Posted February 19, 2013

NOT sure what all this sudden harassment nonsense is about and I don't really care to know. What I DO know is that:

1) The unauthorized use of my likeness and portrayal of that likeness as myself IS cyber-stalking.

2) Cyber-stalking IS a federal crime, punishable by not only fines, but jail time. Note: ("shall be fined under title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."  This is according to paragraph (d) section (2) of the Communications Decency Act of 1996. I included the  link below.)

3) Jeff Kloster has JUST been notified that if YB doesn't fix this, THEY (by letter of FEDERAL law) will be just as on the hook as the initial perpetrator. 

4) I just pitted YOU the perp against YB's best interest. 


So now I'm going to sit back and get back to what I normally do; by which I mean, writing informative and well thought out posts. 

If YB does nothing, THEN I'll report them to the proper body. So now it's not you versus ME, it's you versus Yardbarker. 

But don't take MY word for it. Here's some light reading: (Check out  Section 502.)



  • I'm all for this flip and am glad someone is finally taking yardbarker to task for letting this kind of crap happen for so long on this site. I think we know who is behind your images being posted...the same man who has been harassing you (and Eazy with some shots at me and others) for quite some time now. I don't believe that Eugenious was one of his although I have been wrong before but I have no doubt that the new IDs were. I checked dates on some and it seems they were just created but a couple of them were just repeats of ones he has had in the past. One of the things that continues to stun me is that Jeff Kloster has not only sat back and let one barker (or mod if you'd believe romorules admission to me last night) do this kind of crap for years, he seems to be annoyed with us wanting his people to watch out for us a little bit. I was told by one of the mods in the past that no one has the freedom to do whatever they want on this I haven't been on when romorules harassed Eazy, you, me, 20dawk, Spotella and others and yardbarker did nothing. I have even seen him use his "buddy's" likeness as Hollowhead in the past and here he is at it again. I just don't get what part of romorules' existence on this website Jeff thinks is good for his site. Just like you stated yardbarker should be looking out for its best interest and romorules and this new ID Eugenious aren't what any of us want on this site nor are they in the site's best interest and although I think we can handle ourselves for the most part, we need yardbarker's help to make sure that when things do get out of control they are there to help us. With Yardbarkers actions or lack thereof, they have made us the enemy. We should be working together to make this site a decent place to discuss football. We should not have to be leary whenever a newbie shows up...we should know that if he/she pulls a "Eugenious" that he/she will be given warnings to tone it done or they will be off the site. When it comes down to it Jeff is the reason this site is where it is at right now whether he wants to believe it or not. He has the power to hand out warnings and to toss people who don't want to abide by the rules but instead he had his mods just sit back and watch a free for all develop on here...not only that but he enabled it by making excuses up for romorules and downplaying the BS he pulled when people complained about him in the past. If romorules is/was a mod like he admitted to last night than Jeff Kloster has played us all for years.
  • Go on any other fans site and you won't get this sort of thing. It was only too easy to fix early on, but instead it got to the point where I had to throw out some "Act Right" to get people to act like grown ups.

    I noticed with all the recent hullabaloo, that real posts went out the window. During the offseason is when a fan's speculation holds the most weight. So the lack of activity here is jarring. The idea that people would just stop coming here should bother even the trolls. (Who do they troll on n empty site?)

    THIS is what I was trying to prevent with my whole "cleaning up the Yard" effort. I found little help and so I eventually gave up. The negativity here spiked and so I backed off. When that happened the BS (as you labeled it), took over.

    What this shows is that one person can hold the BS back, so perhaps that means that MULTIPLE PEOPLE may be able to kill it. So I'm going to go back to doing my part. To paraphrase Ghandi, I will be the change I wish to see in the world.

    Hopefully others will also make this effort.

    I wish to apologize if I was in error for some of how I handled my attempt at getting more civility here. It was never my intention to alienate or look down upon anyone. I come here to belong. If I wished to remain alone, I need not even cut on my computer.
  • Apology accepted, flip. I also apologize for refusing to see the message because I didn't like the way it is delivered. I do get it and I agree that we need to stick together if we want to try to clean up this site...god knows that Jeff and Yardbarker aren't going out of there way to help us. Maybe one of us needs to type up a post asking other barkers how we handle the "geniuses" and the "romorules" of this site when they come to the Eagles yard. See how many think we should flag and ignore, see how many think we should give as good as they give or do we just sit back and continue on with the mess that happened this past week? I'd be curious to see the other barkers input on how we should handle the undesirables.
  • *was delivered
  • I thought that flag/ignore was the plan before as well.
  • Hey flip it's 20dawk4life u know if having ur account changed by someone falls under this or what other actions can be taken cause as u can see the name isnt 20dawk. All my 20dawk4life stuff was taken down I go on with my iPod as I sit on the can right now n I'm this name. I dint even know how to describe what happened without sounding like a fake ID. This sites gone to **** back to bleacher report for me
  • For the record Moët sucks! 80 bucks for that crap. Should have stuck with Jack and coke.
  • Mmmmmm. Jack and Coke.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Completely agree.
  • You're right on every point here. Yardbarker has shown us for quite some time that they don't care and it obviously started before I showed up. I missed the whole Potter/Bowlbound drama but by the sounds of it something should have been done back then. I have no idea what happened and how bad it got but does it surprise anyone that romorules Bowlbound ID made it through the drama yet he brags that he had Potter tossed? All I got from my complaints to yardbarker about him were..."We think you are a great contributer and don't want to lose you and will look into it", to "we know who the trolls are so please just stay out of it" (a FEW of his IDS and comments were deleted that time but his main one went untouched) to now just flat out getting ignored. Sure, it's nice that his main ID and his posts are hidden but we see that he can get around it anytime he wants to and nothing gets done. I won't even get into how my post and emails asking yardbarker to make a few easy changes to their posting policies have been ignored. Maybe they are tired of our complaints...maybe they figure they will let us lay in our own "filth" but if that is how they feel they should realize that this "filth" was brought on by years of the mods letting this site get way out of control and ignoring our pleas for them to help bring some kind of order to it. They helped create this mess and they are the ones with the power to fix it.
  • Flip what happens when ur account in removed n ur name is switched automatically let's say from 20dawk4life to aramsey0613 ? Any legal actions that can be taken for that?
  • I don't know let me check. If so it should be under some violation of tampering with protected information. In any event site administrators should offer you the OPTION of what to change your I.D. to. The same way that your bank or e-mail handler would in the event of a hacked account.

    I would drop YB an E-MAIL requesting an explanation first, before threatening legal action, even if you find you have a right to it. They may have simply made an honest mistake or oversight in an attempt to clean up some stuff. (This is why I offered to let hem fix my problem first. )
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I got favorited by some of his IDs yesterday also. He is definitely not right in the head and some of his posts yesterday definitely showed a bit of anger. Maybe he didn't like us discussing him when a new troll showed up being that he has been on "better" behaviour lately. Hey, you want to make bothersome posts like the one you copied and pasted here then of course you will be compared to the new trolls that come to this site. Who knows, Eugenious could have been his but I don't think it was. Eugenious whined too much when you struck back at him. As strange as romorules is he seemed more intelligent than Eugenious...stranger but more intelligent.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]

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