Posted February 28, 2013

THE word at is that Jarius Byrd won't be leaving Buffalo.

Next on the list is Dashon Goldson who doesn't want to be franchised again after being franchised last year and making 6.2 million. If he we're franchised again this year he'd make the which ever is greater between the average of the top 5 salaries at his position (I'm not bothering to look that up) or 120% of what he made last year, which would be 7.44 million. He apparently want's more per year than 7.44 million. So the Eagles could be looking at a new FA Safety who makes more than their starting QB. That starts off with things out of whack.

ONTO WILLIAM MOORE! Word is that the Falcons won't use their tag on him, and that only makes sense if they intend to lock him up long-term. Otherwise the guy has been too big a part of their defense for them to NOT tag.

Ed Reed is a FA. However coming off a Super Bowl and starting every game for the last 2 years, as long as he doesn't try to sabotage himself and his legacy, he should be back in Baltimore.

Would Glover Quin consider leaving a team with playoffs all but assured for a team that has been in a downward spiral for the last 3 seasons? If there's a big gap in the money, sure. But we've seen more than a few examples of players who took less to have a shot at not losing all the time.

Charles Woodson? Kenny Phillips? Louis Delmas? LaRon Landry? Chris Clemons? 

If the Eagles are going to get help at Safety in Free Agency, they are going to have to really shell out for it. All indications is that they'll have to bid on the services of anybody good with the players old teams and if the numbers are close, I can't see the player making the jump.

If you're banking on getting real help here, you may be very disappointed.


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  • William Moore please.
  • If we can't work out a deal for Revis, Draft Milliner in the 1st. Then Elam in the 2nd to play FS and sign Goldson for SS. Our secondary would be scary for years.
  • Revis will cost at least a second and a truckload of money. It's too much of a risk to give up for a guy coming off a knee injury in a position that relies on speed. After the whole Nnamdi debacle I would rather they draft Milliner and Elam than trade for Revis and draft Womack. Also trading for Revis make it less likely they sign a safety as he will cost them a lot of money.
  • Revis would cost us way to much both with draft picks and $. I really like Milliner he would be an instant starter and an instant upgrade. Elam would be great too there's a lot of talent in this years draft at the safety spot we might be able to grab two along with Milliner and shore up our last line of defense for a long time to come.
  • This is why I want both corners back. Sure they were bad but the safeties were horrible n the ones available most likely won't see free agency. So we keep both corners n draft Reid n Jefferson or Reid n the honeybadger or Reid n someone else. We just need to get Reid. Milliner isnt worth the pick cause of other needs. We can't get warmack joeckel n milliner it's just not possible. So take the worst prospect out of all of the top guys in an area of need, milliner, n u cross him out when u can bring back guys just as good as him n not waste a pick. U gotta work the draft not just take a guy cause he fills a need when that need isn't ur most pressing. Get warmack or fisher, joeckel most likely going at 1, in the 1st n get Reid in the second. That cover our two most pressing needs oline n safety.
  • Remember we are also getting a pro bowl tackle and an above average tackle back from injuries. We spent a 1st on a guard already who could could have just been in the wrong system. Why pay Nnamdi 15 million to play corner? You can't pay anyone else if you do. Remember Nnamdi doesn't have to restructure his contract. He's guaranteed 4 million either way. DRC will have to be signed to a deal for at least 4 years. All the money locked into the corners who simply weren't that good for most of the year will hinder any chance of getting a safety.
  • How do u know the former pro bowl corners weren't in the wrong system the past two years? Along with horrible safety play. If asomo doesn't redo his deal u move on n eat the cash go after Sean smith or Lewis from the steelers. Watkins sucks he just does everything he does is wrong. Bad feet bad reads doesn't move if no one is in front of him to block just stands n watches. People wanna say he was alot of gms first ranked guard that year but the only person on the media I heard say it was baldi n then fans started to say it just like kelce being so good but Reynolds did just as good after a couple rough starts. The oline has sucked sense kelce n Watkins started. Peters won't be back to form right away n was overrated before his injury. People wanted to say he was the best olineman in football but seem to forget about Joe Thomas. Herramans has looked below average as a tackle. Drafting fisher gives us more options drafting warmack gives us a monster at tackle drafting milliner gives us a decent corner
  • First and foremost Luke is all but assured to be a Chief now since they got their quarterback. Drafting a guard with the 4th pick is just as much of a reach as drafting a Corner. Milliner fits a need and an important one. How can you go on and on about guys being overrated, but are completely dismissing the putrid play of Nnamdi and DRC over the past two seasons? I watched the games, and all of those blown coverages weren't just on those safeties. The corners stunk too. At least the last time was saw Peters play it was at an all pro level. The last time we saw Nnamdi play he got benched for Curtis Marsh.
  • How does Milliner not fill a need? How is taking the best CB in the draft at 4 a wasted pick? How can you definitively say one way or another that Warmack or Fisher are "better." I would agree with Joeckel being taken over Milliner but I don't see KC letting him get away. How would you rather have the exact CBs we had last year over trying to get a guy who could be a pro bowl CB for years to come for us? Getting Milliner in the 1st and a safety in the 2nd. There's some good options at both safety positions and along the line in later rounds.
  • he does fill a need but he fills a need we can fill just by bringing our guys back. drc looked like a pro bowl corner under juan n asomo looked solid. they had 4th quarter let downs because of the amount of time on the field we had the same problem when we had stallworth (06?). even if we dont bring back either corner we have a better chance of signing a corner than a safety or olineman. i also feel our oline is more important to fill than the corner situation when looking at the current roster. no one knows if peters will be the same n herremans has been bad at RT. getting warmack may make up for herremans being bad getting fisher allows us to move herramans back inside. yes flip i know their positions didnt think i needed to spell it out. teams are built upfront. lineman in the later rounds is what we been doing n it isnt working. how do u know the same guys who were pro bowlers before wont return to form under the new DC, DRC was a probowler with him.

    ez drafting possibly the best player in the draft at 4 in warmack isnt a reach. milliner will probably end up out of the top ten simply because he isnt that great of a player. im not sold on him. i think drc n asomo r the better option. plus replacing an entire secondary will get us to the same position as 2011. a secondary needs chemistry almost as much as an oline. if i was the coach/gm/owner/guy callling the shots my secondary would be asomo/drc, boykins/the honeybadger, reid/jefferson. with an oline of peters(if healthy) herremans, reynolds(as of now may change that), mathis, fisher or peters mathis, reynolds, warmack, herremans.
  • well drafting olinemen in the first round hasn't worked out as of late either (Watkins) and why are you so down on Kelce? I know you are entitled to your opinion about Milliner but he's my guy this year in the draft that I want the eagles to get. Last yeat it was Burfict and EVERYONE knocked him saying he wasnt any good. Milliner plays well in zone and man to man and he silenced everyone who questioned his speed. I'm not saying that the O-line doesn't need to be addressed but i'd rather shell out $ to a proven free agent linemen (guys who rarely fall off after being given big deals) then spending mucho bucks on two guys that let us down for two season.
  • U can't ignore a weakness cause last time another coach tried to address it, it didn't work out. If the lions did that they wouldnt have megatron. Sure they missed on some good players by selecting WR after WR after WR after WR or however many in a row it was but that's not why they had bad drafts. They had bad drafts cause they failed in the rest of the rounds. Selecting Danny Watkins shouldn't stop roseman or Kelly, who had nothing to do with that, from picking another lineman if that's the best player at a need position. Like I said bring back DRC n asomo with safety help n they won't look as bad. Did they get beat? Yes. Did they make simple mistakes ? Yes. Is warmack joeckel or smith our best option that early? I think yes.
  • Not smith, fisher
  • I can definitively say that Chance Warmack is a better G than Eric Fisher, who is in fact a T.

    There is depth of quality at OT, DT, OLB, and CB in this draft.
    This Draft is thin at G, C, and S so we need to get in early if we're getting any of these. Actually we can wait on C as well.

    Milliner sounds like he'd be great, but considering how almost every Defensive player on our roster seemed to suck, it's pretty clear the problem was the system. That's not to say that some of them don't suck, but we need a more efficient way to judge performance.

  • why pay DRC for playing poorly (system's fault or not) for two seasons if we can grab Milliner, grab a safety and OT in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.
  • DRC isn't on the roster now.
  • is stating the Eagles will draft the kid from Oregon. I hope not.
  • That's just one mock draft i'd be surprised if they went that way, i'd also question the decision making of Kelly if that's the case because DE isn't really a pressing priority. This is of course assuming that nothing happens via free agency or trades.
  • The kid had a good combine and he used to play for Kelly so naturally they think he will draft him. So many more needs on the roster right now. We already have a lot of young defensive ends. I'm like you. I say go and get the shutdown corner for years to come.
  • Yeah we don't need a DE and we can get an OLB later in the Draft.
  • plus graham is already training to make the transition from DE to OLB
  • Graham will move outside but they could use another outside linebacker which Jordan should be able to play (Cole making the move at his age worries me a bit). I wouldn't have a problem with them drafting him but if they got a player like Jordan I would rather see them trade back a few spots (Buffalo supposedly wants a QB badly so if Smith is on the board it can happen...they may need to get ahead of the Cards) and take the best available at 8. If it isn't Joeckel at 4 and if Lotulelei isn't healthy it seems the Eagles can get a very good player still around 8 while filling a need and get another draft pick (they should be able to get at least another 2nd in a trade with the Bills). It is funny watching these players move all over the board though...Jordan wasn't a top ten pick a week ago and now because of his combine I have seen him as early as two in a mock.
  • I'd rather have Milliner then Jordan. And lets not kid ourselves Joeckel is going #1 and no one is going to use a first round pick on Lotulelei with his heart condition.
  • Reid will probably draft Joeckel but I heard that some were thinking (and all are hoping) that Lotulelei's condition may not be all that serious. It is possible that his rapid weight loss in preparation for the combine, too much sodium or even dehydration could be the cause of his condition. It could be more serious and would absolutely cause his draft stock to fall obviously...they should know more before the draft. I wasn't stating that the Eagles should take Lotulelei if he isn't healthy, I meant that if he wasn't healthy that the Eagles could trade out of 4 and still possibly get Jordan, Milliner, Fisher or Chance Warmack if they don't trade back too far. This draft doesn't have a lot of stud prospects but it does have a lot of very good ones from what I understand and the Eagles have a lot of needs (although I'm hearing that Warmack is a stud just not at a position that typically goes in the top 5). Too much uncertainty with this team. Although Fletcher Cox should be fine at DE in a 3-4 who do you have confidence in that will DEFINITELY be able to make the move? Trent Cole has shown he struggled in coverage in McDermott's system and he is too small to stay at DE in a 3-4 and he isn't exactly just coming into his own (is he fading?) long will it take Graham to make the move to linebacker and how effective will he be?...who besides Cox will be start at DE?...who will be the nose tackle...Dixon who they brought back in from the waiver wire? After the 2nd round, possibly the 3rd the team will be lucky to draft regular contributers on either side of the ball (the last couple years more rookies have stepped in but look at where this team has finished)...would be nice to have an extra 2nd if they can swing it and still come out with a very good player in the 1st that steps in right away. The Eagles would need to do their homework obviously...they have to have an immediate starter they can pencil in right away with that 1st pick...if they feel one isn't there wherever they could trade back they shouldn't do it.
  • I'm going to say Milliner is a stud i mean if we can trade back and grab him then i'm all for it but id rather have him then risk not getting him. obviously a lot of what they'll do in the draft will hinge on what they do in free agency. As for the switch to 3-4 i think this season will be a transition season for the eagles where we are gonna see them start to move to the 3-4 but not make a complete switch because the roster wasn't built for it.
  • You are probably right about the 3-4 but it doesn't change the fact that the Eagles have a lot of room for upgrades on this roster. They have some money for free agency and should fill some of them during the draft so we'll see. I honestly wouldn't mind Milliner at 4 and if they pick him I will be fine with it. I haven't seen a mock that doesn't have him as the top CB nor out of the top 10 so he wouldn't be that much of a reach. There are just so many ways the Eagles could go with that pick and it seems that the only way the Eagles could screw it up in most people's eyes is if they took Geno Smith with the pick if he was there. I wouldn't even mind that honestly. The only thing that would worry me about Smith being in Kelly's offense is whether his body could take the beating that he may face.
  • with kelly having 5 qbs on the roster now drafting another at 4 just doesn't make sense. I could see him grabbing a guy like E.J. Manuel MAYBE it would probably cost a 2nd round pick which would be better used on a safety but if he should fall to the 3rd then i could see Kelly taking him. but with all the qbs we have i see kelly using his picks to take care of other positions.
  • Like I insinuated in an earlier post, this group of QBs shouldn't have anybody thinking the Eagles shouldn't draft one this year. Believe it or not I agree with you and I don't think the Eagles draft Smith with the 4th pick, just wouldn't be too upset. Be honest, do you see any of the 5 on the roster right now being the QB of the future? The reason I would like to see them draft a QB somewhat early THIS year is because there are never any guarantees. There is no guarantee that the Eagles will be in position to draft one of the top QBs in the draft next year (and if they aren't they may have to use numerous draft picks that will slow their progress to get high enough to draft one just like the Redskins did), that any of the few that are looked at as possible franchise QBs will be looked at in the same light next year come draft time (see Matt Barkley) and no guarantee that even if they draft that franchise QB he will end up being that stud we all hope he have to take numerous chances sometimes and hope you are right on one of them. As "vocal" as I have been about the Eagles using their 2nd round pick on Manuel what you stated about losing out on one of the "better" safties in the class is the biggest reason I won't be upset if they don't. They NEED a saftey (two would be nice, hopefully they address one spot in free agency) and the second seems to be when many will start dropping so it is a major concern of mine. Drafting a QB will impede the growth of their defense but it is the biggest need in my opinion. Quality over quantity (besides I wouldn't doubt if two of those 5 are gone by the draft) and future over the present since this team won't win this year anyway. Smith or Manuel may not be the guy but there are always concerns about most QBs (and most players honestly). How many teams would have let Rodgers slip through until 24 in 2005 knowing he would be this good? I'm sure Kaepernick wouldn't have gotten out the 1st if teams thought he had the potential to play as well as he did this past season (who would you rather have, Kaepernick or Watkins?) Even if the Eagles take one of the the higher rated safeties instead of Manuel if he is on the board when they draft in the 2nd there is no guarantee that player will be the answer in the secondary either. Of course we will hope that he is but the draft is all about educated guesses and hoping your team has the proper scouts and people to make good on those educated guesses. Look, it seems like the Eagles probably won't be drafting a quarterback early but I would be happy to see them come away with Manuel in the 2nd and like I stated if they draft Smith in the 1st I'm okay with that.
  • Idk it'd mean that Manuel goes early in the 2nd. I know there are quite a few teams in need of QBs but after geno smith and matt barkley are off the board there are still three guys ranked higher then E.J. so it wouldn't surprise me if he fell to the 3rd and the eagles could grab him
  • FA doesn't look like it will help us at Safety this year. So the Draft it has to be.

    Draft Prospect Eric Reid (LSU) did NOTHING to hurt his Draft stock at the Combine.
    In fact, as a guy who was initially thought to be a late 1st, early 2nd rounder, his stock (likely to rise) may take him COMPLETELY out of the 2nd.

    I think we have to move early on him. An upgrade at Guard would be excellent to have, but Safety is a NEED.

    I just don't want to gamble on Reid being there in the 2nd.
  • so you'd take him with the #4 pick? or are you talking about trading up? there are other good safety prospects in the draft this year

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