Posted February 21, 2013

CHIP Kelly.

On a daily basis, he walks through HQ and on the walls he sees pictures of McNabb and Jaws and Cunningham. He knows his system is high powered and innovative. Even when towed around by the QB equivalent of a Toyota Camry, it has brought him glory. Fame. It has brought him this far.

But Chip has never had a McNabb. 

A Jaws.

A Cunningham. 

He's never been behind the wheel of a pro, franchise-caliber, muscle car.

You know Chip Kelly wants the feel of such a muscle car. The curiosity to see what it can do if he supercharges it with his system, HAS to be there. Eating at him.

That's what Michael Vick is. He's a former #1 overall. He's the first QB to run for 1,000 yards in a season. He's a beat-up 1970 Dodge Charger RT. He won't last forever. But Chip sees the old racer is in better condition than the world thinks; and Chip thinks he can get at least one more race against the world, and maybe even the clock itself out of his old racer.

Chip Kelly is no fool. He knows he can't turn back the clock. He knows Vick will never be showroom again. He'll never be right off the line again. He has dings in his chassis and his axles bear the wear and tear of more races than he can truly remember.

But the driver? He believes.

And that old racer still believes.

And the man in the stands still WANTS to believe.

Chip Kelly.

On a daily basis, he walks through HQ and on the walls he sees pictures of McNabb and Jaws and Cunningham. He flexes his fingers around the keys in his pocket and notices...there is still plenty of wall left to be filled.


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  • Didn't he believe when he was talking dynasties?
  • Yes. I said "still".

    It's easy to believe when the road has been easy. But can you get back up when you've been knocked down? THAT is the test of a man's resolve.

    Of his faith.

    We've seen him take the beating physically. We've seen him lose a 100 million dollar contract only to earn another. (Yes he just lost that one too, but we always knew that would happen; as athletes 30+ often get backloaded deals with money they know they'll never see.)

    The man keeps getting up. It's what I also admired about Jimmy Mac, and Ty Detmer. Odds were against them but they kept getting up.

    Believe it or not guys in the huddle like a QB who has a fighter's heart. As a man who knows something about that, I can't help but admire it.
  • A fighter's heart means next to nothing if he ends up losing all those fights in the end. What it comes down to is wins. Vick hasn't won too many lately but if he is the starter and if he starts winning again the team and MOST fans will get behind him this year. He keeps losing and is a big part of the reason (like the last two years) most of the fans who never liked him and also the ones who have turned on him will simply say I told you so and Vick's teammates will tire of the turnovers, the injuries and everything else that has surrounded Vick these last two years especially since he was quick to point the finger when he expected to be leaving town.
  • Personally I don't have a dislike for Vick. I think he was railroaded considering the guys who were actively in the everyday workings of Bad Newz Kennals all got plea deals just to testify against Mike Vick. All of the people ripping Vick don't seem to care that the real criminals got off with light sentences. Regardless the man paid his dues and he deserves the right to try and perform his job again. That doesn't take away from the fact Mike Vick has struggled playing quarterback here in Philly, and with his struggles the team has struggled. Mike Vick isn't a great leader despite what people think. Leaders win games, and Vick has a laundry list of coaches who have been fired or quit in his wake. For his career he is only 8 games over .500 as a quarterback, AND ONLY TWO GAMES OVER .500 STARTING FOR THE EAGLES. This guy has clearly shown he doesn't have the heart of a fighter and of a champion. You can't really say he's shown he can take a hit as he's been out of games on a consistent basis.
  • Actually a fighter's heart means plenty. Often people will fight for each other when the world turns it back on them.

    When you AREN'T winning you need to find a rally point, and Vick seems to be it for that locker room and coaching staff. He was their first order of business. Not just the money being re-worked, but also Chip Kelly explaining to the media and fans why Vick was still here, despite calls for his head.

    When Vick was still on a greased skid, DJax spoke up for him. His new coach has gone out on a limb for him. He's publicly leveled criticisms at himself and his teammates, and THEN leveled expectations at Shady, DJax and Maclin to be leaders, all without the slightest sign of blowback from anyone on the roster.

    Barring putting a megaphone to your ear, it cannot be said any louder. People in that locker room still respect Vick; people on that coaching staff still value Vick.

    It seems his heart still counts for something in the places where it truly matters.
  • And what does all of that rhetoric and mumbo jumbo get you? 4-12. Screw his heart, I'll take a winner.
  • No you won't. You'll take what they give you. The debate is over. You may not like it but (barring a trade) you'll root for Vick in 2013.
  • Not for long. If he does win the job I'm certain he won't keep it. History tells us so.
  • Tell me where was his fighters heart when during the Browns game his teammates were the ones telling him to pick it up when he was moping in the huddle? The fact is the rah rah crap doesn't hide the reality of the situation. The reality is Mike Vick will get hurt. At worst the Eagles will lose some critical games waiting for him to mend on the shelf. At best his replacement comes in and plays lights out. History has shown us time and time again you can't count on Mike Vick. You don't have to take my word for it. Just ask Dan Reeves, Wade Phillips, Jim Mora JR., Emmitt Thomas, Bobby Petrino, and of course Andy Reid.
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  • Tell you where his fighters heart was?

    You ask me this like I'm trying to convince you of something. Let you and I be perfectly clear on something: I'm not trying to convince you of, or sell you on, anything.

    I know a fan of Tim Tebow who doesn't watch football at all. She just thinks he was cute in his t-shirt commercial. She finds it "unfair that he doesn't get a turn to play" and is angry at the giants over it.

    Yes. The giants.

    If a fan chooses to allow irrational, personal bias to negatively impact the next year of their life, far be it from me to try to talk sense into them.

    BTW: His heart was on his sleeve when he threw the game winning TD that day. Just sayin'.
  • I'm sorry I was too busy watching Vick blow the Cardinals, Lions, Steelers, and get crushed by the Giants to care about his comeback in a game he tried extremely hard to blow.
  • You asked. I answered.
  • Not if we get tebow......
  • As long as Kelly doesn't try to make Vick into something he's not, we can make the playoffs with him under center. Vick still has a rocket arm and fast enough to be a difference maker. Last season's situation would have resulted in a failure even for some of the best qb's in the league.
  • I think that's exactly what Kelly and his staff probably came up with.

    You know last year during the Peyton Manning sweepstakes my girlfriend said she hopes we don't get him. I asked why, because we love the guy around here. She said (I'm paraphrasing) with his neck being so-so and our line being so bad and letting Vick who can run get hurt, she said she didn't want Philly to be the city that killed his career and it becoming one more thing people rag on the city for. I had to admit, she was right. At that point I didn't want him either!

    Take any NFL QB and drop them behind our line last year, and you know what you get? 4-12. Maybe 6-10 but I doubt they'd do better, because last time I checked Tom Brady didn't cover receivers down the seam.
  • Tell me what does make Vick into something he is not mean? Don't make him into a quarterback?You mentioned Vick has a rocket arm, but that is meaningless in an offense where the quick play and short passes are a necessity. In fact a rocket arm could become more of a hindrance in that case. You mentioned mike is fast, but he's also injury prone and has shown a tendency to fumble in and out of the pocket. So how do you make Vick better by trying making him what he is? Oh and please don't tell me all he needs to do is believe in himself and stare a pictures of Randall Cunningham.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Let Vick be Vick and let him get back to the form that gave him that great start in 2010 (and was the reason he got that huge contract)...oh crap, that was after Reid and company worked with him and got him to stay in the pocket and be a passer first...never mind! Well, the Eagles could let Vick be the Atlanta Vick...54% completion rate, look to run whenever he feels like it and injured every year also.
  • Not counting the game Vick was hurt against Dallas he averaged 38 pass attempts/game. To put that into perspective Brady averaged 39.8/game. Considering how many times Vick ran and got sacked means he probably dropped back more than Brady.

    Vick dropping back as much as Brady is not a recipe for victory. Just like it wouldn't be for Baltimore if Flacco (33/game in 2012) dropped back as many times.

    Vick should max out at 30 pass attempts/game with 10-15 of those being screens or roll outs, 10 intermediate passes, and 5 or so bombs. Then add 4-5 called runs a game and maybe the offense can return to 2010 form.

  • That's a recipe for disaster Brink. Far too many opportunities for Vick to take hits. First off teams no longer allow Vick to roll to the left. They know ho good he can be moving to his left so they are going to blitz him and hit him. Any deep route will most likely get Vick hit on the play and Vick is certain to be hit on his designed run plays. By design you are getting Mike Vick hit at least 10 times a game. That's 160 hits over a 16 game season. Vick would never last that long.
  • Debate is over.

    If you were thinking it would be anyone other than Vick, you lost.
  • Chip Kelly says otherwise. You're not Chip Kelly despite what you think.
  • You mean the coachspeak bit about "open competition"?

    Lets see the competition:

    There's the third stringer who never gets brought up.

    There's the guy who went from emergency starter to practice squad.

    There's the guy who the fans and media wanted, who would have been a good public relations move and could have been elevated with just a word, but was instead handcuffed in place and had MORE competition added around him.

    Finally there's the guy that the coach had to go out on a limb for, against both fans and the media, a guy who himself was expecting to be cut, and who has already spoken with 15-16 of his teammates about what he expects from them next season (

    So yeah, I'm not Chip Kelly, but since I'm an intelligent man, I don't need a neon sign pointing to a duck to tell me it's a duck, when all I have to do is look at the duck to know what I'm seeing.
  • We might not want Vick but all signs, neon included, point to Vick being the guy. Personally I think the signing of Dixon further more makes that point. Now we don't have to switch offenses when, not if, Vick gets hurt.
  • Chip Kelly continuously brings up the open competition. He doesn't need to do such a thing if Vick is simply his guy. Chip was non-committal to the point of even Trent Edwards being on the roster. Dennis Dixon apparently has been lead to believe he has a shot for the job. You might be intelligent, but you sure don't listen.

    "I'm not a predictor of how it's going to work, I haven't had a chance to work with them," Kelly said. "I can't tell you what the future is going to be and who it's going to be."
    Chip Kelly

    "» You can't believe everything that you hear at the combine, but my gut says quarterback Nick Foles likely will remain with the Philadelphia Eagles. Both the Eagles and Chiefs' representatives pointed in that direction."

    I wouldn't be surprised to see at least 5 quarterbacks on the roster at some point next season with two of them eventually getting their walking papers or traded. Who stays and who goes is yet to be determined. I can promise you Mike Vick is going to have to perform much better than he did this past training camp and preseason. He didn't look like a beat up Charger. He looked like a beat up Nova.

  • No it has nothing to do with cars or pictures on a wall... the reason that vick will be the starter is because at this moment in time Kelly doesn't have any better options. bringing in Dixon is a way to say to vick the job is yours to loose. Kelly doesn't know how the draft is going to shake out, if he wants Geno Smith or if he will even be available at #4 so right now vick is a stop gap, a plug, a band-aid. if he does well he'll be allowed to stay if now he'll be handed his walking papers like he should have been at the end of this season.
  • If Vick is just a bandaid again it's nothing that anyone should be happy about and anyone can play the role of bandaid. That is why I truly believe this is an open competition. Vick doesn't have this thing as locked as some people think he does.
  • And this is all I, and anybody else with any sense is saying.

    Like you said the jobs is Vick's to lose. Anybody who think's there's really going to be a genuine open competition is looking harder at their hatred for Vick, than they are are at Chip Kelly's options.

    Vick is the best QB on Kelly's roster, and he will still be barring a big trade. I've said that REPEATEDLY for weeks now. Kelly's otherwise options for upgrading that spot are almost nil.

    So Vick (if he's healthy) is our 2013 starter.
  • The competition on the football field will dictate who is the starter and that's exactly how it should be. I will take Chip Kelly at his word. He has no reason to lie about it.
  • Foles took Vick's job last year due to injury but the fact of the matter is that the ROOKIE was as effective as Vick was in his starts. I know, I know...dummed down plays, back up offensive line gelled by the time Foles came in, etc. etc. etc. That does not change the fact that Vick has been BAD in the last two years for the most part. If no team is willing to give up more than a 4th for Foles and the Eagles hold on to him and his smarts and his pocket presence are enough to make even Kelly's system more effective then when Vick is on the field, if Dixon's experience goes a long way in driving the Eagles offense while Vick's inexperience stalls it then Kelly would be a fool to stick with Vick and he will have done it all by calling this an open competition. Watching Vick these last two years both my scenarios could happen...that is why this is a discussion...simply because of Vick's play these last two years.
  • *dumbed down plays
  • I think we have a winner. Vick being back is definitely more of no better option than Kelly thinking glory here or like Eazy stated Kelly wouldn't have deemed it open competition. He's the coach, he wasn't afraid to bring back Vick...why should he not state his stance on the whole matter. If he KNOWS Vick is the starter NOW, then that is what he should and probably would say. You get behind your quarterback not let it stay a guessing game. I think Vick is the front runner but if he struggles early this year Kelly's only option after what he said is to bench him and go with his next option. It may not be Foles, the Eagles have already shown a willingness to tade him. Vick's contract shows they aren't locked into him either. Just the opposite, they redid his deal so there is no longterm commitment and they can move on if he doesn't work out...where's the glory in that?
  • These guys don't like to address the facts and reality. They would rather make abstract points about pictures on a wall and comparing a guy to a car rather than just looking at the guy and saying his skills have diminished, he's injury prone, and he makes a lot of turnovers. The idea that Mike Vick was the best QB on the roster is also debateable. His passer rating and completion percentage were worse than Foles with a better quality of players around him. This is clear to me and anyone else with a brain. If Mike Vick is the starter for the Eagles next season it he would have earned it and not because it was given to him. If Mike Vick has a training camp like he did last season, a preseason like he did last season, and lines up as the week one starter Chip Kelly is a fraud.
  • They'll point out the dummed down plays, they'll point out how everyone around VICK struggled but also point out that Foles was 1-5 and also ignore that 2 of those losses were largley because of Bryce Brown fumbles and a drop in the endzone by a new tightend. It's always about strengtening your argument. I try to look at everything...I have admitted that Vick fits Kelly's system better than Foles but that hardly makes me think that Kelly is POSITIVE he can turn Vick around. A win for Vick by default in this system over a rookie who runs a 5.0 40 isn't exactly something Vick can be thrilled about but it does give him a chance...another chance I didn't want him to have but who I am? Foles did play better last year Eazy but in this system we just don't know. What we do know is that Vick will probably be injured at some point and if his career is any indication he will still be turning the ball over at a high rate. 33 years old, those things just don't normally change at this point. Forcing the ball into coverage is still forcing the ball into coverage no matter the scheme. How do you get the 33 year old QB to change that mentality?
  • *dumbed down plays...what the hell was I thinking?
  • they're gonna say its an open competition but the fact is that vick is the best of a bad situation. trading the farm for a guy like alex smith would be a terrible move for a first year coach who obviously needs draft picks to grab young talented guys to fix the other problems with the team. so unless the Kelly looks a Geno Smith and falls in love with him don't expect a big move at QB. I'd be hoping for kelly to draft a QB outside the first round and hope that kid blows everyone away in training camp like Wilson did in Seattle last year or letting him sit a year learn the system and then hand it over to him ALA Kaepernick in SanFran.
  • Exactly what I am pulling for. It could be EJ Manuel in the second or maybe even Ryan Nassib. Kelly recruited Manuel while in Oregon but Manuel wanted to stay closer to home. The Eagles talked to both QBs at the Senior Bowl and I will be interested to hear if they reach out to both at the combine and am alo curious to see how both do.
  • I'm pushing 40 and I know the difference between when a man is shooting straight with me and when I'm hearing him cover his ***. This open competition line is for the fans that have to be spoon fed.

    The fact is, with the amount of vitriol out there against Michael Vick, if Chip Kelly had come out and simply anointed him the starter, he'd have been tying an anchor around his neck. Hell, Spotella has already called for his head, and the guy hasn't even met his roster yet. EZ in a (comment not far above this one) has already presumptively denounced Chip kelly as a fraud. So Kelly is already under fire for even saying Vick will have a chance here. There was no way for him to wisely come out with full blown support of Vick. Not wisely. Not for a stop-gap.

    In the meantime Vick aside, nobody would be happy to find out that Nick Foles, Dennis Dixon or Trent Edwards was your long-term answer. As far as the Draft, that remains to be seen. We haven't even had the Combine yet, and there hasn't been a single trade either. So at the moment Kelly is working with what he has, not with what he wants.

  • I don't see anyone on the roster as a long term answer. Vick is too old to be considered long term. Dixon is a long shot to become a starter. Edwards isn't even in the conversation. Foles is the only guy who MIGHT turn out to be a long term option because 1. he's young and 2. he has shown some promise. I know I know chip kelly's system doesnt fit him blah blah blah. I'm not saying he will be. Not at all I'm saying he's the only guy with a chance to be a "long term option." Kelly is going to need to find his McNabb and right now there is no clear option out there for someone to become that guy. it might take a season or two which is why i've been saying the Eagles should just call this what it is (a rebuilding year) let foles compete against dixon and whoever you draft and coach em up as best you can. at lest then you'll know for sure you still dont have your guy. if vick goes 8-8 we're still stuck with no QB, if Foles goes 8-8 he's got something to build on. Vick is too old for 8-8 it just shows again hes done. on the flip side if foles fails then you get a high draft pick to continue the search for your guy.
  • For the record I think Kelly is a fraud if he's telling the people one thing while doing another. If Vick is his guy he ought to at least support him. Even Vick is going on talk radio and saying he welcomes the competition. Dixon has even mentioned he thinks he has a shot! Dude wouldnt say that unless the coach said something to him. I'm just taking the man at his word and judging it by the actions of the players. If Vick underperforms in the preseason like he did last year, gets outplayed by the other guys, and his still under center week one then Kelly is a fraud.
  • C'mon man! You know coachspeak when you hear it. If there was supposed to be real competition then Kelly would have brought in real competition. A practice squad QB is NOT real competition. This is Kelly giving Vick an "easy track" to winning the job.

    If Kelly wanted REAL competition, it would've made more sense for him to have waited and brought in Jason Campbell, Tarvaris Jackson or Seneca Wallace (all of whom will be available as UFA's) to come in and compete. Instead he went with a practice squader. This is Kelly giving Vick an "easy track" to winning the job.

    Mike Tyson is nowhere close to what he once was, and would probably lose to many if not most heavyweights. But even today he could probably beat you in a boxing match. Vick might not beat out Phillip Rivers in a competition, but he should be able to handle Dixon. Real competition was NOT brought in. This fight has been rigged. This is Kelly giving Vick an "easy track" to winning the job.

  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Who could he possibly bring in before free agency and the draft starts? If Foles doesn't get traded he could and should be competition...they could draft a quarterback in the 2nd or 3rd round. Unless you're getting daily updates form Kelly himself you know as little as the rest of us.
  • Go back and read what I said. I said he would have WAITED and brought in a UFA. Exactly how many QB's do you think he (or Shurmur more likley) has time to handhold while learning his system? Beyond the starter, reps are hard to come by even during the regular season for guys who have MADE the roster. Now you want what 4 or 5 guys in and out of the facility during OTA's calling with repeats of each other's same questions? That would be poor time management on Kelly's part.

    Do YOU propose that later on Kelly will want to pick up what 1 or 2 more QB's to fight for time and reps in camp? That would again be poor time management. If he's looking to be fired in a year or two that would be the way to go, but somehow even though he's a rookie I doubt he's a total moron.

    My guess (like you) is that we'll draft a Day Two QB (E.J. Manuel I'm thinking). If that happens we'll have Vick, Manuel, and Dixon (Edwards is a goner). That's 3 QB's to teach and that's plenty.
  • The Eagles will go into camp with at least 4 quarterbacks and I would think that Edwards won't be one of them and I have already stated Foles could be traded. Hell, you state that Edwards and Foles are gone...that means 2 more QBS at camp that aren't even on the roster. Two more QBs that will be compettition especially if Kelly does draft one of them in the second round. An early second round QB would be looked at as his future...if that happens that future could be now especially if Vick struggles.
  • Still assuming Foles is gone. Mike Tyson fought even the average heavy weight today he gets tossed. That's Vick in a nutshell.
  • And that's my point. Dixon is the "tomato can".

    And yes I'm assuming that Foles is gone. In his spot E.J. Manuel or some other mobile rookie.
  • agreed! BUT he hasn't done that yet so dont' be so quick to call him a fraud. If vick gets outplayed in the preseason or even training camp i fully expect kelly to move in a different direction. If he doesn't he'll only be loosing the fan base faster then vick gets a concussion.
  • I'm not calling him a fraud yet. Just stating if it lays out that way.
  • The time after the draft will tell us if Kelly is just blowing smoke with Foles.
  • agreed he could stun everyone and make a play for geno smith (although it is highly unlikely in my eyes). but I would get more excited about foles being the guy for this next season, if someone isnt drafted, then i would be with vick.
  • It's no certain it will be Vick. If he gets outplayed he will be benched.
  • no there isn't... nothing is really certain at this point with the eagles. but right now Kelly has a guy he's worked with before (dixon), a guy he respected when he coached at oregon (foles), and vick. it's really a shot in the dark as to picking a favorite.
  • That's my main point. That's Chip Kelly's main point. We all know that none of his present options are all that desirable and as such none of them should be considered a mortal lock for anything.
  • The only reason there seems to be a favorite is that vick can run and kelly seems to love those guys. I know everything he's said about foles, but with vick saying he only wants to be a starter and them resigning him how is it gonna go if foles does beat him out or if geno smith is drafted? 7mill is alot to pay a backup and if he's beaten out in camp idk who's gonna trade for him so what then just release him?
  • That 7 million is practically nothing when you add what Foles and Dixon are getting paid to the mix. Throw in a 2nd round rookie and the Eagles will probably still be under 10 million for 4 QBs...just one reason they shouldn't worry about a one year 7 million dollar insurance policy on the bench if someone else takes the starter's job with his play in camp and in the preseason.
  • i dont get one thing. how can vick n foles have an open competition if they dont have the same skill set. that would mean kelly has to either A) make two seperate startegies for each qb and the roster would have to learn both or B) make it a playbook that both QBs can run but not to the best of their own abilities. either way its gonna hurt the team. thats why i think the addition of dixon solidifies foles being traded. nothing about money nothing about who i like (i wanted foles n a real coach not vick n kelly) it all about what would be best for the team to practice with all year.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • And so you see what I mean when I say that if Kelly REALLY wanted an "open competition" he would have brought in REAL competitors.

    "Open competition" is just coachspeak to keep the fans from showing up at the NovaCare Center with torches and pitchforks.
  • Let's say for the sake of argument it is an open competition. If foles wins do u get a back up with his skill set, have Vick or Dixon run the same offense, or have another scheme ready incase of an injury to foles n Vick or Dixon r the only other qbs on the team?
  • I don't see Foles staying on the roster. They said trading him is off the table, but I don't buy it for a second.

    You don't need Mike Vick, RG3, or Randall Cunningham type mobility to run the Spread Option. What you DO need is at least Russell Wilson, Jeff Garcia, Steve Young type mobility. You need a guy who in open space can buy himself some time to protect himself if the play isn't there. This system will expose the QB to punishment, but how much he can avoid on his own will determine how long he lasts.

    Nick Foles can be caught by D-linemen to say little of LB's. I just don't see how he makes it past OTA's.
  • Me either I dont even think he makes it past day 2 of the draft. U say we need a young, Garcia, Wilson type speed guy who is big enough n strong enough to take the hits sort of like a Timmy tebow who can pass though.
  • Kelly needs at LEAST a guy that fast to run his Offense. Remember the concussion that Kolb got from Clay Matthews in 2010? More footspeed avoids Matthews even being able to make the tackle.
  • So now that the Chiefs have their man are we still ASSuming that Chip Kelly was lying err I mean using coach speak?
  • The chiefs getting smith have nothing to do with the eagles getting rid of foles. It just means we aren't trading him there n we most likely won't be able to draft joeckel. Foles is still the odd man out. EZ how do u think kelly should approach coaching the entire offensenot just the QBs? Balanced for a pass first qb? Or use the spread for a runner? On the currennt roster it's 1-2 in favor of running qb.
  • Now that Kelly has added yet another QB to this muddle mix, I think it is time for us to stop thinking we know what he's going to do. Why does the Eagles need another "tomato can" if that's all Dixon is? Oh and the new guy is only slightly fast than Foles.
  • Yes. Yes I am.

    I didn't say anything about Foles moving SOON. I said I doubt he's here beyond OTA's. Or better still the second round of FA before camp starts.

    My guess is it'll be a team that doesn't get the QB they had on their Draft board. Jets, Cards, Jags all are looking to make a move. Then there are teams like the Giants, Dolphins, Steelers, Rams, Panthers, Colts, and 49ers who need a #2.

    That said, Foles has the sound of mid-June trade for a conditional Draft pick.
  • LOL hey flip how many QB's are on the Eagles roster now? I think the number is 5. LOL Who knew Chip Kelly is like a college version of Gruden? I don't know if Foles will be moving. What seems to be happening in my opinion (I don't have the slightest clue what Chip is thinking) is that Kelly is experimenting with his offense as much as he possibly can. He's trying to see what style will and wont work in the NFL. With the way things are going we may see six QBs on the roster soon. LOL
  • My guess is 15 by the Draft, of course he'll first have to cut all of our DT's to make cap space.

    Picture it! 11 QB's comprise our starting Offense. The opposing defense won't know WHO to sack! Plus we'll have 4 back-ups when someone gets hurt. It's fool-proof. Or fool-ish. It's fool-something. Whatever. Details of how it works can be worked out later. During the games.
  • Well I don't have a problem with them signing all these quarterbacks, but I am starting to think they aren't planning on drafting one now. Perhaps the draft will be all defense and offensive linemen. Chip may be thinking about building his team as a whole before he gets his quarterback. Maybe he's thinking about his young kid from Oregon next season, or maybe he truly believes one of these 5 is his guy. Guys have come more obscure places before. Kurt Warner the bagger comes to mind.
  • According to a poll on the Eagles website, 47% of fans who voted still want Vick to start. Not bad for a guy everybody hates.
  • Choose the guy who wins the job regardless of who he is.
  • All I'm saying is the coach wanted Vick when the fans didn't.

    Now in direct contrast to everybody else on the roster, the fansbase that regularly visits the site, have seemed to warm to Vick under Center.

    I didn't set that test poll up, the Eagles organization did. I can't speak for you, but it makes ME wonder why they would do that.

    All I can say is that while you may not want to bang Helen Mirren, if someone tells you it's her or Penny Marshall, it becomes almost no contest.

    The Eagles are offering us that choice and most fans are reconsidering Helen's beauty in light of the alternative.
  • All I'm telling you is I want the the guy who wins the job to be the guy. If Vick wins the job that's great, and if he doesn't I'm fine with that too. I'm just taking Chip Kelly at his word until he proves to be like Andy Reid. Seriously would it kill you if Vick doesn't get the job, because as long as he earned it I'm fine with it. On a side note I read a poll where over 80% of the people wanted Vick gone. I could search for, but at this point it isn't worth it. Also 47% isn't exactly a rousing endorsement. Imagine if we had Manning or Brady. Do you really think they would only be getting 47%? That if anything tells you how poorly people think of Vick. People would basically settle for Vick over a rookie or a 2nd year guy. That's not saying much. The bottom line is of the choices are Hellen Miren and Penny Marshall, then you best try and find option C rather than settling.
  • If we had Brady or Manning. IF.

    And THAT right there is the joke in all of this.

    We don't. We have five QB's, the favorite of which is a guy EVERYONE had written off 2 months ago. That 47% favoring (same % now as 3 hours ago, with 1,000+ more votes since added) was unthinkable 4 weeks ago, wasn't it?

    Further options like a trade for a veteran and using a high pick on a rookie, COMBINED come out to under 10%. Foles and Dixon COMBINED don't equal Vick's 47%. That is either confidence in Vick or lack of confidence in Foles and Dixon. And while you put up a post saying you'd be copacetic with Kinne, the Eagles poll doesn't even list him (or Edwards) as an option.

    It's especially pertinent because the people who sell the tickets and write all the checks are the ones who put up the poll on the company website.

    There is no "C" option. This is Hobson's Choice. As a writer I present characters with this situation all the time. I'd still recognize this ploy if I were dead. What's worse is how effective it is even though it's so clumsily orchestrated. A guy so hated mere weeks ago is now gaining popularity rather quickly. All they had to do was give you a choice between something and nothing.

    And HERE we come to the comedy. The funny part. Not sitcom funny. More Shakespearean in nature.

    If the Eagles truly wanted to push Vick, parting with a 2nd rounder for an NFL veteran under 29, with playoff experience is easy. Alex Smith should have been easy. Especially if they draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd.

    This is Hobson's Choice, plain and simple.
  • In my job there is always another option. If you don't find the other option people could die literally. Like I mentioned before there are plenty of guys who came from obscure places who became successful in the NFL and like you mentioned before Kelly doesn't listen to us. So I'm going to listen to him and HE said quarterback competition. This is not just option A or B when there are five choices to choose from. This isn't writing or Air Traffic Control. This is football and veterans get beat out all the time by young and hungrier players.
  • Okay.

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MLB's 2015 All-Star snubs

Gronk, David Ortiz in latest Dunkin Donuts iced coffee video

The 2015 All-Star reserves & pitchers

Are LeBron, Cavs just playing teenage games?

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