Free Agency. One Week Away!

Posted March 05, 2013

Free agency is a week away (it opens 4:00 PM on March 12). Only 8 teams have used the franchise tag and although the Bills have used theirs on a hands down favorite of the Eagles fans (Jarius Byrd) there are still options available for them. Dashon Goldshon of the 49ers, William Moore of the Falcons, Glover Quin of the Texans are all possibilities...and there are numerous quality safeties who are injury concerns that the Eagles could bring in on shorter and/or cheaper deals like the Jets did with Laron Landry...players like Louis Delmas, Kenny Phillips and even Landry himself but safety is a position most of us would rather see sured up by one of the safer choices. Unfortunately the name I have been seeing as of late is current Cardinal's safety Rashad Johnson who obviously is being looked at because of the Billy Davis connection. From what I have read he grades well against the pass, struggles a bit against the run, is a little small (5'11, 203 lbs), is a very good special teams player and has played limited snaps at safety as a backup. Not exactly the type of player we as fans are hoping for unless he is being looked at as a backup and a replacement for Colt Anderson. Who knows, maybe the man can play but at this point I hoped the Eagles would be looking at a better solution at one of their safety spots and maybe they are...we'll see in a week. There are so many positions the Eagles could look at so if they are looking at Johnson as a cheaper replacement to go stronger at a different position I am fine with that...there's always the draft. They could strengthen their line by going after guards Andy Levitre (Bills) or Louis Vasquez (Chargers) or they could go after a right tackle and strengthen their line immensely by moving Herremans back to guard. Talk is that they have interest in Sean Smith (Dolphins) and we all know that cornerback is a huge must this offseason. Aqib Talib (Patriots) and Keenan Lewis (Steelers) are also available but I doubt RFA Sam Shields (Packers) is going anywhere. I was hoping that  TE Jared Cook wouldn't be franchised by the Titans, he is a guy I fell in love with in the draft a few years ago because of his althleticism (the Eagles ended up with Ingram instead of Cook) and could be a player the Eagles look at to help with their TE issues and also to line up as a slot receiver on occasion. Seems like he could be the type of player Kelly likes. There are also other TEs the Eagles could look at but Cook is the guy I hope they land if they bring one in. OLBer is a need in my opinion and it would shock us all if the Eagles went top of the line by going after a Paul Kruger but with Kelly you just never know. Will Roseman allow Kelly his wishes or will they stick to the Eagle way of undervaluing certain positions? I'm curious to see what happens next week, to see if things change enough that it's noticeable in season one. Do the Eagles strike big day one or do they plug along signing fill ins hoping they get lucky? Does Kelly feel he can put any player in position to win (quarterback, for instance) or does he realize that he needs top talent and more importantly a top defense to win in this league. So far his moves haven't been winning too many fans over but most of us are smart enough to realize that this isn't a quick fix...that no coach can take a 4-12 team with a struggling defense and a question mark at QB and win a championship in his 1st year. We've already seen many many are you hoping to see in a week when free agency starts?

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  • I find myself having a difficult time getting excited for free agency. I think with all of the uncertainty surrounding the team, the offense, the defense, and the coach it is going to be hard for them to sign free agents. They also don't seem to be all that willing to jump in. If they do go after some guys I hope they chose some younger guys. That way they all can develop together.
  • They have alot of holes to fill. They created more for themselves and Im not sure of their strategy. I hope they add more firepower on offense and add steady players to the defense. There is help out there they just have to want to add it.
  • They won't splurge on free agency. It may cost them more than other teas to sung free agents. The need to develop the young guys on their roster.
  • That is why they may bring in an injury concern on a one year deal...they probably won't splurge but they will bring in a free agent or two.
  • Considering how free agency has panned out for them, I wouldn't be so quick to dive back in either. They need to to what every elite team does to build their squad. Do it through the draft, from within.

    If you look at teams like the Ravens, like the 49ers, the Steelers, and even the Giants all of them are built through the draft.
  • agreed the said the same thing on sportscenter a few days ago. teams that rely on FA rarely get what they pay for. That being said Levitre would be my top guy to go after. He can start at RG immediately and he's only 26 so he could fill that spot for the next 5 or so years. on that same note Sean Smith would be another young talented player to build around. then i'd take milliner with the 6th and draft a safety in the 2nd and 3rd.
  • Great minds think alike bnugent81. Millner then Elam/Reid/Vaccaro is actually what I want them to do this year. If they could get Goldson from SF, then great. We can then have either Reid or Elam at the other spot.
  • We need to get Goldson. He can lower the boom, cover, and has playoff experience.
  • As much as Nate Allen is a wuss i think he may come through this year. I agree Goldson wouldbe a nice addition, but does he want to come to Philly? Seriously, if your a player is Philly an attractive place to play? Not right now. You lose value in Philly. Im an agent I steer my player clear of this place.
  • If you're an agent you steer your player to the most money. When have most agents found scruples, hollywood? Seriously, are you a money guy or what?
  • You think Cullen jenkins or Mike Patterson raised their value playing here? Doubt it. Now Im not putting all the blame on the organization but much of the blame falls on Reid ineffectiveness to motivate players. If Im an agent I steer my player to a team where he makes competitive money but where he isnt going to get punished and have his career destroyed. If it was about spending only the Eagles are at agreat disadvantage since their historical cap figures prove that they dont pay the most. Remember a players job search is just like anyone else. they have families, homes, children..etc doesnt that factor in GTD?
  • You can twist things all you want and you usually do. I can state that the Eagles have to make room because they are willing to pay and were already OVER the cap. Many teams are clearing room and are over the cap and asking players to take cuts. Even the great Baltimore Ravens have asked Anquan Boldin to take a cut or take a hike and he chose the latter. They probably won't have the money to re-sign Paul happens to EVERY team at one point or another. The Cowboys restructured 5 contracts, the Cardinals voided Adrian Wilson's, the Patriots are constantly letting high priced veterans walk. What was it...5 veteran DBs were let go by their teams on Friday night before their contracts were up...not one of them from the Philadelphia Eagles. It happens and you know you don't give a damn unless it's the Eagles doing the cutting...just so you can whine. MOST players go where the money is, hollywood. Sure, if the Eagles and a team on the verge of a Super Bowl bid the same price (or close) a player will almost certainly take the bid by the team on the verge...that is why the Eagles may need to out bid other teams. If they don't it will almost certainly be injury concerns, second tier players and backups with dreams of starting. You can twist this all you want but bad teams do sign good players in the league. Historically the Eagles haven't had a problem attracting top free agents to Philly...if they are willing to pay the money they shouldn't have a problem this year either.
  • and I cant wait for
    OPENING DAY.....
  • San Diego CB Antoine Cason and Minnesota OT Phil Loadholt.

    Loadholt isn't a good pass protector at RT, but moved to RG he'd be "protected" enough to be good. On the other hand he's a MONSTER run blocker and we could use that inside.
  • I'd rather grab Levitre over Loadholt. He'd cost more but I think he's a better player. whenever someone says "enough to be good" i get nervous. It's putting to much pressure on other guys to make him better. what if Kelce or Herremans goes down again? Do you think any of our backups are good enough to make up for his short comings?
  • Yes. All of our back-ups could do it. Even King Dunlap.

    It's all a matter of understanding how pass pro works. Loadholt's problem with pass protection is that he isn't quick enough to hold the edge. Keeping his man in front of him is what he excels at, so a move to Guard would cover the deficiency that Minnesota has learned to live with since he's such a dominant run blocker.

    Don't be nervous. It's the same thinking that led Shawn Andrews to being moved from T to G, Heremanns from T to G, and Watkins from T to G. It can be done.
  • I still think there's something to be said for getting a guy who's already producing well at the guard spot. I'm not saying it can't work but he has been playing tackle and not guard so there is a chance that it might not work. In my mind this team needs to be taking as few chances as possible especially when it comes to free agents.
  • I agree with most of you when you state that the Eagles won't go crazy in free agency this I stated before, the money isn't as deep as it seems because of the carry over (5-7 million of it will have to go towards their rookie pool also) and it does make sense that the Eagles will be fearful of diving too deep with talent that isn't homegrown but I think they will get at least one of the top talents out there. Maybe it's Sean Smith, maybe they hit it big with one of the vaunted safeties that are left, maybe they go after one of the top lineman available. We may start hearing rumors over the weekend because that is when teams are allowed to start talking to free agents...Saturday I believe. The draft is definitely the way to build a team but some free agent talent is a nice addition and I believe the Eagles will want to prove they didn't make a mistake by hiring Kelly and will want to give him a little will take too long to fix that secondary without any free agent help in my opinion.
  • I'd like to see 3 FA brought in at the very most, as long as they are 1. young talent to build with and 2. the right price. Avoiding contracts with aging players on the decline is a must for Kelly and the Eagles. After this season I'd like to see them not have to go to FA at all and have them utilize the draft and build talent from the ground up.
  • The Eagles are always going to bring in a free agent or two (or five) for competition at the very least just like every other team. There is always going to be some turnover on teams and free agency has to be part of it. Build through the draft but there is nothing wrong with bringing in some free agents for competition, in backup roles or to find that instant starter form time to time. Even though the Eagles had their issues in 2011 with most of the talent they brought in they did get lucky with Evan Mathis and over the years have brought in some studs that played well and helped this team win. John Runyan was Reid's first free agent signing and was a rock at right tackle for years. Asante Samuel had a few great years until he got too expensive and the Eagles decided to replace him with Asomugha (ouch). Even though he was a Rhodes signing I'd be amiss to leave out what Troy Vincent did to strengthen the Eagles defense in the mid 90s to the early 2000s. Even though they were brought in by trade we also can't ignore what TO did in 2004 (should have been longer but it didn't take long for him to show us what a jerk he was) and that Jason Peters developed into one of the best lineman in the NFL before his injury last year (threw them in because they are not homegrown talent). You can even go back and throw in one of the best kickers in Eagles history in Akers, returner Brian Mitchell was much needed, we need to look at TE Chad Lewis and also the knowledge that the Eagles have struggled drafting and develpoing TEs besides Celek and the same can be said about most of their linebackers. The free agent crop they brought in over the years may not have been studs but they have held their own over the Eagles homegrown linebackers (does Trotter count under both categories since he left and was brought back as a free agent?). The Eagles need to get back to building through the draft (funny, because so many people ripped Reid and his drafts over the years) but they can't ignore free agency does help when used properly.
  • Bad drafts led to excessive free agents. They had no choice but to add to field a team. They are going to add free agents because they have no choice.
  • But they do have a choice in what free agents to pursue, hopefully they make the right ones.
  • all i'm saying is i'd like to see a shift away from relying on FA and building thought the draft over the next several seasons. Right now they are forced to dip into FA because of the number of needs they have they can't all but addressed in the draft. But if they are smart and bring in YOUNG TALENT there's less of a risk of a guy getting too old and being paid too much (a la Samuel, Asomugha). FA is always an exciting time and I like to dream about grabbing as much talent as the next guy but it also scares me when a team is ok with letting a guy go rather then paying him or franchising or trading him before his contract is up.
  • I agree with you...all I'm stating is that there will always be room for a free agent or two and sometimes it's needed to help get a team over the top. I'm also hoping that the Eagles spend some money this year. There are definitely some players that could help this team out and we all have our own views of who and what we want. We won't have to wait too much longer to find out if the Eagles thinking matches our own.
  • this team isnt one whos just a FA or two away from getting "over the top" this is a rebuild the only free agents i'd be interested are young talented players that won't eat up a ton of cap space.
  • I realize that this team isn't just one or two players away, bnugent...they need lots of help. Hopefully they get some in less than a week.
  • aww free agency the hop skip and jump from team to team to team and did I say TEAM???
  • I think delanie walker would be a huge addition for us. He fits perfectly into kellys offense and would allow celek to go back to a more receiver option rather than only blocking.

    Cedric griffin, Chris Owens, n glover quin would also be good additions to the secondary
  • I am hoping for an overhaul of the secondary. The Eagles will have money to spend (even more if they dump Nnamdi) and they could sign two players and draft two players. The Eagles said they wouldn't be big players in the free agent market. I get not doing what they did last time in signing all of those guys in their late twenties and early 30s to big deals, but there are some good young talented guys who are just about to hit their primes in this free agent group. Jake Long, Mike Wallace, Jared Cook, Andy Levirtre, Paul Kruger (though a little too close to 30 for my taste), Sean Smith, William Moore, Dashon Goldson (again too old for this team in my opinion), and Louis Delmas. If the Eagles could pull in at least three or four of these guys (they have the money) I think they could fast track their rebuilding process. If I had to choose the four it would be Jake Long (if he's willing to come off his outrageous contract demands and play RT), Sean Smith, Jared Cook, and William Moore. I would consider signing Ed Reed as a stopgap/teacher to my younger safeties and secondary players as a whole. The man has great ball instincts, and just watching him could do wonders in helping some of the young guys see how to play the position. I wouldn't give him a long term deal (rather I wouldn't expect him to be playing longer than two seasons), because I would draft one of the safety prospects from the to eventually take his place. So at this point the hope is they don't consider the older guys except for very short term fixes, but they could help themselves with signing some of these young guys and building their roster.
  • If they got the four players you want that would have to be considered a major killing...I'd settle for just one of your guys but of course am hoping for more (call me greedy). Should be interesting.
  • Long wants too much and Miami not resigning him is a red flag in my mind. I've like Levitre as an offensive linemen pick up. Sean Smith seems to be in the Jake Long boat wanting mucho bucks so i'd steer clear of him also. Moore would be a nice pick up he's still on the upside of his career but I could also get behind signing Ed Reed to a 2 or 3 year deal have him come in teach whoever we draft, maybe turn around Allen, Colemen, or Anderson (if he can make just one better its a win). Although he might get an offer like Dawkins got from Denver when he left.
  • Of course everything is money related, (and let's not forget the Eagles do have a lot of it) but I wonder if the two Miami guys are just asking for a lot to get out of dodge. If they want too much then steer clear. Reports have Long looking good. Reports also have the Eagles reaching out to Eric Winston the recently released tackle from KC. His release and the Eagles interest almost certainly guarantee Luke will be taken number one by the Chiefs.
  • Winston could be a nice pick up it looks like there will be plenty of options in FA for offensive linemen (unlike QBs) we should use it to grab at least one, build the line, and hope next season has better QB options.
  • Like you said in my THE 12 post, we should grab TWO. There's some fairly young guys, who are NFL tested (blocked for AP, and Arian Foster) and it would let us spend picks on the Secondary without worrying about getting locked out of good linemen.

    It's almost (I said almost) can't miss!
  • maybe this is what Chip has been gearing up for all along and he really is a genius.
  • The Eagles could find themselves at a chance to get more than a few quality young guys nearing their prime. It will all depend on if they are looking to spend some money. At this point I'm just hoping they are planning to be players at some level.
  • Like I said before I'd be happy with 1-3 guys (starter quality) being brought in. After that I think we'd be running into another situation like the "dream team" year.
  • i happen to agree with you. i want quality contributors. Ive herard Elerbe name mentioned. Could be a young leader on defense. Has those qualities. We need starting help it isnt all coming from the draft. Unfortunately Nugent dream team will be with the Eagles for years. They have to erase that bad memory.
  • If they go out and sign some of these guys in their mid 20s I think they can develop a roster capable of winning within the next year or two. It still is going to depend on who they make their signal caller, but they can develop a team ready to win within the next few years if the hit on this free agency class and in the draft. I mean Shady is still only 24. He has a lot of football left in him. Jackson and Maclin are 26 and 24 respectively. This team has playmakers who are about to enter their primes at the same time. If the Eagles play it right they can be back in this thing.
  • i agree EZ. I mentioned it to GTD and he had a blow up. Yes the Eagles have players just heading into their prime and its part of the nucleus of future leadership. I think the FO is caught in damn if you do AND damn if you dont scenario w/Vick. They dont necessarily have a qualified replacement that can have a positive impact. I like EJ in the draft. he has a cannon arm and size. But, that may not translate into shorterm gain. Thats a problem because fans dont expect bad Eagle teams. And they pay for a good product. The front office created its own bind.
  • Hollywood, hollywood...why do you exaggerate so much? We had a discussion because you insinuated that the Eagles were getting long in the tooth not because players are entering their prime. You stated the Eagles had to win this year because they had a small window. The only place that the Eagles may be a bit "old" is on the offensive line (and QB if none of the young guns can beat out Vick) and that is why I wouldn't mind them drafting an offensive lineman in the 2nd or 3rd rounds even if they address guard or RT in free agency and maybe even address it again later in the draft if someone they like falls. If they don't address it in free agency than Fisher or Joeckel should be there pick at 4 if either is there or maybe trade down a bit if they can and try to get Warmack. At the very least they need to look at tackle somewhat early if they don't get a starter in free agency.
  • Sorry hollywood i accidently flagged ur previous post my bad... stupid laptop touch pad. Elerbe would be nice but i've heard that the raven's are making him their top priority now
  • I have the same problem. YB should just drop the flagging thing.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • The Ellerbe rumor supposedly came from a tweet of his...I checked it out myself and all it said was that he was in Philly for an interview. Since that was a few days ago there couldn't be anything to it because of tampering possibilities (I doubt the Eagles AND Ellerbee would be that stupid). Probably just a case of an NFL player trying to tease some fans and followers a week before free agency. Actually just checked out his account again so I'll update...he followed that tweet later with one that stated that the interview with NFL films went well so it was nothing but a misunderstanding.
  • Sad but true.
  • I liked what Easy said about free agency?? OOPS I mean F A....
    I think FA killed sports with all the moving around like a swinging door??????
  • Would any been angry if the biggest name we signed was Shane lechler? I don't think I would be too upset
  • I can't imagine that we won't bring Lechler back. However if the Eagles DID get him, it would go a loooooooong way to improving our Defense, as his placement skills would leave opponents with crappy field position.

    I just don't see us giving him 4 million a year to do it.
  • Hell if lurie thinks about dirk Johnson he may be wearing eagles green. I have no problem with givin him 4 million out of the cap. Defense improves greatly ST improve out the roof does he do kick offs or is it all just janikowski?
  • There has been a lot of chatter the Eagles have been in contact with several free agents. They right now have the third most cap space of all NFL teams and if they cut Nnamdi they will become 45 million under the cap. If they just sign a punter they are stupid especially since they are the ones who are acting as if they have plans to win now.
  • Well it seems we are out of the Golston market and moving into the Landry one.
  • Looks that way but you never know. Hate to go there but the Eagles weren't even a strong consideration on landing Asomugha until right before they reeled him in. I mainly want to see one or two moves to improve that secondary. It seems the Eagles re-signed Colt Anderson right after the Cardinals re-signed Rashad Johnson so he may have been a target to replace Anderson and compete for time at safety...we'll never know. I'm hoping for Sean Smith and Goldson (asking for too much but hey...what the hell?) but I'd be happy with Landry. He stayed healthy last year and made the Pro Bowl so hopefully his health isn't an issue anymore.
  • Of course they could have plans to keep Nnamdi, trade for Revis, sign Goldson, and Landry. Overpaid secondary version two.
  • If the Eagles keep Asomugha at 15 million I will question what the hell this team is thinking no matter who they sign during free agency (just what are they waiting on?). That would be one hell of an expensive secondary though, wouldn't it? LOL.
  • The thing that keeps bugging me is if they are truly going to cut Nnamdi then why are they taking this long? I think they are crunching the numbers and they think they can keep him. They may try to get get his number down to say 10 mil, but for whatever reason I think they want to keep Nnamdi. Listening to WIP had the Eagles linked to several different free agents. Many more than I anticipated. The NFL Network seemed to imply the same thing ( though they stated the Eagles will cut Nnamdi) and that the Eagles are planning to use a 3-4 front. So many questions and so few answers. The also talked about all the quarterbacks and there was this idea that Chip Kelly plans to practice with multiple quarterbacks and players on the field at the same time. I guess they will be running conveyor belt style offense at least during training camp and preseason. That's how Kelly operates. He wants to keep things moving.
  • One thing they could be trying to do is buffer that cap with a high salary so they sre closer to that cap minimum while hoping they can get something out of Asomugha this year. Cutting him next year may help ensure that they don't have to cut too deep next year in Kelly's second year and I think they walk away from him with no hit next year also. They may still cut him this year and the belief by almost everyone is that they will.
  • Water under the bridge. Dude is gone, and it was the best move to make.
  • It's about freakin' time!
  • Five new faces!
  • This is absolutely a joke so far. For who for what? I mean at this rate I suspect the Eagles wont be 45 million under the cap but about 40 million under. GTD how do you explain? Saving for a rainy day? Your a funny guy. Have you checked Luries Boston Bank acoount lately. Bird fans feeding Boston residence to lobster dinners. This is too funny.
  • Sure hollywood. 5 veteran signings and it only cost them 5 million. You obviously have no clue about money in the NFL. No wow signings but they are solid signings that fit needs. Don't get me wrong...I'm not doing cartwheels but I'm not going to fault a team that signed a bunch of "studs" 2 years ago for doing their homework and signing younger, hungrier players this time around. Besides, it's only day 2...take a deep breath and relax a little.
  • He can't help himself. All he knows how to do is complain.
  • Casey averages out to almost 5 million a year himself...Chung is another 3 million. Not sure how much each count against this years cap but I would guess between the five it's somehere closer to 15 million. Even if they have 25-30 million left I would guess about 7 million will go towards the rookie pool. They still have money to make moves and I'm sure they aren't done. Ricky Jean-Francois is talking to the Eagles today (it doesn't bode well that they are having their press conference and an announcement hasn't been made of a signing there) and I just heard that rumors are that they like OLBer Connor Barwin, Raven's CB Carey Williams and Goldson, Smith, Landry and others haven't been signed as of yet so maybe their asking price comes down to what the Eagles are willing to pay them. Let's be real, the Eagles aren't going to put themselves right up against the cap in their new coaches first year (they rarely do and I have no problem with that) so expect them to have some money left. They would be foolish to get themselves to where they will have to dump salaries they don't want to next year.
  • Look what happened to teams that put themselves to the cap. They end up losing some of their best players like the Ravens have. Teams also get stuck and unable to improve their rosters like the Redskins. I'm not concerned with them not splurging on the market, because I believe the real key will be for them to draft their talent and groom them here. Free agency is mostly just an additive. It should not be used as the backbone of the team. Those types of teams never work in the NFL.
  • Thats sort of funny team to use as an example a team coming off winning a superbowl. And the ravens use plenty of free agents . The usually have an impact. This Eagles have gotten worse in free agency. Say what you want but Jenkins and Patterson are better than Sopayago and Nhamdi and DRC are more talented than Chunky and phillipino. WTF
  • The Ravens are not a team who builds with free agency. The majority of their best players were drafted or guys who were young and hungry cast offs from other teams. When was the last big free agent signing of the Ravens?
  • You ever hear of Vonte Leach? or Jacoby Jones? Or Shannon Sharpe? or Tony Siragusa? . I could go on and on. They keep their veterans past their rookie contracts. Until the Eagles start doing that they will never have a nucleus or a veteran team. They stay perpetually young and cheap.
  • Other than Shannon Sharpe non of those guys were clots to elite prior to going to Baltimore. You're making my point for me.
  • You always find a way to make being millions below the cap sound like good fiscal policy. That would be fine if it was the federal government but right now I think a little investment into the future would go a long way. they are just putting washout bodies on the field. These are shorterm role players that arent even on the radar. lest not fool ourselves this isnt what championship teams are made of. I think they are drafting a QB and are going to string out fans afor a few years. Things could change but they wont.
  • This team isn't championship ready! 4-12 doesn't equal champions. You need role players too. They need to draft better.
  • Just keep whining, hollywood. Whine when the team spends and has to cut players, whine when they don't spend because you think they're cheap, whine when you think they aren't going to throw tens of millions of dollars at your favorite players and then whine when the team either has to cut them a couple years after throwing too much money at them, renegotiate their contract or waive other players just so they can get below the cap and/or strengthen the team years later. Just keep whining and don't worry about typing the truth or discussing anything with a clear mind. Honestly, why do you waste your time on this site?
  • Waive players so they can get below the cap? They werent ever in danger of exceeing the cap. I may whine but atleast I dont LIE! GTD the security guard for Jeffrey Luries safe.
  • Hahahaha. You lie ALL the time on here, hollywood. We all know it. They were 17-18 million above the cap before they asked Vick to re-do his contract and waived Demetress Bell so technically you are already pushing the truth. When a new coach rolls into town teams usually cut deep so their new coach can bring in his players and so they can get a fresh start ...this isn't something new to the NFL that the Eagles did. Why don't you discuss how your Ravens are keeping that championship team together. I saw a picture of the Ravens team photo yesterday on was a solo picture of Joe Flacco.
  • For weeks he couldn't stop pumping the Ravens up, but now that they are being decimated by the huge contracts of Flacco and T.Suggs he's got nothin to type. What happened to all that chatter about how the Ravens were above all this? They traded away their second best player in the playoffs, lost nearly their entire linebacker corps, both safeties, and their leader in Lewis. They could lose three starters in their secondary! Please Hollywood just one negative comment about those Ravens you love so much!
  • Don't worry, the eagles will just sign EVERY big name free agent and you'll be fine. ;-)
  • yea cause they've clearly been doing that...
  • That was sarcastic tongue in cheek humor in case you missed it.
  • I'm still hoping for an interior O-lineman. I'd like to see someone like G Matt Slauson or C Doug Legursky (actually both would be great) come in and push for a spot.
  • GTD & EZ you make a big to do about nothing . What did the Ravens lose. Reed, Elerbe, kruger, Williams, Reed. Fact is all of them are replaceable and they added canty and Spencer. Kruger waqs one dimensional and couldnt do anything w/o Suggs. Elerbe was solid but not a world beater. Williams was gritty but they have Laderius Webb coming back and Jimmy Smith in the wings . And Ed Reed was broke. The defense needs a facelift but the offense is completely intact. they will reach the Afc championsip again. Once again they are being dismissed. A big mistake. Plus they won a superbbowl they dont need any approval from you theyve earned the right to do whatever they want with their roster.
  • You miss the whole point, hollywood. It isn't who they got rid of it's the principle you seem to stand on when you are whining that the Eagles are cutting players. You act like the Eagles are doing such an awful thing by cutting salaries already agreed to by players and team yet when the Ravens are doing the same exact thing you look the other way. So now you are going to claim that it's okay that they are getting rid of players because they won the Super Bowl? So a team has a pass to cut salaries and players because they won a championship? That sure goes against so many things you typed when ripping the Eagles for cutting salaries and players but I'm used to that with you. It's typical you honestly. Rip the Eagles but make excuses for other teams when they do the same thing.
  • Much to do about nothing. Correct if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Hollywood cried all season over journeyman Mike Patterson. Yeah Ed Reed is nothin, but the Mike Patterson is a game changer! Lol
  • He whines about the likes of Bradley, Dimitri and Mike Patterson yet states that every player the Ravens let go can be replaced. If that isn't being biased I'm not sure what is.
  • Like I wrote before flipster just needs to stop banning Hollywood. They are just like each other. Both lack comprehension, love mediocre players like Vick, and get nasty when somebody disagrees with them. If I didn't know better I would swear they were the same person.
  • same thing? not quite. the ravens are within a few million of the salary cap limit every year. They proved tht they are comitted the Eagles wll thats another story. And Im not the only one thats mentioned their financial investment. Do you think the yankees win for no reason?
  • When you are discussing cutting into the livelihood of players it is exactly the same doesn't matter whether one won the Super Bowl and the other was 4-12. That is the angle you took when discussing the Eagles cuts. You buried the Eagles for re-doing Vick's contract and waiving less than stellar players yet here you state it's okay just because it was the Ravens' doing the cutting because they won a championship. That is BS, hollywood. The real reason it's okay in your mind is because it isn't the Eagles doing the and I both know that. We all get that you hate the FO. If you could look at it with an open mind you would get that the cuts were neceassary to try to bring in players that want to be in Philly and want to win. It was also necessary to get Chip Kelly the type of players he feels he can win with. Instead you do your usual whine, b**** and moan when watching the Eagles do something just about every team would have done during a coaching change. You're a whiner...that will never change!
  • the eagles are cutting to stay close to the cap. i dont know of any Raven that took a pay cut. But the Ravens are all in financially. Ill look up the Eagle cap number in a minute. But when you add and subtract the Eagles are way below the cap. They are fielding a team and hoping that Vick shoulders the burden of a team that lacks depth. my guess is they are atleast 35 million below .
  • Look, I truthfully don't give a damn about the Ravens but you have to be kidding me. Anquan Boldin was traded because he refused a paycut (and by the way you are foolish in thinking that the Ravens offense is still intact without him...he was huge for Flacco all through the playoffs).

    You have no freakin' clue when it comes to the cap and players salaries, do you? You think they added 8 players in free agency and only spent about 5-10 million dollars? I have heard that they have about 17-18 million left and eaglescap has them at about 23 million though I'm not sure they are caught up. They will need 6-7 million for their rookie pool. They could still pull in a player in free agency that they can't pass up if his asking price drops, they could pick up a player or two when cutdowns happen as the Eagles always seem to do or they could re-sign a player who may be going into a contract year (Maclin if he finally has that breakout year). Having that type of fexibilty is a good thing. The Eagles would be foolish to go "all in" this year...they aren't winning a Super Bowl. Let them get their franchise QB in place and up to speed, let them get the majority of their starters in place and let them learn their responsibilites. When they take that step forward then they can go after the pieces that are missing and push the cap if they choose to do that. Nothing wrong with making sure that the growing salaries aren't going to be the deciding factors when they need to see who stays and goes in Kelly's second year (and the Eagles will have plenty of them)'re a fool if you refuse to see that.

    If Chip Kelly is hoping that Vick is going to shoulder the burden after the last two and a half years he has had then this team is in serious trouble. Stop being so biased and one sided all the time. It doesn't make you seem only makes you seem stubborn and angry.
  • Boldin was good in the playoffs but he dissapeared in a ton of games and was injured. Boldin made catches on ballst that were perfectly thrown to a wide reciever that wasnt even open. He was covered like a blanket. The Ravens knew he was gone and tossed that idea out after he was as good as signed. He wanted blue chip money and was about to retire. Jenkins and Patterson have alot of game left. Plus the ravens have Jacoby Jones and Torrie Smith. So Bouldin is expendable. Again GTD you double talk. If the Eagles were so interested in getting up to speed why are they signing these "starters" to two year contracts? You are always preaching "lets wait , lets wait, lets wait" WTF are you waiting for goofball? Im foolish? Growing salaries? Where are they hiding? You a fork tongued dealer of facts. Eagle cap has them 23 million below. Not even close to the cap. Thats 3-5 impact players away from the cap. Where is the big cap battle looming that you talk about? I would like to know. Anyone that wants the truth go to
  • It's funny that you preach when you wouldn't even mention it BEFORE the Eagles made the cuts and they were scheduled to be 17 million OVER the cap. I told YOU to go there and check it out and you didn't type one freakin' word about it. Now that they made the necessary cuts to get below you keep telling everyone to go there to check it out for themselves...what a fraud you are! The Eagles are 23 million below the cap RIGHT now according to that website you only mention when you think it fits YOUR argument...correct? That is with the carry over money from last year...correct? If it wasn't for that carry over money they would be right up against the cap and that is still not accounting for their rookie pool (6-7 million). Sure they can spend the rest of that 16 million that will be left over (and they still may spend some of is only a couple weeks into the 2013 season after all) but only a pig headed stubborn Eagle FO hater would refuse to acknowledge the Eagles would be burdening themselves by strapping themsleves next year in Kelly's 2nd year. Be open minded for once and go to and look at where the team is scheduled to be at in 2014....119 million with 51 players on their roster but of course things will change some. That 119 million will grow to roughly 125 million for 2014 before 2014 even rolls around and not even accounting for 2014's rookie pool...the cap as it stands is 121 to 122 million for could grow next year but it didn't budge this year. Of course some players schedulesd to be in Philly will be gone but why should the Eagles put themselves right up against the cap this year and make moves next year almost impossible or extremely tough in a year that they will certainly win nothing worth mentioning? Stop being an ass.

    By the way...what BS are you trying to spin with your Boldin comments. He already had a was he asking for blue chip money and I have read nothing about intentions to retire. Are you going to tell me you take one owner's word as gospel even if that is what he says yet you question every word coming out of Lurie's mouth....god are you biased! All I have heard is that Boldin wanted his contract intact...the Ravens asked him to take a cut so they could pay Flacco and he refused...leave it to you to try to spin it so the Ravens FO looks golden. You back my point about Boldin and his talent when you discuss how he came up with catches when he was blanketed. Are you that stupid and stubborn to think that was all Flacco's throws that allowed him to make those catches or just maybe Boldin came up big when it mattered most? Boldin also led the Ravens in receptions and he played in every game but one this year so just stop your freakin' BS. Smith had 49 catches last year although he did find the endzone more often than Boldin and Jones had 30. You would be whining if the Eagles let there more seasoned vet walk with his backups having numbers like this and you know it. You'd be calling them cheap and whining how everything is about money with them...what a baised ass you are.
  • Just went and looked, at 5'9 and 180lbs Joselio Hanson is both the shortest AND the lightest player on the Raiders roster.

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