Desean Jackson Would You Please Shut The H-E Double Hockey Sticks Up!

Posted July 19, 2013

“Dream team”, does anyone remember that one? How about “we’ll see them again”? Maybe you recall “the BETTER team lost this one.” My personal favorite “We can be a dynasty.” All words former and current Eagles have stated about themselves over the past two seasons and in that same span they won 12 games, finished in the top 10 in the draft, got the coach with the most wins in Eagles history fired, and last season finished at the bottom of the division. In other words that sure was a lot of tough talk for a bunch of bums who quit on their coach.


Now Jackson has decided to doom this season by stating that the Eagles are “still a top 5 team in the NFL if you ask me,” Jackson said on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday.  “Regardless of what everybody else say, we gonna go out there and get it done this year.”


Really Desean? The Eagles are a top 5 team? The Eagles haven’t been a top 5 team since Brian Dawkins and JJ departed/passed away. So now we are back to players writing checks with their mouths that their performance on the field can’t cash. Desean was the only player in the recent OTAs who seemed to receive a demotion at least for a day. Now he’s predicting the Eagles to be a top five team when he barely knows the plays now? Let’s not forget he’s one of the players who helped get Andy Reid out of town with erratic play, spending an entire season moping around, and flat out refusing to return punts. Suddenly Jackson is defiantly stating the Eagles STILL are a top five team. It’s almost laughable to even consider when you think of all of the changes this team has gone through in the past 5 months alone. Desean should do himself and his teammates a huge favor. Instead of talking about how great you think you are, put the damn work in on the practice field and prove your worth on the field. Stop TALKING and start DOING.


  • I say and also ignored
    Play the game and cut the crap
  • This is about Djax promoting himself. Just trying to create some pop for his new music track. He better bring it this season. Nobody is going to keep paying an under 6 foot receiver 10 mil a year to be average.
  • i have no problem with him setting the bar high.
  • Set the bar high on the practice field. Don't be the guy talking a big game when you're the guy who got injured and bowed out on your team last season, and the season before was a malcontent and cause all types of problems. Jackson needs to rededicate himself to his craft. This had less to do with setting the bar high and everything to do with Jackson promoting his new song. Just like last time he was promoting his new video. I'd like to see him tell us he's going to catch 60-70 balls for over 1700 passing yards and 10 touchdowns if he wants to make a bold prediction. It's time he started earning that money he cried so much for.
  • I was at that game and that was maybe the worst called play in the game. They telegraphed Djax into the middle of that defense. I knew while it developed he was getting broke.
  • You mean the money I SAID HE WASN'T WORTH?
    You mean the money YOU SAID HE WAS WORTH?

    That money? Is that the money you mean? Because if it is, then that means that it took you TWO YEARS to finally see what I saw in 2011. But now we're stuck with him. Can't cut him without looking like idiots and can't bench him without looking like idiots.

    And besides, he CAN'T catch 60 balls anymore. At least he hasn't since McNabb. OOPS! Did I say that name again?
  • Well then that seems all the more reason to put another QB out there. I'd rather have a QB capable of getting the ball to his receivers than being concerned with being the show.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I'm a fan of what Jackson brings to the field when he actually brings it to the field. That's been the problem for the past two seasons. He hasn't been bringing it nearly enough. Jerry Rice and Joe Montana didn't have to tell anyone they were going to kick their a$$, because they were far too busy doing so. Just do it.
  • What's funny is people are acting as this is about the Eagles. This was just about Jackson setting up some pop for his new rap song. You can't be a top 5 team when so many players seem more focused on being entrepreneurs, rap artists, book writers, clothing designers, and talk show hosts. How about they put a little more work in being football players considering how terrible bad they were last season at the simplest aspects of the game like blocking, tackling, catching, and holding onto the ball. I've done it before. Believe me it's much easier than making a rap song.
  • When Jackson said a "Top 5 TEAM", it BECAME about the Eagles.

    Notice how even though your post here is meant to chastise JACKSON, you made this quote: " How about they put a little more work in being football players considering how terrible bad they were last season at the simplest aspects of the game like blocking, tackling, catching, and holding onto the ball."

    Right there you took the ENTIRE TEAM to task and the only one to speak on being a "Top 5 team" was Jackson. Even to YOU it's about the Eagles.

    Don't get mad at us because we freely admit what you either can't or won't.
  • Yeah I'm sure it was just a coincidence Jackson's two biggest comments this offseason came off the heels of his DVD and Rap release. Stevie Wonder can even see what's going on. Don't get mad at me, because you're too daft to see through it.
  • Who cares about the timing? So what if it was for publicity? The point is now he's put himself and the team on the spot. Kelly also said his job is to win now. Yet again, the team is on the spot.

    Who cares about some dumb CD anyway? Hell, I wouldn't even know he HAD one if you didn't come on here crying about it.
  • So what does he accomplish by putting the team on the spot? The answer is NOTHING. Chip Kelly saying he needs to win isn't the same as if he were to say we're a top 5 team. If Rex Ryan said something like that he would be buried for stupidity. I guess it's okay because he's an Eagle in your eyes. Talking about it is plain stupid. Being about it is what counts.
  • Well it would seem that you think that Jackson ISN'T about it.
  • Since you apparently believe that Jackson is right please inform me when the last time this team was a top 5 team? If you can't answer the question then you are arguing just for the sake of arguing.
  • The last time the Eagles were a Top 5 team was 2004. We were a top 2 team that year.

    I don't believe he's right about them STILL being a Top 5 team; but I APPLAUD his stated goal of "we gonna go out there and get it done this year."

    NOBODY on YB is saying that WE think the Eagles are currently Top 5, but the lion's share of us think it's good that DJax has set that goal AND said so publicly.
  • Actually the numbers are about even. With that being the case Jackson's public display of pressure means nothing just like Vick's winning it for Reid and his son, being a dynasty, and Young's dream team comments if the team isn't putting in the work to get better. Now if talking means more to you than working then I understand why you are so giddy with Jackson's decree. Where's your public display of support for Dixon, Foles, and Barkley? All three have come out and said they are here to take Vick's job. I guess when you don't like the guy your stance flips.
  • If talking means more to me than working? I WISH I had an opportunity to play against you so you could SEE how little work means to me.

    I terrorized opponents AND I talked. Real men can do more than one thing at a time. It's telling that you don't know that.
  • I want to see players up fornt . Im tired of just hearing from the coach. The players make it more exciting. And they are the ones that make it happen.
  • "Everybody gets a chance and everybody has an opportunity to show us what their resume is," the head coach said. "And your resume is what you put on tape every day. If somebody continues to make plays, and someone doesn't make plays, that guy is going to move up, and the other one's going to move down. Our depth chart is written in sand right now."

    These sure don't seem like the words of a head coach who is afraid of his players. Nor does it sound like a guy who already supposedly has his list of starters. If he's lying then he's only hurting himself and his team.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Certainly not the right way to go about it considering their disbelief (rather the medias disbelief) keeps forcing him to answer the same questions. Often times he offered up these answer without this line of question being asked. It truly serves no purpose for him to say to the fans and media that he is going to let this play out on the field if we aren't going to believe what he says about it anyways. Regardless he's going to have to prove it. If he has a guy on this squad we all can see in the practices and preseason games dogging it, but he continues to not only play him, but start him then we will know he was full of crap. At that very moment he WILL lose the fans.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Unless Chip comes across as a total fraud when this all plays out I believe Chip is going to get at least two seasons to prove his worth. He's on the process of a complete reformation, with a lack of a legit franchise quarterback as far as we know for now. I don't expect a quick turnaround but we as fans better see improvement.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • From what I've hear and read about Kelly he isn't one for the media. He can become annoyed by the media especially if things start heading south. The bottom line is the fans can accept a coach who doesn't say much as long as he's winning. Chip is going to win like Bellicheat if he wants to act like him in Philly.
  • Jackson is going to have a chance to put up or shut up. There sure are a bunch of hungry players out there looking to take his spot.
  • It's funny the other day I saw Kurt Coleman say he was a playmaker. Is this the kind of talk that everyone loves so much?

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