Posted November 19, 2012

F the Media and the Fans!  All of you get on the radio every single day and talk about how crappy of a job this person, or that person is doing!  WELL LETS REWIND TIME AND FIND OUT HOW MANY TIMES YOU WERE RIGHT!!!!

Fire McDermott - Failed idea (during a season where defensive coaches were few and far between)

Fire Castillo - Failed idea (Todd bowles is now your guy, the same guy you all wanted to hire the year Castillo was brought in! He gives up 10 more points per game)

Andy shouldnt' call the plays-  Failed IDEA!  (Now we are stuck with MorningGay!)

Andy shouldn't do the scouting - Failed IDea!! More of the scouting falls on Howie roseman now then ever under Andy's tenure. This has resulted in 2 of the worst drafts of Eagles history.

Bring in Asomghua - Failed Idea (Do I even need to go there)

Bring in Babin - Failed Idea (after we implemented the wide 9 everyone thought it was an amazing move by Andy to change schemes & then should bring in babin)

Get rid of Mcnabb - Failed Idea (I was one of those guys and I can't believe i'm saying it but it just hasn't been the same since)

So let's not sit here and pretend like Andy has been a bad coach all of these years.  Yes; I will say maybe his time has run out here in philly, BUT ITS ALL OF YOU THAT HELPED SCREW THIS UP!

We know that the last few seasons the pressure has been on andy, lurie & roseman to bring  a championship and somehow along the way they started listening to the fans!
THAT is the number 1 reason to move on from andy! Not because he is a bad coach, but it's gotten to a point where him & people above him want the Eagles listening to the STUPID MORONIC FANS


no offense

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  • Do you really think the fans had the power to do any of the things on that list? You can't be serious.
  • I'm not stating that the fans have been calling the shots; What I am stating is that the front office: Jeffery Laurie & Andy have begun listening to the fans. Possibly because of it being so many years, they are now trying to appease us.
  • Sorry I'm not buying that at all. Nothing the Eagles have done up to this point is about what fans say or think. There is no consensus to what fans think. We all have different opinions. NO FAN WANTED BRIAN DAWKINS GONE, but he left. This isn't about us. It's about this team making poor decisions. For example you don't HAVE to bring in Babin if you draft JPP! Instead the Eagles moved up and took Graham. That's not on me. Tell me what fan told Andy Reid to hire Marty as his assistant HC/OC? It wasn't me. Was it you? Andy Reid drafted, evaluated, and eventually came to a decision to trade McNabb for the player HE GROOMED! Less than a year he gave up on that guy. What does that say about Andy Reid and HIS decision making? If there were any truth that Reid is now listening to fans then HE SHOULD BE GONE!
  • It's funny how that works. When the Fans want something to happen & then it finally does; They are the first ones to say it's because they pressured the Coach into changing his philosophy or it's because they brought it into the open and made the coaches realized they were wrong.


    oh, they don't listen to us.. We all have different opininos anyway.. What is that garbage! I once saw some dude w/ a mohawk and asked if he liked Metal.... OOOH now i'm generalizing.. Geezus christ give me a break

    The fact is 99% of the fans wanted Castillo GONE. 99% of Fans wanted Mcdermott GONE. The numbers are nearly as high in regards to Andy Reids play calling & implementing a new defensive system since people felt our normal one w/ out J Johnson wouldn't work anymore.

    *Fact* You voice your opinions because you think they matter. Now MAN UP and accept you were wrong.
  • I know you are replying to Eazy but I want to reply to this. I have never heard anyone call a local station and claim they mattered in a team decision. I have seen and heard delusional fans thinking they can make a difference by voicing their opinions. I have actually stated numerous times to hollywood that no one cares what he has to whine about and I also get that the Eagles aren't going to see what I type. I will go farther and state that if the Eagles start listening to me, to you, to Spotella, to 20dawk, to flip (and especially hollywood) or any fan on the radio or any other media outlet it's past time for Lurie to sell the team and get out of town! How about you Zukny, do you think the Eagles listen to what you have to say and lean on it for advice?

    Losing pushes a team to make the big changes, not the fans and that is the way it should be!
  • These sounds like EZ's brilliant list of recommendations for the front office.
  • Come one Brink. Everybody (but you) knew McNabb's days were numbered. I'm not the one who called him out of shape and stupid. It was the two time Super Bowl winning coach he played for. With that being the case. I didn't pick his replacement. I didn't pick his replacements replacement! I didn't trade him! I didn't draft Nate Allen. I didn't trade Kolb for DRC. None of us as fans did any of this stuff. Andy Reid did and that why he deserves to be fired. The real issue isn't who they got rid of. It's who they brought in.
  • My point has always been you they let Bdawk and Mcnabb go to early. Both of these guys would have outplayed their successors for at least two years after they left. And that doesn't even factor in what they meant to us as leaders.
  • All speculation with McNabb since he didn't show anything after he left and besides where would that have gotten them even if he did give the Eagles the usual play? 10 -6, a late round pick and probably another early exit out of the playoffs. It also may have gotten Reid another extension and more of the same old bull. Time to move on.
  • It's funny how people don't seem to get it. Why are people so insistent on working backwards?
  • It's important to understand where we made our mistakes so they're not repeated.

  • It's also important to understand that WE aren't making the mistakes, the Philadelphia Eagles are.
  • Maybe the fans need to stop playing the blame game is really the point of this article.

    I'm just tired of us asking for changes & the changes that are made produce worse results.
  • Have you been listening and reading to what this team has been saying and writing all year? The have blamed
    EVERYBODY but themselves for this season!
  • Funny you typed "us" here but in your forum you typed "It's all of YOU that helped screw this up". Nice of you to take some of the blame now. LOL.
  • Don't be ignorant greentildeath. If you read my article, I even pointed out that I wanted Mcnabb gone & That was a mistake.
  • I'm being ignorant after you typed up this ignorant article? I read what you typed about McNabb...seemed like a pretty weak attempt at an "even I've been wrong once" statement after blaming the rest of the fanbase for everything else wrong with the Eagles. I get your point Zukny and I do agree with it to an extent. EVERY fanbase is never happy with the things that go wrong...Every fanbase will call for movements and then complain when they don't work out...it doesn't mean they were at fault. It just means they were wrong.
  • The fans were calling for Vick when Kolb got injured lol but, in the end Reid made the moves.. He listened to the fans and shouldn't have.
  • Reid does nothing for the fans. The fans have been calling for Reid to run the ball for 14 years! He didn't listen. The fans have been saying get a linebacker for years! The fans were calling for receivers for YEARS. the fans have been calling for Reid's head for YEARS. Reid does what he wants. Don't think for a minute Reid has done anything, because of fan pressure.
  • I disagree. I think he listened with his eyes and saw that Vick was getting it done at that time and Kolb looked pathetic. Unfortunately it was nothing but a spike in play for Vick and nothing more.
  • The fans can't be blamed for drafting Danny Watkins 13 picks ahead of Colin Kaepernick in the 2011 draft. The FO failed in succession plans for our aging super stars. Drafting Kevin Kolb with our 1st pick in 2007 is a great example.
  • Listening to what the fans want is one thing, actually doing what they want the Eagles to do is a whole different story and IF the Eagles are doing that than they are stupid not the fans!

    Half of your claims hold no water anyway. Just because the Eagles failed to have good players and coaches to succeed the players and coaches you mention doesn't mean they should have kept their jobs. Will you be back next year with hollywood and Supa whining that Vick should not have been let go if the Eagles struggle at quarterback (which just may happen)? Come on... Reid should never have hired Castillo so how is that the fans fault when HE decided he had to move on?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • The failed part is what they got for McNabb. A broken down safety who is scared to get hurt.
  • You're right. Had they given us something to be excited about we wouldn't be having this conversation. Aside from Lesean Mccoy and Djax the FO has completely failed the last five drafts.
  • Before McCoy we had Westbrook. People didn't like losing him, but McCoy put the doubters to rest. David Akers has the Eagles record for points. Nobody is missing him that much these days. People are still talking about players like McNabb, Runyan, Dawkins, and Trotter, because the Eagles have done a terrible job replacing them. People still bring up the late great Jim Johnson, because the Eagles never replaced him. It's not about who goes. Players come and go all the time. It's about the players who come in and replace them.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I don't know. I mean I don't think Andy Reid has the capacity to draft players like that. Please note he drafted none of the guys you mentioned that had the passion you bring up, but maybe the right coach can bring those type of guys in.
  • Spot do you really not think Mcnabb would have ran this offense better and helped the team more than Kolb or Vick over the last 2-3 years?

    Let's not forget we were 11-5 and Mcnabb was a Pro Bowler his last season with us.
  • First and foremost McNabb was NOT a probowl player his last season as an Eagle. He was a replacement for those who were either going to the super bowl or were injured. NO FAN VOTED HIM IN.
    Second if McNabb were still an Eagle I have little faith he would have gotten the Eagles anywhere, but if he did anything it would have been just like Green put it. Another season of McNabb, making to the playoffs at best, and exiting in the first round. Andy Reid gets an extension. Rinse and repeat.
    Third giving McNabb another season would have meant the Eagles would not have gotten any compensation for letting him go. They got a 2nd and a 4th for a guy who didn't even last a full season with the Redskins. That's getting a lot.
    Finally McNabb failed in two places after leaving Philly which means he obviously wasn't the player he used to be. The fact NOBODY brought him in for even a tryout confirms it! Andy Reid chose Trent Edwards who wasn't even in the league last season over McNabb! Dude is cooked. It's obvious to everyone.
  • I think it was Gargano who just made the comment today..."McNabb doesn't get a tryout but Mike Kafka does".
  • Gargano is right but wrong on thinking we need to keep Andy until the endo of the year. I think Reid fired if they lose Monday night
  • I listened to what Gargano said. He said it doesn't matter in the long run if they keep Reid and he is absolutely right. Someone called up spouting how Reid needs to be fired NOW and Gargano told him all he wanted was blood and Gargano is again right. The man could give no good reason for wanting Reid fired this week instead of at the end of the year...was that caller you, hollywood? Can you really give good reason why it should be now or state why Mornhinweg should be the interim head coach?
  • I really doubt Mcnabb would have fizzled out like he did if he was still in our system. It may have even forced Reid to run the ball more and put more focus into the defense.

    Kolb could have been traded for some decent draft picks. That would have left us with Mcnabb and Vick. If it hadn't been for the vocal minority voicing their approval of a Mcnabb ouster we'd be in a much better situation.
  • Read what Green wrote. Kafka got a tryout before McNabb! He's cooked. He's done! Supper time! The bird is roasted. Your thought of McNabb changing Andy Reid is as delusional as Zuk's idea that Reid listens to and does what fans think. McNabb did a lot of good things for this franchise, but there comes a time when a player has to move on or move out. Montana and Manning both moved on to other teams. McNabb wasn't a better quarterback than either of them. Why should he get special treatment?
  • Yeah, Reid throws the ball 45 times with Foles getting his first NFL start yet re-signing McNabb may have made Reid run the ball more. On what planet?
  • What did the vocal minority have to do with McNabb actually getting traded? Brink, McNabb didn't get it done with a very good offensive line, a very good defense and a better Andy Reid. His play since his departure along with the current cast of Eagles makes it certain (maybe not certain but let's say I'm 99.9% sure) the Eagles wouldn't have won it all if he would have stayed here...time to move on.
  • making it to the playoffs and exiting in the NFC championship is more like it. Why do you continue to exaggeratehis career.
  • How can you ask that when you constantly downplay Reid's career? How can you seem to be fine with exiting in the NFC Championship games when it comes to McNabb but constantly complain that a Super Bowl is all that should matter when it comes to Lurie, Reid and pretty much everybody else?
  • making it to the playoffs and exiting in the NFC championship is more like it. Why do you continue to exaggeratehis career.
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  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • ...and to think we all wasted so much time when you pretty much summed it up so quickly.

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