Foles experiment appears to be on hold. Vick reportedly to be kept past the February 3rd deadline.

Posted January 29, 2013

Do you guys really think Kelly enters his first season with a stiff like Foles.   I mean he isnt out to embarrass himself.    Vick could be used as a bargaining chip in the draft or flat out traded to a team that believes they are a QB away.  Maybe Arizona or the Jets.  But however you look at it there is an NFL coach and owner somewhere that thinks he is worth more than 3 million a year.  And it looks like Kelly might be one ot them.  To the Vick haters sorry to burst your bubble but I think the Eagles realize that going with a 3rd rounder with 6 games (1-5) under his belt isnt a very bright move.  

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  • What does being a 3rd rounder have to do with anything? What round was Russell Wilson drafted in? I told you before that you need to take a deep breath and relax when it comes to speculation and reports. The Eagles may have stated that they want more time to look at Vick but that doesn't mean he will DEFINITELY still be an Eagle by February 6th or even later if they allow it to go past that. I think they are being foolish if they lose 3 million just to see what interest there is in Vick but if they can pull a pick for him from some desperate team then good for them. No matter what way you look at this Mike Vick is not the Eagles future and it shouldn't take long for Kelly to figure that out. He should have PLENTY of film to realize he needs to step away this year.
  • ...just adding to this comment. There is a report on that states that there is language in Vick's contract that the Eagles could choose to pay him the 3 million but if they release him before March 11th and right before free agency starts any team picking him up for more than the 3 million payout would be obligated to pay him that 3 million. Basically it gives the Eagles a chance to keep Vick for another month without costing them a penny unless Vick was to be paid less than 3 million by another team in 2013. Honestly, the only way Vick is traded is if he is willing to take some kind of a paycut from his current pricetag and he possibly would if he thought he could become a starter again. It's possible that he sees that his Philly days are numbered and is forcing the Eagles' hand into letting him walk and to get an opportunity to be a starter instead of fighting for the starter's job in a city where he has already lost it once.
  • 3 million might be all he is offered by another team. I think the Eagles are going to let him explore other otions but he will find out quickly his value has plummetted. Then a paycut can occur.
  • The Eagles would have to release him before that happens and if that happens he comes back to the Eagles as a backup. How can you seriously think that Vick is the only way to go for the Eagles if you think Vick's value has dropped that much? You just stated a couple hours ago that some team will value him more and now you type this...come on hollywood, stay consistent!
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  • That's exactly what he does. He ought to stop worrying about what predictions he may get right and try sticking to a little truth. The truth in this matter is that Vick had plenty of time to show he is the answer at quarterback for the Eagles and came up way too short!
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  • IF i'd been coach kelly
    Id stayed home in eugene and remained head coach....
  • You keep typing that, kellyscott...why? Because a few people on yardbarker are questioning the move? Because not everyone is thrilled to death that the Eagles hired a college coach who won with a somewhat unorthodox system for the NFL? There are always going to be questions and Kelly has it in his power to change the mind of the fans and media who questioned the move...that and his huge salary obviously were enough for HIM to make the jump.
  • but and heres the BIG REAR
    If anyone ??? could make the list of college coaches who did well in the NFL??? chip kelly would make the list
  • You almost had this thing right wood, but in the end you fell short here. First you are correct Vick could be used as a bargaining chip for another team which is most likely what will happen, and I agree that Foles will likely not be the starter week one, but Mike Vick's days with the Eagles are numbered. I don't hate him, and I don't know him. What I do know is the man is 3 games over .500 in three seasons. He's no winner, and any trade involving Vick will most likely lead to him restructuring his deal still. I think the Eagles will try hard to trade Vick, but they aren't going to get much for him. Common sense tells you that if a person is the highest paid player on the team then he better be the best player. That's not Vick. Here is some extra reading on this topic for you.

  • Foles was a goof for 5 out of 6 games. He looked no better at the end than the begininng. Hes a klutz. Now that being said, I think Kelly needs to be on all cylinders from day one. Do you think that stadium will fill up with 4 consecutive losses with Foles at the helm? Hell no. The fans will go crazy. Kelly will be crucified. He needs to make a bold move early to lay claim to this team. It might not be Vick but it will never be Foles. Foles is a big joke. You keep bringing up Russell wilson. You know hwt I wasnt that impressed. He has a solid run game and a very good o-line. Hes good but his arm is average. They have a very good defense. He wont win a superbowl. He is stoppable. I dont care about where a guy is picked although if you look at superbowl history most of the qbs come out of the 1st round. So their statistical evidence that supports the fact that most qualified qbs come from the first round. Tell me what foles showed you other than decent pocket presence GTD.
  • Tell you what hollywood. Don't pretend that Eazy and I are the same person and I won't call you romorules...okay? Eazy and I aren't the only ones that think Foles is a better option than Vick. You may be the only person on yardbarker who wants to see Vick back next year. I'll simply give you two reasons why I feel he is the better option...he isn't Vick and he has plenty of time to develop unlike the soon to be 33 year old Vick who has played poorly for 2 plus years. I have not come close to saying that Foles needs to be the man but if it's between Vick and Foles I'd rather see the second year player.
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  • Dude I never mentioned Russell Wilson, and I'm not GTD. the stadium won't fill for Mike Vick who is the worst decision maker in football. Make you a deal. You stop calling me GTD, and I'll stop calling you in4mous, despite the fact you outed yourself on that one. Even though I never named any particular rookie QB other than RG3, Mike Vick was outplayed by every one of them last year before he got hurt which is a regular occurrence by the way. Mike Vick getting injured is as guaranteed as paying takes. You're a fool if you think he's getting 16 mil from the Eagles, because he's not worth a quarter of that money.
  • What does he do well?
  • Mike Vick does nothing well, but get hurt, and give up turnovers. He's a great asset to opposing defenses. Vick made over 12 million last season. That's a little over over 4 million a victory for last year. Is that good business to you?
  • It's not about business or winning when it comes to hollywood. It's all about who he openly backed on yardbarker to be the Eagles's all about who he typed was the only good player Reid had on his roster at one point. He types above that he isn't impressed by Wilson who as that 3rd round rookie (who he has stated can't be good just because he is a 3nd rounder) helped take his team to the playoffs and also won a playoff game. He doesn't get that these kids have their whole careers ahead of them to learn and develop unlike Mike Vick who may be just hanging on to an NFL career at this point.
  • welcome to what Jerry Glanville, called Not for Long, chip Kelly.
    Now did I say he will fail>??? isnt going to as easy as it was in school ball meaning College.
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  • What has Foles done well can anyone answer?
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  • Foles is an unknown hollywood, unlike Mike Vick who has done NOTHING for this team for over 2 years. What has Vick done to warrant another year on the Eagles? He certainly hasn't done enough to keep getting paid his current salary and HE says he won't renegotiate (and I'm hoping he doesn't change his mind...better yet I hope the Eagles decide they just need to move on!). Stop playing dumb...some of us keep typing that it's simply time to move on from Mike Vick and as of now Foles is the only other option. They aren't winning anything next year anyway...with Mike Vick or Nick Foles...may as well see if Foles can keep devoping instead of watching Mike Vick getting injured, refusing to slide and turning the ball over!
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  • I doubt it nor does he answer questions. When he's trapped in a corner on a topic he abruptly changes the subject. He would rather lie, ignore the question, or change the subject rather than admit he was wrong.
  • The same as Vick for a cheaper price. Oh and Foles is a rookie so he has potential to be better. What can anyone teach a thirty something, injury prone quarterback who openly refuses to protect himself? What has Vick done that's worth 16 million? Can you answer any question, because for a guy who goes out his way to ask questions, you rarely answer any.
  • Hollywood wants to continue watching the same quarterback that helped this version of the Eagles finally get the man he's been hoping would get fired...fired! Vick helped this team drop low enough to where the Eagles did what they had to Reid, and yet he still wants Vick back as quarterback...makes no sense to me at all except that he has his stupid, silly reasons and it is more about him being right than thinking about the Eagles future. Foles may not be the longterm answer but many teams make a few mistakes before finding the right QB to lead the way. Another year of Vick only gets in the way of the Eagles trying to find out who that man may be.
  • I told you dopes over and over watch the Ravens organization. Learn how a great organziation operates. But no, you laughed , you told me what a moron I was. Now you will see first hand what i was talking about when they smack that punk 49er team in the mouth. Just like Im smacking you over and over. I told you what a quality QB Flacco was ,but no, Foles has as good an arm. Sure he does. He can make the same throws. Sure he can. You morons cant even see a John elway calibur QB when hes is staring you in the face. Ive come to the conclusion that Eagles fans are schmucks. They get what they deserve. Of course those rules dont apply to me bcause I dont hang out with them aymore. They are a waste of time. The idiots of football. The know it alls that got nothing but an empty superbowl case and love it. You are losers and have a loser mentality. I cant imagine what anyone of you do on a daily basis but it cant be much.
  • Is somebody a little cranky today? No meds today, or what?Do me a favor, hollywood. You go back and find ONE reply where anybody called you a moron for talking up the Raven's organization. Some of us have called you a moron but there are many more legitimate reasons for us to call you that besides you talking up an organization that has had better than average success for the past 15 years (with 1 Super Bowl win already) and has been pretty incredible since Harbaugh took over. The only questions I had for you were do you really think Flacco is top 5 and why is it okay for the Ravens to neglect giving their stars contracts yet you start whining about the Eagles the first time you see a freaking blogger start questioning whether an Eagle will get a new deal? I don't think you are a moron for talking the Ravens up but I do wonder where the Raven love is coming from. You used to get upset when people accused you of being a Raven fan and here you are acting like a life long fan now. You are nothing but a bouncing fraud, hollywood. If anybody gave you any crap about the Ravens it was just flipping from the team you've claimed to follow for the last twenty (or is it 30) some years and now showing love for a team that you claimed more than once on here that you hated. Here you are doing what you do best...making crap up...I don't remember anybody EVER typing that Foles has as good an arm as Flacco. This is exactly what I mean about you...not only do you make crap up about the Eagles you can't even be upset with us over what we have to exaggerate. Chill there, buddy. It'll all be okay!
  • Im never willing to "give up" a season to find the "right guy". Like I said the upper decks will be empty by week 6 if the Eagles go with Foles or that scrub Dixon. Flipper has a point this is potentially an 0-16 team if things arenthandled right. On the flip side if they make an investment and add parts they can get right back in it. The Ravens have a combination of good young players , veteran leadership and big mother phucker free agents. Thats the formula they use year in and out. Add a running game and now a nice passing game and I dont see the 9ers stopping them. Learsn form it instead of always criticizing everyone else. Inaddition the Ravens over the past 15 years have been to the playoffs and championships as much or more than the Eagles. They just dont run around like Lurie and the front office claiming to be made of gold.
  • It isn't about you being willing to give up on a's more about understanding it will take more than a year to fix what this team has become (and no matter what you type I know why you are insisting it shouldn't take that long). You keep bringing up how "we" take what is given us as fans, hollywood...besides your stupid call for a boycott (I told you before your call for one won't work but losing seasons would) what do you propose we do? Whine here on YARDBARKER? Yeah, I'm sure their reading what we type every day...LOL.

    I noticed you didn't address what I originally asked you to do, hollywood. Where are "our" comments to you calling you a moron for backing the Ravens or like usual did you take a few comments by barkers and see something that actually wasn't there?
  • From the new information coming out it seems Mike Vick decision may not be as long as assumed. If the quarterback is Vick we are still giving up the season as he played like crap all of the past two seasons. I would rather see Nick Foles, Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, or even Dennis Dixion over Mike Pick right now.
  • Somehow hollywood equates Vick coming back as the Eagles proving they want to win this year...well he admitted to not watching all the games the last couple seasons so maybe he just doesn't get how bad Vick has looked.
  • That's understandable, because Vick was hard to watch last season.
  • like it or not..who ever they??? pick at QB will be the QB
  • Your really in trouble now if you think Vick the Pick can get you to the Super Bowl.
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  • Although i cant post on raider fans threads I do read his junk. And I agree with EZ that he is trying to use sneaky conniving subtle manipulation of words to somehow link Eagle fans with that Raider garbage. Hes a lil sneaky phuck. But his bullcrap isnt getting by me and Im glad EZ pointed it out. I noticed it a couple of days ago and I was thinking what a ass kissin lil prick trying to somehow link them together like they are part of the eagle conversation. When i talk about the Ravens its with a clear distinction that my loyalty is not with them. I like what theyare doing but in no way expect an Eagle fan to jump on their bandwagon. I just have a good vantage point here watching a superbowl calibur team develop. Unfortunately ,Im not able to fully participate in the fanfare but at least there is alot of partying. Im heading to my cousins bar tonight where ESPN is supposed to be reporting live. It should be interesting. alot of season ticketholders got superbowl tix thru the ravens for about $800 a piece. Not bad considering scalpers are getting a few thousand. Its really quite an event here and Raven fans are confident that their team will show up. I get frustrated with eagle fans because the Ravens arent light years ahead of the eagles. It just takes a couple of breaks and some discipline. Right now the whole eagle organization is off the charts in the undisciplined unit of measure. They need to regroup in a hurry and execute a plan. Hopefully, in the near future Chip can make his plan clear to the fans.
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  • Im not very good with atypewriter and dont take the time to correct either grammer or other language errors. For the purpose of commenting here its not worth my time. But i understand that your time is filled with nothing to do so I would expect you to be perfect in that department.
  • Touche'...
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  • It never ceases to amaze me in regards to the nonsensical Bullshiit that some people argue about on this site. I mean, who really gives a fukk.
  • Ravens - any questions? Flacco? etc
  • If anybody does I would guess that they will find the answers themselves and not direct them to you. The city you live in won a Super doesn't mean you all of a sudden make any more sense then you usually do...or should I type don't?
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  • Flacco was the truth in that game. Congrats to the Ravens. Moving on now that the bowl is over there is no reason for the coaching staff to be kept secret. It's time to start naming names.
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  • Like Ive said fron day one the fish rotted from the head down here in Philly. Boshotti vs Lurie is like night and day. Boshotti= a successful businessman with millions pouring in form other sources. Lurie= millions pouringin off the sweat of Eagle fan base. I sure hope Lurie figures out a formula that will work with his limitations but somehow as much as I want to believe he has the resources I think its a mirage. Boshotti= loved and embraced by fan base . a baltimore resident and lifelong fan. Lurie= Bostonian. a transplant resident and a fan since he bought the team. Boshotti= respected by the fans, players and media. Lurie= generally disliked by the players, fanbase and ridiculed by the media. Lurie has to change the way he is perceived. Also, the management of the turds needs to operate completely different under kelly. If any of you think the Eagles were successful in the last 18 years I beg to differ. With the millions poured into the team and the state they are in now I would call it very amateurish borderline embarrasing. But its a new day and they have the opportunity to change. So far other than the hiring of kelly it looks like the same old eagle silent treatment and getting the most mileage out of every pick is i order. GTD is acting like a punk as usual. Cant admit that i pointed out clearly what a orgnazation should look like. I told him what an ELITE Qb looks like but he wants to keep dreaming that scrubs like Kolb and Foles can save the franchise. They had the guy and McNabb but blew that one. That you can hang on Lurie, Banner and Reid. They make a big deal about Kapunkernick but MCnabb was better than him on his worst day. He was surrounded by the garbage that Lurie gave him. Shame but true. At least EZ is humble. You should learn from him. His posts are far more interesting than your boring dribble. Always patting some goof on the back. picking a loser and running with him. Thats what you are about . A big phuckin loser.
  • Why should any of us be humble, hollywood? You did nothing but talk good about a good franchise...the same as Eagles fans did when they kept getting back to NFC championship after NFC championship. If the Eagles could have snuck out of their Super Bowl with a win (a 3 point loss) almost everything you are stating about the Ravens here could have been stated about the Eagles back in 2004. It's been a while since the Eagles have had even the success that they were surrounded in and Lurie finally got this right by realizing he had to move on without Reid. Hopefully he, Roseman and Kelly can get this team back to the prominence they were at in the early 2000s. When it comes down to it that's all we as fans can do. Your whining on here does nothing to make the Eagles a better team just like my patience doesn't hurt you realize that or are you truly as crazy as you seem?

    Now you state my posts are dribble because I won't give you the due you seem to think you deserve? Just a few days ago you stated you liked much of what I had to can't even stay consistent here. LOL!
  • My whining , as you call it, is a different view than yours. You may not like it and i have know problem with that but I consistently since 2005 have blamed management for the ongoing problems. SAnd it appears that management has imploded like I predicted considering every management level person was fired. but you for some dumb reason think that everything is ok now since Lurie got rid of Reid. well its not. he needs to show action not words. You see has ststed he wants to change the culture which means he knows how bad its gotten. But lets hope he realizes that change starts with him not just the players.
  • Your whining is different than just pointing out what this team whine about EVERYTHING...even moves the Eaglse make that you have been calling for. You again aren't telling me anything I don't know, Hollywood. A 4-12 team obviously needs change and I never once typed that everything is okay now that they got rid of Reid. I actually stated when Kelly turned the job down that I was glad he did since he didn't know what he wanted and I have had my concerns about him as a pro coach. As an Eagle fan I am HOPING that Lurie and Roseman made the right choice. I don't know, you don't know and neither do the people that get paid to talk about it. Only time will tell. The main difference between you and I (besides the crap that you make up) is that I truly believe that besides these major moves Lurie steps back and let's the people he hires run his team. Of course he is there in the offices (he's the owner), of course he makes some decisions when it comes to HIS team, but unlike Jerry Jones the cameras don't focus on him when they go to the Eagles war room during the draft, Lurie isn't the first man the media goes to to get information on personnel moves that the Eagles make, there isn't one bit of information besides the Vick signing that you can show me that is tied to a Lurie decision. Lurie let Reid build his team and unfortunatley it wasn't good enough to get over that hump (mainly the NFC championship game). I believe that Lurie will do the same with Kelly and it will be up to him and Roseman (not too comfortable with that and yes Lurie is to blame) to build this team back into a contender. Not saying it's going to happen but I don't think Lurie will want his new hand picked head coach to fail...what in the world would that get him?
  • You always claim Lurie spends money. Explain this
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  • really I just read another article that talked about the eagles offensive line woes attributed to the tightwads in the front office not spending 20 million of available cap money last year. Sort of coincides with the payroll being 20 million plus below the top spenders and putting us in the category of Jacksonville and Kansas city. Hmm bottom three spenders . Bottom three records interesting,
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  • We've been through this already, hollywood but here you go again playing stupid. The Eagles have to cut salaries already because of how far over the cap they are this year because of increasing salaries. Teams can't max out year after year in the NFL or they will constantly be cutting players and their salaries. You keep whining about holding on to players and building but how can that happen if the Eagles have to keep releasing players year after year just to get below the cap? They signed players to huge salaries lately, Vick, McCoy, Jackson...signed the free agents a couple years ago to big contracts, Asomugha, Mathis, Jenkins...gave Herremans and Cole bumps up with their deals and some of these contracts take huge jumps this year. You were whining just a couple weeks ago when I stated that players would have to be cut so the Eagles could get comfortably below the cap so they can help their new coach with moves and you your wondering why the Eagles didn't put themselves in a bigger hole going into this year by spending more last year. Yeah, you don't expect too much, do you?
  • they are not in bad shape as things stand now with a minimum of 5 million in available cap space. They are still competitivly positioned as things stand now. They will free up more space and once again after they shed those salaries Im sure the payroll will be average or below in the end. A history of holding on to cap room for that rainy day that never comes. Big piggy bank.
  • The only reason they have 5 million is because of the carry over form last year, hollywood. You really have no concept of how the cap works, do you? If they would have spent money on even one more free agent last year they may not have even have had the money to spend on the rookies they will draft this year without cutting someone. They also have 5 or 6 million available with about 7 or 8 spots on the roster that need to be filled. Technically, I guess they could probably draft their players and go into the season as is but would you be happy if the Eagles made NO moves in free agency at all this year? I'm sure you wouldn't and neither would Chip Kelly. If the Eagles did just that you know where they are projected to be in 2014 even without spending that 5 million?...18 million dollars OVER the cap because of their increasing salaries with no carry over at all because they maxed out in 2013. The only reason they are below this year at all is because they didn't spend that 20 million you keep whining about and if they don't make cuts this year they will certainly be way over next year so take a deep breath and learn a little about the cap. You're a money guy, you think you would understand about not strapping yourself going forward.
  • this blog is sounding more like politics every day???
    blah blah blah blah
    or lets called it what it really is
    meet the press...or meet the depressed
  • Haven't you told us in the past that if we don't like your posts not to read them (believe me, I don't). The same applies to you, kellyscott.
  • you know its getting real sad when we've lost a sense of humor!!!!!
    and by god you read my post thank you thank you very much!!!! LOL
  • What's really sad is the desperation you show and the things you type to get replied to.
  • and isnt it funny you keep on commenting????
    obythe way return of serve....
    your turn!!!!
  • So Hollywood if the Eagles keep Vick and he starts next season we won't have to read negative post after negative post from you correct? After all you have made it clear the team is ready to compete as long as we have Mike Vick. If you start crying then that's makes one of three things and that is a liar, a fool, or a hypocrite. Humor me with an actual response this time instead of one of your normal dances around the question.
  • You know he'll whine because that is all he knows how to do. He whines that the Eagles have to cut players this year but is also whining they didn't max out their cap last year. If they would have spent more last year it would have just meant more casualties this year. They have 5-6 million to spend this year but as it stands they are still OVER the cap. The only reason they have money to spend is because of the carry over and the money they have may not even be enough for their rookie pool yet hollywood wants to know why they didn't spend more last year. I'm sure he will be crying about the Eagles not spending their full allowance this year not even caring that if they do they will be millions over the cap next season and will have to make major cuts in Kelly's second year instead of his first.

    Hollywood, look at it this way. The Eagles aren't 5 million under the cap right now. They are still 15-16 million over but the 20 million dollars they didn't spend last year gave them a bigger allowance THIS year. That won't happen every year and if they max out now they are screwed next year. Kelly and Roseman need to make their cuts THIS year so Kelly can move forward and build his team his way while keeping the team under the cap in the upcoming seasons.
  • Are you dense? i mean how many times do I have to repeat myself? If they have a qualified offensive line and add the parts I already said they need then I am confident they will be much more competitive.
  • ...and 18 million plus over the cap next year with a 33 year old quarterback trying to learn a new system even though he has been getting worse each year in the system he already knows. Sounds like a plan for sustained success!
  • Not sure if you are chatting with me or Green. My question needed a yes or no answer. Still dodging.
  • I said they need a bonafide starting QB to compete and yes I consider Vick qualified to start. However , does that mean the front office can get rid of everyone and put it all on Vicks back and the answer is no. He needs a few more pieces to have a decent squad to battle in the NFC east. Its not a one person show is it EZ? And I have no ptroblem with them drafting a a geno smith with Vick as the starter. So Im open to a qualified change at QB. What i dont want to see is a practice squad player or a stiff get the job. But you guys like losing so Im sure you will be willing to waste a year examining prospects. LMFAO
  • Mike Vick won 3 games. He's no winner. Mike Vick is always hurt and is turnover prone. That makes him unreliable. Where is all this winning you are referring to? Geno Smith has proven nothing yet in the NFL. We can't assume he's going to be a sure thing. You want a to talk about not gutting the team? Well considering they were all in the past two seasons and won a combined 12 games they hardly can be called winners. Couple that with the 15.5 mil boost Mike Pick is due the Eagles will be up against the cap unless they do cut some players. Or Vick takes a big payout. In any case I don't see a winning product with Vick or Foles, but that's besides the point, because you still are running from a simple yes or no question.
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  • I think they have some good soldiers but they lack quality depth. They could use a Donald Driver or Greg jennings to go with Maclin and Jackson. What would be wrong with a tandem of McCoy and Bradshaw. Add a Gohlson on defense and draft a DT. There are plenty of ways to add talent and depth. the Eagles dont have any depth. Once the front line players go down they crumble. Its like my 13-15 basketball. we were 6-1 and the star of our team tore his knee up and we lost 3 straight. Im forced to try to rebuild the teams confidence but its a slow process and because of the lack of talent even on their best day they will have to play hard and have some luck. I dont think the eagles are super talented but if Vick can get back to 2010 form witha good OL they will be fine.
  • They don't have the money to sign every free agent available especially with them retaining Vick. Besides haven't we been down the trying to buy a championship path already? Have you forgotten the "Dream Team?" Still waiting on a simple yes or no.
  • You're waiting for your yes or no and I'm waiting on him telling me how the Eagles sign free agents this year without cutting players and without putting themselves over the cap next year. I would be stunned if instead of whining like a little girl hollywood would finally state that he can see where someone is coming from and just maybe he was wrong. I give him facts and he ignores my comments...this after starting this discussion by distorting the truth.
  • Just for you information its you doing the whining . Talking about whining a season away examining Qbs. Thats a whiney loser. Im happy they have a new coach and think they can compete do you?
  • You call Eazy a loser for whining the season away examining quarterbacks on your post doing just that. You created this post hollywood or did you forget that? You're the one that keeps bringing up how it has to be Vick unless the Eagles draft Smith basically. You also created a post 3 weeks ago when Kelly was first hired bringing up a similar point yet when we discuss the topic you call Eazy a whiny loser? Here's your post from 3 weeks ago:

    With the Chip experiment you can bet Foles wont be an experiment

    The hiring of Chip basically buries any chance of Foles being the QB. I woill go a step further and say Vick has a more than 50/50 chance of staying. I dont think this is a rebuild. There isnt enough time for chip to get that done. Any slip ups and he could be 3 and out. I think they add some parts , keep Vick and make a run next year. Could be wrong but I dont see why not. I think Flip is way off. I couldnt be hapier that the phat phuck is gone. The opinions are mixed but I dont think Lurie wants a long drawn out process. There will not be a Nick Foles experiment to see if he can play. I think they realize now he cant.

    If you don't want to dicuss quarterbacks than stop discussing them yourself or are you nothing but a whiny loser? By the way, of course we are going to discuss what the Eagles will do at the most important position on the football field. You calling people names for discussing this important topic just shows how freaking strange you does the fact that you have been discussing Vick and Foles as much as the next guy but...
  • what are you talking about? The Eagles draft a 3rd rd. QB to be a 3rd string QB and you morons elevate him to the next Tom Brady. i mean you guys are either so far removed from reality or you just dont know football. Foles is a backup a, a non factor and was never intended to be the guy. Forget about him and move on. Find someone other than Foles to talk about. i mena now you fools want Dixon a scrub practice squad QB to start. are Eagle fans really that stupid? Seriously, the guy couldnt crack a NFL team squad and fans want him to start. really. How sdumb can it get.
  • They want Vick gone and will settle for just about anybody for a year...that's how great Vick has looked lately. You do get that even free agent rookies have started in the NFL, don't you? Just because Foles was a 3rd rounder doesn't mean he's destined to be a backup although obviously that could happen. You keep going back to the same complaints about Foles but to tell you the truth I'm not sure I have seen anybody on this site state that they think Foles is the answer at quarterback...they would rather just see him over Vick...similar to how you wanted just about anybody over Reid.

    Who has ever stated that Foles is the next Tom Brady? I'm glad you threw that out because you claiming we are elevating him to the next Tom Brady shows everyone that you were exaggerating (actually lying) when you claimed Eazy and I stated the same thing about Kolb. Can't you ever debate people without distorting facts and twisting the truth? Why do you come to a website just to type lies, what does that do for you?
  • when posters start using the Tom Brady name in a sentence with Fole like this "you never know he could be the next Tom Brady" . How stupid can someone be? And for a fan to wnat to elevate a 3rd string elininating any chance of winning is retarded. oops did i say that. So either way its not a very good way to analyze and change football team for the better. In fact those calling for the change will be the first ones to turn their back on Foles when they stink the joint up.
  • The only barker I have seen use the name Tom Brady has been...YOU! The same can be stated about Kolb and I showed that to you just weeks ago. You were the one that typed Kolb reminded you of Brady before you started ripping on him yet you were trying to tell everyone on this site that it was me and Eazy. By the way, most barkers that want Foles will be calling for him to be benched if he can't get it done because that's what we do as football fans. You don't keep calling for a quarterback who's stinking the joint up just because you once thought he might be able to play (well you do but that's just foolish). You really need to get a clue and stop letting your opinions and comments on here make you look foolish!
  • comment below viewing threshold

    show comment

  • GTD I like your revisionist history. Its funny that your histort only goes back to 2010. werent you here earlier under a different name? Hiding something?
  • Absolutely not, hollywood. This is the only ID I have ever had on here and if I ever have to use another I will let everyone know who I am. It isn't memory at all and me copying and pasting what you posted in the past should prove just that. You just make it easy for me to catch you in lies because...well, you lie. If it's something I have seen you type in the past I know I can go back and find it...I don't normally do this until you pump out your chest and start spouting out your lies just like the Kolb accusations you shot at me. I happened to come across the Brady comparison by you when I was searching for a comment by you that I saw in a past search. That comment was you stating that you thought Kolb was a good soldier and you thought McNabb could learn something from him. I unfortunately couldn't find that one in my last search but was able to come up with your other Kolb comments that I copied and pasted including the Brady comparison. Like I stated I don't do this often but if you want to keep relying on lies to argue on this website and act like an ass while you're doing it, it's easy enough to do...and I have never done this to anyone else and never will because honestly I don't see anyone on here make up so much crap like you do.

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