Giantsrepeat Their Past Performance.

Posted September 16, 2013

Man does this team have problems! Their quarterback is color blind, their runing back doesn't like to hold onto the ball, and their defense may be actually worse than the Eagles defense! This team looks like it's old and awful. Just like I told giantsrepeat a few months back about his team. Speaking of the clown where's he been? The front running pansy doesn't have the stones to show up now after his team has been an embarrassment? Win, lose, or draw the Eagles fans still show up here. Where's the Midgets fan? Can't come and get you're medicine boy? He sure does have a lot to write about when he thinks his teams going to do something. As a fan you have now entered the weak stick joke status. You're just a repeat offender of running when the going gets tough.

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  • They started off 0-2 before and won the Superbowl. I've never seen Giantsrepeat run away from this site after a loss. He's already said he is worried about his team. They are a second half of the season team. Eli is too good of a quarterback and Coughlin is too good of a coach.
  • Ya can't argue with stupid Tony, it's impossible...just a fact of life.
  • Yeah I know.
  • They are in the mix. Its the NFC least. Anyone has a shot. 7-9 might win didvision.
  • Great point Hollywood. The only way I'm counting your Ealges out is if Vick gets hurt. They look great offensively unless you ask Spottie. Oh yeah we can't ask her anymore. No team in the division stands out to me. I don't see the deadskins in the mix right now because RG3 still isn't back to normal but you're exactly right. 7-9 might win this division. I'm not overwhelmed by any means by the Cowboys first two games. The G-men don't look good but they turn it on late better than any team in football.
  • So Easy...Eazy whateva... talks big then runs from his own post...BaaaaaaHaaaa!!!!
  • You would be bitter too G.R. if you were a Turds fan.
  • You got that right...this loser talks big, says I'm not showing up on here because of the Giants slow start, then he runs for cover. But that's to be expected, it's all about character. And it's hard to have character when your such a phony. I haven't gone anywhere and I've even posted some of my own threads, I get a lot of amusement out of this guy because of the level of his pathetic rants. Enjoy the games this weekend there are some very good match ups.
  • I think the Panthers are still sacking Eli. Go run for cover like you always do! You know you're like that song. When the going gets tough, fake azz gnats fans get going.
  • The East is so bad the Eagles can win it with 8wins. None of the teams in the division are scary. We all know they Cowgirls will be choking come November, and the Gnats may not win a game all season. The Foreskins have been cut. Despite all the Eagles problems they will be the team to beat.
  • It could be like that one year where Seattle won the NFC West at 7-9. Crazy isn't it? To think that just a few years back the NFC East was considered the strongest division in the league and NFC conference and the NFC West was the weakest. What a role reversal.
  • Yeah GangGreen it could be like that. Lol. It's the third game of the season and the Lilfella can't believe his team is in second place. The Deadskins are terrible and the G-men don't play well until the second half of the season. Everybody knows America's team is going to be in FIRST PLACE so where else would the Turds be three games into the season? I know he's never been to a live sporting event but he does watch a lot of football on television. Remember that quote to Bald Eagle Potter?
  • You're obsessed with the FOUR TIME SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. In five years on here you're the only so called Philly fan to write threads about the G-men. I'm just commenting on them. I will agree with you Easy that the division is up for grabs. You're just copying what Hollywood said in a previous thread. I think America's team will prevail if they stay healthy but the Turds do have a legit shot if they can get Reid back.
  • Tony, all he knows how to do is whine and complain. We should all be use to it by now. But the comic relief he brings to the table is priceless. Don't worry he'll eventually do something to get tossed like spotella but with so many ID's it may take awhile.
  • I guess Eli Manning wouldn't agree that McDermott isn't a real DC.
  • Great point GR. He's a lot more angrier this year than in previous years. That's obvious. He does bring comic relief to the table though. You hit the nail on the head. I hope he doesn't get the boot. He makes me laugh. I leave him alone now. I've had way to much fun with him over the years.
  • That's a good point Tony, but you know...clowns like him can't even be disgraced into acting civilized. They're too busy with their own moronic agenda. He is truly pathetic, but thinks Yardbarker needs him and his many ID's.....completely laughable but entertaining in a weird sort of way.
  • I've read and heard REAL Gnats fans already calling to tank the season and fire their coach. LMAO What a joke! Here this guy won them two bowls and now these fair weather fans and media want him gone. It's clear the gnats have the worst disloyal fan base in football. How may times will these people call for this guys head?
  • Honestly, Eazy...this site and this psycho don't deserve the attention. Spotella gets the boot for less than what the multi does yet neither of his IDs here get the boot even with admitting to baiting her and constantly ripping her? Look around, besides a few barkers who discuss Eagle's football logically you have a psycho who just likes to try and ruin this site for all Eagle fans and two Eagle fans who moonlight as a Ravens fan and a Raiders fan and mostly discuss football with their hearts and not their brains. It just isn't worth it.
  • So you think repeat offender and troll bound are the same guys too? I've thought the same. The site has gone down thanks to one guy and his multiple IDs. I can't believe they wouldn't put this guy down for basically admitting he worked to get someone thrown off the site. They know who he is. He outs himself every time. The worst part is he's back to his old tricks and is still adding more and more IDs. The sad boy needs to find a real life instead of making so many fake ones.
  • I pacified him in the past and told him I didn't think he was but he shows his true colors from time to time. He uses the same nicknames psycho does for many of us and he calls the Eagles the same names the troll does also. Even if by slight chance they aren't the same it truly doesn't matter...he's cut from the same cloth. His number one goal is to annoy Eagle fans and there is just something wrong with that. If you want to get a kick out of a post check out the Tampa post by prospect guy. The multi has gr, tonyrules and Eaglepride all discussing football with him. I'll never get why he ever acted like he had issues with you even if his claims about the IDs were true (not that I believe them). I guess I just don't understand crazy.
  • I think they mad a huge mistake dropping Spots. What's funny is I recently made
    a comment about how there weren't anymore Cryboys fans on this site, and as if on cue
    a NEW VERSION of sucker shows up. You can't make this stuff up.
  • Look around...Spotella isn't missing much. Getting booted off of here can't be that bad of a thing honestly. Any site that allows the crap that Jeff allows on here isn't worth worrying about whether you're going to get the boot. I'm just surprised that his advertisers don't do a little homework themselves to see what this
    site has become. A few honest Eagle
    fans who Jeff allows to be harassed
    and treated like crap and a few multis that build up a little traffic to make
    it look more popular...what a sham.

  • Very true. I don't read flipflop's writings so I didn't know he was trying to suck up
    to the biggest hypocrite on the planet. Not that I had much respect for the fake ID queen before,
    but I have none for him now.
  • You better take a look in the mirror Sleazybeagle. You're one defeat from being in the cellar again. Nobody is posting on your threads but Trolltilldeath. The Turds could give up seventy points this week with Pringles at the helm. Five Super BOwls to zero. New York Four to zero. Let me add Potter. Don't ever count a New York team out. The G-men have a loyal fan base unlike the turds. They could easily win this division and tie America's team with five Super Bowls.
  • Sleazybeagle. Hmm that's not original I wonder where Potter learned that one from? Considering his ID just showed up a couple of weeks ago. There was a troll from way back who used to used that lame name. He even created a fake ID for it. Now that's stalking!
  • Well when you are your own peanut gallery I think you must receive a heavy dose of self satisfaction. Looks like his comments have dropped below comment threshold again. YB would do fine by just permanently dropping him and all his IDs. He's admitted to purposefully goading people into arguments for the sake of getting them banned. What more does the YB moderators need to see? This guy is ruining the site with fakes, and instigating.
  • I stated it before...has to be a reason Jeff allows it. He either finds it entertaining himself or like I stated he worked for him at one time or another (all the multis means what on appearance is a busier site). Either way (or anyway) he ought to be ashamed of himself for allowing it to happen. I get that some Eagle fans give it out also but to allow the kind of crap that romorules, bowlbound and his other IDs started is just too much and too bizarre...yet here he is once again and all he gets is his comments somewhat hidden...just part of the reason I've grown tired of this site.
  • Romorules was his other name. I forgot that one. LOL. Shows how unimportant he really is. He wont be missed when he's gone from this site permanently.
  • This is funny stuff coming from someone who openly admitted to me that he has multiple ID's. What's even funnier is how this actually bothers you must because you keep whining about it constantly. Very funny but also very sad. How do you guys cope with the REAL challenges of life when talking smack about sports gets under your skin so much. Now let me guess, one of you will respond with a BS statement that says I'm the one who is bothered by all this unimportant nonsense....nothing could be more wrong. This is an outlet just like watching sports, and I refuse to take it too seriously and throw the hissy fits that you gals are throwing. BAAAHAAAHHAAAA !!!!
  • Look at gr up there claiming this isn't bothering him at all...sure it isn't. It's not bothering him so much he had to come on here to let us know it wasn't bothering him and to call us girls because we are discussing what kind of lowlifes he and his "buddy" are and what this site has become.
  • That's because it doesntbother amuses me because of the lengths some of Houdini go to try to insult and demean others. Get a life guys, your only embarrassing yourselves, some of this stuff is hilarious.
  • Green I don't read what they actually write. Why bother wasting my time on sad individuals who have nothing better to do with their lives but to come to an Eagles site to cause trouble. I'm just hoping they eventually share Spots fate.
  • They (he...whatever) aren't going anywhere. Jeff has already told us he is going to run his website however he feels fit by his ignoring what many of us wanted in more ways than one. Many on here have come forward to "tell" me they complained about romorules (and he's done worse than most) yet here he still posts. I guess besides threats and posting nasty videos (or showing frustration like spotella that what she did?...I'm not even sure) you can pretty much post anything you want on here.
  • (Green I don't read what they actually write) that what you just typed!!??!!?? Then what do you do, just absorb it through osmosis, because you ALWAYS have something clownish to say in response to all this stuff you are supposedly NOT READING...BAAAAHHHAAAHHHAAA!!!!
  • GTD thanks for proving me said exactly what I knew you would say. Funny funny stuff, keep the chuckles coming guys. And I really don't have anything against either of you guys because you make me laugh so much. ;-)
  • This is Coughlins last year as a Giant. He will retire and not be fired. Eagles 30 Giants 24
  • Who cares?
  • Not me. Have to keep my response generic since my last three posts on this page were deleted. Romorules calls you sleazybeagle and I can't even type the truth without getting my post taken down...great website! LOL.
  • Is that what he's typing? I wouldn't know, because I don't care about what he writes.
  • Nothing fixes turnover woes like a nice dose of Sheli Manning. Well except for maybe Tony Blomo.
  • My prediction was pretty close
  • My favorite Midgets caption of the day: BIG BLEW IT AGAIN: GIANTS FALL TO 0-5 WITH LOSS TO EAGLES

    Read more:
  • Can the Midgets go a whole season without a win?
  • Looks like they're tanking for Clowney. That said, if they were to somehow get Bridgewater, I might just rage quit on football.
  • Have you seen how bad Sheli has sucked this season? Imagine him going a full season that way. Suddenly the Midgets may want to upgrade the position if that were to happen. They could trade him and likely get another first cause a dumb team like the Raiders thinks they are one player away.

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