Posted January 16, 2013

NOW it has come to this.

I'm an Eagles fan, but I'm not excited. I'll root for them of course, but I'll have to hope that I'm wrong the whole time.  

Already people are scratching their heads over this. Walt at Walterfootball.com graded this hire at a C-. (http://walterfootball.com/freeagents2013recap.php ) Heath Evans has gone on record calling this one of the worst hires in pro football history.


Evans ranks this hiring as worse than the Steve Spurrier hire ( http://on.nfl.com/KellyReax ). And the worst part is, I agree with him. 

CBS Sports is already shaking their collective head, squinting and setting their mouth up to say "I told you so", ( http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/21563687/chip-kelly-will-be-most-scrutinized-nfl-coach-weve-seen-in-long-time ) before the ink on Kelly's contract has even dried. And they even managed to get in a swipe at the fans. 

I hope I'm wrong. I swear I do. In fact I hope most of us are wrong.


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  • I think the majority of us thought Chip Kelly was and still is a bad idea. The fact Howie Roseman's hands are all over this hire doesn't help. On top of that, Chip Kelly could mean the return of Mike Vick. That's at least what I thought until three words kept popping into my head from various sources of information related to him. "Great offensive mind." That lead me to believe if this guy is as good as advertised, then maybe his hiring doesn't mean another season of Mike Pick. Maybe this guy is smart enough to come up with a scheme that works for this group of players. After all this guy gave advice on how to run an offense for Tom Brady, and he just may be the slowest quarterback in football. I'm going to give the Eagles some leeway on this hiring and I know it's going to take a little time to get "his guys" in position. This is a 4-12 team that is aging in some key spots on the field. This won't be an over night turnaround.
  • Heath Evans also said the Niners were making a horrible decision when they went to Kaepernick.

    Kelly is going to prove the naysayers wrong. We could have stuck with Reid and his predictable offense or signed another conventional head coach. Instead we gambled and now have a coach who has the potential to change the game and already has NFL coaches copying his plays. The risk will be worth the reward.
  • Heath Evans is also an idiot!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I will squeeze some humor in....
    today Im sure his contract was thrown at him and he heard "hurry sign it before you change your mind? and a new line of visors with hoods are being manufactured as we speak....
  • Reports are the Eagles will adopt a 3-4 style of defense under Chip Kelly. I think they have the personnel to run it too.
    OLB Trent Cole
    OLB Brandon Graham
    DE Fletcher Cox
    DE Cullen Jenkins
    DT Antonio Dixon
    ILB Demeco Ryans
    ILB Mychal Kendricks

    Even if Dixon isnt their guy in the middle, they can always upgrade at that position. Trent Cole may have trouble transitioning, but he's having trouble now playing regular end, and Vinny Curry may be able to make the transition. He has good size and good speed.
  • Didn't Casey Matthews start for Chip Kelly in Oregon at ILB? I think Kendricks stays outside and plays WLB.

    I don't see Cole moving to OLB successfully. I see them TRYING it, but one of the big things that makes the 3-4 really dangerous is when the OLB's aren't just one dimensional pass rushers. Cole has dropped into shallow zones throughout his career, but turning and running with...well anybody at this point in his career, isn't his game.

    Back in May, I said that the Eagles have the personnel to run a 3-4 (http://www.yardbarker.com/forum/3/57/discussion/this_is_the_best_we_can_do_right_now/10695314 ), I think it would be silly to do it full-time (at least in 2013) as they really are (by depth of personnel) a 4-3 team. They simply don't have enough depth at OLB or a true NT to be a full-on 3-4 team yet.
  • Right now Trent Cole is struggling to play 4-3 end. As the lineman are becoming athletic and him getting older I think it's making him less effective. His game relies on leverage and he is kind of one dimensional. Certainly they could use an upgrade there, but I think he could be a serviceable stopgap.
  • We're looking into hiring the defensive coordinator from Georgia I hear. Perhaps this may be a heavy hint as to who our pick will be. Jarvis Jones perhaps?
  • I think Trent Cole is done.
  • My hope for you eagle fans he doesnt get his happy feet and leave????
  • You mean like Nick Saban?
  • On a side note regarding Heath Evans, Tony Dungy gave Chip Kelly very high praise and said Chip will do fine in Philly. In fact there have been more people who love the idea of Chip Kelly than those who are against it so yes maybe we all are idiots and I would be just fine with that.
  • I'm sure you can find an analyst that likes the move for every one that doesn't. Only time will tell.
  • That's why I am taking a wait and see on it. I think this is going to take some time, and it's unrealistic to think this team will be playoff contenders.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I disagreed with Heath Evans on Kaepernick. (My best friend was itching to see him start, but now is nitpicking the guy and I can't figure that out.) But Evans and I are throwback, "Do Your Job" type guys. Trench guys. Grinders. You get to being able to look at a guy and being pretty good at sizing him up.

    A coach's system is a reflection on himself. What he values, what he hopes to achieve, what he wishes to protect, and what he's willing to give up when he has to make a hard choice.

    Chip Kelly's system sends ALL the wrong signals for this level. The willingness to gamble with your QB is a red flag. The Pistol formation is a second. Relying on a QB who doesn't have to rely on progressions is another. In college these things may be fine. In the NFL... If he's going to come here and NOT try that, then why bring him here as opposed to someone else who can do what they're actually good at?
  • How can you claim to be a do your job guy, when you wanted Reid to come back? The guy has failed to do his job for two seasons!
  • You're going strictly by the win/loss record of the last two years, and I'm not going to beat that dead horse with you any longer. There is no more debate to be had on the subject. Reid is gone and Chip Kelly is the coach now.

    If he wins, great. But nothing about what I've seen, says NFL winner to me. Quite the opposite in fact. And you KNOW that I held that opinion well before any of the football talking heads piped up.

    Fans (yourself included) who didn't want him before, are now second guessing themselves because Lurie keeps telling us what a genius Kelly is, and you guys are afraid to be wrong because you yelled "Anybody but Reid!", so loud for so long.

    If I'm wrong then I am. But I'm not going to let this F.O. punk me with their spin and Dave Spadaro. It's a crying shame when you don't trust someone, SAY you don't trust someone, and STILL let them sell you a steaming pile.
  • No I'm not strictly going by wins and losses, but with that being the case wins and losses are what coaches are evaluated on. Andy Reid lost his football team and had no clue how to get them back, thus his constant "gotta do a better job" speech. He deserved to be fired, because he didn't get the job done. Wins and losses are the only reason why he's not in Philly. He failed to get the job done in the end.

    As far as Kelly goes, I'm still skeptical, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. It has nothing to do with Lurie, Roseman, Spadaro, or anything said by the organization other than Chip Kelly himself and what people outside the organization have said. It's this simple for me. If he gets the job done I'm happy and more power to him. If he doesn't he gets fired and the Eagles move on. This sentimental stuff is nonsense. You either produce or you don't. If he doesn't than he's gone just like Reid. NOW THAT'S DO YOUR JOB!
  • How times have changed for you, flip. Under Reid you were willing to not only take whatever the Eagles handed you with a smile, you buried the rest of us for being upset with how the team was playing. Now that Reid is gone eveything isn't all hunky dory anymore...no more rainbows and unicorns. I thought your pleasant demeanor had nothing to do with the Eagles chances at championships and more to do with where you are with your life. It is just football after all, isn't it? Remember this...not only did Reid build that winner, Lurie had a hand in it also by giving Reid the power to do it. He didn't accept mediocrity with Rhodes and he won't with Kelly. If Kelly can't win in the NFL Lurie will move on and hire someone else. That is the norm in the NFL...not keeping a coach that can't get a team over the top in 14 years. I know what you are going to type...the same thing you type over and over to Eazy...Reid's gone, Kelly is the new coach. What's funny is that you always type this after Eazy comments on one of your posts discussing how you think it may have been a mistake to let go of Reid.
  • Under Reid we had a coach the we KNEW could win in this league because he HAD won in this league. Nothing I've seen so far indicates to me that Chip Kelly can.

    Gus Bradley HAS coached very good Defenses in the NFL.
    Vic Fangio HAS coached very good Defenses in the NFL.
    Jon Gruden HAS won a Super Bowl.
    Bill Cowher HAS won a Super Bowl.
    Brian Billick HAS won a Super Bowl.
    Lovie Smith HAS been to a Super Bowl.
    Andy Reid HAS been to a Super Bowl.
    Get the picture? They can ALL coach at this level and handle the personnel.

    These guys are demonstrated winners that we could have landed if we bothered to try. Instead we rolled the dice on a guy who most are saying has 40 cards in the deck stacked against him. You might feel confident with him.

    I don't.

    That being said, I speak MY mind, not yours, or his, or hers, or theirs. You want to prognosticate Super Bowl wins? Be my guest! Look around and you'll find I'm not even remotely challenging anyone's pro-Kelly posts unless they appear as a response to mine. Why would I? He hasn't even had a 4 game losing streak yet. All coaches require patience, and new coaches DESERVE patience. This one simply doesn't inspire my confidence. And he didn't BEFORE they hired him.

    Being patient with Reid going through a rough patch (and many HOF coaches have endured longer patches) was one thing. Being patient with this F.O. is another thing entirely. Let's not pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. And let's not act like I was alone in not wanting Chip Kelly. I'm simply the guy who still sticking to his guns when the rest of you bailed on your convictions.

    As far as my pleasant demeanor, you all made it perfectly clear I was casting pearls before swine. Why be civil when others won't? On any other site you may encounter me on (I go by the same handle on most) you'll see I'm still smiles and sunshine. It's you all who get the s***, because you lobbied for it so hard.
  • And Reid was just an offensive line coach and eventual QB coach with the Packers. They won the bowl wile he was teetering with the line. He called no NFL plays. In other words HE HAD NO IDEA HOW TOWIN IN THE NFL.
  • Where is this we you keep bringing up, flip? You mean THE EAGLES? I never got the message if Lurie or Roseman ever called me to ask who I wanted as the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles but it must be nice that they contacted you. This isn't about confidence in Kelly for me although he seems confident and intellegent enough and I'm excited for change...it's only about hope because honestly that's all I can do. No matter who the Eagles would have hired what can I do but discuss it and hope they made the right choice. There is no guarantee that any of the men you mentioned would have been any more successful as Kelly will be. I'm not going to pretend that Kelly was my top choice (nor that my top choice mattered to the Eagles) and I absolutely typed that the Eagles were lucky he passed since he showed he didn't want to coach in the NFL with his earlier decision...but that doesn't change the fact that he is now the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles and just like I have stated all along, I will give him a chance to prove he can become a good coach in the NFL. I have typed over and over I will give whoever the Eagles hire a chance before questioning the move and I will do just that with Kelly. You don't like the move...honestly that's fine with me. I really don't give a damn. You have EVERY right to your opinion...just like we all have the right to our opinions and shouldn't have to deal with you preaching to us about how we should be more like ...YOU! I don't want to be like you, flip...no offense! All I was doing was pointing out that you sure do let all us know when you aren't happy with the Eagles...why is it different when we have complaints during the season? It's okay for you to question a move you have no power over but according to you we are being bad fans because we aren't happy with the way a 4-12 team is looking on the field? At least you aren't calling for a boycott this time.
  • Green I will tell you the difference from what people were doing during the season as apposed to what the flipocrite is doing now. Unlike him we had a justifiable reason to be upset with the Eagles. They were not producing. He's just crying for the sake of crying. The reason is Reid is gone. He ASSumed Reid was going to make things business as usual. Now with a new coach the self proclaimed best fan of the Eagles/Raiders can't hold it together. He is afraid of change, because the truth is he is a terrible fan. True fans don't call for boycotts. If the flipocrite doesn't like who the Eagles have chosen as their coach he is free to go root for some other team.... Too late he already does. I like how he went on an on about how he used to root for the Chiefs too. The guy is a joke.
  • It's football but we are bad people because we would like to see the team we root for win a championship. According to flip our lives are empty and we have to fill it with a trophy we will never touch where flip's life is more meaningful and complete and he is just happy with winning seasons so that his friends that work at the Linc can count on the financial gain of the Eagles being a 10-6 team. Give me a freakin' break! IT'S FREAKIN' FOOTBALL!
  • That is why a man with clouded interests like this guy will never truly understand what it means to be a fan. I can't wait for the next installment of his 12 steps for building a mediocre team. I could use a good laugh this offseason.
  • the fact is...not alot of college coaches have made it in the pros ....
  • There is no middle ground here. Either this is going to be a smash hit or its going to flame out in spectacular fashion. I've said it before. Kelly is the riskiest hire the Eagles could have made. For every Jimmy Johnson, Jim Harbaugh, or Pete Carroll, there's ten more Steve Spurriers, Bobby Petrino, or Joe Kuharichs.

    On the bright side, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Dick Vermeil came from the college ranks as well, UCLA. So we do have a bit of good history in regards to college coaches too.
  • I've said all along that this hire would be high-risk, high-reward. The fact is, he has no NFL experience and could fall flat on his face here and be back in college in 36 months. OR he could really be the "innovator" and "leader of men" that Lurie claims he is. We don't really know at this point. I personally would have preferred a safer candidate with NFL experience like Mike McCoy or Gus Bradley. But we shall see.
  • How are Bradley and McCoy "safer" candidates? Neither has proven anything. What people are failing to understand is hiring a head coach is a risk all in itself. So a lot of college coaches have failed. So what. So have hundreds of former coordinators. Chip Kelly comes with more praise than any candidate that was available. And from people who matter. Not those goons from CBS sports or that Moron Heath Evans. He's endorsed by almost every great football mind.
  • I think it was a great hire.

    Kelly is revered around many circles as a great football mind. NFL coaches, including Bill Belichick, have asked him for advice. Kelly told him to start running the no huddle. The Patriots offense now ranks first in the league. Kelly has done well against elite level college level teams and elite level college coaching. He doesn't simply use his superior talent to beat on the less financially supported programs. He's now won two BCS bowl games in a row. One of his bowl losses was against Auburn, which was a close game. Auburn sent 10 players to the NFL that year, while Oregon sent one (Casey Matthews).

    Kelly led one of the most dominant offenses in college back at New Hampshire. When Oregon hired him, he had to make the jump from Division I-AA to Division I. People questioned then how his offensive schemes could work at the next level. Kelly isn't stuck to one philosophy, he's going to create the best offense that fits the team. Then he went on to dominate at Oregon just as he had at New Hampshire.

    I will say Kelly is a risk because he doesn't have any experience in the NFL and only several years of head coaching experience altogether. However, he's a much safer bet than any of the other college coaches and the NFL coordinators we were considering who had never previously been a head coach.

    The Eagles are taking a calculated risk here. They know they could've gone with a safe bet like Lovie Smith or Ken Whisenhunt, but their wouldn't be that high reward as these coaches have proven to be limited. Chip Kelly, on the other hand, has the potential to be a star head coach in the NFL. When you have an opportunity to bring in a potentially great coach like Kelly, you have to take it.
  • your right you have to start somewhere
  • you cant post pics here anymore?
  • Can't post pitures, can't type more than one comment per post most times until someone else comments and sometimes even longer. Hey, YARDBARKER is "looking" into their commenting policy. Unfortuantely it's taking them longer than it took Lurie to find a head coach but they're looking at it! LOL!
  • On a side not flip like Reid being gone, the decision to hire Kelly is done. It makes no sense to cry about now. Nothing will change the decision. You don't like it. Duly noted. Time to move on.
  • yea and tell that to the other eagle fans who cry ????

    Update: January 18, 2013
    and those 4 words "Time to move on"
  • Wether or not we like or dislike the decision is irrelevant now. The Eagles made it and as fans we have to live with it. If you can't then find something else to root for. Unfortunately I can't find another team. The Eagles and only the Eagles are my NFL team for life.

    Update: January 18, 2013
    yea at the airport when coach kelly arrived I hope a person with his contract ,had him sign it in a hurry before he changed his mind again???

    Update: January 18, 2013
    yea at the airport when coach kelly arrived I hope a person with his contract ,had him sign it in a hurry before he changed his mind again???
  • I love the move I'm very excited for shady and DJ in this offense only concern is the deffense switch

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