Posted January 08, 2013

THE main draw of any website is the content. Be it news, pictures, video, or interaction with others interested in the subject that particular website covers. 

Alot of people are upset (I used to be one of them) that the YardBarker Eagles Forum seems to be in a death spiral. That things don't seem as good as they used to be. That it seems the administrators are purposefully ignoring the regulars here.

Well, it is, they aren't, and they are.

Here's a link to the Top 10 Websites and Forums Every Philadelphia Eagles Fan Should Visit. Take a look and tell me which site or forum doesn't get a mention:


Yardbarker doesn't have the skill promote ANY of their football forums and the fans (on this one) can't be bothered to behave in a way that's good for any kind of reputable business. That means that even when (I'll use my experience as an example), someone invites friends to have look, even under their account, the friend looks at most of the posts and gives you a look that says "You actually BOTHER with these cretins?" and then verbally says something like "Nah man. You can have that" or "But how many of these p***ies would talk that s*** that face to face?" So it's really (at least in my experience, I can't speak on yours) not the admins who have people passing on the Yard, it's the posters.

I made my attempts (2) at getting the Yard back to being someplace that could attract new blood. For a while (and I contributed to this too) you had whole posts which were personal attacks, or silly back and forths. People with the mindset of children were posting pictures of what was nearly gay porn in a few instances, and don't get me started on the fake user epidemic. I lay down my sword to try to be an example, and because -to get the trust going- someone has to go first. But the nonsense continues and now this forum has fewer than 15 regulars on it, despite a presence of at least 4 years (I've been here that long, beyond that I can't say how old this is); and access to one of the most rabid fan-bases of any sport, anywhere on this entire planet. Yet the number of regulars dwindles.

True, the admins have a lot to do with the failing of their NFL platform (if you want to call continuous ad revenue, failing). True, they probably could stand to hire a consultant who gets the "What and the Why" of marketing to Philly fans (I did it for 4 years, and there is DEFINITELY a learning curve even if you're from here). But they'll only move if they think it's worth it to them. So far to them, all things are super.

However, dissatisfied posters HERE need to do a better job of representing themselves as something other than loudmouth, chest beating, a**holes. If that statement offends you, GOOD. It was meant to. Greentildeath made mention that apparently Philly fans could live with the national perception of us, and that we didn't care what that perception was. Apparently GangGreen90 didn't get that memo. The perception of us, or the misperception of us bothered him enough to put up a post about it. (Just so you know, it bothers me too.) That means those of us it who it bothers, have to DO something about it. For those of us who care, we can't just punk out and turn our back on the issue. 

You want to improve Yardbarker? Then attract and KEEP new blood here. Build up the numbers and therefor more leverage with the admins.

Do what you can on your end.  


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  • Just for a little more accuracy flip...greentildeath (me) typed that most of us who commented on that post stated we didn't give a damn so I guess we can live with it...not ONCE did I type that "apparently Philly fans could live with the national perception". Thank you very much for putting false words at my fingertips! I don't speak for the Philly fans and you weren't discussing this issue with the Philly fans you were discussing it with your fellow barkers, many of who replied that they didn't care what the national media said (pretty much what I typed to you).

    Show us the way flip. When new blood gets here, type up a post welcoming them and I'll say hello. Go out and try to bring more people here if you already haven't. To tell you the truth I won't take it that far. I enjoy this site but yardbarker is the biggest reason yardbarker only has a few regulars. They let things get out of control. You are honestly taking this much farther than I wanted to and good for you. I honestly only wanted to help out the few of us that are here by making the yard a little more enjoyable. You want to try to draw new blood in good luck with that but I won't go out of my way to help yardbarker fix the mess they created. You want to blame us for this deadspace yet yardbarker still hasn't and never will give us good reason they let one man run around this site being the biggest ******* for most of the 3 years I've been here (and I know he's been here longer than that. Yeah, I'm going to go out and recuit for yardbarker when they not only neglected to look into him but made up excuses when people complained about him from what I understand. They finally put his comments below viewing threshold after years of him pulling his BS...too little too late by the looks of it to me.
  • At no point did I put that statement in quotation marks. I know you didn't type THOSE words but to anyone else they mean the exact same thing. I will not argue semantics with a grown man.

    To be clear, that one person you keep mentioning, is it Hollywood?

    As for your war with YB, you do realize with every click and post and reply, you're feeding them figures and content they can use to sell advertising. The only way to truly show your displeasure with them would be to stop coming on here. Since you won't do that, why not try to make this place you come to a little nicer, since you're going to be here anyway?
  • In NO way did I mean what you claimed I stated, flip! You don't need to argue...how about practicing what you're trying to preach and admit that. Instead you again try to tell me what I meant. Quotation marks or not you claimed I typed something I did not.

    Now let me tell you what I think is part one of the things barkers find annoying about you right now. You try and tell us how to be better barkers while typing your own backhanded insults towards us (because we deserve them, right flip?) and then you step back and type that you've grown "I'm not going to argue with you"..."I've found my nirvana". You sure are throwing around the rips for someone who isn't going to trade insults! Fine flip, you've grown...wonderful news! Let's see it by your remarks and stop telling us how we are all a bunch of ********* and then whining when barkers reply!

    No it isn't hollywood. I honestly never complained about him because except for when I came here he keeps his posts clean enough. I don't believe that he types just to get a rise from people, I think he is just a "fan" who has either lost his way or a man who is never happy with anything. If I believe that why would I complain to the mods about him. Instead I choose to debate what he types and show him how wrong he is. I honestly thought it was a no brainer especially with the comment that his account is now below viewer threshold and because I assumed everyone knows who made so much trouble for years on here. Romorules, flip...romorules!
  • That's what I have been telling flip. All I see is people debating him and him getting upset about it. I guess he'd prefer we all agree with each other all the time while never having a bad thing to type about the Eagles. A new love generation, I guess.
  • It seems he gets upset just because barkers disagree with him and also because fans have been negative in a down year. Somehow that makes up horrible people and even worse barkers! He can believe that all he wants to but when he starts preaching to us how we should be more like him (I think that's his angle) while insulting us it makes him no better than what he claims we are.
  • Funny I think the objective here was to put down the loud mouth chest beating, but it wreaks of that very thing. I find it comical how you go out of your way to constantly attempt to put people down on this site. Maybe you are the one who should find another place to be. After all you are the one who spends more time grand standing and putting others down with your comments. Then you are just as quick to get offended at others when they call you out on it. If you don't agree then maybe you should ignore it, but just because YOU think YOU have graduated to some higher level of conscious doesn't mean you should be judging others and putting them down considering the fact you are no better than them.You may think that makes you better, but in reality it makes you seem small and childish. You might not care about what I say, but the feeling is mutual. You don't like how we do business you are free to leave as well. We don't need you to be our savior. Fixing simple problems like the border on the right doesn't need a consultant. All they have to do is fix the comment boxes themselves. That isn't hard. That isn't asking too much. Expecting everyone to be like you and your judgmental jerks of friends is too much. If you think we are creatins, then maybe you should just bail. The yard won't miss your melodramatic soliloquies on how we need to improve ourselves for your sake.
  • You don't care what I say and yet you never fail to respond quickly and at length.
    Your actions are speaking louder than your words EZ. :)
  • My action is to only show you how far you have fallen and what a joke you have become. People used to respect you here, but the have realized how full of bull you really are. Stop telling us how much of a man you have become, and just be one. On a side not, don't put to much into my response to you. I do that out of respect for the site. I certainly respond to more than just the nonsense you put it which by the way is becoming closer to the far end stuff Hollywood introduces.
  • I agree Eazy. Flip started this with his holier than though attitude a while ago and his backhanded insults (and not so backhanded at times) and then steps back preaching how he has grown. He had his "say" yet it isn't stopping him from putting out posts insulting some of us in his own way. I haven't truly even insulted him yet he has hinted that I have.

    Stop the preaching and the insults flip and you won't get the insults back. Step back and let this blow over. No one was trying to do anything but change a few things including the border and the commenting policy...and if this comment posts that will be 3 in a row on the same post and maybe we have had a small victory...Yay for us! If you feel the need to try and save yardbarker I wish you luck. Let me give you a little advice yourself. If you want the barkers left on here to back you on this venture insults may not be the way to do that.
  • Flip was bringinging up how we don't hit the "I like this" button nearly as much as we could or should anymore. I would try to take this up to 1000 "I like this" if I could!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I'm not really sure, Spotella. I guess it makes some of us feel better about ourselves. Yardbarker may pay attention to how many "hits" someone gets and I would guess that if someone's posts keep getting those "hits" it helps a bit when building up for MVP status (among other things).
  • I miss the old thumbs up and thumbs down. They should bring that back too.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Now see THAT is why any fan should hook up with other fans. You got it right, Spots. You got it right.
  • The problem is you think you are actually smarter than everyone else when in reality you may not be in the top ten in the 15 people left on the site. Humble yourself and respect those who know more than you.
  • Everybody get out they feelings yo its not that serious. But This is a "social" sight and i for one love the debates and attitudes and interacting with different fans other than "hollywood" he his in a class of his own. So stop all the bickering and focus on the task at hand THE EAGLES and THE EAGLES still dont have a coach.......
  • You can't come to a site like this and not expect to run into disagreements and arguments. Every site I have ever checked out has it's share of nay sayers, on every one I have seen "chest beaters" and numerous arguments between posters. I come here because I enjoy discussing and debating the Eagles (and sometimes other things) with most barkers...I even enjoy my debates with hollywood even though I know I will never be able to "talk" any sense into him. Bringing up hollywood, I doubt you'll get any argument on your feelings for him (except for the troll who tells him he's the best poster on here...is it any wonder he'd feel that way?).

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