Good Game . Move on. yesterdays news.

Posted November 04, 2013

This wasnt the superbowl people.  It was a game against a sorry rearend team.  A team that has major lapses in play.  This game is not the superbowl its one win and nothing more.  Its not an anything game.  It counts as one win.  get your crap together and start thinking about the packers.    Thats a real test.   a test not a drawn conclusion.  lest pass some tests before we claim that riley cooper is a #2 receiver and that Foles has "cemented the starter role.  If it was so conclusive Kelly wasnt ready to hand the job to foles.  Why not?  Because he knows its one game.  So all you strokers keep your hands in your pocket and lets be patient before we claim the crown.

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  • Aw c'mon let us have this ONE WEEK. All season long we've been playing QB roulette and more or less getting kicked in the teeth. If this game does nothing else, it'll get announcers to stop mentioning the first half of the Foreskins game. Now there's a whole game against a top 10 Defense to dissect.

    More than that it's got people walking around today like they DID win the Super Bowl. True it's a bit much, but it sure beats watching people act like EAGLES loses are subtracting actual years from their lives.

    I recall a guy named Michael Vick setting a franchise record for yards and points with 6 TD's against the Foreskins in a Monday Night game a couple years ago and back then people talked like he'd invented a new position in football. Eventually the ceiling caved in and it was back to brooding as usual. So let us have this one week.

    Or two. Provided that we can go into Lambeau and get a win.
  • Ive been here before. This town needs to buckle down and demand results . They have to stop with the emotional swings and get a reality check. This means absolutely nothing. Sorry to burst some bubbles but philly needs alot more before they can start the talking.
  • Well with Aaron Rodgers injured tonight a win at GB should be in the bag. Seneca Wallace was allowed something like 19 pass attempts all night long. That says something when A) Rodgers was hurt early on, and B) in a normal game it's nothing for the Fudge Packers to throw the ball 40-50 times.

    And I'm not so sure it means nothing. Earlier this week I wrote that Vick is likely done for the year after Lurie all but issued an edict to Kelly to play the young guys. This game gives Foles traction, but given that Kelly (unless he was lying when he said it) says that his system is run first system, and given that the run game is all but dead now, my guess is that Foles will find himself on the short-end of a high draft pick next May.

    Being that he's dirt cheap right now, he could end up on next year's roster in a Doug Pederson role; but there's more sense in trading him to place like Cleveland, Arizona or Jacksonville. Last year the EAGLES wanted a 2nd rounder for him, and nobody bit. Then again he didn't have the resume he has now. If the EAGLES dangled him at that price this year, any of the aforementioned 3 teams would see that as getting off cheap. Especially since their run games aren't predicated on a QB who can run.
  • Funny it's the two of you discussing this here but to flip's credit at least he's trying to put up a front anyway...most of us on here are sure you would have rather seen a Raider's win. I wonder how many comments and how many days the two of you discussed that ONE Dallas game Foles had...I do recall both of you patting yourselves on the back telling each other how you knew Foles was nothing more than a backup...hell, flip was just telling his rival buddy how Foles won't be here next year. Are you so sure about that now, flip? Is it a mortal lock? Lol. Now before you come back at me asking me what pmakes me certain Foles is a HOFer or even a starter I have stated numerous times I don't know what he can be but I saw enough last year to believe he couldn't be any worse than Vick and I wanted to see more...with what was on the roster it didn't look like there was anything to lose. Now I'm certain he's at the very least a better option than Vick...THIS YEAR!
  • The only mortal lock is flip flop will pat himself on the back for being the biggest idiot on the site as usual.
  • Look at flip up there not backing down from his ridiculous statements. If Foles continues to have success there is no freakin' way Kelly could afford to let go the best QB on the don't get rid of what looks like a sure thing to take a gamble on a draft pick even if that sure thing may not be exactly what you want...It could be job suicide for Kelly. I mean, Kelly would be a fool to get rid of the only QB with a couple successful games running his offense even if he only plans on keeping Foles around as his backup. I know you've probably seem enough but go back and look at this discussion by these two. What do you get from it besides cynicism, sarcasm and disappointment...over an exciting Eagles win. Great, great fans. Lol.
  • If you two had your way he would have started two years ago and gotten rear end kicked. You nthought time on the bench served no purpose. Maybe it does. But regardless I still think he is a backup anbd will stand by that even in the midst of this game.
  • Two years ago? He was a rookie last year and got some starts and for the most part steadily are clueless even when the facts are right in front of you.
  • Hollywood why are you suddenly getting all Officer Barbady on us? I'm sure if Foles stunk the joint up you would keep going on and on about it like an energizer bunny.
  • Not really. You see when you run a company you learn that people that you think will be superstars sometimes turn out to be average workers. Some start off great and fall apart. But the important thing is to get the best out of them. Take Vick for instance. You cannot deny that he has god given gifts. If a team fails to utilize him properly thats managements fault. I might have a guy that can read you back the encyclopedia backwards but if im using him to stamp bags he is underutilized thats managements fault not his. So, I take this Foles success in stride. if he wants the job make your move. But in turn to stick Vick on the bench to watch when he can help this team out is just stupid. If he comes back and lines up in a shotgun and runs 5 times agame then good for the Eagles. I have no stake in vick starting , sitting or leaving. I hate to see any talent wasted.
  • Nothing but your usual BS!
  • Wood Vick is wasting his own talent. Personally I want a QB capable of tossing touchdowns and not just a guy who really makes you say "wow", but does little to improve the team. On a side note I just happened to look at the ESPN Power Rankings and the Ravens are now ranked lower than the Eagles.
  • they won a superbowl last year. No one cares here. theyare in an elite group no matter what they do this year. You going to that Redskin game.
  • You buying me a beer.... Or eight? LOL
  • Im serious. No boycott on the 17th. Are you going. im going to game with my son.
  • After the Cowboys game I feel a little dejected about going. I'll let you know.
  • Hilarity ensues! Matt Flynn is being bandied about as a stop-gap for Aaron Rodgers!

    On short notice!

    After being on THREE teams in one calendar year!

    Maybe Matt Barkley can put up 49 this week. Or Emergency QB James Casey. Or Vick in a wheelchair. If dominoes keep falling like this we'll be 10-6 this year.

    I have to stop laughing like this or I'll end up on I.R.
  • The NFL is not what it used to be.
  • What Nick Foles did was impressive. I don't mean to sound like I'm taking anything away from him, but to be honest I think it was more of a case of the Raiders being that bad as opposed to Foles being THAT good. The Raiders coverage had to be the worst I've ever seen at any level from high school, college to the pros. No exaggeration. I think any of us could've gotten open and caught a few TDs against them.

    I still haven't forgotten that stinker vs. Dallas. I need to see more consistency from him against a legit, mostly healthy team before I'm ready to call him this team's future.
  • I have to agree with you there. As a guy who actually watches them play (albeit infrequently) the way they played that game is NOT how they ended up with the NFL's 9th ranked defense. And keep in mind we've already faced Denver, KC, SD, Indy, and Washington. So it's not like we haven't faced some of the NFL's best already en route to that #9 spot.

    It was a case where the RAIDERS Secondary was doing everything wrong, on a day where the EAGLES passing game kept doing everything right. Those games happen.

    This week won't function as any better of a test with BOTH of GB's spark plugs (Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews) out with injuries. But hell, I'll take the win!
  • I only saw highlights but the separation was huge. But even so, if we had top quality receivers maybe he could make it look easy. If he had calvin johnson or marshall he would have guys open like that regadless of what team he played. Is a matter of where the dollars are spent. Aaron Rodgers has good recievers but they arent exceptional. Why Rodgers is a 100 million dollar QB. If Vick had better accuracy he would be a 100 million dollar QB. Its safe to say Vick was overpaid. If we had his dollars back maybe a couple of impact recievers woiuld be good enough to get Foles on top. Look at matt Ryan without his "weapons" he is mediocre. I think with more weapons Foles potentially could be good enough to help philly compete. Our system would have to be altered.
  • The Raiders coverage was pathetic, but so was the Steelers coverage against the Patriots, and Brady shredded them. Nobody is saying that Brady's TDs don't count, because the Steelers can't cover. Anyone remember the greatest show on turf? They always had guys running free and Warner would expose those teams they with accurate ball after accurate ball. The 49ers used to run pick plays to make receivers wide open. Is Montana no longer an all time great because he had a coach who figured out how to expose the system at the time? The truth us during the Cowboys, and Giants game the Eagles still had receivers wide open, but Vick, Foles, an Barkley missed far to often (and I'm talking about both Giants games), and the fact is against the Raiders Foles didn't. There were plays to be had and he made them. Both bombs to Cooper were released before the Raiders crap corners fell down and even if they were there to begin with the ball was placed in the perfect spot. The truth is Foles used his eyes to hold and move safeties and exploited busted coverages. That's wha nan NFL quarterback is supposed to do, and the truth is most of you know Mike Vick doesn't do that nearly enough. You also know in your hearts that you aren't sure Mike would have made those plays, because he lacks the ability to move safeties with his eyes. He's more of a lock and hold, if it isn't there run type of guy.
  • They were legit passes. I would say this if I were to compare him to a bonafide starter in this league he reminds m,e of Matt Ryan. I He will never be a Tom Brady and he wont be a Peyton Manning but if he plays like Matt Ryan he could potentially be a starter. I have watched Ryan as my fantasy QB and can tell you that he and Foles are very similar. Ryan may have a quicker release. teams running the read option dont have an arsenal of weapons. If Foles can win some games and make plays I wouldnt mind seeing a couple early drafts on WR, TE and OL. maybe add a quality free agent on offense and give an improving Foles some weapons.
  • That's actually an apt comparison. If you notice the Falcons got Ryan 2 dynamic big body WR's to throw to, and brought in a HOF TE. Add to that their downhill running style under Mike Turner or Steven Jackson doesn't require a QB who can run.

    Foles in a system like that would be VERY good. But then I said that he was a talented pocket passer even prior to mini-camp. As i said last week: All 3 EAGLES QB's are talented in their own right.
  • Elaborate please. Here you are contiuing with Foles. Its headed nowwhere. You might be the only one outside this forum that thinks he should go the rest of the way. If you like bloopers suure let him play. If you want something that resembles a competition you go with Vick. its common sense. These guys arent at fault for this this roster blame management.
    by hollywoodeagle 13 days ago Reply Flag I Like This

    Do you remember this post Hollywood? Just one of your posts (this one is a reply to me) ripping Foles after the Dallas game...and to think that the guy you're discussing Foles with now stated if nothing else you stuck to your guns. LOL!

  • Thats about who should start. And I stand by that. Vick should have started and if he was healthy last week I would say give him the nod vs Raiders. But he wasnt so that changes things. Do I think Foles is better NO. I dont have enough information on him. I want to see him play in a physical and tough situation. From all accounts the Raiders played like powder puffs. I dont even think the Cowboys looked so good. Now that he is 2-1 lets see what he does the rest of the way. I couldnt care less about one game. You put the Cowboy game and the Raider game together and what do you have? An average QB. He won vs two teams 3-13 combined record. Thats the equivalent of a top 5 first round draft pick season ending record. How exciting is that?
  • Lol. You also called him trash on the same post, Hollywood so just stop. Stick to your guns there, buddy. He may not make's hard to tell with only 8 or so starts...that's why it would have made much more sense to start him from the get go. I think just about any other coach than Kelly would have moved away from Mike Vick when he was hired.
  • I may have called him trash but truth be told I really meant it for you. But the fact is Im not jumping on his bandwagon. I think he is going to need alot of help to get wins. Im only pointing out that maybe with better weapons he may slip into the Matt Ryan category. I would rather have Matt Ryan
  • Pretty sure you would rather have Matt Ryan over most Quarterbacks.
  • before the Oakland game Hollywood was calling for VY and other CUT Crap QB's to start over Foles.. Absurdity
  • Vince Young.... Of course you have to understand in his mind Beanie Wells is a top five back while Shady is a bum. So in the grand scheme of it maybe Foles is truly an elite QB.
  • I think the Eagles still need an impact pass rush linebacker, because that guys isn't on the roster. I think they need a shutdown corner and an impact safety. They could use a right guard, and a big wide receiver as well. This is all assuming that Foles can take the mantle.
  • big assumption
  • What's a bigger assumption Mike Vick completely turns 10 years of injury, turnovers, getting coaches fired, and overall bad QB play into a Super Bowl dynasty as he predicted, or Nick Foles becoming like (as you mentioned) becoming Matt Ryan? In all serious which do you believe is more likely to happen?
  • GB is SERIOUS about Seneca Wallace as their starter. First I figured VY would get a call, and then Matt Flynn's name popped up, but it seems that GB wants to do their impersonation of the Vikings.

    With their defensive AND offensive hearts out of the game this game should get out of hand FAST!
  • Nick Foles out rushes RG3 and shows the running QB how the read option should be ran. You can't make this stuff up.
  • Ike Reese was on WIP this morning stating that there were times that Foles should have kept the ball and gave it to the back instead. Another Vick fan looking for reasons not to like what Nick Foles is doing...pathetic!
  • Foles moved the football. There's no reason to be critical here. He hasn't been erratic except for the Dallas game. In fact he's been so solid that it seems the Dallas game was the exception and not the rule. Sometimes you just have to accept what you're seeing out there.
  • Used to like Reese quite a bit but have lost a lot of respect out of his obvious tunnel vision on his QB opinions this year. I guess when you let the city of Philly know where you stand by ridiculing the thought of Nick Foles being a better fit than Mike Vick in Chip Kelly's offense it's hard to admit you may have been wrong...remind you of anybody on here?
  • None of these so called fans don't have much to say these days. Triple whammy for the Raiders fan. His team lost to the Titans, his other team lost to the Chargers, and Carson Palmer looked great today. So much for that trading Palmer makes the Raiders better nonsense.
  • I'm surprised he's not on here trying to make barkers believe that the Raider's 4-7 record is much more impressive than the Eagles 6-5 record for some lame birdflipper reason.
  • Palmer looked good, but how about that defense in Arizona? If they can harass Andrew Luck like that, we best be prepared to for them to bring the gas. That's gonna be a rough matchup coming out of the BYE. Of all the teams remaining on the schedule, everyone but the Vikings are alive and well in the playoff race. They better bring their A+ game from here on out if they want to even think post-season.
  • Arizona is legit. I hate when the Eagles play them, because they always seem to give it to us regardless of how good or bad they are that year. Still the Colts do not have a player on the talent level of McCoy, but the Cardinals are a well coached team with talented receivers. Their defense always gives us fits. It's a huge test for the Eagles, but if they truly want to be considered a contender this is a team they have to beat.
  • Them and Chicago. Those are the two teams that have absolutely had our number over the last five seasons. The part that sucks is that both of them are on the upcoming schedule.
  • It's a test that we need now though. Not a single one of our 6 wins has come against a winning team. If we're to see the playoffs, we're going to need to beat teams that had winning records. Other than that, if all we're doing is one and done, all we're doing is wrecking our draft position.

    If we go it should be as a team that can get at least one playoff win that our youth can build on. A postseason appearance as a doormat does nothing for this team's future.
  • GG90 I forgot about Chicago. There is a chance that some notorious Eagle killers won't be in that game so that's a plus. I hope Kelly can keep this team focused, but considering where this team came from, how desolate Reid left them, and how they had to literally chance everything it's nice to see they are in a legit playoff run unlike last season, and the season before where they won four meaningless games that accomplished nothing but lowering their draft pick and forcing them to give up picks to trade up.

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