Eliminate the Cancer

Posted June 12, 2013

From everything I am reading, we have a cancer in our locker room.  Some people might think its DJack.  I personally think its Vick.  If Kelly were smart before he loses his team, he would cut Vick. 

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  • sadly that's up to Kelly...Not us
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  • This is exactly what I'm afraid of. Kelly is about to ingest that same poison that killed Reid and Mora. Speaking of whom, Jim Mora had Michael Vick pegged. He really is a "coach killer." To me, Vick is the living embodiment of the me-first, entitled attitude that we're trying to cut out of this team. Nnamdi and DRC were only a small fraction of that. I live in Connecticut now and when I've spoken to fans of other teams, they've told me the same thing. The Eagles are not a true team. They're a group of individuals. Sadly, I think they're right. If DJax doesn't fall in line, as talented as he is, I'd have no qualms about letting him walk too.

    Not knowing your starting QB at this point isn't always a bad thing. Just look at Seattle last year. They didn't name Russell Wilson the starter until mid-way thru the preseason.
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  • It seems they may have to cut out both, but they don't need this nonsense on their roster. That's why at least one of them will be cut or moved during the preseason.
  • I disagree. I think Chip needs to remain focused on getting a good product on the field. Picking fights with the star players on your team isnt going to translate to wins on the field. Stop playing games and pick your QB. Lets get on with it. Its a distraction.
  • Tell me this. Would it still be a "distraction" if Vick isn't chosen?
  • Nope. Like I said, at this point it doesn't even matter.
  • Perhaps to you, but not for everyone else involved. Jackson demands a starter be named, but he couldn't differentiate which quarterback was doing better. Hastily rushing to a decision could set the team back this season as much as waiting too long. In reality Kelly doesn't need to make a full decision until the end of the second week of preseason. By then he not only should have enough info, he needs to start implementing his gameplan for the team as well as rounding out his roster. Truth be told Jackson should spend less time worrying about who will be the starter at quarterback and more time concerning himself with who will be the starting wide receivers.
  • I think Vick believes in his skill but even with risk to his health he is willing to take he probably will come up short. He will win some games. But if for some crazy reason Lurie thinks fans will be patient with a 2-14 Foles team I think he is way out of touch with the fanbase.
  • So your point is with Vick 2-14 is okay, but with Foles it isn't?
  • Cutting one or two of your more dangerous offensive weapons, (while your Offense is struggling in padless practices) could go a long way to damaging the confidence of remaining players.

    If Kelly were an experienced HC, players could scratch their heads and wonder "What is he playing at?". Having not coached against other NFL talent however, he so far has no frame of reference for his vs. the league. He'd be depleting his talent pool and potentially arming division opponents (The idea of DJax in NY is not so far fetched is it?)

    I agree that every new coach needs a couple of "example guys"; but WHO you throw to the wolves, and why you threw them, will determine what message the remaining players receive. Besides it only works if you win. If you don't it just gets added to the reasons to fire you.
  • If they cut Jackson, Vick or both they might not win a game. certainly w/o Vick and Jackson. They are borderline worst team in the league. They better pray that Vick has something left in the tank. I will agree with EZ on one point Vick skills may have already eroded. Between the punishment he took the last two seasons and his age it could be over.
  • ok DJax is a dangerous weapon so keep him on the roster. I wouldnt consider Vick a dangerous offensive weapon any more. And as far as picking fights with the star players goes, Vick is far from a star. I dont understand how everyone wants Kelly to pick a qb when we havent even got to training camp yet
  • Only makes sense to have a pecking order. EVERYBODY likes to know where they stand. Kelly needs to understand that being the HC does not mean he gets to circumvent human nature. This is the livelihood of these men, and it seems like there is no respect given to that.

    At this point I don't even care WHO gets the nod, but it's apparently become a distraction for the players. Part of a HC's job is eliminating distractions. If the named guy sucks, he can always be demoted, but the unnecessary distraction is something the team can ill afford.
  • I've been saying it all along. U need a starter. I said week 3 last year to start foles this year. We got Kelly I said keep Vick n start him. The entire competition is a joke and the players r tired of it. Two of the more outspoken players said it already. The centers will say it soon and so will the rest of the offense. By getting Barkley we should start foles and have Barkley the back up using a New England type offense. Either way we go we need to name someone so the players can focus on that type of offense. There is no possible way to help the offense teaching two different styles. There also no way to get the best value out of foles n Vick using the same offense
  • The controversy is in it's infancy, and already it's gotten old.
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  • Hey dawk you found Tom Brady on the Eagles ?
  • Both Jackson and Vick have the right to speak their mind. I'm not overly thrilled with it but as long as it doesn't get in the way of this team winning games let them whine. As for the QB controversy almost every team goes through them from time to time....even teams that have named their starters. Kelly should choose HIS quarterback whenever he is ready and no sooner. If he bounces back and forth all year then it becomes a problem but where the hell is the issue on June 12th? It's Kelly's first year in the NFL and this team had no clear cut starter last year...why shouldn't he take his time? Maclin had the best answer I've heard so far when asked about the quarterbacks.

    “What you do as a receiver, you just want to be in the right spot when you go out there and they call your number, they call your name,” Maclin said. “You just want to be available for the quarterback when he needs you. You really can’t get caught up on who exactly it is. You just have to go out there and be in the right spot.”

    On a somewhat side note but does fit when discussing QBs and controversies flip wants to pretend that Raider's camp is all hunky dory and that EVERYBODY thinks they are on the right path to respectability. He brought up that even though he wasn't thrilled about the choice of Matt Flynn at least they picked a starter and the Eagles should do the same. Here's a link to a report on NFL.com that shows what the Raiders local media thinks about the QB play so far. Maybe they should take a page out of Kelly's book.


    I honestly think this article is nothing to be concerned over in June but just wanted to show that every team has some concerns that the media will highlight and of course the Eagles will have some and Chip Kelly will be tested in his first year. It's not the "controversies" that show up early that we should be concerned about...it's how Kelly ends up dealing with them and whether they keep appearing.
  • You're late. Anyone who cared read about this when I posted that very link 5 HOURS AGO on EZ's 'This QB Sucks' post.

    You see I don't just talk about the good things. No real fan does.
  • Some people work, flip. Sorry for having to pay my bills.
  • Apology accepted.
  • Green the one thing the best qbs and their WRs have is time in the offseason to practice together even when they are not in OTAs or camps. By not knowing who the starter will be the WRs and rest of the entire offense does not know who to seek further advice n practice from. That's the problem with not having a guy on June 12th.
  • Amen. When a team's QB holds offseason meetings, only ONE of the QB's does. The other players learn to take their cue from that. It worked that way even down at the level I played at.
  • Don't even get me started on the differences for plays from the oline to the WRs n back to the backs going from a lefty to a righty and back again. Everything I say about the competition is on the field stuff too. I don't give a rats ass how many questions reporters ask. To me it would be easier if they asked the same hing over n over that way u know what to expect.
  • I agree 100%. Obviously Vick is the voice of the Qbs. And Jackson has clearly come out on his side.
  • Because getting advice from the starters has worked so well the last two years' right? I get your point about the best QBs and their receivers but this team is going nowhere this year. Let Kelly pick his QB and then he will have plenty of time to gel with his receivers, possibly years if Foles or Barkley get the nod and can hold onto the job (unless it's Vick who will probably only have this almost definite non-playoff year). Besides, this is Kelly's first year...a year to start forming what he envisions. Naming a starter right now is not going to push them over the top or even into the playoffs THIS year. They don't have one guy that stands out as the starter (and that doesn't say much at all for Mike Vick). I have no problem with Kelly waiting.

    Flip, regarding your comment about only discussing the good things. It's pretty much what you did all last year with the Reid Eagles and up until this latest post you've done with this year's Raiders. On the flip side almost every one of your Eagles posts has been negative with at least one being made up in your head and many more being exaggerated. I actually gave credit to Eazy for posting the link but now realize his link was about Pryor. Good job, flip but let's put a little more doom and gloom into Raider's negative posts like you've been doing with the Eagles.
  • Your a quitter. Team is going nowhere? You have a crystal ball. Thats a loser mentality. If the offense with veteran players can get things going anything can happen in this weak division. You ever here of injuries. a teams fortune can drop with one player. the Eagles have roll of the dice chance as any team in the NFL. Yes, the owner has left them way understaffed but ill take a shot with a wildcard like Vick that he can somhow pull a rabbit out of a hat. foles , on the other hand, is for losers.
  • What am I quitting on? Being pretty certain a 4-12 team that has no stud QB as far as we know and is changing systems both offensively and defensively (with almost all new coaches) is not making the playoffs is quitting what? You do realize I am a fan with an opinion and that I'm not putting pads and a helmet on, don't you? Besides, how many times have you stated the Eagles suck?...the players suck...the coaches suck?

    With all the predictions and guarantees you make (book it!, right Hollywood?) do you really want to ask me if I have a crystal ball?

  • Why would I type doom and gloom about the Raiders? I feel generally optimistic about our chances this year. It's the Eagles who lack leadership and are headed over a cliff.
  • I think that's where we differ. I think if given the qb to go to and being coached the right way this team can make the playoffs. We r talking about an offense with pro bowlers and pro bowl caliber players all over it and that's not even talking about the QB. The oline has three pro bowl caliber lineman 4 if u believe I'm Johnson like I do, shades a beast, desean has been miss used for a couple years cause Reid's scared to get him hurt n forgets he's great at post routes, maclin is just as good just not as fast, celek is underrated but we got one of the best TEs in the draft and James Casey. The offense has the talent to be top 10 and that's why people are frustrated and why Reid was canned. The defense on the other hand is the question mark but no one seems to wanna discuss that and Cary Williams punk ass.
  • Vick is a turnover and an injury just waiting to happen. Kelly's system probably won't matter and the pounding Vick will take will certainly get to him just like the QB competition has. I like Foles but does he have a playoff run in him after 6 starts last year? Can the rookie (Barkley) do it? We do differ...I don't see it happening this year.
  • LOL. I put this out on the first post I opened. Didn't have time to look for a more appropriate post or comment so I added the Raiders article to my reply here (I didn't have to go looking for it flip...it was the one of the top listings on NFL.com). I didn't even realize that Eazy already posted the link (good work, Eazy). Just about every team has an issue or two in June (and even in December)...only someone going out of their way to look for doom and gloom would make such a big deal out of most of the things going on at the Eagle's OTAs and with the players.

    Flip, I also picked up The Sportings News Pro Football guide this year. The linemakers summary for the Eagles: The Eagles should be one of the better cover teams to begin the season and currently offer some of the best value in future prices. This team is loaded with talent at the skill positions, and new coach Chip Kelly will push all the right buttons to produce a winner. Watch for Philly to make a run at the divison title. Super Bowl odds are at 60/1.

    For the Raiders they state: We've been amused by this organization missing the playoffs and, at the same time, producing bad drafts over the last 10 years. They played well below expectations last season by covering only 5 of 16 games, but QB Matt Flynn, who's worth about 2 points to the betting line, should help the Raider's improve. Super Bowl odds:200/1.

    I find it funny the only positive the linemakers have for the Raiders is Matt Flynn who you're not doing cartwheels over.

    The Sportings News summary for the Eagles is: The coaches won't admit it, but 2013 is a transition year for the Eagles as they take their first steps in shaping the roster to fit Kelly's blueprint and get acclimated to his system.

    The summary for the Raiders: It would be folly to expect a Raiders team that won only 4 games last season to improve upon that total this season when there is so much roster turnover, so few marquee players and an even tougher schedule. It doesn't help that the three other teams in the AFC West appear to be improved, including a Chiefs team that provided two of the Raiders' four victories. Allen and McKenzie can talk playoffs all they want, but few are going to listen until there's more evidence to suggest the possibility.

    Seems not EVERYONE is on the same page as you flip, and these articles were easily accessible. I'm sure I could find more if I gave it an ounce of effort.
  • That Raider summary is dead on! We have to prove it. No doubt about it. All I keep saying is I believe in what the Raiders are doing.

    I DON'T believe in what the Eagles are doing. And "odds makers" be damned, it seems like some of the players are starting to have their doubts as well.
  • You don't believe? You're going out of your way to try and prove a point now that won't be decided until the games are being played at the earliest and possibly a couple seasons in.

    Two players come forward with comments about wanting to know who their starting QB is (one of them...a quarterback) and you want to paint that as doubts in Kelly? Again...how many teams have gone through this in the past? GG brought up a great point...Seattle did last year and didn't miss a beat. Maclin is fine with Kelly waiting and so is Evan Mathis:

  • It's funny because Vick could get what he wanted, and later find out he's not the guy. Then it becomes the next level of Vick's plans to get himself starting again. Working to get himself out of town. You all think naming a starter stops the controversy? You couldn't be more wrong.
  • This isnt a rookie squad anymore. All the key players are out of their rookie contracts or in the final season. The key players are jockeying for a voice. Its time they get it. reid muted everything and now the veterans want to be part of the development of the team. I dont think its cancerous at all but just players trying to develop things form the ground up. Kelly will name Vick the starter and should start listening to the players that will make or break him. Because without jackson and vick they will go nowhere FAST.
  • This team has gone nowhere WITH Vick fast for 2 years now. With a good line and without. With McCoy having his best year and with McCoy on the sideline and a rookie stepping up. Vick is not in Kelly's future. If Kelly makes Vick his future Kelly won't get an extension.
  • Im not saying he should get an extension. In fact, I think its Vicks last year but regardless this organization owes it to the fans to put this team in the best winning position NOW and not later. Later is for losers GTD. Later is the promise this organization made 18 years ago. I say roll the dice with Vick for eight games and see where it goes. If they are out by midseason put Foles or barkely in and test the waters. Its simple fair to players, fans and coach.
  • They tried that last year and Foles took the job and Vick sat on the bench even when healthy. Vick probably wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for the read option and Chip Kelly and he still hasn't been given the nod. Honestly I don't even know why I'm debating this with you. Anybody who thinks Vick should be handed the job right now is thinking only about Vick and not the team. You just aren't ready to admit you were wrong about Vick and probably never will be.
  • The cancer as far as i can tell is lurie and thats not going anywhere. So lets be honest GTD. You think Reid wasnt a lme duck coach last year? It was over after the superbowl with him. He rode Mcnabb. Disposed of Mcnabb and destroyed the Eagle culture. You can blame Vick but take a good look at the real culprit Reid and lurie.. You go ahead and cheer for Reid when he comes back.
  • So now Vick, DJax, McCoy, Mathis, and Cary Williams have all drawn the fans ire.

    Well now lets add JASON PETERS to the mix!

    And the hits just keep ooooooon comin'!
  • Why is it that nobody thinks Foles can be a good qb? Some people say Vick, some people say start Foles until Barkly is ready. I think Foles has what it takes
  • As much as Vick has proven he can't stay healthy, Nick Foles needs to prove he can be a legitimate quarterback. What's funny is many people on here who are EXCUSING Mike Vick's poor play under center last season for many reasons, are the same people who are NOT giving those same EXCUSES for Foles despite the FACT Vick played with the starters (particularity the line)for more of the season than Foles did.
  • And in doing so (Vick) posted 3 of the Eagles 4 wins. I still think the injuries more than any thing else were what derailed last season.

    The next big hole was the unnecessary firing of Juan Castillo. Particularly without a legitimate replacement lined up. (Because we all agreed right when it happened, that it shouldn't have been Washburn.)

    Add to that the lame duck status that Lurie tagged Reid with even before the season started (I said that even then), and it seemed like some players took their foot off the gas a little. Nobody bailed exactly, but aside from Vick and later Bryce Brown, nobody was going all out anymore. Even Foles (although he did get me on my feet with that 20 yard TD run).
  • Foles never bailed. He was a rookie playing with a bunch of rookies.I NEVER saw Foles do what Vick did in week one and that give up on his team. The players had to talk him back into the game or did you conveniently forget that too?
  • Exactly! Playing with backup linemen and without McCoy and Jackson for a few games.
  • Despite all of that he still completed 60% of his passes and got sacked LESS (percentage wise) than Vick did. And he did that with Bryce Brown, Johnson, Maclin, and Harbor as his go to guys.
  • Chip Kelly would be wise NOT to give into Vick and Jackson. He should stick with his guns on this. If he FOLDS NOW HE WILL LOSE THIS FOOTBALL TEAM. He's made it clear what he wants to see BEFORE he names a starter. If he folds now he will lose every player on this roster. It would be clear who is in charge, and that wouldn't be Chip Kelly. If they want to get back to the players running over the coach they should have just kept Reid or hired Juanita to take Reid's place.
  • For now its just Vick and Jackson. But if Kelly lets them continue to do what they are doing, its going to be half the locker room that is going to be against him. Thats why Vick should be cut now
  • Cutting Vick now only plays into Mike's hands. It would allow him time (he sees the writing on the wall here in Philly) to go into a camp and try to become a starter someplace else. The message it would send to the rest of the team is act like a punk and they will let you go with a nice severance check. If I were them I would have kept Nnamdi and worked him over until he went crossed eyed. The same for Vick. He and all the rest of the malcontents would be practicing until they puked. Then I would cut him week three of preseason so it would be nearly impossible for him to get a job.
  • And then no other players would respect u and u wouldn't be able to sign other teams free agents let alone ur own
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I think know where the cancer is???
    Go figure!!!

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