. After all McNabb won his Super Bowl in Washington, Vick has led the Eagles to their first championship and will win at least two more here, Moise Fokou, Kurt Coleman and Jamar Chaney have turned the Eagles defense into the best defense in the league and Stewart Bradley is sure to win the NFC Defensive player of the year award with his 2 tackles in 9 games.
  • That was FUNNNNNY!!!!!!
  • Thanks, Eazy. Hollywood makes it easy for me.
  • Kolb is the next Tom Brady tops it all. But anyway those are pieces GTD not superstars. I like Coleman because he gives an effort. I like what Chaney did before his injury. I still think Foukou was decent and not sure why they let him go. And Bradley would be the starting MLB or outside LB if still here. Just because a player doesnt respond to another system doesnt mean he wasnt good in Philly
  • NO Bradley wouldn't...why do you think they let him walk? He hasn't been all that good since his injury and has obviously gotten worse. You sure are stubborn! The difference between my comments and your comment about Kolb being the next Tom Brady is that is I am telling the truth and you and I both know that. It doesn't surprise me that your most constant dig to me is based on nothing but another one of your lies. That truly is all you know how to do on here and you don't even do that well.
  • So far I've only seen one person compare Kolb to Tom Brady and that's Hollywood up there. LOL
  • Wow, I thought he was claiming I stated Kolb was the next Brady but it looks like you are right, Eazy. It's exactly what he typed.
  • So are you now predicting "Kolb is the next Tom Brady?" Wow Hollywood! That's truly a stretch. That may be a bigger stretch than the reasons why you are defending all of these mostly former Eagles linebacker stiffs.
  • How the hell did I forget future HOFer Mike Patterson...the leader of that #1 defense!
  • The return of Mile Patterson has signified the resurgance of the Philadelphia Eagles defense. Now if we could just get Dimitri Patterson, Gocoong and Bradley back there would be no stopping this team! Oh yeah I forgot! We also need to trade Shady for a broken down Benie Wells! Now that's a Super Bowl team! LMAO
  • Hollywood knows his football.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Hollywood types that some coach may want Vick as his starter after his struggles yet states no team will give Reid another shot after leading the Eagles to the most success they've had in 40 to 50 years. Yeah, he's not trying to stick with those predictions of his, is he? If the likes of Rich Kotite and Chan Gailey get second chances than I would guess that there is a second chance for Reid out there. Pete Carroll is in his third stint as a head coach without a championship and Tom Coughlin coached the Jaguars without winning a Super Bowl before bringing the Lombardi to New York. Norv Turner is also on his 3rd team as head coach without winning a championship! We all know that Dungy and Gruden were with their second teams when winning their point is that there have been numerous teams that are willing to give experienced coaches a second chance and I would guess that Reid will get thet opportunity if he wants it.
  • How in the world did Norv Turner coach three teams!?! He must be an awesome interview!
  • I don't know but it seems like he's been around forever.
  • Hollywood I completely disagree with you. There will be several teams willing to give Reid a call if he is eventually fired by the Eagles. He has a high standing in the league right now. Despite his alleged falling out with Banner, even Banner knows the man can get victories. I certainly could see Reid coaching next season if he wanted too.
  • You think he is so liked outside of Philly. PMost people in balto think Reid is a dope.
  • Just like fans weren't happy to see McNabb go in Washington, hollywood? I would guess most people don't give a damn about Reid in Baltimore. Philly isn't a division rival nor even in the same conference, they aren't looking for a new head coach...why would anyone in Baltimore waste any significant time even discussing Reid?
  • Nobody over there cares about Reid. The only way the would care if Reid starts coaching the Browns. Just reaching and grabbing for straws. We all know this.
  • Yeah we do!
  • So glad the people from Balto aren't the rest of the world. On a side note the people from Balto think Reid's a dope, then they are also calling themselves dopes. After all it was Reid who gave their coach a shot in this league. He can't be that much of a dope if he got their coach hired.
  • I can't see this happening unless the Eagles caught a team tampering and somewhat blackmailed them. If a team wants Reid that badly they just need to step up and pay the man!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I could see the Chargers doing it. I could see the Browns considering it. Reid could go to the Jaguars as a players coach and maybe get some guys to actually consider signing there. The Chiefs are in a great football place with the possibility of drafting one of the best young QB prospects. Who better than Andy Reid could groom that guy. Just pointing out the Eagles do have a commodity. If they played it right, they may be able to get something out of it.
  • I'd love to see it happen if it meant the Eagles got draft picks for doing what they are going to do anyway...let Reid go. Who wouldn't want something for nothing?
  • Exactly. If they can do it, then it's no reason not to try.
  • I absolutely agree with you and stated pretty much the same up above.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • It would have to be on Reid to find the team to make the trade. Reid would obviously need to renegotiate with the team. Why would Reid do this? First it's because Reid cares about the Eagles and Lurie. The 2nd point is the Eagles still have him under contract.
  • He is under contract. He has one year left on his deal. It makes sense for another team to have exclusive rights to negotiate with Reid.
  • The Eagles don't have to fire Reid. They can remove him from coaching status. As you know Reid wears many hats in the Philly front office. If they fire him, then they have to pay him. The only way out for Reid would be to then resign. If that were the case he would have to sit out at least a season. So in effect it helps both parties. The Eagles wont have to pay a man to go and coach another team and Reid wont have to sit out a season in order to get back into coaching. You see this could get ugly regardless of what direction it goes.
  • LOL wow you are getting waaay to deep in this. Here is the bottom line. Is it likely the Eagles will trade Andy Reid? The answer is not obviously. Still is there a scenario where Andy Reid could be traded? The answer is yes. I don't see any scenario (short of winning the Super Bowl) were Reid comes back to Philly. With that being the case unless the Eagles fire Reid THEY OWN HIS RIGHTS. If they fire Reid THEY STILL HAVE TO PAY THEM. If Reid resigns at the end of the season, but then tries to coach another team THE EAGLES COULD GO TO THE LEAGUE AND FILE A TAMPERING SUIT AGAINST THAT TEAM. My point is simply the Eagles and Reid have a good relationship. If Reid does wish to coach next season it most likely will not be with the Eagles, but that doesn't mean the Eagles HAVE TO FIRE HIM. The way it plays out is Reid could find a suitor to make a deal (the reason a team does it would be for exclusive rights to negotiate with Reid and Reid having the right to coach next season.)
  • Do you think Reid has any shot at being HC of the Eagles next season?
  • Well we do know this past off-season the Chargers came fairly close to tampering with Reid. I doubt it happens. I am just pointing out that it's happened before and under this unique situation there is a small possibility it could happen again.
  • Trade Reid to the University of Oregon for Chip Kelly and their uniform designer.
  • I know the kelly green brings back good memories of White, Allen, Joyner and all but I hated the color. I like the midnight green and the black jerseys better honestly.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I don't hate the new Eagles colors as much as other people do. We have been in the colors for some time now. I think if we are going back I would rather see the jerseys from the 60s than the ones from the 80-90s.
  • The Kelly greens from the 60s are awesome! It's simple but the color scheme is sweet to me.
  • I am very skeptical about the college coach moving to the NFL. Often those guys just use the NFL to get to the college team they want to be at. I think this team needs discipline and someone who knows how to deal with NFL players and not college kids.
  • Reid going nowhere.
  • Relly? What inside scoop do you have that makes you think that?
  • Really? What inside scoop do you have that makes you think that?
  • The people of Baltimore have spoken!
  • Yeah those people are well acquainted with Philly sports. LOL
  • Maybe not but we know what a superbowl winner looks like and the Eagles arent it.
  • I don't know, but between the two I would have to say Reid is a much better commodity.
  • They could probably trade him, but the team getting him would probably ask for a few years worth of free Dunkin Donuts so they won't have to feed his habit. That would save his new team a bundle.
  • They can get a bucket of bolts, chewed bubble gum and 100 "do a better jobs" to boot. I'll help him move.
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  • Reid having McCoy in that game late was pathetic. He just lowered his trade value immensely.

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