Doing My Best Not To Judge Riley Cooper.

Posted July 31, 2013
His actions have disgraced the team, fans, city, his family, and himself. I can’t stand these types of apologies. When a guy is basically sorry for simply getting caught. We as the public should just forgive them for their actions, and brush it off as it’s okay. This isn’t so easy to just brush off for me. Every time a black kid asks this guy for an autograph I know what he’s really thinking. I don’t see how this guy can calk this up to drinking. I chalk this up to his inner thoughts. He’s never going to be able to escape this for me. I can’t brush off his racist comment as no big deal. Even now as I look at the title I named for this small piece I can’t help but to hope this guy gets cut. I’m no fool. I fully understand that racism still exist in our society and in every aspect of it. It isn’t hard to find. It isn’t hard to miss. The longer the Eagles keep this guy on their roster the worse it will get. Still I recognize my own bias in this situation as I didn’t have the same feel about Desean Jackson’s homophobic rant a few years ago and he wasn’t drunk. Of course Jackson’s comment was kind of goaded out of him and his attack was directly at that specific individual for what he said. Nevertheless both were in the wrong, but the nature of this one is hard for me to simply be okay with. After watching the video (actually there are two) I’m left feeling there was no provocation for his comments. He should be fined, suspended, given anger management/racial tolerance classes, and community service details. If the Eagles do nothing but “release a statement” this could turn ugly.
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  • We have beaten the subject to death here. I drew people into the subject on purpose. Now you might of taken offense to some of my comments but it was done knowing how you respond. Fact is I like most people even you EZ. So I think Cooper is ignorant and immature but its not like we havent heard blacks say it to blacks , whites say it to whites and so on. Plus I think he was just showing off. remember hes 24 or 25. You have to put it in context. At the end of the day Cooper would have any black team members back in any fight. I believe that. Let it go.
  • Like I write I'm doing my best not to judge him, but how dumb can one be? Of course Vick's brother was just as dumb to put a bounty out on the guy on twitter. There's no wonder why that fool isn't in the league. He's an embarrassment to himself and his family.
  • As an Eagle fan its embarrasing that these are the headlines we are getting. Although they dont have a superbowl they have an iconic history that they are tarnishing. I know you dont believe this entirely but I think these transgressions are partially the responsibility of management and the owner. i dont like the focus of management and the general atmosphere around this organization. I dont think it reflects the historical personality of past Eagle organzations. They have become careless and its showing from top to bottom. Maybe you are right they might need a house cleaning because these bad situations reflect poorly on Philly and its fans. Its unfortunate but we are the ones that have to explain whats going on here. And Im very confused as to why these things continue to spring up.
  • I don't see how you can blame Lurie for Riley Cooper being an ignorant dumbazz.
  • Maybe the Eagles just need to stop talking. I wouldnt mind a lockdown right about now.
  • I've been telling everyone that for years now. Just shut up and play football.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I think being at a Chaney kesseney concert shows he wasn't being racist. We don't know for sure who he was talking about but it seems to me he just meant people there, who were mostly white. Shady threw a girl off a bus on the side of the highway ad there was less of an uproar. Time to face the times. N!gger isn't used like it was in the 50s that much anymore. Sure we have racists, but I don't think any feels cooper is one. Like I said to flip damn near every rap song from 93 to now has a guy calling himself or someone else a n!gger.
  • When you're in the public eye you have a responsibility to be responsible. If Coop knows the word he should know how to use it. What's funny to me is how d!cks like flipflop can come here and accuse people of being racist, but then act like it's okay for some who is actually being racist and excuse it because he happens to like the player. The Eagles dropped the ball here. Shady's situation felt more like extortion than anything. But the Eagles should tell all these guys to lower their profile for a while. There has been way too much bad publicity this off-season for my taste. Oh and who the phuck is Chaney Kesseney? I've never heard of him.
  • I think you are right Dawk to a certain degree. Words of hate are thrown around so freely now its like no one pays them any mind. In a way, its almost like they have no relevance. You dont often see terms used in direct confrontational way. It really makes the person saying it look like a fool. Cooper is the fool because he doesnt appear hateful just a ignorant buffoon.
  • He was making a threat during his drunken racist rant. Consider how people view some of the comments you have made about Lurie, Reid, his son, and people on this site. Your statement here suggest to me that you know precisely what you are doing when you make the comments that you do. It's for no other reason than to get a rise out of people.
  • Mine was to open up debate. Im in business and deal with people everyday. I couldnt be racist even if I wanted too. Its a waste of time and energy.
  • You don't need to accuse people of being racist, make racist comments, attack people due to their nationality or the color of their skin to open debate. We're all adults here, and those types of comments take time away from the real discussion of sports. There are plenty of other blog places to discuss racism, politics, religion, and any of the other taboo topics. Speaking as a business man you should know that even a bad rumor could cripple a company. Consider how Churches Chicken basically had to run from the north, because the rumor they were connected to the clan. I don't know to this day if it were true, but people stopped buying their product. To be real Cooper isn't that great of a player for the Eagles to sink with him. From this point on everyone who goes to the stadium wearing a Cooper Jersey will be considered someone who thinks just like him. In the long run he's going to cause more harm than good.
  • I agree real racism can cripple a company but racial and religious banter goes on all the time. I dont get offended that easily unless its said in a threatening manner. Now you said I was wrong to say chinese or somoan or whatever I said but evryday in simplest terms those kinds of comments are made. for instance, if someone doesnt know the forklift driver putting product on a truck and he inquires by saying it was the "chinese dude" is that offensive if thats the only way to identify him. That happens everyday in the workplace and the avg guy doesnt care. More than likely the chinese guy doesnt care. But sensitive race baiters like Sharpton get all fucocked when someone makes the slightest reference to color, race or religion. Color and differences exist. the more we acknowldge that the better off we are. Its when you pretend to not notice that differences that they manifest into something else. So, Cooper is a buffoon we all know that now what? Hasnt he humiliated himself enough. Where can he go now without the stigma as a fool and a hater. He is in his own prison now. He f-up and will pay for a very longtime.
  • If you are calling a Korean a Chinese guy it is offensive! Calling a Puerto Rican a Mexican could get you stabbed. Sometimes we as people take other peoples race and culture for granted. I'm glad I went to a culturally diverse elementary school growing up. My kids do now as well.
  • I would probably say asian but I dont think the guy would be offended. i get called Italian all the time and is ay Im jewish. Whats the difference? Sometimes I say I am Italian only because I dont feel like going through all the jewish questions. But Im never offended. People are generally pretty cool. And that goes for every type. If you come across as genuine guards drop real quick.
  • I KNOW several Koreans and A couple Chinese people and trust me the ARE offended. People are not cool about being miscast. You may be okay with that, but considering your heritage, and all that the Jewish community has gone through I'm surprised.
  • Why would the Mexican or Puerto Rican stab someone? Is it ur experience that people from this ethnicity carry knives? That sounds pretty racist to me. Why can't they just punch u in the face?
  • Yeah it's racist of me to say its racists to call a Puerto Rican a Mexican. Look in your kitchen. Does it have knives in it? By the way what's wrong with carrying a knife? I know many people of all nationalities who do so. Nevertheless you go on ahead and call Puerto Ricans Mexicans and the other as well. See how that works out for you.
  • Cause everyone and their momma knows its a stereotype that Mexicans and Puerto Ricans carry knives and stab people. I know plenty of Puerto Ricans and call them Mexicans every time I see them they just say what's up cracker? See when u actually know them not just know of them people don't care if u make fun of their ethnicity. Besides I never said I call Puerto Ricans Mexicans until now. We all know saying a Puerto Rican Mexican Spaniard or Latin will stab someone is a stereotype and racist but u just go right ahead and try to twist it ur way.
  • I carry a knife, and my wife carries a knife. Neither of us are Latino so don't put your stereotype nonsense on me. With that being the case I suggest you do some actual research on how much people do not wish to be identified from outside their race. Calling a Korean Chinese or calling a Puerto Rican (who's an american btw) a Mexican is just ignorant. But you keep minimizing the true racist rant of Cooper where he threatend harm to more than just one person of a specific race.
  • When you here 50 african americans say it every day, its not a big deal but when one drunk dumb a** say it, the world is going to end. Have you ever thought that if you stop saying it, everyone else might stop saying it? That maybe if you stop calling eachother that word every second of the day, it might just get used less and less by other nationalities.
  • To ASSume that every black person says it all the time is an ignorant and stupid assumption to have. So am I to assume that every white person secretly says it all the time, because some drunk fool blurted it out and he's sorry for getting caught and letting the cat out the bag? I know plenty of black people who NEVER use that word at all. Stop letting these dumb azz rappers confuse you into thinking everyone who is black acts and thinks like them. On the real most of those half wits are nothing more than slaves to their companies Radioone, Clear channel, Interscope, and so on. What do you think their bosses are telling them to rap about?
  • I said a lot of stupid things when I was 25 years old and drunk so I can't judge. It's certainly a word I never use now though.
  • It's the Michael Richards/Kramer incident all over again.
  • I dont listen to rap. Every one of my black friends say it, my wifes whole family says it, everyone that I have ever been around....even going back when I was in school, in the classroom, in the halls, on the court...everywhere. Maybe I wrote it wrong but what im trying to say is everyone stop saying the word all together. My wife doesnt say it and my sons better never say it and they are half black and hispanic. When young children of all nationalities hear the word all the time, it becomes part of their language and they have to try not to say it.
  • I grew up in the hood. My friends used to say it, but my family never spoke that way. Even if that is how Riley chats it up with his buds (on a side note how was he talking like that around Tebow) it's in poor taste for him to say something like that to a black attendant. All of his friends around him weren't drunk enough apparently, because they all looked very disgusted at him in the video. Even they thought he went way over the top. I would have more respect for Cooper had he just admitted that's how he speaks rather than to just toss up the typical sorry he got caught.
  • who cares what cooper said, im pretty sure majority of americans say it multiple times a day
  • It matters to this fragile football team. Already members of the team have come out with conflicting reports on how to deal with Cooper. Some people have said they forgave others said they don't trust him. Avant said he could divide the locker room blacks verses whites. Some have even said that Andy Reid would have punished Cooper more. If you are an Eagles fan you should clearly be able to see that this is a serious problem for this football team. What happens when Cooper catches his first pass in a game? What happens when people wear his jersey to the stadium? How does the team that is on the brink of an internal civil war simply think its okay to ignore this and assume it goes away? I could see trying to get around this for a guy who was elite, but Riley Cooper isn't that.
  • EZ I think it would be in the Eagles best interest to name Vick the starter or we could have a race riot on this team. This team is on the verge of collapse before the season starts.
  • That is stupid. Naming Vick the starter right now will not fix this matter. Doing more to punish Cooper will.
  • Cooper is an absolute ignorant fool and anyone who thinks that everyone should just let it slide and move on may need to get a little sensitivity training themselves. This wasn't a case of a couple of black friends using the word in a somewhat nonchalant was said out of anger and used as an insult. This is one of those cases where a team will distance themselves from a player who isn't a star in the league. If Cooper needed a bigger launching pad than the injury to Maclin, his "slip of the tongue" needs to be it or he may soon be looking for a new team.
  • It's funny how hard people are working to make Cooper out as the victim in all of this. He chose to get drunk, chose to use those words in the context of how he used them, and he covered it all up for weeks until it surfaced recently. Another case of I'm sorry I got caught. His stupidity is driving a wedge on this team. The Eagles would be wise to walk away from him.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if it happens. The Eagles seem to distancing themselves from him under the guise of getting him help although that is something he obviously needs. We'll see what happens.
  • Everyone will be watching on this one. I could see maybe enduring all of this for a guy who is very talented. Cooper is like a slightly better Hank Baskett to me. He's not worth tearing up the team over.
  • This will be the Riley Cooper excuse season. So far this team hasnt done anything related to football. If it was a thug team it might be ok but its a punk team and they look like fools.
  • If it were a "thug team" Riley Cooper would be missing right now. So you think having a bunch of murderes and thieves will make them a better football team? That pretty much personifies Vick who actually did a bid and they stink. Rethink your strategy.
  • If it were a "thug team" Cooper's comments and actions may fit right in. Hollywood always wants to act like the Eagles are looking for excuses why they aren't going to win a championship instead of just realizing that in sports you deal with a lot of spoiled, me first individuals who have been built up to being told how wonderful and special they are. These situations the Eagles players find themselves in right now are not the fault of Lurie and Kelly but if they do continue to happen with no recourse then we can say they are not doing anything to stop them or at least slow them down. Hollywood wants the drama to stop but wants a "thug team"...can you have one without the other?

    If the team would have stuck together and backed Cooper to a man than maybe they could have gotten by with a fine, some sensitivity training and some solidarity but that is obviously not happening. I get not taking McCoy seriously with his comments after his off season issue but other members of the team also have problems with this incident and who are we to tell anyone that they shouldn't be just get over one word and move on? I think it's funny that some of us on here type that we shouldn't question how a man grieves but have plenty of questions with what someone is offended by. It's fine if someone isn't offended by this...that's great that YOU may think it's nothing. We have no way of knowing what kind of situations associated with this word and the hatred it can portray anyone may have gone through as a child, as a teenager or as an adult. I think Dawkins said in an interview that he was brought up being told of how some of his ancestors could have heard that insult as the last word while being hung or being dragged to their deaths...kind of takes the notion out of it as "being nothing more than a word", doesn't it? Like I stated yesterday, Cooper said it in anger and as an insult...why should nobody be upset over it?
  • A very poinyent comment green especially the part about Dawkins. I made me think of my own as my grandmother's father was a Native American and he was hung. My grandmother went through life without her father. Of course some would say well look how far we've come, but Cooper's comments as well as some on here about how intolerant people are to other nationalities show we haven't gone far enough.
  • WELL I think this is overblown and there wont be any on the field revenge if "THIS WAS TENNIS"
  • Kellyscott is that you?
  • This is far from the worst thing and NFL player has done and not had to face serious repercussions. The guy apologized. I think he was sincere. Like others have said, shut up and play football.
  • I would agree that this isn't the worst thing a player could do, but I do think unless he pulls his weight and starts to play better he's going to cause friction and division on the team. Well see what he does on Friday.
  • Riley Cooper playing exceptional football will do more to make this ordeal go away than all of his apologies combined. Like Vick no one has to like a guy, but they are willing to endure him so long as he's producing.

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Chris Bosh on blood clot diagnosis: ‘I’m lucky to be alive’

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