Posted February 28, 2013

ALRIGHT, NOW it's just getting ridiculous.

Apparently we've added a FIFTH QB in Gary Joe Kinne. It would seem that he's bounced from the Jets (2012), to the Omaha Nighthawks in the United Football League(2012), to the San Antonio Talons in the Arena Football League(2013),  to the Eagles (2013).

All of this without throwing a single, blessed, meaningful pass since early 2012 apparently. 

If you want to know who the genius behind this was, all signs point to Rick Mueller who had a player personnel gig with Omaha before joining the Eagles. 

I don't get it. If they REALLY wanted a QB, Alex Smith could have been had for a 2nd round pick. Instead the Eagles passed and opted for a guy who was lower on the football food chain than Dennis Dixon. I just don't get it.

Maybe he can be the Punter I've been longing for, and fill the QB/P hole that the NFL has had since Tom Tupa retired.

In the meantime here are some collegiate stats to look over. 


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  • When Dick Vermeil became the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles he held a tryout for all the local guys and whoever else wanted a shot to play in the NFL. Hollywood made a movie about it called Invincible.I think what is happening is that Chip Kelly is sending a message to his football team. Nobody is safe, none of you have a history with me (that includes Dixon by his own comments), and everyone is going to have to earn their keep. He's also planning to experiment some with his offense. He's going to see what works and what doesn't. He's going to see who runs what best. Competition is going to be at its highest at Lehigh since maybe 04. You guys can assume the job is Vick's all you like, but if Vick is smart he shouldn't. The best three are going to be Eagles, and if Vick spends the upcoming preseason and training camp like he did last season then he's in trouble, because you can't make the team throwing interceptions and sitting in the training room.
  • If they spend a Draft pick on a QB, I'm probably going to lose it.

    If they spend a high pick (1-3) on a QB, I may go on a killing spree.

    I'm STILL waiting to see Kelly do something to HELP the rest of the roster, not merely subtract from it. QB is getting a lot of attention but not a lot of what most would classify as help.

    So far Kelly seems to be looking at QB's who were good in college, but ignoring anybody who's had any real success as a pro.

    I understand the line "When you're worried about getting a bad apple, you don't go to the barrel, you go to the tree."

    I understand how inexperience can also mean no established bad habits.

    What I don't understand is 5 project QB's on one roster. (Does anybody besides me find it weird that Trent Edwards is still here?) It feels like someone is over-thinking something and trying to be clever, instead of doing something obvious.

  • We still don't know what the plan is! We all are just assuming we got it figured out. It's going to be some kind of running QB offense, even though three of the QB's on the roster aren't running quarterbacks. Competition on a roster never hurt anyone, so if having 5 quarterbacks on the roster until the final week of the preseason makes whoever the starter becomes better then I'm all for it. If Chip was just going the hand the keys to a mediocre quarterback (insert any of their names here), then he would be setting himself up for failure. This isn't a big deal when you think about it. It's just a shock to people who assume they know what this man is doing despite what he's been saying all along.
  • Man, I'm not going to argue with you.

  • I'm not shocked just all the more reason to trade foles
  • Exactly.

    And if Chip Kelly's system needs FIVE QB's to make through the season, we need to make a change at Head Coach TO-day.
  • At this point trading Foles would shock me, because there isn't a team that will give you much for him. Drafting a guy in the third and then trading him for a 5th or 6th makes Roseman look stupid. Trading Foles now is just wishful thinking.
  • I think the jets would give up a second or third. U gotta look at teams leaning towards a Barkley or bray in the draft. I don't think anyone thought kolb was worth a second n DRC. I think thinking Kelly is gonna have time to install two systems is wishful thinking
  • Kolb came with more pedigree than Foles does. Kolb was grooming for several years and got traded, because Vick was playing like an MVP. Foles is a one year player, with a 1-5 record who is getting traded by a team with Vick playing like a bum. It's not the same situation. It's not like he had any games like Flynn did when he lit up the Lions. You won't get a 2nd from the Jets for Foles when they can get EJ Manuel.
  • What if Manuel is gone to another qb starved team or a good team with antony starter takes him round one u have no idea if he will be there either do the jets but trading for foles guarantees them him plus he has just worked for, and well, under the jets new OC.

    Kolb was in his what 2nd year? Played horrible just looked good in garbage time n thats obvious by his face plant n what he has failed to do with one of the best recievers on the game. Anyone that pulled their head out of the stat sheet can clearly see foles is a better prospect than kolb ever was.

    How do u suggest time be split with the starting team among the 5 qbs when camps n OTAs have been cut down so much? How do u think Kelly makes his playbook? U can't have two separate for foles n Vick/Dixon. There isn't enough time to have an open n accurate competition with the qbs utilizing their abilities. If u make it balance both look bad if u favor a pocket passer or a scrambler one looks good n the other looks bad. There is no way to have these two compete. Now if it was Vick vs let's say, don't kill me on it, tebow we could have an open competition or if it was foles vs let's say Brandon weeden we could. Vick n foles is apples to rocks they aren't even close to comparable n u can't put the line WRs n RBs through trying to figure out two playbooks. One must go n my guess is foles
  • Kolb was in his 4 year and during that span he came in and won some important games for the Eagles. He lost a lot too, but he also was the ONLY player in the NFL to throw for 300 yards in his fist three starts ever! Thre is no viable trade for Foles now that the Chiefs are out of the picture despite how badly people want him gone.
  • another record he has is the longest interception return for a td 108 yards. all of his "great" numbers came in garbage time. go back n watch the games n compare him to foles when u watch his games. the jets n bills may offer a second browns n jags may offer a third we may be left with only a forth for hi. but thats better than havin him sit on the bench behind people or running an offense he doesnt fit. we will see by the first OTAs who the guy is

    but seriously how do u coach two seperate systems to the same roster? its bigger than teaching the QBs.
  • The Patriots do it all the time. They are always changing their offense depending on their roster. That is why you have versatile players on your team. Let's get real for a sec. Do you see any situation where Mike Vick plays a full season? The Redskins have a running quarterback and a passing quarterback on their roster. Do you really think its that hard for them to switch their offense if they need too? Do you think Chip Kelly is that incompetent?
  • The pats never teach two different offenses to their roster the same year. Bradys back up is always a pocket passer. The skins were f@cked when rg3 went down n rushed him back cause they didnt have a back up capable of running their offense. When we had dmac he wanted to be a pocket passer so did Reid so they coached the offense that way and the back up was always capable to do the same. Sure we had a few gimmick plays with Vick n the whole wild cat hype but the core of the offense was a pocket passer n that's what the back up was taught to run. Dennis Dixon was running a rollout play action offense in pitt when big Ben went down cause that's what they run with big Ben. But for the entire offseason the team is taught one style n practices one style not 2 or more. There isn't enough time with limited OTAs to run more than one. All Kelly could do is split it between a 1st string n 2nd string guys but that takes away from the defense who should be going up against scout teams.
  • The 49ers did it. It's not rocket science. It's football.
  • The niners didn't teach two systems all offseason. They took what smith did n added to that because kapernick can make all the same throws as him n they already used rollouts n bootlegs with smith. The line was used to a mobile qb. Smith to kapernick as a transition is far from having Vick n foles run two different systems sharing reps in limited OTAs with the starting line n skill players. If that is what Kelly decides to do all of us can expect either qb to look worse this year than last due to lack of practice with their new coach.
  • I'm not shocked especially considering he has a 33 year old oft injured turnover machine as the front runner, a 2nd year player that doesn't seem to fit his system, a practice squad player that knows his system, the Eagles 3rd string QB from last year that may not be on the roster by the end of the weekend and now a QB who one of his assistant coaches worked with as his QB coach and has never played in an NFL game. Quality is not the word I think of when I look at this team's QB situation.

    Flip, I don't get how you look at the QB situation and state they don't need to draft one this year. They may not and Kelly may be thinking quantity and if he is than I'm worried. I don't think any one of these guys is the answer but what the hell do I know? Edwards will probably be released soon, the Eagles may be planning to take the best offer available if they get any for Foles (and if Kelly doesn't think he fits his system I hope they do) and this new kid may be nothing but an assistant coach suggesting a QB to his current boss. Looking at this group of QBs there isn't one that tells me the Eagles shouldn't bother drafting one if they feel that player fits their needs best at that point in the draft even if it is the 1st, 2nd or 3rd rounds.
  • I said I don't WANT them to draft one this year. If you want them to draft a QB, by all means hope for your guy and even include him in any Draft wishlist you have.
  • I will keep hoping, flip just don't get the "Eagles have 5 QBs" they don't need any more mentality.
  • I don't think it's realistic to think the Eagles will start the season with all of these quarterbacks, but look on the bright side. Whoever is on the roster come week one earned their spot. Whoever isn't didn't. Why is anyone upset over that?
  • the roster will be trimmed down. unless a trade happens or the eagles draft someone my guess its it'll be vick, foles, and dixon. this new guy is kinda boring news... now that i've said that watch this guy lead us to three consecutive superbowl victories lol.
  • Honestly would you even have a problem with that? LOL
  • absolutely not i could care less who brings superbowl victories as long as they are brought
  • That's my point in a nutshell. I don't have a guy who I'm rooting for more than the next. I want to see parades down Broad Street. I don't care who provides them.
  • Well that's cause there isn't one guys who's really worth rooting for. Vick has been a let down for two seasons so people are sick of him. Foles has shown promise but hasn't won or played very much. Dixon used to win with Kelly years ago at Oregon. Edwards hasn't started since 2010 when he quickly lost the job, and this guy is well a no body as far as anyone can tell.
  • All of that is true, and the new kid is an absolute obscure wild card. With that being the case I am not picky. I don't think Chip Kelly is either. He is going to play the guy who he thinks can win for him, and that guy better show it early and often.
  • bring in 20 guys and let em all compete as far as i'm concerned at this point
  • I'm sure one of them will work out. LOL
  • so far I'm hating the chip Kelly staff and team... All depression here lol
  • the staff signings after kelly haven't been exciting and keeping vick around is discouraging but give the guy at least two seasons before you go getting depressed.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Lol it's a little early for that isn't it?
  • the dude hasnt even gotten to free agency yet lol. while i dont agree with keeping vick or the coordinator hires i think the guy is trying to make the best of a bad situation. i cant imagine that many coaches around the league were banging down his door to come work for a team that went 8-8 and then 4-12. and the available QB pool is pretty shallow. Im not excited about the moves thus far either but you gotta give the guy at least two seasons to put his mark on the team.
  • Eazy and bnugent are right, Spotella. So far many of us have our concerns (seems like all of us for one reason or another) but you have to give him a couple years at least.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I do get the concerns, because nothing Chip has done so far seems to have any rhyme or reason to it. From picking his coaches to choosing his personnel so far it's all been just strange. If Billy Dis truly was his guy then why wait until after the Super Bowl to hire him? That's time he could have been developing his system. In the little time Kelly has been here he has had the entire fanbase at some point scratching their heads. I just HOPE he knows what he's doing. The only thing I know is that it's best to stop assuming we think we know his plans.
  • honestly i dont think there was the interest in coming to work for the eagles this season that the fans think was out there. personally i wouldnt have been all that excited if i was a highly sought after offensive or defensive coach to have kelly offer me a job. a lot of fans wanted guys like the defensive coordinators from Seattle, b-more, or san fran but those guys are already in good positions at a place where they've build their teams up. the eagles have gotten progressively worse over the past two seasons, the d has been horrendous, and there is a lot of rebuilding and retooling to be done. that coupled with having to work for a rookie nfl coach its not all that enticing esp when you throw on the high expectations of the fan base.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • some coaches might but not exciting coaches why would a guy whos a coordinator or even a defensive positions coach for san fran leave a great situation for a team whos roster is supposedly filled with talent but doesnt play well. personally i'd rather be a DB coach on a superbowl caliber team then the defensive coordinator for a team riddled with headaches.
  • You hit the nail right on the head.

    The fans see this team with no sense of objectivity. They simply don't get the notion that the Eagles can be looked upon with a shrug, and dismissed as an option worth serious consideration in almost any regard.

    Eagles fans talk about what bums the Raiders are, with both teams having IDENTICAL records in each of the last 2 years. It's like they don't REALLY get where this team is an any real regard.

    We ARE the Raiders
    We ARE the Browns
    We ARE the Cardinals

    Coaches, Free Agents, Front Office execs, anybody with a CHOICE will need extra motivation to come here. And money may not be enough.

    The Eagles were holding out for a top mind, that's why they waited until after the Super Bowl. The problem with that reasoning is that the top minds, ARE top minds and don't want to go somewhere like here.
  • exactly top minds know its better to stick in a good situation rather then jump into a bad one and mess up their careers. Andy Reid got one of if not the best head coaching job available. I know KC has stunk but they had 5 pro bowl players last year, and have the #1 pick. KC will be in the playoffs next year book it.
  • Sad.... They have 5 pro bowl players and we have zero, but I do think some of the guys coming back will make the Eagles better. Offensively at least.
  • herremans, kelce, peters will be great for the O-line. other then that idk who's coming back who's gonna make the d better.
  • I think the Defense gets better by who's NOT coming back, namely the Wide 9.
    Aside from the Wide 9's inherent weaknesses (gap control being a HUGE one) having a DC who was all but ordered to run a position coaches system, messes with who players think they ultimately have to report to. So you end up with no unified vision, or Big Picture for players to cling to in games when the **** hits the fan.

    I think we'll be better under Davis than we were last year, but I think we'd have been even better had we gotten Gus Bradley or Vic Fangio.
  • Fangio is already the D coordinator on a top 5 team, and Bradley is the HC job at Jacksonville. None of us know what made Laurie hire Kelly over Bradley. Personally I wanted a HC with a defensive background. Fangio just may have had no interest in coaching the Eagles. We all like to think that Philadelphia is a great place for a coach to come in a coach but the fact is the team has been tanking, has no clear starting QB, and has headaches all over the place. Fangio may have just liked where he is plain and simple. Staying in San Fran give him another year at a run for the superbowl and plenty of people will still be interested in his services next off season unless his defense falls flat on their face for some reason.

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