If G. J. Kinne Wins The Job That's Fine With Me.

Posted March 01, 2013
So now the Eagles have 5 quarterbacks on the roster and it seems like the Eagles don't have a clue about what they are doing. Well perhaps it seems that way, but coming from a perspective that none of these quarterbacks are Chip Kelly's guys, and he truly intends to have an open competition then it makes perfect sense. Chip Kelly doesn't have a bias for or against any of these quarterbacks unlike most fans. All Chip Kelly cares about is winning football games and right now there isn't a clear cut winning quarterback on the roster. Mike Vick is only 10 games over .500 for his entire NFL career and only 2 games over .500 as an Eagle! Nick Foles is 1-5 as a starter so it's not like he's faired all that well either. Trent Edwards hasn't started in the NFL in years. Dennis Dixon has two Super Bowl rings to go with his 3 NFL starts, but at least he's 2-1. Finally we have Kinne who is a product of the UFL and the AFL. The point is none of these guys on paper seem all that promising and because of that everyone of them are going to work their tails off to win the job. Maybe through the muddled assumed confusion the Eagles may actually find a quarterback. There have been many successful quarterbacks from meager beginnings in the NFL. Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson, Jeff Garcia, Kurt Warner, and Tom Brady are just to name a few of them so don't count any of these players on the roster out.
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  • I'd state that I'm hoping for number 6 on draft day but I wouldn't be surprised if 2 of the current QBS are gone by then.
  • I find that hard to believe considering Kelly hasn't seen one of them even practice in his offense yet. The only way the Eagles give up Foles would be for nothing less than a 3rd. What team is going to give up that much for him? Trent Edwards is not a commodity and Mike Vick won't get much in a trade either. I get the feeling they are not planning on drafting a quarterback this year.
  • Trent Edwards can be cut at no cost to the Eagles and I just get the feeling that Foles isn't a Kelly guy no matter what he says. Honestly, with all the talk about the read option do you think that Kelly wants to start off his career as an NFL head coach possibly tied down to slowest 40 at the combilne last year? I know speed isn't everything but I think Kelly wants someone that can run...at least a little. If Kelly doesn't think Foles can run his system well enough do you honestly think that Roseman would tell Kelly that he has to keep him on the roster? They may have to take a 4th if that is all they are offered...we just don't know. You may be right, the Eagles may not draft a QB this year but a man can hope. If Foles isn't traded I hope it is because Foles has as good a shot as Vick to win the starter's spot...if Kelly wasn't pulling for Vick though he would probably be gone. If Vick looks as bad as he has in the past to start the season, Kelly will have to make the change but if Vick does win the starter's job than Kelly may end up devaluing Foles even more.
  • I don't think Kelly takes the job if he doesn't think he can run his system with any if these quarterbacks. Whatever that system is. Who runs the read option every play anyway? It's a gimmick just like the wildcat and run and shoot were. Eventually teams figure it out and it goes away. If Kelly is as smart as they make him out to be he knows that. The most important thing is for our quarterback to successfully get the ball in the hands of our playmakers in a position for them to make plays. If Foles doesn't fit the read option then neither does Vick. He would be down for multiple games by week six from all the hits. You and I both know that is true.
  • You know EZ i like your ideas and opinions but I dont think you know what its like to be in a town with a winning organization. I mean a superbowl not division titles. The management isnt setting the tone. The tone is slash and burn. And that will have repercussions. Its one thing to serve notice. Its another thing to swing a samurai sword around like a wild child. It is unprofessional. I like the "new" idea of chip but Im concerned at the way he is effecting change in tandem with management. It doesnt look like these are his ideas.
  • Hollywood that's not relevant to the situation here. All I'm telling you and the others is I don't have a personal preference to who plays and who doesn't. It's about winning and not appeasing players pockets. Paying guys not to get the job done isn't the answer. You can't see that with your own eyes then its a waste of time for me to even try to explain that to you.
  • Its not that. Its about forming a balance between management and players. Publicly scapegoating and posturing that make players look bad only builds contempt. And thats what reid built for years. You think the players had reids back? No. You have customers EZ that dont want a scrub running even Chips new offense. You have lost your f---in mind. They are currently 33 million under the cap. They dont have a complete squad. they have no depth. They have nothing. You think Chip is making believers out of the players. He hasnt even had time to get them to buy into his system before this new management went to work attacking players. There are good and bad ways of doing things. This front office is clearly showing that their approach will be just like Andy Reids & Banners. We will publicly accuse. We will diminish players contributions to the organization and we will be wholly aggressive when dealing with players. This wont build a strong lockeroom. It will divide again and the front office wont conquer. this QB addition is comical. Unless its a ruse and they are going after EJ manuel or geno this is peewee competition. Oh and buy the way did I tell you Steve Boshotti was gonna deal with Flacco fair and square. A year ago he came and promised Flacco & Rice a new contract and he delivered. Ilol tell you right now the Ravens will be underestimated next year and the will be back again. I can tell you Flaccos production will elevate into the top 3. The Ravens are going on the offensive. That owner runs a class act while the Eagles keep tripping over themselves. The management should have kept its mouth shut. But , they couldnt refrain from going public with numbers game. They are phuckin every Philly fan thats locked into a seat license. They better have a solid draft and free agency plan because unless there are good players added they are gonna be the new Detroit Lions of the league. And with that brand new stadium. a new low amongst NFL owners. Ed Rendell was right when he criticized Lurie.
  • I agree with your thinking on the QB situation but you (not Eazy) are out of your mind if you don't think this roster needed to be stripped down. You keep throwing out the number the Eagles are below the cap BEFORE free agency. You do get that it is over a week away, don't you but even so, don't expect them to spend it all. It would be next to impossible unless they front load many of their contracts going forward. The rest of your comments on Reid and the organization are nothing but twisted BS from a man who obviously loves the Ravens more than he claims on yardbarker. You throw out crap that you THINK goes on here...you try to make barkers think that players HATE Reid and one of the players you frequently bring up is Ike Reese...I heard Reese say on Thursday that he LOVES Andy Reid as a coach (after having his back at the "Great Eagles Debate") and he predicted that Reid will have a better run in KC than Kelly will have in Philly. These aren't my words...I'm just telling you that things aren't the way you state they are just because you believe them to be so. Your views on Lurie being a racist and not active in the community, being cheap and not wanting to win a Super Bowl and your views on Reid being a bully with anyone but the media and throwing his players under the bus (more than any teams' usual cuts, benchings and football related moves) are nothing but distorted BS by an angry, strange man. Reid went out his way to protect his players from the media (they may not have appreciated it but he still did it)...Glen MacNow said this just yesterday when discussing Reid's reluctance to publicly dis his players...he had the chance in his last press conference to finally state that his players gave poor effort in the loss against the Giants (and did they ever) to end the season but he (like always) took the high road and said he thought the efoort was there. You exaggerate and make things up, hollywood. We all see it.
  • Are you a member of the Russian Politboro. You talk about front loaded and backloaded contracts like thats an immediate concern. Everyear players contracts end and begin. The cap is like the weather thermometer it goes up and down between years. You act like its static and just increases. Thats a flat out phucking lie. And you also assume there will be no re-negotiations in following seasons. My point being they can find ways to structure contracts to move the caps space defieciency up incrementally. Its not rocket science and you know it. But you come here like pinnocchio and falsely claim that there record low cap space is somehow admirable. Cut the bullsh*t. You are a boldfaced liar.
  • Just stop putting words at my fingertips...I never stated that it is admirable but it certainly is necessary and there is just no other way to state this...you are an idiot if you don't see it. I will state this though...I think you see it... you're just so hung up on trying to be right and showing your disgust for the Eagles FO you IGNORE it. Go look at how the Eagles contracts are structured. For the most part they keep climbing (they do level out at some point and some start dipping) and I'm sure MOST players contracts are the same way. Regardless of how they are set up the fact is that Roseman set some contracts up that had the Eagles OVER the cap this season to start the year and moves had to be made. Your beloved Jerry Jones did the same thing and had to make moves to get below the cap yet you ignore that. There were quite a few teams that were around and above to start the season and had or have to make moves...sometimes it happens (Banner was excellent at keeping the Eagles below yet you whined about the way he did business also). I'll admit that the intent is to let go most older players when they just aren't worth the money they are making and THAT is exactly what the Eagles are doing right now and let's be honest THAT is what you have been whining about. Keep whining hollywood...no one takes you seriously anyway.
  • They dont have older players. The Eagles avg age is second youngest in the league. You think there might be a correlation between young team and under the cap?
  • Ha!!! Now you throw out the Eagles are the 2nd youngest in the league when last year you insinuated that the Eagles were an older team (I'm sure I can find the comments). I didn't mean just the Eagles, hollywood even though you seem to think only the Eagles let older veterans go. Vick (will be 33), Jenkins (32) and Asomugha (32), and even Patterson at 29-30 were deemed not worthy of the cap space at their current salaries so they were either waived or restructured. You made a comment about the fans and this team's fear of 30...30 is fine if they are still plsying at an elite level but if the players aren't and they are making big money than they can and usually will be cap casualties on EVERY team! It happens every year in the NFL especially on a team with a new coaching staff.
  • No I said the key players were coming into their prime. Although prime for Eagles is 3rd or 4th year. So that still makes them young.
  • Winning builds a locker room. The ownership put guys in place to get the job done.they paid the players. The players came up small. Players need to execute. Lurie doesn't put on pads. Lurie didn't make Vick a Red Zone turnover machine. Ownership doesn't make a player great or bad.
  • yep its still H2O under that bridge???
    but I ponder what Chip could have done here in eugene as in college football, Eugene, Oregon the next Alabama and Saban?? you got it toyota but NO, Mr Kelly wants a shot "DUD?" at the NFL???
    But will he shoot blanks?? lets find out when the season starts NOT NOW!!!!
  • The roster was 4-12! Why restructure and recycle a pile of crap? The roster needs an overhaul and not just some tinkering. Even if you restructure every deal to cap friendly numbers and go out and buy a bunch of new free agents, all you would bue doing is creating the same problem they had before. Overpriced mercenaries who are only here for a paycheck. In fact you make things worse, because now all those guys you cut pay are going to resent all of those new overpaid guys. This is the blueprint to building a loser. Spending money isn't the key. Drafting talent is.
  • easyeagles why arent you coaching some where in the NFL?
    im not trying to start something...you sound like you know something about coaching!
  • I've considered coaching, but I have all girls. If they decided to get into basketball then I will probably coach then. I love my job and what I do and if I'm going to spend time coaching I would rather it be my own unless they pick soccer.
  • thats great....ill bet you would be a good coach....
  • Speaking of which I am coaching my sons basketball final today. Its an interesting matchup. Its the 1st and 2nd team in the league. Interesting thing at 13 there is a very simple formula to win. Pack your players inside the paint and let the opposition shoot from the outside and run the fastbreak. More to it than that but thats our basic strategy. Easy you talk about overhaul but the way this is stacking up it almost looks like new cheaper mercanaries MAY come here and if not Im concerned about fielding a team. This is shaping up to be the Detroit Lions formula of another era. Im starting to believe the team will be sold.
  • You have no clue what it's shaping up to be. Stop whining about things that haven't happened yet.
  • Its clear they are gonna let go of key players. Its unclear whether they are gonna add any back. But Ill give them an opportunity to show their committment to winning.
  • Then why didn't they just let go of Vick. Why are players like Jackson, McCoy, Peters, and even Nnamdi still on the team?
  • I really think a great % of bloggers here on this site "eagles" would make good coaches by the way they talk strategies..
  • Lost in the championship in basketball in OT 63-57. But many lessons learned once again. First , you have to rely on your star players in big games to carry your team and thats precisely what happened . Our star player , an eight grader, was the best player on the court vs their 2nd and 3rd most talented player in the league. Our next best player went from average player to scoring machine as the season progressed because when our best player was injured he had to assume the role of our leader. I built his ocnfidence to where he believed no one could stop him. Both played great. But like most sports when your star is younger and immature you now have a weak spot in a big game. and that was exploited by the opposition. I explained to our key man before the game started no matter what he couldnt foul out. He had to play smart. I knew without him it would be difficult win . We had an 11 point lead with 6th minutes left. I had him off the court with 4 fouls. Our lead eroded to 2 points with 3:30 left where I used our final timeout to reinsert him into the game. He fouled out with 2:00 minutes left and their big players 10th graders took over and tied it up. We had the final desperate shot with 1.9 seconds and missed. Then in OT w/o our best player they powered , bullied and intimidated our overmatched team. But even though I clearly told our player of his importance in this situation he was unable to register my advice. I signaled this to him several times thouhout the game ad monitored his fouls closely but wasnt effective enough. That mere lack of focus by a younger immature player with tremendous skillcontributed to losing the game. On the flip side of it from a coaching standpoint I felt we could outscore them and run them and it was successful until our 8th grader got into foul trouble. I probably should have adjusted the defense earlier to to take less emphasis on his defensive role to keep him out of foul trouble and pondered it but was overided by my assistant. I think in retrospect itwas a poor choice not to change our defnsefroma standard 2-3 to a triangle and 2. It would have harrassed the oppositions key players with players that were underperforming anyway. My bad call. But you learn. EZ if you have the opportunity to coach , even girls, do it . Its a great experience and its fun to watch the comraderie and your team get btter.
  • Sorry to hear your team lost.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • He claimed that he doesn't and he pointed out that it's been some time since last he worked with Dixon. Actually Dixon doesn't bother me too much especially if their plan is to draft a guy to develop. Or they plan to develop Foles, or whatever else they are trying to do. Who really know other than Chip Kelly?

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