I Thought This Coach Was Going To Knock My Socks Off.

Posted June 14, 2013

Instead I see a 40 year old who looks like a Lane Kiffin reincarnation. Here all this talk about how great the Raiders are and then you look at their coach. A 40 year old lost puppy completely in over his head. Everyone else around is saying "my my the Raiders sure look pretty bad", but not this guy. He's just as happy as he can be. Nice work Allen. You keep being happy and content with a 4-12 football team. I'm sure all those Raiders fans who haven't seen a winning record in 10 seasons wont mind another 4-12 season at all. I mean How can you go wrong with trading away a quarterback who threw for over 4000 yards and replacing him with a guy who couldn't beat out a rookie? That's is the perfect formula for 4-12 or worse. Seriously though with all this pro Raiders talk recently I have to say I am extremely disappointed with how pathetic this coach really is.

  • C'mon man!

    You were all over how bad we looked on Day One of the mini's. We improved on Day Two and you're nowhere to be found. When the media posted this
    after Day Three, I finally find you HERE, with your butt sticking out, trying to hide under a rug.

    If you're going talk Raiders, be accurate. Be consistent. What you posted here, I'd have been ashamed to call an article by the time I was in 11th grade.

    C'mon man. Do better.
  • I don't need a lot of time to know this guy stinks. His terrible first season should have been enough for you. After all Chip stinks and he hasn't even coached a game yet. The Kiffin clone has already proven he can't coach.
  • To this point I can't argue the win/loss record with you. Like Parcells said "You are what your record says you are." If Coach died today (God forbid!) then he'd be remembered for 4-12. Period.

    Despite a 4-12 season the players give every indication of being behind both Coach and his philosophy. They even respond when he challenges them. It hasn't meant wins yet, but considering the overarching reasons, I'm willing to be patient. Heck, a lack of patience on AL DAVIS's part is largely to blame for why things unraveled so much.

    In Philly, Chip Kelly only has a roster to turn around. In Oakland there is an entire FRANCHISE to turn around. A silver lining in all this is the fact that since 2010 only 2 wins separate the Eagles and Raiders, despite the fact that Oakland has had 3 HC's in that span. So maybe the Raiders journey will take a little longer, but it shouldn't be by much.

  • The bottom line is both will take some time. The Eagles roster was on a decline. Their record indicates as much. Chip has to see who is going to fight for him, and who won't. It's going to take time to weed out some of these guys when you consider things like guaranteed money. There still on the books for like 7 mil with Nnamdi. A lot of bad decisions by the previous regime has placed the Eagles in their current position. You can't ignore that fact, and just throw all the blame on Kelly. Not if he comes out on Sundays and stinks it up I will understand the desire to get rid of him. So far I see no reason to criticize Kelly. The players are the ones who have been acting like idiots.
  • Let's get something perfectly straight. I don't blame Kelly for ANYTHING that occurred prior to his hiring. However once he was introduced as the Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles everything that was Andy's responsibility (except final say on personnel, because Kelly doesn't have that), became Kelly's responsibility.

    Right now he IS the leadership structure for this team. There has been no delegation of that to any player. He has no Dawkins. He has no McNabb. (FYI: Andy had Troy Vincent, William Thomas AND Jeremiah Trotter that first year. McNabb and Dawk weren't Those Guys at that point.)

    From what I've seen so far, what they are doing is polar opposite from one another. How can I say I like both approaches? If you're ONLY an Eagles fan, you HAVE TO find a way to like it. Otherwise you have NOTHING to look forward to. Liking TWO teams (about) equally, I'm not stuck having to lie to myself at all.

    If both teams were doing things the way they're being done in Oakland THESE DAYS, I'd like what both teams were doing. As it is I don't like the Eagles approach at all at this point. Why should I lie?
  • To me it just seem the previous regime from Andy left him with some real football players.
    Not this lot of crybabies who want everything handed to them. You can't deny Ray Rhodes
    Left Andy with some real football players. Especially on that defense. Time will tell if guys like
    Graham, Cox, Kendricks, and some of these other guys pan out. Reid was fortunate to have
    Some real great defensive talent. It allowed him to develop his young quarterback and still win
    football games.
  • I wouldn't dare argue that Reid didn't inherit some good football players.

    I happen to think that Kelly has inherited some VERY good athletes. As for being FOOTBALL players, that depends on what you mean by the term. If you mean throwbacks who like to mix it up, no there aren't many of them on the team. Then again, a good 7 of every 10 players in this league don't fit that bill either. Not surprising that there aren't many on this team either.
  • I think Chip has been saddled with players who lacked fundamental football skills. For whatever the reason
    they haven't been taught the basics. They have survived
    off talent, but as we have seen talent alone doesn't win
    football games. Reid's earlier coaches were young and hungry guys who were great at teaching they were engaging and that's why many of them ended up becoming coaches in their own right. His latter group of coaches were came with big names, but were crotchety, close to or coaxed out of retirement, and had no real understanding of how to relate to the current players. Experience isn't always the key, and hopefully Chip Kelly has surrounded himself with a young and hungry coaching staff who is capable of teaching. Here is to also hoping that some of the players on this roster aren't too far gone and are still capable of being taught.
  • then don't watch any games '
    if its going to be as bad as most say it is...
    watch someone else and for petes sake quit crying!!!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Amen.

    It's been a hard road being a Raider fan for a while. Now it looks like I'm about to do a stretch as an Eagles fan. Comes with the territory.
  • Trust me. Your hard road with the Raiders isn't over by a long shot with this coach, and if you think the troubles for the Eagles are just starting, then you clearly haven't watching the Eagles for the past two seasons Mr. Mortal Lock.
  • Say what you like. It doesn't change my enthusiasm for my Raiders nor my concern for the Eagles.
  • Oh that's clear. I mean a guy gives you evidence he can't coach, but you're happy about it. Meanwhile a guy who hasn't coached a game yet pisses you off. Now who in the world would do something like that? Oh yeah a guy who would rip Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh, and Einstein. If that's the case Chip Kelly is in really good company and his success is all but assured.
  • I didn't rip Lombardi or Walsh. They're all-timers.
  • you think I enjoy losing? think again, Im a university Of Oregon sports fan pal...
    I'd like someday to finally win a national title other than track and field?
    you wouldn't know your not from around here, But do I bitch and moan like some do NO I continue to go watch sports and support the ducks. not like some bandwagon riders who root only for the national champs in any sport!
    Ill tell you i've been an Oregon sports fan for more years than I can count so don't go telling me what a fan is sir???
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I just blocked him/her.

    If all it's going to do is type a bunch of nonsense nonsensically, why bother taking the time to read or respond to it?

    With the block I also don't have to worry about a bunch of crap cluttering otherwise coherent discussions. Better for me, and better for those who bother to reply to what I put up.

    If you want to avoid nonsense, then my well-written, well-reasoned posts are the perfect place to do it. :^)
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • No bother. I just feel that the more nonsense that I respond to, the more nonsensical I myself appear.
    If I severely limit how much NON-football debating I do, AND allow on my posts, the less trash we'll all have to wade through when we visit YB. :^)
  • this whole yard barker site is such a joke
    not allowing others to blog is Crap
    I hope this site goes bye bye
  • Lol you keep ripping it, but you keep writing on it. If you truly have a problem with the site you are welcome to leave, but it seems you don't wish to do that. Try to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.
    2 days ago (for some reason) EZ accused me of ripping Einstein. I hadn't, but it DID give me an idea.

    That night, in the latest episode in my sci-fi saga, I took a shot at Albert Einstein's (oft believed, but seldom if ever verified) belief that nothing could achieve or exceed the speed of light.
  • It was a while ago. Several words have been written since that time. It had to do with the definition of insanity. Anyways it was in the past, doesn't matter now and I shouldn't have recently brought it up.

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