Eagles in the salary cap playoffs with Jacksonville, KC & Bungles. Ozzie wins.

Posted April 11, 2013

Once again the Ravens pull down another free agent showing their commitment to continue being a great team.  The Eagles , on the other hand , have done some touch ups that have saved them money but havent made themselves any better than last season.   This is the tale of two owners and teams that operate much differently.  The Ravens are financially committed and emotionally invested.  While the Eagles arent "all in" despite the tearful cries of Jeff Lurie and the " I feel your pain" speech.   Now the GMs of the Eagles and Ravens are completely different.  In Balto the Ravens have argueably the best GM in football in Ozzie Newsome while the Eagles have a whiney  unproven bean counter in Howie.  Doesnt look real impressive.   Once again the whole season hinges on Vick putting his life on the line to try to make the Eagles win .  But with the changes made I suspect it will be even harder for Vick to succeed.   I think a repeat of last year may occur.   It all rests on Vicks shoulders.  As usual and like Mcnabb he has not been given anything substatial to work with. 

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  • The Eagles aren't "all in" this year because they don't have a team they can be all in with. I'm not sure why this isn't sinking in for you but the Eagles are a team in rebuild mode.

    The Eagles aren't some playoff team that is looking for the last one or two pieces to get them over the hump. They are a team that went 4-12 last year. They have a new head coach, and new coordinators. They're going to have a new defensive scheme and new offensive plan.

    They've let a bunch of people go from last years team and brought in almost an entirely new defense. It's pretty clear that they are moving in a new direction, actually I don't know how much clearer it can be.

    To compare the Eagles to the Ravens is pointless. They are two teams that are in two completely different places. One just won the Superbowl! They just accomplished the goal, the Eagles are merely starting to build towards it.

    It took John Harbaugh 5 season with the Ravens before he wont the Superbowl. While he was able to seemingly turn things around pretty fast for the Ravens (they went from 5-11 the season before he got there to 11-5 his first year), he also inherited one of the top defenses in the league, and drafted his franchise QB and HB his first draft. The team was also riddled with young talent drafted before he got there (Haloti Ngata, Jared Gaither, Le'Ron McClain, Marshal Yanda, Ben Grubbs), not to mention all the veterans that were there (Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, etc...).

    Chip Kelly is in no way walking into the same situation. The season before the Ravens went 5-11 they were 13-3 and won their division. Two season ago the Eagles struggled to be 8-8.

    This Eagles team is no where close to being one or two guys away from turning things around. They need a new QB, help at the RG position, depth behind starters on the offensive line, an identity on defense. Coming into this season they needed to revamp the defensive line, find new starting CBs, new starting Safeties, and another decent LB. Some of those issues may have been answered to an extent but they are far from being ready to contend.

    New coaches, new scheme, new players, new philosophy all equals new team. New teams generally aren't born playoff teams, they are built into them. Maybe Chip finds everything he needs in this draft, history says probably not. It's most likely going to take a few years of smart drafting, smart signings, and guys learning/buying into the system/philosophy before this team contends again. Could be just one season, my guess is more like 2-3.

    Expecting the Eagles to be a contender this year is like betting on a fat guy to with the Boston Marathon. Set your expectations as high as you want though. Just remember you set the bar too high and you're only setting yourself up for disappointment.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • It's funny to see the king of whining call someone else whiney. Bnugent81 is an intelligent guy, but he took too many words to simply tell you that you have no idea what you are writing about, stop whining, and to shut up.
  • Ha thanks for the nod EZ

    idk why I waste so much time with holly sometimes. I guess I just hope that one day it'll sink in for him. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
  • ok simple. from a talent standpoint where have they gotten better?
  • Offensive line, defensive line, secondary, linebacker, safety, special teams, punter, possibly coaching, tight end, all of the rookies are a year older and they have improved team versatility.
  • They have only gotten year older. If you were to look at stats as you always do they have once again gone the cheap route. We will see but I dont think Cary williams and patrick chung are anywhere near as good as Nhamdi and DRC. Just my opinion. Nor do I think the fat goof from SF is any better than Patterson and jenkins. You will see what im talking about right out of the gate with this weak azz defense.
  • Chung is a safety..... anything is better than what DRC and Nnamdi did last season. They quit.
  • hollyweird you keep comparing the guys on the team now to guys who were on last years terrible defense. even IF this years defense is bad at least it won't cost us as much as last years bad defense.

    I'm curious as to why you think nnamdi and drc were so great in philly?
  • I'll answer that for him, because I know he won't answer the question. He doesn't think that, but he enjoys getting a rise out of people. He makes outlandish comments like that all of the time like Beanie Wells is a top 5 running back. For a time he would bash McNabb only to become his biggest supporter on this site after the Eagles traded him. He's little more than a shock jock, but don't expect him to answer any questions, because there is no rhyme or reason for his comments other than to in some kind of strange way rip the Eagles despite the fact claiming to be a fan. This "fan" has praised every rival of the Eagles for how they operated business-wise despite the fact the Eagles were owning them every season. At that same time he was ripping the Eagles every chance he got. The guy has been on a Steward Bradley kick. He used to rip Bradley until the Eagles let him go. Now he goes on and on about how great the guy is despite the fact the guy isn't even a starter anymore. You can't really take him seriously, and the sad part is flip is becoming just like him.
  • Forget last year because everyone sucked and quit. But strictly from an athletic standpoint Nhamdi and DRc are better athletes than Chung and Williams. Im just looking at secondary EZ not position. Thats a fact and their respective salaries in the open market prove that they are more valuable. They dont call it free agency for nothing.
  • You have to look at positions because they are two completely different players, or are you that dense. And from an athletic standpoint NNamdi (notice how the same starts with 2 Ns and not an NH), and DRC haven't used any of it since they got to philly so what's the point. Not to mention you have no basis to say who is actually the better athlete.

    as the market speaking to their value
    Derek Cox - 4years/20million
    cary willimas - 3years/17million
    kyle arrington - 4year/16million
    brent grimes - 1year/5.5million (injured last season!)
    sean smith - 3years/18million
    dunta robinson - 3years/15million

    Nnamdi can make up to 3 million this season on his ONE year deal. That's ten million less then what he was slated to make in Philly. DRC got a ONE year "prove me you aren't washed up yet" contract. The only reason he got 5 million is because he's 27 and shouldn't be washed up. So their contracts do speak to their value. Nnamdi is old and declining, and DRC just doesn't seem to want to play.
  • In any case the Eagles are better without those guys than with them. DRC nor Nnamdi did nothing as Eagles that makes me feel like I will miss them or the Eagles made a mistake not trying to hang onto them. I don't care what they do with their new teams, because the bottom line is they didn't do it here.
  • exactly no point in rewarding poor play
  • so patterson and jenkins picked by a perrenial superbowl winner because they suck. Always an excuse . Always a cutdown on the way out. Nhamdi, DRC, Jenkins, Patterson will all do big things for there teams. But you suckers bite on all the dribble that comes from the fornt office.
  • I just wrote all this in another post there's links and everything all laid out nice and neat for ya. Bottom line is they were overpaid, that's why they were released. If they wanted to stay they would have redone their contracts.


    As for DRC he's shown a lack of interest in football as the years go on and Chip Kelly doesn't want those types of players.
  • Bnuget81 my message is to Hollywood.
  • Nnamdi, DRC, Patterson and Jenkins will do big things. You mean like how you predicted McNabb to win a Super Bowl after leaving Andy Reid and Philly? How about how you predicted Bradley to be a beast after leaving Philly? Maybe it's how you predicted Beanie Wells to be on the the best backs in football. Maybe its how you have predicted every player who has left the Eagles to be greater with their new team. Notice how rarely that's happened? Stop predicting anything. You suck at it.
  • It really is no use with hollywood but I must admit I still debate with him. With me though it isn't trying to get him to understand actual reasoning and truth it's more to call him out on his BS claims (and believe me that's all most of them are). He just doesn't seem to care or get that most barkers can't take much he types seriously because he complains so much. An Eagle player he complains about will turn into a player they will miss once they release him or part ways somehow according to him. His opinion on players changes just as long as he can "bury" the FO. He will be complaining about the Eagles letting some of what he considers is a lackluster group of free agents (this year's) walk when they leave the team just so he has something to whine about.
  • Its not about letting them walk its about replacing them with qualified talent. This defense is gonn get azz phucked this year and they will blame Vick.
  • Don't you get that Vick should be blamed for how he has played? He wasn't the only problem but he was one of the biggest and he has been bad for over 2 years now. You sometimes can't hold onto bad contracts just because you may not have a replacement...every team has struggled to find replacements but if a high priced player hasn't gotten it done for years it's time to let him walk.
  • Ravens arent struggling
  • Not one word of bnugent's post on comparing a Super Bowl champion to a rebuilding team got through to that brain of yours, did it? I've seen others type crap that makes no sense on here, hollywood but you certainly have made a yardbarker career out of it.
  • I have a word for it its called an EXCUSE. Nobody rebuilds in the NFL. Every year since ive been in Balto Ray lewis only mentioned winning a superbowl now. Evry year that guy thought they should win. For some reason the bozos in Philly think its an Einstein algorithm winning a superbowl. Rebuild, add, one more weapon, next years draft...etc. All smoke screen for not spending. Same old Helen Keller Eagle dance.
  • What's funny is you expect the Eagles to win with a bunch of ragtag overpaid losers. They went nowhere last season with the same bunch of guys you are whining they got rid of. Do you know what you were doing when they actually played for the Eagles? You were whining. Seems like all you really want to do is whine.
  • We had a bad exprience with the wide 9 experiment and now they are treating us to another excuse called the 3-4. As far as winning with ragtag overpaid losers thats their fault for not doing the homework. But that still doesnt excuse them for the crap they put on the field during Mcnabbs years and bottom feeding with the Jaguars and chiefs. No excuse. They are a fraud. Simple . Helen Keller Eagle dance. $1,000. Where is your buddy astro
  • If he somehow gets his goofy dance launched he ought to call it the "hollywoodeagle".
  • This is a bonafide offer of $1,000. It must go viral. If it does and gets over 100,000 hits I will double the payment. It will be called the hollywood eagle - helen keller eagle dance. A dance with deaf , dumb and blind intergrated with Eagle green. I am dead serious.
  • Why do you enjoy embarrasing yourself so much? I get that no one on yardbarker will ever meet you but why spend so much time on a site just to be known as the site ****ass?
  • You spoend your time following EZ around astro and I sapend my time coming up with unique ideas. Think about it, for every bad play they make you cheer and go into a helen keller spastic dance. You make a positive out of a negative. Its fun. Who cares if they lose because if they lose you have fun with the dancing. Why be miserable folling these jokers. Have fun with it. Its no fun booing but it would be fun if the whole stadium rocked out on a bad play and went crazy spastic. You dont agree?
  • First of all, I've barely typed anything to Eazy lately and he hasn't had much to type to me but if it somehow makes you feel better about yourself by typing that I "follow" him around because we seem to agree on a few points including how we feel about a couple of "loud" barkers then knock yourself out.

    As for your "dance", do you really have to ask what I think about it? If you honestly think it's a good idea and it has any chance to ever catch on then there is no hope for you. Calling for a boycott on a dying website (or any website) was bad enough...trying to "create" an idiotic, politically incorrect named dance on the same dying (or again any) website is just asinine. You really should just stop but knowing how you work I'm sure you won't.

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