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Peters arrest a test for Eagles coach Kelly By Zach Berman, Inquirer Staff Writer





Posted: June 16, 2013



Chip Kelly's message to his players before they started the NFL's answer to summer vacation was to "be professional" about their work during the intermission between minicamp and training camp.

It's fair to assume the directive extends to the players' conduct, too. It was Kelly who said earlier this offseason, "If I can't trust them when they leave this building then we probably brought the wrong guys in here."

No team is ever excited to hear about a Pro Bowl left tackle racing away from the police in excess of 100 m.p.h. at 4:45 a.m. But that was what the Eagles faced when Jason Peters was arrested in Monroe, La., for drag-racing and resisting an officer by flight early Wednesday morning. It was Peters' second arrest in the last three seasons. (The 2011 arrest for disturbing the peace came after he played loud music in his car.)

In a statement through a team spokesman, the Eagles acknowledged they're aware of the report and have spoken to Peters, but declined additional comment because it's a legal matter.

Unless the league gets involved, Peters' arrest likely will not affect his status this season. And the reality is it's not unprecedented for NFL players to get in trouble this time of year.

Between June 1 and Aug. 1 last year, 15 NFL players were arrested. During that same period in 2011, 12 players were arrested. That's less than 1 percent of the 2,880 players on NFL rosters at this time of year, but every incident gains attention during the slowest period of the league calendar.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Kelly does in this case or in future situations. Kelly's four years as coach at Oregon included high-profile legal and disciplinary issues, and he was notably heavy-handed in his response.

In 2010, Kelly suspended starting quarterback Jeremiah Masoli for the season after Masoli pleaded guilty to a second-degree burglary charge for stealing two laptops and a guitar from a fraternity house. One year later, he suspended all-American cornerback Cliff Harris indefinitely after Harris drove 118 m.p.h. on a suspended license in a rental car.

Kelly also issued a season-long suspension to linebacker Kiko Alonso in 2010, and kept running back LaMichael James out of one game in 2010. Both encountered legal problems.

The most-publicized suspension Kelly issued came when running back LeGarrette Blount punched a Boise State player after Kelly's first game as head coach. Kelly suspended Blount for the season before reducing the penalty, but the heavy punishment was a major decision from a rookie coach.

College football has no collective bargaining agreement or players' union, so an NFL coach does not have the kind of authority over players that a college coach does. But Kelly will determine who's on the team and who's starting, and it's reasonable to wonder what his approach will be with Peters or any other player who finds headlines for the wrong reasons.

The other factor to consider is that Kelly looks to afford his players considerable leeway. He emphasizes efficiency and is expected to cut the fat out of a typical in-season day, meaning players will not be mandated to linger at the NovaCare Complex under his supervision. That also requires trusting his players away from the facility.

History suggests Peters will not be the last player to get in trouble, and he won't be the only high-profile player to err. What remains to be seen is what Kelly will do in these instances with the Eagles, and how that compares to his approach at Oregon.

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  • This statement:
    "College football has no collective bargaining agreement or players' union, so an NFL coach does not have the kind of authority over players that a college coach does"

    Makes this statement:
    "It will be interesting to see what, if anything, Kelly does in this case or in future situations."

    the only meaningful part of the entire article, as nothing has yet been done. Furthermore this article hints that nothing WILL be when it says: "Unless the league gets involved, Peters' arrest likely will not affect his status this season."

    I'm not scared about it. It'll be whatever it is. If you fans don't mind, then the organization has no reason to mind. So....
  • I'm pretty sure Chip Kelly's alleged non action is scaring you. You have repeatedly made that clear. Even though the article states that Peters was also arrested under Reid's regime and you didn't bother to care, but under Chip Kelly and you're paranoid. Players getting involved in legal situations is also not a common thing. In fact the article is suggesting this is on the rise. In other words this isn't an Eagles problem, this is a LEAGUE PROBLEM. Thanks to the CBA if the Eagles were to try and do more than the league would themselves, then they could find themselves having issues with both the union and the league. Not telling us more is only wise as this is a legal matter. If the Eagles discipline him before the courts do then they compromise his trial. Nevertheless you are expecting Kelly to do more than Reid or any other coach would have done in the same situation. Buck the league, buck the union, and undermine his entire team just to make the flipster happy.
  • Never mind then. All is well.
  • You absolutely nailed this, Eazy and I have typed similar words to flip. What should the Eagles do before the courts make a move? What team does? McCoy hasn't been charged with anything and flip wants the Eagles to do more than just talk to him? No player but Peters has been charged with anything and what should the Eagles do RIGHT NOW in his case besides reaching out to him and discussing the issue (and the Eagles claimed they have been in contact with him). Kelly deserves some time to come up with his course of action if these things continue to happen and his history at Oregon shows that he has been active in doing what he needs to do. The Pros are a whole different animal...act too quickly and harshly and the NFLPA will be looking into it. Kelly hasn't done anything out of the ordinary in any of these cases...this is just a case of some barker expecting more out of rookie Kelly than he did in veteran Andy Reid.
  • Look at the Patriots. I mean have they done some kind of open display of outrage towards A possible murder suspect? All they did was told him to go home. Where's all the public outrage by the coach that the flipster ASSumes every coach is supposed to have except Chip Kelly? I don't know what his true beef is with Kelly. Maybe Chip snubbed him for an autograph or something.
  • Kelly isn't Andy Reid and Kelly isn't who flip wanted. It's as simple as that.
  • I don't think any of us wanted Kelly except the Eagles. They got their man and there is something to be said about that. So many of the other teams in our city never seem to get their guy.
  • I was leaning towards wanting the Eagles to hire Bradley but where would ruing that they didn't get me? Kelly is the coach and I don't know any other way but to hope he becomes the most successful coach in Eagle history...hell, why not NFL history? Is it going to happen...probably not but I sure as hell hope so.
  • There is no reason to sob over the fact the Eagles went in another direction. Nobody wanted Reid, in fact most people didn't even know who he was! The Eagles mad a choice and I'm going to support it until there isn't a reason to.
  • Most fans do, Eazy.
  • I liked the way he handled the situation with the legarrette punch when after the Boise State game a punch was thrown by the Oregon player ,Chip made him work his rear off to get back on the team while Boise states coach did nothing to his player who in fact started the fight?
  • We will see how disciplined they are on the field. Thats what counts.
  • I agree with you to a point.
  • EZ I think you think too far down the road. Football has changed to an even more grotesque form. Its no longer longterm plans and missions that win superbowls. Its about quickly finding parts to fit a core group of players and staying healthy. Some of our core is - Vick(?), McCoy, Jackson, Maclin, Cole...etc. Thats it. You have to build your plans around them and hope they play like superstars. If they dont you have nothing. Then you better figure out your core and try that process again. I will admit the core looks flimsy. Compare it to Balto- Naouta , Suggs, Rice, Flacco, Pita, Smith...etc. The superbowl list was longer and of considerable better quality than the Eagle list.
  • If you're core isn't good enough you replace them for better players. Many times that has to happen through the draft. The reality is the Eagles lack a legitimate quarterback. Even if Vick is named the starter we know he won't play at a high level for an entire season. The Eagles would be a much better team with an elite quarterback. Look at the teams who win the Super Bowl. They all have elite quarterbacks. If Mike at one time was that guy he isn't anymore and won't be again. So why bother wasting time with guys you know can't get it done? At least if they go with Foles or Barkley and they don't get it done we will first be in a position to draft a future elite like the Giants, and Redskins have and we won't have to waste anymore time trying to figure out if Foles or Barkley can get it done. Another year of woulda shoulda with Vick only prolongs this process.
  • All the more reason to let Vick go. Have you seen the 2014 QB class? It looks pretty stacked. Bridgewater, Boyd, Manziel, and Fales are just a few of the QBs I can see going high in this draft. When I see Vick, I see an embodiment of everything that's been wrong with this team the last few years. I say kick Vick to the curb and let's see what we have in Foles and Barkley. If it's nothing more than a couple of back-ups, then it'll be pretty cut and dry what needs to be done.
  • It wont be so cut and dry if the Eagles go 2-14.
  • Actually that would be precisely what GG90 would want to see. 2-14 guarantees a shot at one of the young future elite quarterbacks of the 2014 draft. There is nothing I would hate to see more than Mike Vick under center and this team going 8-8 behind it. 8-8 is the BEST you can expect with Vick under center. The other two guys could be anywhere from terrible to great. I'll take the unknown over the known in this case. Either way the potential is bright. Just think if the Eagles made this move a few seasons ago RG3 or Luck would be Eagles right now. Instead we a muddling around in mediocrity with Mike Vick. And for some reason you and flipper are in love with this mediocrity. You KNOW Vick can't win, heck he can't even make the playoffs anymore, but you want this nonsense to continue? All of your talk about wanting to see a winner goes right out the door when you rally behind a proven loser.
  • Hollywood doesn't get it and never will...that tied to the fact that he almost never admits when he is wrong equals dumb comments coming from his fingertips.
  • Play to lose brilliant plan.
  • Play to be mediocre. Stupid plan.
  • Absolutely right, GG. This is exactly what I don't get with bringing Vick back. If Kelly truly thinks Barkley fits with what he wants to do than Foles should have been enough for the Eagles to just move on from Vick...at the very least to see if they need to draft a top QB in the near future. Vick only get's in the way for a year while the young QBs should be developing their skills to at least be a decent backup. Move on and if they do have a rough year they should have their pick of QBs.
  • Sometimes you've got to break a few eggs to make an omelette. Don't get me wrong. I want to see this team succeed as much as the next fan, but I know that until Vick is gone this team is going to have a ball and chain around its ankle that's holds it back.

    I'll come clean right now. I would rather suffer a 2-14 season with Barkley or Foles than endure another season with the mean, lean dog-killing turnover machine under center.
  • You and many fans, GG. Even if Vick has a better year than the last two no one should start building too much hope that he is leading the Eagles anywhere. Anyone who thinks he is a championship caliber QB shouldn't even be discussing football.
  • GG90 and GTD you are both correct. The bottom line is fans want to see a winner and the fact is Mike Vick can not win here. I get the feeling that Mike is going to made an example of. I could be wrong, but he fits the best mold of a player with some veteran status who has underachieved and is far too needy for what he brings to the table. I believe Vick is going to become a casualty of both the cap and what it means to not work hard to earn your position.
  • I remember when Andy Reid first started here he made an example of George Hegamin by making him push the blocking sled by himself. That's what Chip Kelly needs to do with Vick. It would be more effective than what Andy did because it's a key figure and will send a loud and clear message to this group that he's got no qualms about cracking the whip on them.
  • GG90 I get the feeling that will be ultimately what happens to Vick. I think Vick can sense it. The reason he wanted a choice made early was so Vick could plot his next move. If he isn't chosen then he can begin to work on the best way to get himself out of town in enough time to maybe latch on to another team where he actually could get to start. If it's him then he won't worry about working hard to try and win a job he already has. He's all about himself on this one.
  • sure you would. Tell me that whn they are 1-10
  • I would prefer 1-15 with Barkley, Foles, Kinne, or Dixon over 8-8 with Vick.
  • I think the one to tell might be a
    Charles Chip Kelly?
  • Hindsight is generally (but not always) 20/20.

    7 days ago when this post was written, there was a lot of raucous debate over the concept of player discipline. I specifically pointed out the Eagles because
    A) The only two team I care deeply for are the Raiders and the Eagles
    B) The Raiders seem intent on purging discipline problems from the roster, while the frequency AND severity of the Eagles violations both are on the rise.

    Enter a few days later, the Aaron Hernandez circus. I have NO IDEA what he's been like as a player to this point, or how much negative press has followed him, since I absolutely hate the Patriots and don't follow them on any level. But there seems even to the naked eye to be a pattern of poor judgement on his part, which makes it hard to believe these occurrences are brand new.

    Given Bill Belichik's propensity to hide player injuries and personnel moves, that will by weeks end become known to anyone on Earth who cares to know, I have no problem believing that he would kick dirt on a player discipline issue. I can't say for certain that that is what he's been doing, but come on now. There are no children here.

    Our DEBATE on player discipline seems to have died down considerably. There seems to be a general agreement here that something must be done. Hopefully NFL teams are thinking the same as we are.
  • My point was that you (flip) were making a much bigger deal with the Eagles players' off the field issues NOW because Reid is gone. I proved that there were numerous infractions under Reid (and quite a few of them in his last couple years) after you claimed there were next to none. Just more proof that you go out of your way to fault the Kelly Eagles while ignoring what was happening to the Andy Reid Eagles.
  • The main infraction was his son hawking steroids.
  • I brought Garrett Reid having steroids in his dorm up to your buddy about a week ago but only because flip likes to keep blinders on when it comes to Reid and the media messes the team was involved in when he was the coach. Like usual he ignored a very good example while telling everyone how the team was collapsing around a rookie coach who hasn't fully put his mark on the team yet.
  • I also brought it up, and I was called a heinous person for it. I thought I handled that situation rather delicately actually. It was just a smoke screen used by him to try and divert the fact he was portraying a double standard.
  • Double standards and hypocrisy are pretty much what he is all about these days. What's worse...discussing a delicate subject that actually happened or complaining about yardbarker taking down a post totally based on lies?
  • Good point green.
  • I see that he is trying to convince you and 20dawk to his way of thinking and growing frustrated that you don't "SEE" his point on trying to hold the Patriots hostage while trying to get a 3rd rounder for Clay Harbor (typical flip). I get more and more convinced that he lets his heart get in his way and never actually thinks out scenarios when it comes to "his" teams. It's why he was wrong about the Eagles dealing McNabb, walking away from Reid's last year, his "mortal lock" his draft misses and many other topics...he just doesn't look at every angle. Why the hell would the Patriots give up a 3rd round draft pick on a player who will be teetering on the Eagle's roster all camp? A 3rd round pick...ridiculous! I would love to see it happen but I'd also love to see Kelly win the Super Bowl in his rookie year...neither of them are going to happen.
  • The only team dumb enough to make such a move ironically would be his Raiders. They are the only team with a pedigree for over paying for players to join their roster. Even with them being so stupid I doubt they would give up a third for a fringe player.
  • That was in the past...don't you get that the past doesn't matter anymore even if old moves have a huge effect on this year's team! LOL! McKenzie may get the Raiders together but from everything I have read and heard this year just isn't going to be it. I read somewhere that this year's team could very well be worse than last year's due to how bad their cap hits were with dead money. The talent just isn't there no matter what you know who types.
  • Green I was shocked at how many yards Palmer got out of that bunch of average receivers that team has. I can't see how Flynn is going to get anything out of that offense considering how he hasn't looked great since he lost all of that receiving talent in Green Bay. They have an injury prone average back as their best player. That team has an in over his head coach to go with a GM who thinks winning in the NFL today means going into the past. They are a train wreck waiting to happen.
  • Can someone explain to me why NFL.com felt the need to report on a fight in the stands at Shady's charity event? It had nothing to do with him as a player or any of his people.

    This is just silly piling-on in my opinion.
  • Hey look! Someone liked my reply! (I also did to prove I didn't "like" it 1st.)
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Yeah, there's enough negative and "hidden" news. How about something to get excited and jump up and down over for a change?
  • Ironically this is the type of action MOST of us have been critical of the media over for years. Just another case of the media making out Eagles fans as the dregs of society. I mean KC fans CHEER a injury to their own quarterback and yet somehow ESPN blames Philly fans? Back in the day you supported this type of poor media.
  • Not talking about the fans. If the national media wants to accurately report some fans REINFORCING our decades old, negative image, by all means they should.

    What annoys ME is the NFL's own network using one of the NFL's brightest young stars to try to make a story out of something that doesn't remotely deserve the NFL's attention.

    Making matters WORSE is the fact that McCoy is already going through a LEGITIMATE bit of controversy. This only works to sandbag him.

    If fans want to change the national perception of us, then to a man, fans need to show the world something different. (But most will "prolly" be like "F*** the national perception!" Then they'll go right back to complaining about how we can't shake the Santa incident.)
  • Apparently you had an impersonator going around pretending to be you. You should feel honored.
  • Why am I being blocked and silenced?
  • IDK what you mean. I see what you wrote here.
  • LOL. Blocked and silenced? He ran from our discussion and comes back acting like he couldn't respond. He just keeps getting better (sarcasm) with age.
  • He's gone to that well before hasn't he? For as many times as he's been "blocked or censored" you would think YB would have deleted his account by now. Hey Hollywood just admit you have too much pride to admit when you are wrong.
  • It's at least 3 times that he has pulled a "sucker" and claimed he's been blocked and censored, silenced or whatever. Throw in the time that he forgot to change accounts and came out firing at you Hollywood style under the ID in4mous while responding to a discussion you and Hollywood were having and you get an idea just what Hollywood is. What did flip type about him a couple days ago...he respected him because he stuck to his guns. LOL!

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