Exicited For Monday Night BUT...

Posted September 02, 2013

Of course I'm thrilled that Eagle Football is a week away...exited that there is big change that was much needed in the coaching staff and throughout the roster but I'm just not as thrilled with this season's start because of one reason...Michael Vick! I know he has looked good up until game 3 but that game showed me that the old Mike Vick is still inside that body just waiting to tear open that Eagle jersey and showing us that "S" he seems to think is lying there (never doubted he wasn't in there and I'm sure we'll see plenty of him this year again). I'll be the first to admit that he won the competition that head coach Chip Kelly set up (winning the competition didn't mean you were right at all, flip...just means that he is better than a 2nd year 3rd round rookie that doesn't fit Kelly's system perfectly) but I just can't get all September football excited about a team with so much change going on sticking with one of the big reasons they have struggled so much in the past 2 years. Part of it is how bad this team has been the past couple years, part of it is how spoiled we've been with the Eagles much of the past 14 years (change was still ABSOLUTELY needed though) and knowing this team is going nowhere this year but a big part of it is that I just don't want to watch another year of turnovers by the same quarterback who always tries to rely on his physical skills when he feels things are breaking down. This team has fell for the "fool's gold" tied to Vick too often lately and this run in the preseason is just one more nugget. Could Vick start the season with a couple wins, sure he could. He started off with 3 out of 4 last year but all but 1 of us on here knew the Eagles weren't destined to win last year by the way they won those first 3. 9 turnovers in the first two games very rarely go along with an 1-1 start let alone where the Eagles were sitting...at 2-0. If Vick is driving the team I will have a hard time not getting excited but I will certainly be doing it with a lot of hesitancy and doubt...two years of bad quarterbacking have done this to me and although Vick had some help along the way the most blame sits with Vick alone. Something tells me that we will all be praying for a QB in the first round next year (MOST of us seem to be doing that already) and that something is the lack of a true elite QB on the Eagles roster and Vick's penchant to be...Mike Vick. I've seen "talk" of Tajh Boyd by a couple barkers (my hopes so far also) and we have also brought up a logical tie for Kelly in Mariota (not thrilled with some of those Oregon ties Kelly kept over bubble players who actually made some plays but Mariota definitely has talent). This year is Kelly laying down the foundation...next year he hopefully can get better fits for the system and that number one fit should be HIS QB and if he feels that is Mariota I'm all for it...so far. 

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  • Bridgewater or Boyd would be nice additions. You fail to understand its the owners responsibility to put the best product on the field. Unfortunately, the Eagles having to heavily rely on a 33 yo QB with a lack of talent surrounding him (especially defense), will be hard pressed to look legit. I wouldnt be suprised to see a repeat of last year maybe a few games later into the season. Lets hope they have the best two minute drill in football. Thats the least they can do for your money.
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  • Mike is the best QB. He won the job, and should play.
  • I agree. Lets get this Mike Vick thing out of our system and look forward to a competitive season. then next year lets hope the powers that be will begin to pursue a top quality guy like Boyd or Bridgewater from college.
  • The "Mike Vick thing" will run it's course if Vick plays like he is capable of rather than what he's done lately. People wonder why Vick isn't getting start treatment. It's because he hasn't played like a star since 2010. In fact 2010 arguably was his best season as a professional and he followed that up with Kevin Kolblike statistical performances. People are dealing with the reality of the situation. Nobody is buying a guy who self-admittedly didn't work hard in the past, has gotten several quality coaches fired, has shown (despite his own denial) a lack of understanding defensive concepts, and for whatever reason refuses to slide to protect his body, will suddenly buck all of these trends. It's not if these things will happen in regards to Vick. It's a matter of when they happen, and it's why he cannot be relied upon.
  • Hollywood, there are a few QBs in college that may fit what Kelly wants to do but after looking at Bridgewater's career I'm not sure he would be the perfect fit...he's more of a pocket passer. Boyd certainly seems to be a good fit though and Mariota may show that he deserves a look early in the draft also.

    Thanks Spotella. Actually a discussion by GG and our man flip prompted me to type this up a bit. Seems flip doesn't think the Eagles should "waste" a high pick on a franchise QB with Kelly at the helm...all I can say is WOW! If Kelly doesn't think he needs one that's bad enough but for a fan to not want to take a shot at one of the better QBs in college football I won't ever understand especially after watching the QB play the last few years. The best run in Eagles football was with a number 2 overall pick as their QB...what more needs to be typed? Most championships are won with either a great QB or a great defense and sometimes both. I don't care if Kelly's system has the offense running the ball 60 percent of the time...I want a smart QB and an accurate passer with the ball in his hands that other 40 percent...that certainly isn't Michael Vick.

    Eazy, Mike Vick is the best QB but that doesn't mean I have to thrilled about it (why would I be too excited about the Eagles lack of an elite QB). Root for him...of course I'll root for whoever is under center but my point to this is that this season of change doesn't have that total football feel for me with Vick out there yet again. I've typed over and over that this is year one under Kelly and I will give him time and I absolutely will but if he doesn't get himself a QB in next years draft those words will be harder to type.
  • Dude! I know right? That was my reaction. WTSF? Then again, what did you expect from a card carrying member of the FAFF (Fat Andy's Faithful Followers)?

    On a more serious note, there's also another red shirt QB you might want to look out for besides Mariotta in the Pac-12. His name is Brett Hundley. A bit under the radar but he'll be another name to look out for for sure.

    Update: September 03, 2013
    The kid plays for UCLA by the way. You may be able to see him and Mariotta go head to head if they televise it nationally or if you're in the right market.
  • Flip isn't just a member of the FFAF...he's the president. You seem to have avoided these silly arguments with flip in the past but it seems at one time or another we all just can't help ourselves. I had some "discussions" with him in the past but I finally had to let him know what an ass he was after he started giving us all crap for discussing how upset we were when the Eagles were in the midst of a 12-20 run. He called us bad fans for simply discussing an old, tired regime being led by an old, tired coach. Now the man who claimed you need to love your team unconditionally has had almost nothing good to type about the Eagles and their rookie coach. The man is the biggest hypocrite this site has seen since I've been here...there is no doubt about that. Not all that impressed with his football knowledge either. If flip had his way the Eagles would be the deepest team at long snapper. Lol. I will keep an eye out for Hundley by checking out some highlights and checking out his stats and will try to catch a game or two if I think about it. Thanks! I could get excited about any young QB with enough talent to get the Eagles to step away from the Vick era. Any other coach besides Kelly probably would have done it this year.
  • Checked out Hundley's bio and am very impressed. Someone I will keep my eye on and gives me more hope that the Eagles could find a franchise QB no matter where they pick in the draft next year. My main concern would be that he is only a sophomore but I see he redshirted his first year at UCLA. I believe that he may be eligible to declare next year though due to his age if he chooses to go that route, correct?
  • Yes. Same deal as Johnny Football.
  • I'm just ready for football. Can't worry about what's already done. With Curtis Marsh gone the Eagles have now cut their top 3 picks from the 2011 NFL Draft. It doesn't matter when guys are chosen if they make terrible choices. So we might as well focus on this season and worry about the draft next year. The Eagles have chosen to go down this path. They will reap the rewards or consequences of that choice.
  • That's the beauty of being a fan and not being out on the field...we can worry about these things and discuss them without it being a detriment to the team. The 2010 and the 2011 draft look horrible right now but that doesn't mean the Eagles should just give up or that we as fans should lose hope. I'll enjoy the season, Eazy...just not as much as I would if anyone not named Mike Vick was under center.
  • I don't think Mike Vick under center changes most fans opinion. They want to believe this team can win regardless of who is under center. With that being the case the Eagles are clearly sending mixed signals here. On one hand they decide to allow Mike Vick an opportunity to win the job. That in essence means they want to win now, but at the same time they give Billy Davis little to nothing to work with. He's talking about it all taking time. With the contrasting statements the Eagles are trying to a) get that money in, and b) try to play the rebuilding card when it all goes south at the same time. With that being the case we all know Vick. There will be a time one way or another where Foles or Barkley will get to play. Possibly even both so I'm not going to worry about them not starting. I'm sure they will get their chance to prove if they belong or not.
  • Im plucking pumped up for this game and this year. What's better than the first Monday night game and it being a divisional game with our birds going down to Washington to beat the crap out of rg3. I can't phucking wait.
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  • Damn I wish Mnf was 5 or 6 whatever it usually is for u. But spot the game is at 7:10 here so that's 4:10 for u. Don't wait even longer than u have to and miss the @ss beating we're about to give.
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  • Glad to see how excited you are, 20dawk. I'm sure when the weekend rolls around I'll start feeling pretty stoked myself...even though I don't have near the confidence in Michael Vick that you have shown in him.
  • It doesn't matter who the qb is. It's football time baby. Lets get it on.
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  • It does matter but the Eagles have who they have and there isn't anything I can do about it. Monday night my heart will be pounding out of my chest, I'm sure...just hope it isn't a heart attack.
  • I'm in the same boat.. I am not that excited for Eagles football. I'm excited for Football, but not "Vick" definitely not "vick fooball."

    Like you said about that 3rd preseason game. The Old Michael Vick is still in there. Vick looked HORRID.

    I'm not sitting here crowning Nick Foles the next peyton Manning. I'm simply saying, I am done watching vick. I would have a better time watching Dennis Dixon on the field right now. At least then I wouldn't have to hear about everyone saying: "Vick is in the perfect system. Vick looks great." Only to here in 3 weeks from now: Vick is done, Vick Sucks..

    Same thing every year.. Soo annoying.. Get rid of Vick and i'll be so much happier.
  • I bet even the magnificent Bill Belichick couldn't fix Mike Vick. I realize that our defense as a whole is probably a much bigger problem, but it gets easier to focus on fixing other areas once you solve the QB problem. Getting that franchise QB makes building up the rest of the team a lot easier.
  • Me too, Zukny. I gave Vick his chance in 2010 and had some hope the last two seasons but as you can tell those hopes have been dashed under the realism that Mike Vick can't change who he is for a prolonged period of time. This year will show more of the same and the Vick backers will be blaming Kelly even though they claimed his system is the perfect offense for Vick.
  • The offense is going to be fun to watch. Looking forward to beating the skins in a shootout.
  • Peyton is lighting the Ravens up like a Dutch brothel. Do I even want to imagine what he's going to do to this secondary? Jesus.
  • Heck Manning torched the Eagles secondary when he was younger and we had guys like Dawkins, Sheldon Brown, and Lito Sheppard. Think about how many legit quarterbacks we a going to face this season and some of them twice!
  • On this schedule alone we've got RG III, Eli, Romo (all twice), Peyton, Rodgers, and Cutler. Now I know Cutler and Romo aren't quite superstars but both are still very good QBs who are both each have a superstar WR in their arsenal. Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall could potentially have field days against this secondary. Hell even with the weak QB situation in Arizona the last few years, it hasn't stopped Larry Fitz from smoking us.
  • Kolb looked like the second coming of Montana against us last season and that was when we had two supposedly all-pro cornerbacks. Last season the Eagles broke their own record for the most touchdowns given up in a season. Could this group be that bad?
  • Nice to see Vick n desean step up to be leaders after the fight.
  • I can't say I'm overly excited to see Vick play, but I am intrigued to see what he can do in this offense. With so many other antics and clowns the Eagles have going right now Vick is surprisingly the calming voice in the wake of all of this chaos. It's a shame that it all doesn't come together on the field for him as often as it should. I think that's what's most maddening about him, because you can clearly see the talent and the leadership skills, but the rookie-like errors that he makes are completely frustrating.
  • I think Vick is trying very hard to get unity in Philly. But, Lurie gives him junk to work with. We dont have McNabb anymore and Philly is feeling it. I hope Vick can capture magic because anything less is going to result in disaster. This team potentially could be the worst in the league. If we had Kolb or Weeden starting can you imagine what you would be watching every week. Garbage.
  • Lurie doesn't select the player. It's the coach that does that. What happened when Mike was surrounded by the Dream Team? Vick has had talent around him, but he was terrible along side of them and in some cases he was worse. Stop trying to make excuses for him.
  • The coach selects the player? I dont think so. In most cases its a process which includes management, coach and unltimately some say by the owner. What world are you living in and can you stop lying about how things are done.
  • Yeah it's Howie Roseman, and Lurie's decision to have all these former Oregon Ducks on the roster. Jeff must really love the PAC-10, because he sure did draft a lot of those guys that Chip played against. Oh and I'm sure Jeff wanted all of those BYU players Reid kept brining in. The Eagles aren't the Cowboys. Lurie isn't pretending to be a GM like that buffoon Jerry Jones.

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