Fire Reid or just resign. Ill take either!

Posted November 05, 2012

What a comedy of errors.  I think they tried but they just dont have the horses.  Its time for the owner to show some compassion for the fans and end this misery.  Send Reid home to his family.  Let him mourn like a normal person.   They are completely unprepared and inept.  They arent a contender.  Time to start over.  You all said that Banner left because of opportunity but he bailed out.  He knew this was going nowhere and fastracked outta here.  Lurie needs to step in.  Its now on him.  Anymore of Reid is on Lurie.  he knows watching this mess what he needs to do and thats fire Reid first thing Monday.  No more scapegoats, no more finger pointing just acceptance that Reid wont ever get this turned around.  i refuse to watch anymore its a complete waste of time.  I might check out Foles but I want reid gone.  Ive wanted it for years but my calls fell on deaf ears.  i was ridiculed for blaming reid but now everthing has come home to roost.  The fat man has lied and deceived for the last time.  No more backstabs and fear tactics.  The organization needs a real committment from the ultimate liar.  Lurie.  This is the biggest piece of garbage owner in the NFL.  He has all the assets to ucceed but has decided to CHEAT the fans of their trophy that they deserve.  The only loser in this whole disgraceful affair is the fans.  They shell out big bucks and are the best fans in the league and have ZERO to show for theiur support.  They dont have great talent on this team.  a new coach wont be able to field a winner with these scrubs.  Its one of the biggest piles of (s)chit Ive seen.  They will lose the rest of their games.  Or damn ear clsoe to all of them.  We dont deserve to suffer more of Andy Reid.  Hes done enough damage.

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  • I have a feeling Reid steps down tomorrow. He has to realize it's the best thing for his family and the team.
  • They say pride comes before the fall. Reid is too proud to do it.
  • Not only did he not step down he still refuses to acknowledge that Vick is part of the problem. FORGVE US ANDY FOR SEEING YOUR MOMENT OF WEAKNESS WHEN YOU OBVIOUSLY THOUGHT ABOUT BENCHING VICK! I guess you won't let that happen again. What a freaking joke!
  • All we can do now is wait for this to fully run it's course that way the Eagles can purge as much of this mess as possible.
  • If Reid rides a struggling Vick until the end it will be his stubborness and arrogance again showing through and it will be his stubborness and arrogance that led to his downfall. He knew better than everyone else and gave his offensive line coach a chance at defensive coordinator...first time in NFL history a move like this was made but Reid wanted to make it work. One thing I do agree with Supa (doesn't happen much)...this move was the beginning of the end for Reid and most of us stated it could end up being his downfall. Looks like most of us were right.
  • It was bad on two fronts. Not only was Juan bad as a coordinator, but one of his specialties was to make mediocre lineman serviceable to good. Hank Fraley, Jamaal Jackson, Nick Cole, Mike McGlynn, Todd Herremans, and Jermaine Mayberry (the guy had one eye!_) are just a few names. Even Winston Justice has left Philly and has become serviceable. Under Mudd these guys looked like they never played football before.
  • I dont like all the new systems. The Colt style OL the wide nine. Just an excuse for failure. As in life smaller isnt better its only cheaper.
  • All the new systems will be over soon.
  • Smaller is cheaper? Where do you come up with these comments?
  • On a side note I think the schemes worked for Manning,
    because Manning is simply better than Vick. He was the wrong choice of quarterback for this blocking style.
  • Im not gonna judge Vick at this point because lets face it no one is doing anything other than McCoy and Vick. But assuming they lose to the Cowboys, I see no reason to keep Vick in at that point. But, I dont want the fat mans hands on the young prospect. hes a QB killer a nd poison right now.
  • Vick hasn't done anything either. He has been a turnover nightmare. You and the flipster can defend his mediocrity all you want, but the bottom line is when they Eagles paid him the money, they expected more (MUCH MORE) than what they got.
  • Lurie is a quarterback killer, Reid is a quarterback killer...what happened to the quarterbacks are simply not good enough? Do me a favor and go back and look at a bunch of your comments, excuses and "theories". Come back and seriously try telling me they have any semblance of truth without cracking yourself up.
  • I didn't know Lurie was calling the plays. I also didn't know he was blocking for QBs. Go figure.
  • i dont think fans will last that long. Its a very bad situation. The Eagles have talked so much and lost all credibility. I told all of you this was bound to happen. They dont keep there word.
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  • How can you state the Eagles season is lost and not say the same thing about the Cowboys? They have the same record.
  • Because he'd rather post here and take shots at the Eagles and their fans than discuss "his" team. Not typing anything but the truth here!
  • It's over for both of these teams. Lurie needs to stop the Saints from negotiating with Payton!
  • I don't think Payton will leave the Saints, Eazy. Why would he want to leave an offense led by Brees? Didinger discussed this yesterday and he is absolutely right. Why come to the uncertainty of the Eagles and this qb situation and this mess of an offense right now when the Saints will certainly offer him a very good contract to keep him? Sometimes a few extra bills just isn't enough.
  • I get that, but there could also be a sense of wanting to get as far away from the Saints mess as possible. I mean look how hard the NFL came down on the Saints. They didn't even come down that hard on the Patriots and those guys had serious evidence against them. What happens if Joe Vitt gets the Saints to the playoffs? The Saints would have to wonder if they even need Payton. Of course if Vitt gets the Saints to the playoffs and wins a game he would be a hot commodity for a coaching job in his own right.
  • Maybe, you never know. Should be an exciting off season confronting the unknown. Can't believe I'm typing that 9 games in.
  • I just shows how far it has gotten and why it has to end.
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  • Romo, just wondering if it pisses you off that Jones is the GM of the Boys...I think he should step back and let someone run the team, hell, he can still put his two cents in. But I just think it's wrong for an owner to be that involved, he should spend the $$$ and stay out of the way of his coach and GM. What do you think.
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  • Romo this thing is on life support for both these teams. Of course the Giants are known to go into their November swoons so they may give both teams a chance to get back into it. Here's the thing. Even if the Eagles or the Cowboys find a way to make it in I don't think either of them could win it unless they suddenly become teams that they haven't shown they have been for the past 2-3 years.
  • What ever stupid thing she said they must have yanked it, I don't see her crowing on this thread Romo.
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  • How can you seriously type to romorules about how people only need one ID and implicate Spotella as being a multi while doing it? Really? everybody on here doesn't realize that romorules probably had more IDs than anyone in the history of yardbarker (hell, he admitted to having more than anyone else has been known to have)? He's the man you want to discuss this with? Your words might be taken just a little more seriously if you chose to discuss this with anyone else but him.
  • GTD, I've said on here many times before that I don't give a rats ass if anyone has multi ID's. I refuse to lose any sleep over it. I can only vouch for myself...I HAVE ONLY ONE ID...PERIOD!!!! Now you can believe that or not, (see above statement referring to the rodents derrier) If you choose not to believe it then that's your demon to conquer, sorry that the ones who do use multi ID's bother you so much. For the sake of your own sanity I would just learn to get over it.
  • I read what you typed before and have also seen you state more than once that barkers should only need one...I agree with you. I just think its's insane that you would sit there and throw out the comments you did up above to the worst known multi on this site. Makes absolutely no sense what so ever. To tell you the truth the only multis that bothered me were your buddy's and its obvious why. I don't know whether there are any more besides his (and in4mous but that is a whole different story) and honestly I don't give a damn either. It's the trolling that bothers me and that is what your buddy used his IDs for. He used them as his peanut gallery while he trolled the Eagles yard. He's still doing it somewhat and it seems like he may be close to getting the boot. He's in the same boat as bigrele was last week and bigrele is now gone.
  • All I can say Green is that it's not worth getting all worked up over. When it comes down to it, all that matters is that you have your health and your family who should be #1 in your life are all happy and healthy as well. Everything else is just noise and I refuse to let it bother me.
  • Yeah, I lose hours of sleep worrying about him and his IDs. LOL!
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  • Nice win for your Boys today. Don't know what's wrong with my guys, they looked like crapola today. They really need a bye week just to clear their heads. Sure looks like Reids days are numbered now. In fact it looks like Vick may be losing his job too.
  • According to Gruden the schemes arent appropriate to protcet the QB. The schemes arent appropriate for shots in the endzone. 5 man fronts fro 7 man rushes. WTF is going on here is Reid and co. that stupid.
  • The players aren't good enough. That line is awful. The Dline stunk. Patterson played and just like the rest of the tackles was a non factor. This team has a boat load of problems and they all start with the offensive and defensive lines.
  • Patterson played? I didn't notice.
  • I know!
  • first game back. He has an excuse. But his play was poor.
  • You know me hollywood. Always willing to give the benefit of the doubt and you are right, first game back but I doubt he will make much of a difference collapsing the pocket in week 17 either.
  • he is the least of the problems
  • Well that's true.
  • Never stated he was a problem... actually stated he isn't the answer for the problems in the middle of the defensive line.
  • Also true. He isn't the answer at all.
  • Just a solid veteran . They need him next year with Cox. Get rid of the journeyman scrubs.
  • No they don't They don't need him or Jenkins. Rather give his money combined with Jenkins money to a new right guard.
  • I think coach & players are to blame. Front line looks like swiss cheese. Vick's cooking up turnovers by the dozen. Reid doesn't change things around at all, cupboards must be empty. It's after lunch, oh well!
  • It's time to think forward. This mess will be over soon.
  • Lunch is over, let's take out the trash! I'm still going to cheer for whoever walks out on that field in the green & white! Won't give up on them, no matter how bad it gets!
  • Still was rooting last night, but my cheers aren't as loud and crazy as they used to be. The cheering went to watching sometime in the 2nd quarter. I watch them, because they are my team, but I have no delusions of them being contenders this season any longer.
  • not soon enough because Reid is still here
  • Im not sure about that.
  • That is true - a new coach will not magically fix all their problems. Just like the economy, it takes time.
  • Its Philly . How many superbowls do we have? Time passed long ago. We need real leadership. someone that doesnt act like he owns the joint but is working to get that trophy. Thats the only thing on his mind. Not a head coach of a daytime soap opera. Thiis is the most pathetic franchise in pro sports. best fans and ZERO to show for it. 75,000 thousand suckers every weekend kissing jeff Luries momma boy ass. I wont get near that place. NOTHING- NADA- I dont care if they pack the organziation up and leave town. See ya
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  • Eagles 20 million under the cap is it any suprise they suck.
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  • You may be right but that line is gonna cost the 20 million the eagles are sitting on. The tight budgets of Luries bean counters and backstabbing tactics of Reid have finally caught up to the team. There is no loyalty, comradarie or defending the honor of the team. Its all about me me me. The srrogance and the self preservation has found its way to the field.
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  • Im not just talking free agents. Im talking about solid veteran players that play a role on the continuity of the team. Not supernames or superstars but guys like- Bunkley, Brown, Gocong, Justice, Mickell, patterson, Bradley..etc on and on
  • Patterson? Dimitri Patterson? You have to be kidding me...and besides Brown I would guarantee that every one of these players was buried by you at one time or another. Bunkley and Gocong had their chances here and didn't shine, Justice also and like I stated before the only question we had was why the Eagles could get nothing for him in a trade.
  • Its not the point of where they are now. You dont have a chrystal ball . But its where were they when they left. You laught at Patterson but Ive watched a few Brown games and he is a very solid veteran. So is Sheldon Brown. They arent marquee players like Nhamdi. LOL
  • Part of the point is that they did NOTHING when given the chance here...teams move happens...stop whining!
  • ...and I highly doubt Patterson is a very solid veteran (in 6 years he has 120 tackles, 30 Pds and 5 picks:4 of them in 1 year...hardly solid) and I also highly doubt you have watched Brown's games. You claim to not watch the Eagles but I'm supposed to believe you go out of your way to watch the Browns? Why would you want to do that? To watch some of the Eagles castoffs and a rookie quarterback (haven't you been telling us that rookie QBs shouldn't start)? I'm supposed to believe that you are going out of your way to watch another team who has been horrible lately and stands at 2-7 while you whine about "your" Eagles and say that 3-5 isn't worth your time? Is it because you are a big Dimitri Patterson fan? No, we both know your claims that you watch the Browns are nothing but more of your BS to try and give creedence to one of your BS claims. Ask yourself why you BS so much hollywood...maybe you will grow as a barker.
  • Browns play Ravens twice a year and Eagles played Browns. I know a little about them and I specifically try to watch former Eagle players. But you are the surrogate so keep downing the vets that played in Philly.
  • You hate the Ravens. Why do you bother watching them?...just more hollywood BS. I am not downing the vets that played in Philly...just stating that you overvalue MOST of the players you bring up and it is only for one you can whine about "your" Eagles.
  • I agree with you but that is precisely what they didnt do. They let a ton of OL and LBs go and you reap what you sow. But even with the cap spaceused they made terrible choices. Too many mercenaries.
  • Jon Gruden could be the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles as per a report by Howard Eskin. That IS something to get exited about.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I get where you are coming from. Who really knows what is going to happen. It's November. Maybe the Eagles have a comeback in their future....
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  • I jsut think its gonna take JJ time to recoup. Its still a really valuable asset and he will get his money back but its probably taking alot longer than expected. Its not if it will payoff but when. And when it does you will see a NY yankee style football franchise emerge and then JJ will be looked upon in a much different light. Hes working on a legacy.
  • "I jsut think its gonna take JJ time to recoup."
    That's funny Hollywood, because Jerry's entire time as GM since Parcells left has been a disaster. He's hired terrible coaches and made some questionable draft choices. The man admitted he would have fired himself. You think he just needs a little more time? If this man ran the Eagles you would want him shipped out of town yesterday.
  • JJ saving money. But when that Billion dollar note is paid off then its time to worry because the Cowboys will have resources to dominate
  • Funny that's what Lurie did. No love for Lurie, but love for Jerry???? Furthermore every Cowboys fan I talk to is extremely frustrated and sick of Jerry Jones. He's a terrible GM, he knows, he admitted it, a but he has too big of an ego to give up the job. It's been that was for some time. Since 95 the Cowboys as a franchise has a .500 record and here you are getting on your knees ready to please a man even cowboys fans are sick of. This is again how you write down things on this site that cause you to lose credibility.
  • Lose credibilty, Eazy? He's never had any since I have been here but what you brought up here is typical hollywood. Singing the praises of a man he would be whining about if he was in Philly right now.
  • The resources to dominate? While Jones is making all the choices (it is his ego that has pushed him to control his team not the money)? You whine about Lurie being hands on (nothing but BS) yet here is an NFL owner whose team has somewhat struggled ever since he ran the best coach he ever had out of town and has had his hands ALL over his team. Freaking hypocrite!...and clueless to boot! By the way...the CBA states that every team has to spend at least 89% of the cap next you understand that? Some of what you type leads me to believe that you either don't or you refuse to acknowledge that.
  • The big difference Romo is you at least have an owner that will spend money, not like Lurie. Could be he hasn't got enough to spend because he added a Dunkin Donut clause to Reids contract, that's gotta be setting him back a pretty penny. And don't look now but fartsmella is back, oh well, you know I like to laugh.
  • Jenkins
    Those wind turbines at the stadium.
    Please explain where the Eagles did not "spend money."
    Also didn't your team let Jacobs just walk out the door without offering him a contract? Didn't you team haggle Osi for every penny on a new contract? Please explain how the New York Giants are such big spenders.
  • 20 million under cap you explain.
  • Their cut Vick and Babin cap cushion.
  • of course. Thats modus operendi
  • You whine that some of these players aren't doing anything to help this team and then you make a comment like this. You will also be whining if they do end up cutting some of these players. Don't you get why so many of us think you are a joke on here? It's because of crap like this. You take EVERYTHING the Eagles do as a negative and bury them for it. You whine about players and then come back later and rip the Eagles for cutting them and saving money even though you ripped that player a year before. You can't constantly jump all over the place and whine about EVERY move the Eagles make...all it does is prove that you are nothing but a whiner!
  • Green did you notice the only constant thing you wrote about in regards to Wood is the word whine? There it is in a nutshell. The guy loves to whine.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Check out and look at where their salaries are projected to be when Peters number goes up 6 million from this year (remember his number was cut by about 4 million because of his injury), when Jackson's goes up by about the same. Asomugha is supposed to get about a 4 million dollar raise, The Eagles gave out a lot of new contracts (McCoy, Herreman's, Cole) and their salaries are due to increase GREATLY next year overall. They will already have to juggle some contracts to stay under the cap as it stands (and yes Vick's salary will be gone but there will be dead money that goes against next year's cap)...should they have brought in more contracts to worry about next year? Why are you so worried about the Eagles paying more "mercenaries" anyway, hollywood? I know, I know...just something else to whine about!
  • You watch that crap out there and you think anyone believes you.
  • Believe what, hollywood? The truth? All ANYONE has to do is go to and see for themselves. Go ahead and post a website that states the Eagles are well under the cap next year...good luck with that.
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  • LOL. No wonder why you and hollywood act like you like each other. Neither of you can type the truth.
  • That was some tongue in cheek humor Easy, therefore the donut comment. And Jacobs is washed up, he hasn't played a single game for the Niners. His knees are shot and he was going down too easy...he use to just run over opponents, not anymore.
  • Brandon Jacobs always ran high to me. He was always a guy despite his size and speed a good defender could get a lick in on and cause him to fumble. The point is that I rarely see the Cowboys or the Giants go big in free agency, but at least regarding the Giants they are very good at finding talent in the draft. That's why they have been the best team in the division for some time now.
  • I'll always respect what Brandon did for the Giants, he has more rushing TD's than any Giant in history...but the sad truth is that his career is done....I wish him well. And Osi was trying to renegotiate way too soon, that's why the Giants stuck to their guns for awhile. Now he isn't playing as well as i would like as a fan but i'm still confident he will make an impact before the season is over. He'll have to the way the Bengals took it to us this weekend.
  • The Bengals were surprising! They looked like a young and upcoming team. I think the Giants came in a little over confident. They had better wake up or they might find the Cowboys breathing down their necks.
  • I agree, this thing is far from over in the NFC East. The best thing for Eli right now is to get his head together and come out gunning against the Packers. I doubt he'll go another game without throwing a TD.
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  • All I can do is LMAO @ that one! Thanks Romo. I needed that.
  • Funny thing is that hollywood thinks he's serious and his "buddy" likes it that way. Hollywood has to know deep down inside that no one takes his BS to heart. If he believes what his "buddy" types to and about him he is hopeless.
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