Does Howie Roseman Hurt Our Chances To Find A New Coach?

Posted January 11, 2013
The reality is Howie Roseman has risen from the ashes of what is left of the Eagles front office as the clear winner of the recent power struggles within the organization. There were plenty of them from Roseman not talking with scouts, Joe Banner getting out of doge, Reid making moves for power, and several mid level people fired within the organization and all of that happened just last year. The Eagles put on a front like they had it all together, but in reality the front office were in as much disarray as the team was on the field. Now the team has moved on from the madness that needed to be changed, but with Roseman becoming the clear cut winner, the Eagles have left themselves without a "football guy" in the front office, and I don't think football people are willing to work with him. The reports that Bill Belichick isn't fond of Roseman shouldn't be all that surprising, considering the fact Andy and Bill are good friends. I don't think it's a coincidence the Eagles lost out on three potential candidates with Belichick connections. Am I the only person who found it strange how Lurie went out his way to absolve Roseman of two of the previous three drafts, implicate Banner, and Reid as the culprits, and gave Roseman all the credit for the last draft despite having the GM title for the past three seasons? WIP has Roseman lauding over Danny Watkins after the draft on like a continuous loop these days. Let's also not forget the terrible free agency decisions, and how some of the resignings seemed to have blown up in the Eagles faces lately. None of those moves have been the types of moves that Banner or Reid would have made in their entire tenure in Philly. Now we have the Eagles current coaching search. I don't think there is a chance in the world a former Super Bowl winning coach will be on the sidelines for the Eagles come September, because I can't see the Eagles willing to give that person enough power. The coach the Eagles will choose will be someone who is either a college guy, an assistant who is desperate for a chance, or a guy recently fired like Lovie Smith or Norv Turner. Lovie wouldn't be terrible, but Norv.... With that being the case, I still think the Eagles can get a solid coach. It may not be one of the big named splashes, but there are some assistants out there who could be the guy who can take this team to the next level. Despite all of his new power, Roseman had better watch out. He is now in the eye of the storm. Everyone will be watching him on this. He will be the goat if this draft fails. He will be the guy blamed if the Eagles chose the wrong coach despite the fact he's only one guy in the three man team. He's now the face of the franchise and the next guy people will demand to be removed if things turn out poorly. For his sake and ours as Eagles fans I surely hope he succeeds.
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  • You're right about everything you said here. However if a Super Bowl win is the only benchmark of success for the next coach to be judged by, with the pretty thin pickin's out there, the odds of this next coach being a good hire are very low.

    They've backed themselves into a corner, and most candidates aren't going to be eager to get into that corner with them.
  • I think you are wrong here. I am sure there are plants of coaches who would be willing to take the job, but they aren't willing to work with those guys, like Jon Gruden for reasons I mentioned above. Still Gus Bradley is a viable option, and many of the guys they have recently interviewed are capable candidates. Now they didn't get Chip Kelly, which I know you didn't want, and other than the college guys everyone is still technically in play. What more do you want here?
  • Look at the Browns move! I mean they chose the OC of the Panthers???? The Bills move one the Syracuse coach was strange as well. The Chiefs overpaid for Reid. I mean I think the Eagles are fine right now, but Howie Roseman is somewhat of a hindrance. Time will tell how good he is. The next draft will be all on him.
  • Can a team announce a hiring immediately even if the new coach is still coaching a team thats currently in the playoffs? Or are they asked to wait so the current team isnt distracted knowing their coach is leaving? What happens if say for example McCoy is hired but they make it to the superbowl. Do the Eagles have to wait till after the superbowl to announce it?
  • I'm not sure if it's just courtesy, but that is how it tends to work. It's always been portrayed as a gentleman's agreement, and it seems to work.

    I don't mind waiting if we get Vic Fangio or Gus Bradley. I just don't want to sit here and twist in the wind for them to end up settling for someone like Ken Whisenhunt, Marty Mornhinweg or anyone else they've long had access to. That would be a sign of trying to hedge a bet and or tread water, which would basically mean they were gearing up to waste the fan's time (and money), for a year or two.
  • Why are you even mentioning guys like Ken and Marty? They aren't even getting interviews. Here is the truth. If Marty had even a little shot of getting the Eagles job, they would have fired Reid during the season and made him interim HC. Marty as a HC candidate for the Eagles job is a reach at best. Do you really think they would choose Ken Whisenhunt over anyone save Marty Mornhinweg? I mean how pathetic is Marty when Reid doesn't want him anymore?
  • I believe they do have to wait.
  • I think this an area where most of us agree. I think the organization is running our of options. I think to keep fan interest they need a name and the only ones out there are Gruden(maybe Jay) and Cowher. Anything less is boring. And Im not advocating these guys although you cant go wrong with Cowher but this owner has created these problems. And like I keep saying, simple business apply. Think about if lets say a large automotive dealershi;p chain gutted its executive office and other lower managemnt positions literally in 12 months how functional would they be? Not very. And the Eagles are no different. Lurie may have given Roseman the green light but if it comes down to it Lurie will relegate him to playing with puzzles if thats what is needed to keep the Eagles viable.
  • What has me shook is I remember the last coaching hunt. No marquee names really. I think fans wanted Vermeil but that wasn't happening.
    Andy Reid came out of NOWHERE and blew Lurie away with a very detailed five year plan. (Remember the five year plan?). Next thing you know a position coach from the PACKERS was coaching our team.
    His first move was to have the team locker room re-painted, to put the changes on the wall or something. I groaned over that one and held my breath for Ray Rhodes 2.0
    But he surprised me. All of us, I think. Lurie managed to get himself a diamond out of a cracker jack box, which goes to show it cam be done.
    The Reid hiring is the exception and not the rule, but fans will expect a diamond again. They'll expect it soon. They 'll expect it to come from a pile of guys who have either failed at it so far, or don't yet know if they can lead a team at this level.
    I don't envy the new guy one iota.
  • He's following a coach who won 4 games, and turned the majority of the fan base against him. Nobody who has watched this team over the past two seasons, saw two seasons of unfruitful drafts can realistically think the new coach is supposed to bring us to the promised land by the end of year one. Man you're prophesying of doom and gloom before the guy has even been hired yet is very Hollywood esq.
  • I'm not prophesying doom and gloom at all. I just don't envy how the next guy will be treated if he doesn't produce the ONE THING that he'll be judged by since we've been all the other places already (Division loser, Division winner, NFC Championship loser, NFC Championship winner, Super Bowl loser).

    Unless of course you're willing to say that you'd settle for the next guy getting the Eagles only as far as Reid did, you fans will want a bigger diamond than last one Lurie found; and you will use just one measuring stick to determine whether or not you got the diamond you hoped for. And THAT is what I don't envy the next guy at all.
  • You're over thinking your negativity. If the guy does better than Reid, hooray for everyone! If he doesn't he gets fired. I don't think he will lose any sleep over having to come behind a guy who went 4-12 last season and the majority of the fan base wanted gone years ago. Andy is "doing a better job" someplace else now and nearly everyone is happy about it.
  • Meanwhile the Eagles have just heard "Naw, man. I'll just stay here" for the 3rd time from a COLLEGE coach.

    No one really wants this job. The lack of power, the fans. Why come here, when Arizona, San Diego and others need a Head Coach?

    We'll get somebody eventually, but you have to admit, it doesn't seem like ANYBODY is rarin' to come here.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Non of the guys hired so far I would say the Eagles missed out on at this time. A bunch of college guys nobody wanted doesn't concern me much. They could have had a bunch of guys, but for whatever the reason they chose not to make a move yet. I will admit they stained themselves up by getting too deep in the college pool, and maybe they are taking too long to pull the trigger on a guy they may like, but I can't see why anyone would choose Arizona over Philly except for weather. Sandiego and Arizona have terrible fans. They show up late or don't show up at all, and leave early. West coast fans stink. That's why your own (OTHER TEAM) has moved so many times that I've lost count and why no team is in LA today.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Reids five year plan worked but I dont think enough credit is given to McNabb. In his prime he should have come away with a ring. But thats history, I think at that point as a new owner and with the new stadium coming Lurie had some slack. But with the large investment that the city and fans have made Im not sure they will be patient with a below .500 team for long. In some ways with Roseman as a potential catalyst I can see why this thing nose dived. Maybe Andy wanted out. So not knowing what has really developed is making fans anxious and thats not good for business. Ive said it before the credibility gap between this owner and fans, media and city is huge right now and he needs to narrow the distance.
  • Seems like he already has although I don't know that Chip Kelly and Bill O'Brien were ever serious about leaving the college ranks. Even if he hasn't I'm sure potential coaches aren't looking at Roseman as a positive when deciding on what team they want to work for. Lurie absolutely seems to be trying too hard to blame everyone else for the drafts leading up to last year and absolving agency has been a disaster since he took over. Lurie discussing Roseman and the draft throws out a message that he will be a big part in the Eagles future drafts...that in itself could make some coaches think twice. When is the last time the Eagles were heading into a season having to trim this much salary? Roseman is a young GM with only internal experience of a football team that has been in decline since he officially started wearing the hat...nothing to make a coach think this might work but a few things that could make some hesitate in my opinion.
  • Its unfortunate but in some ways its like the Castillo and Washburn move. Its not really the normal way you structure the team or organization. Its like having a hat , a rabbit, a wand, a deck of cards but no magician.
  • No doubt it's like the Castillo and Washburn in a sense. No surprise that Lurie already has his GM which isn't out of the norm but being that it's doubtful that Roseman is highly thought of it may be tough attracting some of the candidates. Forcing Roseman on a coach could be as tough as forcing Washburn on some defensive coordinators. Lurie surely didn't help himself when locking him up for so long. May have been facing a tough situation and wanted to make sure he had a famaliar face helping him make some tough decisions but a known football guy would have helped him...or at the very least not hindered him in any way.
  • Hollywood and green you both make some valid points. Even though Roseman could prevent the Eagles from getting a candidate, I still think if the Eagles continue to play this process out they could find their guy. I am liking the idea of Gus Bradley, and I have to say I am surprised with how many defensive minded coaches the Eagles have interviewed. Getting a defensive guy in was not something Lurie said he would do, so maybe Roseman has had a good influence on Lurie as well. Roseman is going to have about 2 seasons troops before the focus turns on him if the drafts and the free agency keep producing crap.
  • Roseman was already in my crosshairs. I'm just waiting for an excuse to unload on him.
  • Coming from a man as brilliant as Bill Belichick that means something. When one of the greatest if not the greatest minds in the game doesn't think very highly of your GM, that's a definite cause for concern. Plus you know it can't just be Belichick. Word gets out quickly in the NFL fraternity. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if he does end up costing us a prime candidate such as Gus Bradley.
  • If 97.5 is your best source for Eagles news, You're lost my friend. Bill Belichick probably doesn't know who Howie is.
  • Tops.. Stupid auto correct.
  • I thought they only interviewed Nolan.
  • The longer Lurie waits the better the choice outta be according to his logic.
  • The Eagles are doing the job by making sure they pick the right guy. Nothing wrong with that.
  • Ive never seen an owner travel around interviewing. He has redefined the word inept. The chutzpah of it all.
  • You've never heard of any other owner traveling because you don't pay attention (not to mention that is the way you would prefer it so you can get some silly shots in at Lurie). The Chargers interviewed Gus Bradley a couple nights ago (I think it may have been Thursday). Do you think Bradley traveled to San Diego while he is preparing his team for the Falcons this weekend? I also saw a report that Bidwell traveled to Denver last weekend to interview Mike McCoy. Here you are again taking a shot at Lurie for doing something most fans would be happy about...aggressively trying to find a head coach instead of sitting back and waiting for some of these candidates to become available when their season ends.
  • Placing him with Bill Bidwell is a hardly an endorsement.
  • No surprise that you try to change what my comment was about. You've done that for about 3 years now. Do you really think that over the years the Eagles are the first team to try and get a jump on hiring a coach? Or maybe you just don't pay attention because the team you claim to root for hasn't hired a new head coach in 14 years?
  • If they hire Brian Kelly over Gus Bradley or Bruce Arians then I'm going to be frothing at the mouth angry.
  • I'm glad another college coach has decided not to sign on with the Eagles, but it's starting to get a little embarrassing now.
  • Me too Flip. I mean seriously. They should just get Gus Bradley in here and get it over with. To me and to a lot of others, he makes the most sense of anybody.
  • Lets do it the Andy Reid way, Juan Castillo head coach, Marty Morhinweg at defensive coordinator and Bobby April on offense. Then throw Mudd at special teams.
  • Reports are the Eagles have already met with Bradley per ESPN. The team can't officially report a hiring until his team is officially out the playoffs.
  • I hope he's the guy. I really do. Also, I think the college coaches not making the jump to the NFL was actually a blessing in disguise. It saved the Eagles FO from themselves.

    Hiring Brian Kelly would've been the worst idea in a long, sad history of bad ideas.
  • If we don't get Bradley, I'm good with Fangio.

    I just wish this could go little quicker so that all the best available assistant coaches aren't already hired away, by the time we get a HC. If that happens we may get stuck with many of the assistants we already have.
  • I'm surprised Fangio's name hasn't come up yet. Kind of makes me wonder how many more people they secretly interviewed.
  • Lurie has a new official title Human Resource director. I know GTD he isnt a meddling owner. I told you the Ravens run a good ship its going to be Harbaugh vs Harbaugh. You see the owner of the Ravens is defininition of a non meddler. Ive never even seen him do anything like Lurie. the ravens make the eagles look like a bunch of bi*ches. The Eagles have thrown out there history and reinvented themselves as a flashy turf team. The Ravens stick with history. strong run game, solid QB and big hard hitting defense. Reid destroyed what made the Eagles great. he redefined their style. And made them weak. The Eagles will prove they arent "all in" when they hire some assistant from a losing playoff team. They need to scrape up the money and higher Cowher ASAP. Wont happen because this team is going on a 10 year stinking the joint up streak.
  • After watching Bradley's defense get hammered by the Falcons, maybe we don't want him. All the more reason not to rush this coaching search.
  • The Seahawks showed tremendous heart on both sides of the ball. Bradley or Bevell. Either would make for a nice head coach. Think about it. Isn't heart the one quality these Eagles teams have lacked for the last two years?
  • True. They have lacked heart, but how much of that heart came from the HC and not the DC?
  • I was thinking the same thing. No big deal. This is what we have been waiting for?
  • If we're gonna go the "assistant turned boss" route, I'm still riding with Bradley (or Fangio). He got an AWFUL lot of mileage out of a Defense with no top shelf pass rushing talent on his D-line. This guy essentially MADE Chris Clemons into a sack producer, and in each of the last 3 years the Defense has been better than it was the year before.
  • Well EZ it looks like the national media is starting to say the same about Roseman. It's not just the Philly media, but the whole world seems to think that Howie Doodie is a liability.
  • It seems like a write up on a couple potential candidates for the Eagles defensive coordinator position (the DCs from Georgia and Florida were the candidates) that was posted somewhere on the Eagles website is now being discussed on WIP. I don't know who wrote the original piece (I read the article on Profootballtalk) and don't know if it was just speculation but if Lurie and Roseman are telling their candidates who THEY want to hire as the Eagles next DC than this search was doomed from the start. You think they would have learned from Reid's Washburn-Castillo mistake but this could explain why this process is taking so long. Will they settle on a head coach who will let them help choose his coaching staff? I wouldn't want a head coach who would relinquish that kind of power and I hope that Roseman and Lurie are smarter than that. It also isn't good that if Bradley was "their" man they let him go to Jacksonville. I don't mind the Eagles taking their time but once you find your next head coach you hire don't wait and hire the best of whatever is left. Ian Papoport speculated that the Eagles COULD announce their head coach today. I guess it could go two ways...the Eagles and Bradley verbally agreed on a deal yesterday and he is only going to Jacksonville to honor his word but that would just be wasting Jacksonville's time so I doubt that is the way it goes down. The name that I keep hearing and seeing who seems to be heading up the ladder is Whisenhunt...could he be the new fresh face with new ideas that Lurie raved he was searching for? Sell that to the Cardinal fans.
  • ...and it's Chip Kelly...What the Hell?
  • I guess we have to give that "liability" credit for going out and getting the guy the Eagles originally wanted and never giving up on him. Who knows if he will be the coach they hope he can be but they got their man.
  • I think its a good pick depending on the remaining positions. As I said its all about the talent. The more talent the higher odds of winning no matter what. As you decrease the talent the coach becomes more significant.
  • and its a "GAME"
    only a GAME...
  • Ah Kelli. Once again back to tell us how debating sports on a sports site is the wrong thing to do?!:;()$&@?!"'

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