Eagles' fans ethics no better than SanFran managment

Posted July 12, 2013

 I've always bled green. But I still found time to be a 9ers and Dolphins fan. After SF did to Joe Montana, George Siefert, and finally, Jerry Rice, I no longer found time to be a fan of such a soulless establishment. 

 Which brings me to my point. I'll concede that Andy Reid had a spectacularly terrible season his last year with us. However, his son DIED mere yards away from him, even as he worked. What did he do? Did he bail on his team? No. Did he sit that season out? I'm sure even his harshest critics would have managed a conciliatory nod at the notion. No. He didn't.

    I won't say the Eagles management betrayed him, because, for all we know, he could have wanted to leave. But the fans did. For those of you who laughed when he was up there and enjoyed the feeling of being on the winning side ( for the first time since the 1940's, I might add), you should be ASHAMED at how you sit there and condemn him for giving all he had, and not having any more to give when he was in his own personal hell. How many of you have children? How many of you count losing one of them as one of your greatest fears? What happened to loyalty? Compassion? This birdfan will always be grateful for the gift that was Andy's regime.....

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  • GET 'EM GIRL!!!
  • Andy was a great coach for years here. No one is condemning him on yardbarker for giving all he had (except for one barker who flip has given props to because they see eye to eye THIS year where the Eagles are concerned). If you look back on a post EazyEagle just put up days ago barkers overwhelmingly stated they would applaud him which is the way it should be. I have two children myself and I couldn't even fathom the thought of losing either one of them...they are my life. I feel horrible for Reid, hell I feel horrible when reading these type of tragedies of people I don't even know through the public's eye. That shouldn't change the fact that after 14 years with a declining team coupled with the mistakes he has made as a head coach the last couple years it was simply time to move on.
  • And greentildeath has just so obligingly made my case for me. In one breath " I feel horrible for Reid, hell I feel horrible when reading these type of tragedies of people I don't even know through the public's eye." And the next "That shouldn't change the fact that after 14 years with a declining team coupled with the mistakes he has made as a head coach the last couple years it was simply time to move on." Hate to turn this into a moral debate, dude....but this is a shining example of what I'm talking about...
  • What I tell you about this guy?!

    It's just a basic lack of backbone and loyalty. I think SOMEBODY needs to look up what FAN means.
  • I made your point for you? So what is your weak point, 1bleedgreen? That because Andy Reid lost his son Jeffrey Lurie should have given him a pass? After winning 4 meaningless games in 2011 to get to .500 and going 4-12 last year, after making some horrendous coaching choices, player choices including desperately leaving his best player in a game they were down 21 points with under 2 minutes left only to let him get his bell wrung, after lobbying for Michael Vick and having it not work out and leaving the Eagles needing a QB right now, after not winning a playoff game the last 5 years Andy Reid should have kept his job because he lost his son? Look, a one year fall and Reid would have kept his job this year...this wasn't a one year fall...it's been getting worse every year...things get stale and Reid' s Eagles were beyond stale.

    If you truly want to back flip and his set of "morals" go look at what he just recently posted about racism and his mistaken accusations at another barker. If that doesn't make you want to change your mind about coming onto this site and backing your buddy I'm not sure anything will. Don't be like, flip. Don't just keep pushing an opinion that you know just doesn't hold water. The point is that the Eagles are a football team and their coach has been on the decline for years...they needed to make a change regardless of the tragedy that Andy Reid was forced to face. This fact and my opinion doesn't make me a horrible person no matter what flip told you about me. Look back at some of flip's posts and you'll see some questionable character traits.

    By the way, flip...I'm honored. No one in my life besides the fans here on yardbarker here know who birdflipper is.
  • Wow I can't believe flipflop has gone and made a fake id. Romorules was right about this dude.
  • AANNT! Wrongo moron!

    Not only is IGB78 a REAL person (who I've PROUDLY known for almost 20 years), but she's cute too. Unlike YOU she thinks enough of herself to post HER picture and not hide behind someone else's pic.

    Talk about who's real and who isn't!
  • So I'm guessing you are referring to your hand?
  • Getting Bird from the Flipper is an experience I recommend....
  • If The Woman sees that, you will have gotten me in SOOOOOOOO much trouble. LOL!
  • No harm intended, Flip. "Easy" needed a little reality check....
  • Easy needs a LOT more than a LITTLE reality check. I would LOVE to be the guy to give him your Dad's "Dead bear, bucket of sh*t test".
  • Greentildeath....I am so sorry. Didn't mean to ignore your rambling. Now,if you would kindly remove your head from your behind, and re-read the original post, I did say that the FANS were at fault for their wayward loyalties...much like your posts. The FANS...not MANAGEMENT. And as for Flip's "questionable" character traits...thanks for the warning, but after 20 years of being family....I think I'll take my chances.
  • Holy crap! Looks like you have to spend sometime getting to know me. Next time you're over I suppose I'll make the coffee you love so much.

    OH WAIT! You don't know ME, so how could I possibly know YOU?
  • My rambling? They are all good, solid points. You sure type exactly like your buddy with ignoring my points and just relying on accusations and insults.

    Let's get back to your point then. Like I stated, my opinion that Lurie did the right thing doesn't come close to making me a horrible person with loose morals just like it doesn't make the majority of the fan base terrible people...that is simply your opinion and one that is way off base. I simply get what Lurie had to do and if you want to sit there and condemn me for having an opinion on Lurie's choice than you truly are a lot like flip and pick at nothing honestly. Let me ask you and please give me an honest opinion...did Jeff Lurie make the right choice? Don't bail, don't rely on flip for your answer. Looking at what the Eagles have gone through should Jeff Lurie have brought back Andy Reid for his last year?
  • Don't waste your time. You are literally having a discussion with flipflops hand.
  • Perhaps your points would be "good" and "solid" if, in fact, you responded to what I actually said....not what your brain is telling you I said.

    As for my honest opinion....I would never give anyone any less. And here it is: I have absolutely no idea if it was the right choice or not, because AGAIN, I will reiterate, I have no idea what really happened behind closed doors. I'm sure Lurie felt bad about what happened, whatever that was, because the end result is that someone who has been part of his team for more than a decade is now gone, and change is always hard. But......only time will tell whether or not they made the right decision. So far, Kelly has not impressed me with his overwhelming leadership skills. If for no other reason than this latest development of him not choosing the starting QB until September is bad for team morale. Tell me THAT is not a valid point.

    And FYI....I've been to many of BirdFlipper's semi-pro games and if I were to ever be mindless enough to "rely" on anyone for my answers...I could do worse than Flip....
  • You can almost see him crying in his prom dress, can't you?
  • Read for yourself before you condemn the fans on here for their opinion on Reid and his firing, Ibleedgreen...don't let flip tell you what he thinks we are. Let's get straight to the point why you're here though, okay? You obviously came on here to defend your buddy with your guns a blazin'....very admirable but honestly not worth it. First, take a look around this website and see who is condemning Reid and laughing at him. The only barker that I know of that has done that is hollywoodeagle and he is your buddy's "best friend" these days simply because they both like to whine about the Eagles (flip wants to play the moral game with me while knowing that Hollywood has absolutely no morals when it comes to what he types...especially when it comes to Reid). We both know this is truly not about Andy Reid and this made up set of morals you and flip want to preach about partly because no one on here has typed anything remotely disparaging about Reid besides flip's other "friend". If you want to get to the main point and debate flip let me know. I have plenty of great posts of his that I can rely on to show you what he is like on here. He may be a wonderful human being off yardbarker but that isn't how we get to know people around here...we get to know them by what they type and on here your buddy is an egotistical blowhard (you don't have to tell us how wonderful he is, how much football knowledge he has...he's told us numerous times himself), he's been the most hypocritical barker I've seen in my years on here and his posts debating which of "his" teams are on their way up are nothing but him stretching the truth in both regards while being filled with double standards. If you want to defend that knock yourself out.

    If you're not happy with Kelly you have every right to talk about it...to type about it. I won't question it one bit because you weren't on here calling us all bad fans last year when we were legitimately upset with a horrible two year run. You didn't call barkers out before starting a 6 month whine-a-thon questioning every move the Eagles made after things didn't go the way you wanted them to. My advice to you is to let Kelly have some time but if you want to question him I won't stand in your way.

    Your honest opinion on whether Lurie did the right thing with Reid is you doing what I asked you not to do...you bailed. This isn't a question that can be avoided by stating you don't know what happened behind closed doors. We have 14 years of Eagle football to help you make a decision. There are years of declining football, an increasingly dysfunctional team and no playoff victory in 5 years to help you make a decision. Do you want to make one or would you rather bail?

    The QB decision in Kelly's first year shouldn't be rushed...doesn't need to be rushed. You want to discuss bad morale the only two players complaining about it are Jackson (who then stated the competition between Vick and Foles is neck and neck...he's calling for a starter but in his own words doesn't see a clear winner) and Vick (big surprise there).

    Prom dress, flip? Really? From the barker that had a tantrum and held this yard hostage by typing post after post after post a couple years ago because he didn't like what another barker typed? Extremely funny stuff. Thanks for that. You keep typing about my prom dress and I'll keep typing the truth about you.
  • Gosh if you are going "add" facts please make sure you're correct. I know flipflop is feeding you your info, but you should at least check it yourself. The Eagles won after the 1940s.
  • Flip stated she can argue...I'm not sure he stated that she either knows her football or cares if she types the truth. If she doesn't then she'll fit right in with flip and Hollywood.

    I'm willing to give anybody a chance on here, Ibleedgreen but you may want to do some research first. The Eagles last championship was in 1960. They also made it just as far as Reid did (losing in the Super Bowl) with Vermeil after the 80 season so it hasn't been as long as you claim. A birdfan, as you called yourself, should know that.

  • The puppet seems to fit along just like the master. Coming out loudly boasting and completely lacking a clue.
  • I asked her to take a stroll through some posts...get to know us how we got to know each other instead of going by flip's judgment but I'm sure that suggestion will be ignored. We've seen his judgment lately and no matter what he claimed last year he isn't in a good place. Questioning our morals while ignoring the crap that Hollywood puts out shows exactly what he is about. His shots at you and his racist claims went way overboard...to think he actually was trying to tell us all how to be better barkers last year and how we could make this site more attractive for new people.
  • My moral compass isn't judged by that clown. I don't care what that hypocrite racist thinks about me. Clearly he care what we thinks of him though, other wise he wouldn't have brought his puppet in to speak for him.
  • Sure reeks of a desperate soul, doesn't it? If he was worried about any credibility on yardbarker being questioned he should have stopped himself from typing many of his posts the last few months.
  • Tell me, Green.....does Easy's behind really taste THAT good? Because you seem to love kissing is. You accuse me of being at the Flipster's beck and call, but it seems to me, from what I've seen so far, you're main goal on this site is to follow all his posts and make every attempt to stand by your own man, while having apoplectic fits when others do the same.
    And honestly....this passive-aggressive crap is a waste of my time. Your I-just-wanna-give-the-world-a-chance comments are peppered with a litany of nasty little comments, so if that is your idea of giving someone "a chance" then I think I'll take a HUGE pass on attempting to win your approval. What you refer to as "bailing" is simply my unwillingness to make a judgment call based on something neither me, you or anyone but the parties involved have all the facts on. I'm glad you have enough faith in your little crystal ball to predict the future, but sadly, I am not so fortunate. Again, only time will tell if they made the right decision or not, so please quit whining in some feeble attempt to get me to agree with you. I can only hope that Andy Reid saw eye-to-eye with Lurie that it was time for him to move on, but that doesn't mean I'm going to leap on Kelly and pronounce him the Messiah of the Eagles. I want to see what he's got.
    As far as my fact-checking, the only mistake I made is not clarifying my 1940's statement completely. We, as a team, have never been taken so far, as consistently, as we had when Reid was in his glory days. Maybe I'm sentimental, but I think it's a monstrously convenient for the fans to forget that so easily. The man gave us pride in our team again, and if you're waiting for me to apologize for being loyal, I'm afraid the mea culpas are gonna have to sit this one out. Was I disappointed when things went downhill? Absolutely. Do I think that justifies a mass crucifixion? Absolutely NOT. And when I refer to the fans, I'm not just talking about those on YB. As I'm new to this site, I'm still wading through the posts. I listen to sports talk radio quite a bit, and if you want to deny that the fans that call in haven't been brutal to Reid, well, than you're even more delusional as than I first thought.
    With regard to your disparaging remarks about the Flipmyster, I'm afraid you've once again, struck out. He's not only a dear friend, but also the father of my firstborn, and if you think I signed up with YB in order to waste time debating his moral fiber , again.....sorry about your luck. If you want to discuss his understanding of the game, no problemo. I can hang with you all day on that one. But I find it laughable that you've been spending so much time and energy trying to convince me is the official demon of YB. Won't happen. Already I've seen so many displays of stupidity and ignorance on this site, so perhaps you'd be better served sticking to convo about the sport.
    And finally.....your statement about whether or not I know my football, all I can say is this. I can show you better than I can tell you. Patience.....patience.......
  • Come on Ibleedgreen. All those accusations about me aren't yours...they are certainly flips. Eazy and I see eye to eye on a lot of points so we agree with each other often but we have disagreed at times in the past. Unlike flip though we respect each others opinions. I also have seen through Hollywood and flip's BS and call them on it...Eazy does the same and we aren't the only ones. We just do it more often than most. You want to start insinuating that I have a thing for him then by all means weaken your points by making personal comments that are simply just immature garbage just like your birdflipper does.

    Go ahead and deny that you are on here mainly to defend flip. You questioning my morals after I typed nothing morally offensive while hollywoodeagle goes off on an off the wall rant about Reid and the death of his son and you not making any kind of reply show me that my claims are absolutely true about you but that's okay. I'm a big boy. I can take it. As for my "I just want to give the world a chance stance" it's simply what I would give any first year coach for any of "my" teams. I truly don't care that flip and you don't like him...that is your choice. I do care that we on yardbarker had to deal with weeks of flip telling us we were all bad fans for discussing out team without the rose colored glasses that he was wearing at the time...how a true fan always sticks by his team. Flip can claim he's sticking by them now but that is just not true. He looks for things to complain about...that is not being loyal so if you want to discuss loyalty discuss it with flip.

    I honestly don't give a damn if you agree with me or not. We are on a site where we discuss and debate. If you want to find a barker that seems to get offended when people don't agree with him again look at your first born child's father. That's honestly what has started most of this and why he talked you into coming here to "scold" me. LOL. By the way, show me my nasty words that are hiding in my posts and comments. Please...stop using flip's words and find your own.

    I have heard a few callers rip Reid but I have heard many more comment that they did indeed appreciate what he did here in Philly but were happy the Eagles decided to move on. Sentiments I obviously agree with. You can be sentimental all you want with Reid (I like the man and thought he was very good coach but things just got stale) and I have defended him constantly when discussing him with flip's other buddy, hollywoodeagle. If you want to get a viewpoint on a fan who doesn't respect Reid at all than he can definitely give you what you want. Have at him...but we both know that isn't going to happen, don't we?

    Getting back to your bailing on my question. Do you really want to do this? You keep flipping things around just like your buddy. Where am I asking you to judge Kelly? I'm holding out judgment just like you are...I have no crystal ball unlike flip who makes many hard predictions on here. Where do I ever state that Kelly was the right choice? I'm not asking you if Kelly was the right coach to take over for Reid. One more time, Ibleedgreen...was letting Reid go before his last year was up the right choice? You don't have to look into the future to answer it...it's all about the past!

    I never stated that flip is the demon of yardbarker (although he did call himself Darth Vader). He's just hypocritical, full of himself and filled with double standards. If you can look past that than you'll do fine with him on this site.

    This is truly fun and I look forward to discussing more football and flip with you but I have a niece's graduation party to attend today. It' been a pleasure, Ibleedgreen. Looking forward to the next time.
  • Nice classy post green. If she actually has an original thought and not that "McNabb needs to shut up old BS," I'll actually believe she is more than just flipflops mouth piece/left hand. I hope you have fun at the party.
  • Thanks, Eazy. I did enjoy myself and also did at a cousin's house warming party I went to for a few hours yesterday. My wife's family is huge...have a few more events to attend this summer.

    That McNabb post did seem like a "I better make a post that shows barkers I can disagree with flip" post if I ever saw one.
  • "I look forward to discussing more football and flip with you"

    That's a direct quote from the end of his response to you. It's part of why I blocked him. When I write a post now (since the blocking) I spend more time discussing the Eagles and NOT me. That is unless I'm responding to EZ.

    I haven't blocked EZ yet because he's easier to deal with since 1) EZ unlike GTD, COMMITS to his attacks 2) You don't need a bookmark to finish his replies and 3) Unlike GTD, EZ doesn't cry like a toddler in a bear trap.

    But GTD's ADMITTED obsession with me is just creepy.
  • I would've respected Reid more had he taken sometime away to be with his family. I think some players may have even wondered the same thing. Like are we supposed to do the same thing if one of our children passes away. He may still be the coach and the team would've been behind him even more if he stepped away for awhile or even the season.

    I understand it's hard to criticize how someone handles such a tragedy but this is how I feel about it.
  • I'm not positive about this, but I believe Reid thanked Lurie and the Eagles when he left town. He didn't display any hard feelings towards the team or Mr. Lurie. In fact he was probably relieved to be moving on....after all, it would have been hard to continue to work in the place where your son left this world. And besides, your hired to be fired in professional sports, that is an undeniable fact. Reid had a longer run than many in the game and he landed on his feet in Kansas City. Hell, there's no where for him to go but up by taking that coaching gig. But all this BS on the topic is laughable and has little to do with the game of football. I wouldn't feel too sorry for Reid since he is still making big bucks as an NFL head coach and in time the hurt of his sons death will fade...not go away mind you, but fade none the less.
  • He waited about a week before thanking the fans and discussing his love for the city of Philadelphia through the media, gr. I'm sure after the reality of the situation set in Reid realized this was the best thing for both team and ex-coach. There comes a time for every team to move on from payers and coaches...it is a part of professional sports and this year was certainly Reid's time. Staying too loyal only weakens a team if players and coaches are no longer assets. The weakest comment I've seen on here from a couple barkers was in 2010 and they stated that Donovan McNabb deserved to be an Eagle for life. No player or coach is more important than the team itself...Reid and McNabb included.
  • Flip, I typed that I look forward to discussing more football and flip with her because that is why she is here. YOU were the one telling other barkers that I was the reason she got hooked and we both know it wasn't so she can discuss football with me...it's to somehow stick up for you or at the very least see if she can put me "in my place". Your non reply mixed with her non reply to Hollywood after his morally wrong comments regarding Andy and Garrett Reid on my post proved that neither of you were truly interested in targeting the wrongs of Eagles fans on this issue like you seemed to claim. The issue was with me and how I lack respect for you. Respect is earned flip and if I ever had any respect for you it was lost in your comments directed at barkers last year when you buried some of us for being down on the Eagles and your subsequent whining this year showing what you truly are.

    It isn't an obsession I have with you...it's an annoyance. I'm not the one who has discussed you outside yardbarker...you stay right where you belong in my life...right inside my laptop. I was obviously brought up outside yardbarker to your friends (your first comment to IBleedgreen regarding my reply to her first post stated as much). So let me ask you...who has the obsession for whom on here? Let me go when you step away from your computer flip...it isn't healthy.
  • aww lets get ready to RUMBLEEEE
  • Nice post but unfortunatley the victim here is Reids son. I think a thorough investigation into his sons death could result in some big suprises. Andy was callous about his sons passing. He didnt miss a beat. On the surface like Kellyscott sid it like like no one cared. And Andy was self centered and arrogant and frankly thats how it appeared when his son died. I understand the emotions that are involved with children but Reid dint seem normal. I think his family suffers from his neglect and hes proved it over and over that his own agenda comes first .
  • ...and there it is.

    Come on IbleedGreen. This is yours and flip's perfect opportunity to address the whole basis of this post with someone who actually fits your description of the soulless Eagle fan who feels no compassion for Reid. Let's see how much you truly hold fast to your convictions.
  • HW Andy isn't the first person to bury himself in work to run from grief at the loss of loved one, and he certainly won't be the last. How it looked doesn't necessarily tell the tale of how it was.

    Besides, why would he pour his heart out to Philly fans? Why show us any weakness at all? We have the reputation of being the most base group in sports, and many responded to the death of his son with chants that he should be fired. You know how your parents said you should pick your friends wisely? Seems to me that Andy listened.
  • Not exactly questioning hollywood's loyalty or morals like you did me for simply stating that Lurie had to fire Reid regardless of what happened to his son (which is nothing but the truth) but I guess it's a start, flip. I do agree with most of what you stated except for one bit of truth stretching. Most fans (I'd like to say all but I do realize that there are sick individuals out there...hell we have one on here) didn't respond to Garrett Reid's death by chanting that Reid should be fired...they responded to a failing team that Reid should be fired. Garrett's death just so happened to be in the midst of Reid's worst run as a head coach. You want to tie them together and blame Garrett's death for the 4-12 season that's fine. I blame many of Reid's choices over the last two years and I know that I'm not alone. Besides even if it had some play in the 4-12 season then Reid made another bad choice...not walking away and taking some time off.
  • on the other hand , and I agree but to be a great at anything, one must work his or her Ass off to be the best at what they do..lets take into account Pat Summitt who coached the lady Vols to how many titles? but being so busy got a divorce why, gee I think the recruiting the travel how in gods name can one continue to be married?
    and right here every eagle fan wants what a super bowl win???
    I look at it this way..damned if you do,, and damned to hell if you don't....
  • thats a valid point but Reid was cold as ice. And when you take that picture and paste it to McNabb, Castillo, Dawkins and many others that put their bodies on the line for him his thanks was his foot up their rear ends launching them out the door.

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