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Posted January 02, 2013

I am watching the posts and I often wonder why so much attention is made to the details when the fundemental problems are "6 inches infront of your face".  Ive coached my sons basketball for 6 years  and nothing ever changes.   You see you start off with a group of kids  and you find out what there strengths are and you try to mold those things into the greater good of the team.  The kids come in all kinds of shapes and forms.  Some are clearly better athletes than others.  But usually there is something even in the most limited player that can contribute to making a team a better functioning unit.  I can say with almost a certainty that if the Eagles were the "most talented" they would overcome their deficiencies  simply with talent.   They havent.  So right off the bat I know there is not enough talent.  Breaking it down further if the talent is not overwhelming then you are forced to take players strengths and use them to your advantage.  But more often than overwhelming talent will prevail no matter how you blend lesser talent together to beat it.  It takes more effort and man power to overcome talent.  So the brings us to the players the Eagles can draw on to equalize vs better talent.  Our bench.  Not much there.    When I had a malcontent kid or a kid that was easily distracted  on the team it sometimes would spread to the other players.  It sometimes  got ourt of control.  The only way to cope with that was a severe tongue lashing privately or publicly or a benching.  I dont think Reid ever did that enough.  I never had a bad team in B-Ball but I know what happens when you do.  The players on other teams start to say I want to be on your team or my team sucks, I hate it...etc.  This is exactly whats happened in Philly.  Only the high paid stars are happy cause they have the money.  It benefits them to suck because now they dont have to stick their necks out.  So the groundswell of resentment from the ground up starts to rise because of jealousy and now you have team unraveling from the bottom up.   And Reid let it go on and on.  To win a championship with lesser talent(and I have always had teams that compete even when we are far outclassed but have not won a championship) you have to build a sense of comraderie.  The roll players have to be enamored by the talent of the best players.  They have to respect it and understand that their role might not be as large but it is as significant.  Once you have that chemistry you can play.  My favorite team was one where we had no real stars, were youngest, and basically spread the scoring & effort around.  We beat a team with ringers 22-21 in the first round and lost to the #1 seed 52-47 mainly because we had back to back playoff games and we gassed.  But what i remember most is the kids had fun something the Eagles arent having and them fighting their hearts out for each other.  The Eagles dont do that.   The Eagles made it to business like and that wont succeed.  They took the desire right out of the team.   this year i have the most talented team(by luck).  and so far Ive been doing more watching than coaching.    Even the players that arent that good are rising to a higher level to keep pace with our best players.   Thats when you know a team is better when the bar is raised and everyone wants to be closer to best than vice versa.   Its a great experience to coach.  I learn as much from those kids as I can teach them.  I often think most of look at pure football when evaluating the Eagles and often dont think or know how a business is run.   Anyone that thinks Lurie is a handsoff owner needs their head examined.   He said it  "the coach reports only to me".  Ive told you that Lurie has his hand in almost every decision of importance from Castillo to washburn ..etc.  So anytime anyone and you know who you are says Lurie has nothing to do with that think again.  Strt thinking like a businessman and less like a follower.

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  • As a businessman I would say paying Vick to be on game over .500 is bad investment. He is the very first guy I would dump now that Reid is gone.
  • It appears that the front office agrees with you. But on the otherside of it follow the money. Not having Vick will save them money or make Lurie money personally. From your standpoint Lurie is cutting losses. Thats OK but is he going to jump back in and reinvest or stand by and pray they get better.
  • You reinvest by hiring a new coach, and drafting new players. When the product goes stale, you change the product. Perhaps they even make another change to uniforms. Changes are happening. Can't you see that?
  • That remains to be seen. Im skeptical because I have 18 years of evidence that leads me to believe this owner doesnt have a clue. And if he was so great an owner how did he let this team collapse. So Im not ready to crucify him but I dont want lip service. So it starts with his new coach. But you act like no one else has a coach or draft, its like an asshole everyone has one them. Get a Roddy White or a Goldston, cut Nhamdi and you will make a believer out of me. Not literally but lets get tough Marquee talent in here not softees.
  • So you not only know how to run a football team because you own your own business you also know how to coach one because you coach little league basketball? I'm impressed...I think.
  • Its middle school kids but my coaching isnt the crux of the post . The point is that molding a team together changes every year. You cant be the same year in and out and expect the same or better results. You have to plug in to the players understand and motivate them. Its not consistent and "sytems" dont necessarily work. Yes we run drills somewhat the same but we dont work the same way every year. Especially when you have talent. because talent dictates. By that I mean when you know a player can do something on his own you give him that freedom. And assistants do alot. I mean they relive pressure by removing work load for a coach. Its like any business model and the players are your factory workers. Some players are floor managers , some supervisors and some are minimum wage. Then you have lower management and the executives. And usually the CEO - Jeff Lurie can communicate with anyone he pleases in any manner. If he wants to bypass the coach he can. He can go to any employee in the company and make demands. Both in the executive, management and employee level. Im not saying I can coach a football team but I bet you I could run the financial operation. Ive been a CFO for a 50 million dollar company. I dont know all the inand outs of a football operation but if you give me an accounting software package I can run almost any kind accounting reated process from wholesale inventory , distribution and manufacturing down to job costing, govt, school sytem, dealerships & non-profit software. So I have some expertise maybe not a fit for football. Id have to see it but like I said most principles apply in business and Im sure its not rocket science.
  • I only read about 2 sentences of your reply because quite honestly, you coaching pee wee basketball, middle school...whatever was the crux of your post. I didn't take your post seriously so I'm not going to waste my time reading your reply.
  • Imjust using the coaching as an anology. But in your mind you have blown up a football operation to be some complicated nuerosurgery. Its a simple product. Not many things are an exact science but football jibber jabber is always the same thing over and over. Lurie just needs to aquire some talent and the rest will come together.
  • Sure, sure. Running a football team is just like running your accountant firm or overseeing vending companies (or whatever you do) and coaching an NFL team and dealing with multi millionaires and prima donnas who have been put on a pedestal all their lives and being in charge of a complete coaching staff to boot is pretty similar to coaching a middle school basketball team. LOL.
  • Thats what you are saying. Im just saying its like any other business that employs a couple of hundred people. They have a human resource dpt, an accounting dept, executive offices ,a pr dept, an advertising dept , a legal dept and so on. What do you think its some kind of alien community that no one knows about. Man sometimes you are whatever.
  • Sure it is, because owner's of other business's are dealing with the media's and the fan's perspectives with every move they make...they deal with high profiled athletes who are making millions and think they deserve more respect than most of them do (sarcasm, hollywood). This all started with me stating that Lurie is a hand's off owner and your silly hints that you know what's going on behind the walls. First off do me a favor. Find anything in writing that supports YOUR claim that Lurie has his hands all over this team (besides Vick...I have stated that Reid had to ask Lurie). Do an internet search and give me a few moves (make sure they have something to do with personnel moves regarding players...make sure it's Lurie firing or hiring coaches) that the Eagles have made where Lurie's handprints are clear. I don't want to just see that it is because YOU say so or that I am dumb for thinking any other way. You're a fool to think that most owner's (the better ones anyway) DON'T hire football people to make MOST football decisions for them. Of course Lurie will have a decision in hiring his GM and coach. He claims to not get involved otherwise, I never see anything in writing that he does, his two coaches he hired never claimed that he meddled so why not believe him? Honestly your claims that a business is a business actually doesn't serve you well in this case anyway. What big businees owner gets involved with EVERY hiring? None that I have ever dealt with. They hire scouts to look for talent to hire...the candadites interview with supervisors and other bosses, when do the top CEOs actually interview when it comes to big business? Almost never...unless it is a significant hire (head coach, GM). You claimed before that Lurie is involved in every hire (I think you typed even the janitors), I claim that you still have no clue when it comes to running a football team.
  • He did not just say he hires the coach or GM he said clearly in his "i feel your pain speech" that the coach reports directly to him and not the GM. What does that tell you? Oh thats right hes not involved he jsut spends 18 hrs a day doing nothing. SWeill you stop lying about his role already you sound ignorant
  • "You sound ignorant" from the man whose main point is that the head coach reports directly to the owner? Really, hollywood? Of course he will report directly to Lurie. How does that prove that player personnel decisions and coach hirings go through him? I'm sure he knows the decisions his football people are going to make before we hear them, I'm sure he is told of every move the Eagles are going to make when it comes to players and coaches...what I would be surprised about if it came out is that he vetoed ONE player or coaching decision Reid decided on in his 14 years...I'd be even more surprised if Lurie brought any names to the table that he "suggested" should be hired, fired, picked up, waived, etc. and that has been your main contention that started this whole discussion. Bringing in Vick and Castillo pretty much proves MY point. If Lurie let Reid bring in a man he had to be talked into to be the QB, if he let Reid hire a man that had no defensive background in almost 20 years besides picking Jim Johnson's brain evry now and then than he certainly didn't have his hands all over this team and he let Reid make those decisons.

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