I'm already Hearing!

Posted October 20, 2013

So i'm already hearing all the great things about Foles after today's dreadful loss. So let me start off by saying: I listened to most of this game while doing some Zip Lining w/ the woman and came back home on the 3rd quarter drive where Nick Foles missed Avant and settled for a Field Goal. 

First let me share all the crap i've been hearing:

  • Foles can't handle when the defensive line gives him pressure.
  • Foles is Injury Prone
  • Foles isn't accurate!
  • Vick has never had a game where he has looked this badly!
  • Vick took his team to the playoffs in his second season as QB 
  • If Foles is soo great, why didn't Andy Reid go after him in the offseason
  • Now that people can prepare for Foles, he CAN'T WIN
  • Foles can't beat a good defense

Ok so before I respond to these absurd comments I want to note, that NO ONE is talking about Nick Foles Groin injury that i heard people bring up multiple times during the game.  You and I have seen this guy play multiple times throughout this season and last season and he has always been accurate.  Somehow today he wasn't.. Did it really not have anythign to do w/ his groin??  I disagree. I think it had a lot to do w/ his groin!

  • Foles CAN handle pressure. Last season he started 7 games w/ an offensive line that was dreadful, no Djax, No McCoy, No Celek, No Jason Peters, No Maclin (a few games) and still had a 61% completion percentage through his rookie season. 
  • Yeah, a possible concussion - I will say this makes me worry bout the Kolb factor a little
  • Foles  career average: 61% accuracy.  Vick career average 56% accuracy
  • Vick (2012 10/7 against Steelers:  2 Fumbles for Loss.  2 Interceptions 20 for 30 w/ 175 yards completed. 16 yards running.  Probably not his worst game. but I went to this game and it was the game I decided I was ready to move on from Vick  This wasn't Vicks 8th game of his career. it was SEASONS into his career. 
  • Andy Reid did go after Foles in the off season. Chip told him NO.  The story got very little acknowledgement on the Radio, but this definitely happened. 
  • Tampa prepared for Foles and they had Last seasons game tape to prepare. Dallas has GREAT cornerbacks and when you take out mccoy and Djax, where is Foles supposed to throw?  Riley Cooper is ALL that he had left.  So yeah. on top of Foles being Inaccurate today, this offense needs more playmakers. 
  • Foles has beaten good defenses in the past. I hope to see him come back and do it again.

In the end, anyone that is against Foles (RIGHT NOW) is a racist or a Jerk! There is absolutely no reason to hope for this man to Fail! Yet i see people doing it all the time. The people against Vick are not against him because of Racism. We actually LOVE Vick!  VIck is an awesome: Team Leader, Has Heart, Driven, Plays under any circumstances. Wants to win for Philadelphia! it's something we have missed since Mcnabb. 

If Vick was 6 Foot 3 inches, he would be a HOFER!!!!  BUT HE IS NOT!!! That's the problem. Vick is 33 and not the future.  Why WASTE a draft pick on a QB if you MIGHT have one here?  and If you think that Foles isn't the future, then WHY NOT FIND OUT 100% certain he isn't the future?

Don't be afraid to give this man a chance. Just because he can't run doesn't mean he can't be a great QB. I see Tom Brady, matthew Stafford, and tons more do great things on the field and these guys can't run.

Tell me right now "You can't compare Foles to Peyton Manning"  WElLL Why don't we at least find out what Foles is before you throw him in the freaking GRAVE YOU JERK 

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  • The QB of the future just isn't on this roster. That all there is to it. The first pick the Eagles make in 2014 needs to be a QB.
  • How did you come up with this determination genius? Is Geno Smith not the Jet's future? he had games w/ 4+ Turnovers this season. Is Andrew Luck not the future of the Colts? He had a game last season where he went: 16 of 34. 2 INT's 1 Fumble 4 Sacks. w/ 50 QBR & 47% completion percentage.

    To write off Foles after one game isn't only stupid but it's ignorant.
  • Did you really just compare Foles to Luck? I'm sick of all this Team Vick/Team Foles Twilight fan BS. Flip has a point there. Foles is what he is. A back-up at the most. And we all know what Vick is and has been for his entire career.

    Average QBs don't win Super Bowls in today's game. Great QB play is tantamount for long term success and we haven't had it since McNabb in his prime.
  • You do realize that Foles had a better 2012 season than Luck & Tannehill don't you?

    Yeah. your an idiot
  • As Seth Meyers from SNL would say, "Really? REALLY?!" He only has two wins against the lowly Bucs. Luck led his team to the playoffs after a 1-15 season.

    This year Luck has improved by leaps and bounds. He had: 16/29 224 yards 2 TDs 0 INTs and a 104 QB Rating against the leagues best defense in Seattle. Oh and did I mention he outplayed Peyton last night? He's helped his Colts knock off two undefeated teams. Both of these squads might just be the ones in the Super Bowl this year.

    Foles has two good performances against the leagues only two winless teams and he looked like dog crap against a pretty tame defense in Dallas. Seriously he was missing throws to wide open receivers that Luck could've made with a hand tied behind his back, standing on one leg blindfolded.

    Game, set, match. PWNED.
  • How many starts dit it take Luck to play how he is playing? Enough said. Next time bring something to the table
  • The guy stinks like a turd. I guess you are a member of the EZ/GTD club. Quit wasting your time with the stats and all the numbers. Eyes dont lie. This guy cant, wont ever bring anything but misery to Philly. I turned the game off after 3 qtrs. he was dreadful not bad dreadful. And the pressure you are talking about wasnt even there. He had all day to throw butkept pumping and waiting. Couldnt make a decision. Panicked. Played with fear on his face. He stunk like a turd. Get it. i guess you havent. It will take another 4-12 season for you to learn. And then say Im glad we experimented. Learned nothing all year but Foles stinks. Thats really a great way to "find" the future. Lrets waste more time and "find out" what we have in Foles. We have found out. You saw it in fornt of your eyes infront of 70,000 people and a modest copwboy defense. He cant play for long periods of time and succeed. he beats the Bucs thats it and thats not saying much.
  • So far the Eagles are 3 & 4. Nick Foles has accounted for 2 of the 3 wins this team has. You sound like you want Vick to start on this team so we CAN draft a QB at a high pick.

    Let's have Vick take this team to 3 & 8 before they put Foles in w/ Backups again. Then when Foles only wins 1 or 2 Games w/ back ups let's say it's because Foles can't win games.
  • I didn't lose sight at all on Foles injury...you could see him him limping out there. I simply refuse to use it as an excuse. If he's out on the field he needs to make the plays when they are there to make and his throws killed not only drives they prevented a TD and almost caused a turnover. Besides the injury Foles had a few times he could have set his feet to throw the ball and for some reason didn't take the time to do it. I have to admit that his injuries bother me just about as much as his poor performance...I get that every player gets banged up but his first two years in the league and he's getting injuries he just may not be able to play through?...a troublesome sign. The hardest thing to take about yesterday was that if Foles had a decent game they probably win...he was the number one reason they lost...the loss is on him. Now stating that I still feel he is the best option with everything the Eagles have to consider...but obviously Chip Kelly doesn't feel the same way. I would start him the rest of the season when healthy to see if he can come back from that disaster. It's much more important to find out what Nick Foles is at the end of the season....that's what Foles starting this year was always about for me.
  • One bad game shouldn't ruin a mans career. We will learn a lot about Nick Foles if he can bounce back from this game.

    The one thing I think people take out of this game is: Nick Foles has been injured twice now in 2 seasons. 1st year: Broken Fingers 2nd year: Tore groin / Concussion

    That said. I am like you.. we need to see this guy play, because if it means 1 less need in the draft,i'm all for it.

  • What an abysmal display of football. I was at the game and Foles was terrible in every way. Most of his passes were in front of, behind, or over the head of all of his targets, if he put the Avant pass on him the he wouldn't have had to dive in the first place, and the pass in the end zone floated allowing the defender to make the play. Of course everyone else were awful too. The pass catchers dropped every ball it seemed. On one pass from Barkley Cooper caught and dropped the ball like three times, before finally bringing it in. Foles lack of running ability was a factor for McCoy as the Cowboys just keyed in on him, completely disregarded Foles as an option. Our coaches never adjusted. Speaking on adjustments why does our corners always give 10 yard cushions? I'm watching Carr man right on one of the fastest receivers in the league, but here our guys are giving 10 yard cushions on third and 2. On multiple occasions Williams was giving a cushion and he still was starting his backpedal before the ball was even hiked! They just kept throwing slants right in his face. This was a game where the coaches let the players down with a very poor gameplan, but Foles didn't look like a professional at all today.
  • Explain to me how Adrian Peterson finds holes to run through with Christian Ponder. How about Arian Foster finding holes w/ Matt Shaub.

    I'm so tired of the: We need a running quarterback in order to create Holes for McCoy argument. IT's such SHT
  • You can be tired of it all you want. The reality is if this team is hellbent on running the read offense then they had better get a read option quarterback who can consistently pass the football. That isn't Foles, Barkley or Vick. The answer to your question is a simple one. Those teams do not run the read option. Chip Kelly's version demands it since he doesn't run an offense with a fullback.
  • Most teams are getting rid of the fullback and Chip Kelly's Tight Ends are supposed to fill the Fullback role on occasion. The Fact is, your Runningback should be able to get 100 yards on the ground w/ out a Mobile QB.

    If your runningback can't then your RB or Offensive line isn't that good.
  • We know the line isn't as good as it should be, but neither is the schemes of his option runs. The Cowboys didn't even consider Foles part of the play. It seems ridiculous to run this offense this way and not to at least line up in a way to give both players a chance.
  • Every QB in the league right now is handing the ball off the same exact way Foles is. They hand the ball off and roll out to their Left/Right like they might run it. EVERY QB. This is not some Grand Scheme Chip Kelly thought of. Everyone is doing it.

    Point is, Foles isn't doing anything that other QB's aren't being asked to do.
  • Totally agree that he's doing what 31 other QB's are doing. The problem is Kelly's system asks for something other. When Shady was effective, Vick would hand the ball off and step the other way.

    Because Vick can motor, the backside DE/OLB must hold contain and can't crash down and fill inside. The result was Shady being able to run inside. With Foles, that DE/OLB fills and tha lane clogs up. It's the same reason C2K hasn't been the same (and never will be) since VY left Tennessee.

    Take Vick away (or another QB who can run Kelly's version of the Spread Option), and the Shady you've seen for the last 2 weeks is the Shady we'll get next season.
  • I don't see Alex Smith, Romo, or the Manning brothers on every play handing it off in shotgun on every single play. The Eagles had third and inches and were in Shotgun!
  • I feel sorry for you wasting a sunday watching that horror show. At what point do you say to yourself this is a complete waste of my time? Lurie is a sneaky POS putting that garbage out there.
  • It would have been in Chips best interest to take all the pressure off Foles and clearly state that Vick is the starter. Had he done that before the Cowboy game Foles would have had no pressure to perform. Now all the crap begins even though Foles has no case to start. This is great for headlines but piss poor management of a NFL franchise.
  • Foles had more pressure on him 2 weeks ago against the Giants when he came in w/ the lead and it was his job to secure the win. He had plenty of pressure on him against Tampa because everyone said: See what happens when you have a week of tape on him. When everyone said, the only way he steals the job from Vick is if he had a perfect game.

    Well he had a perfect game.

    I don't believe he lost because of Pressure. He lost and looked bad out there for some reason.. But to throw it on him because of "pressure" just doesn't seem to fit the bill in this circumstance.
  • Let's see, Foles would still be in a professional football game for first place in the division and YOU claim he would have no pressure because of what his coach said...like I stated before...clueless. It isn't the pressure you should be questioning, if he's to be the QB of the future he has to handle big pressure and quite honestly so far it isn't promising. Also get a clue with your comments about headlines. The Eagles aren't in the newspaper business. The best thing for a sports franchise is winning so stop with your idiotic statements. We get it, you don't like Lurie but is it worth looking like a ******* to show us how much you don't like him?
  • I don't get all the Foles bashing.

    People got all hype because he finished off a win against against a giants team that has so far gone defeated; and then he beat a Bucs team that has so far done the same. Nowhere in there was a real test for him to sharpen his skills on, or have any adversity to test him.

    All this Cowboys game did was put a spotlight on what anyone who knows this game already knew: Nick Foles skillset does not fit the Spread Option. Just ask LeSean McCoy.

    Foles has a number of tools (quick release, solid read skills, great height in the pocket), most of which are redundant or unnecessary in this system. Unfortunately THIS system requires a QB to be a running threat to open up the actual run game. In effect Foles' lack of mobility means we can't run the football unless we change the system to suit him. And Chip Kelly has already said that he won't do that.

    Considering that Nick Foles is being what he was when he impressed Chip Kelly 3 years ago in a college game; and that Nick Foles is being what he was when he was drafted; and is being what he was when he won a roster spot last year; and is being what he was when he started 6 games last year; and is being what he was this preseason and when called upon when Vick was hurt, I don't get the Foles bashing now.

    This is what he is.
  • I just heard 3 callers on WIP say: Trade Nick Foles because he sucks. Start Vick and draft a QB.

    1. If you think Vick is better, that means you think we are getting 8 wins this season. Last time I checked, you can't draft a QB @ pick 16
  • 8 wins gets the division and a playoff spot. Its about advancing not experimenting. man what a loser mentality.
  • 8 wins doesn't win the division you moron
  • For the record every thing that Foles did wrong in this game has already been done by Vick on countless occasions and countless times. The reason it was magnified was for three reasons. One it was at home, two it was against a divisional opponent and three it marked the realistic possibility the Eagles must consider drafting a QB next season in the draft. The reality is after a week of hearing how the Eagles have two QBs the reality is Vick's not good enough, too old, and can't stay healthy, and Foles doesn't fit the system and apparently can't stay healthy either. It's decision time for Kelly to continue to go down this path leading to nowhere or to position himself at a chance for one of these quality QBs in the draft.
  • no QB is going to be there in the draft. Eagles might get Manziel to fall to them, but I doubt it.
  • It's a sad state of affairs if the Eagles once again fail to be one of the teams to get a quarterback. I hope Manziel isn't the guy. He seems to be a lot like Vick.
  • They are all a lot like Vick in this draft
  • I don't think it is bad to be like Vick if the player is a healthier better decision making version of Mike.
  • Oregon Qb is who I'm scared of 50%completion percentage!
  • If he's there Kelly could pick him. As his percentage right now is 62%. I wish we had a clearer understanding of the quarterback situation, but it seems like the guys we have don't fit, because Kelly has no interest in altering his offense for anyone. A big go and get it receiver like A.J. Green or Megatron would do wonders for this offense. I know we would love to see Maclin in this offense, but I think they need a bigger target who can stay healthy.
  • I see your right. He had like 3 games which he had 40% completion percentage and now like 3 games w/ 75% completion percentage. Just what we need another up and down QB lol.

    For me, I really want a big receiver like AJ Green / Calvin Johnson. I personally think Chip Kelly can get better at game planning for Foles and I don't want to see us lose a QB that has the potential to be as good as Matthew Stafford simply because the coach can't figure out "HOW TO COACH"

    Give us a big target like AJ Green and this OFFENSE For ONCE finally opens up the way it should
  • Mike Evans is ur guy. 6-5 225 with a 4.54 40 time. Also played basketball in high school for what that's worth. Right now second wr I see off most mocks but it is October.


    That's his profile from Texas a&m website. I would much rather see this aggie in philly green than manziel aka the next romo.

    Since we r talkin offseason who does everyone want in FA? Personally I'd through the house at Greg hardy. Dudes one of the best in the nfl can play de in a 3-4 and has great size. My guess is he's a restricted FA so probably gonna cost us some draft picks but at 24 he's worth a second.
  • @20dawk - Yeah, I was watching Johnny Football and the one guy that definitely jumps off the screen is that Evans guy! I would love to pick him up.
  • That groin injury clearly hurt foles more than anyone knew it would. Those passes were a clear example of someone not being able to plant his feet and push off. Over throws, under throws, weak throws, inaccurate throws all say injury because that foles is not the foles we seen last year or vs the giants n bucs. That being said I know dallass had the players to match up well vs our offense. Their dline is better than our oline even without ware, the corners have the skill set to take away our WRs and their LBs will make plays against our TEs and rbs especially if they don't have to respect a mobile qb. Chip let foles down big time this game. His play calling became so obvious it was embarrassing. We needed more play action out of shot gun with foles rolling right. The dline and LBs were chasing McCoy without a second guess that foles might be looking down field for a wr or TE. That could be cause foles lost confidence in hitting the post or any pass. Like stated above I think by EZ is foles shouldn't be running the read option. He should be under center handing it off to shady and brown with a fb. Foster and ap both use a fb when they gain the majority of their yards. If we r gonna go with foles that part of the offense needs to be a PART of the game. We can still use shot gun but not every single play.

    The good part of the offense was foles made the correct reads damn near all day. If he could have stepped into his throws we win this game hands down cause our defense was good. It's a good dallass offense these early months and we held them to 17 points. I know those tarts r trying to talk sht on their posts but we all know that team is 4-5 right now cause they got at least two loses in December coming. The division is there for the taking. We need to take it.
  • Why can't more people like you exist? Seriously, this is the best comment all weekend in response to this game! People are so quick to jump on a band wagon and then jump off. They don't have a real perspective.
  • I still say foles isn't ready and needs to learn a little more. Plus with the spotty oline it's not worth getting him knocked out (again). Hopefully Vick is healthy and that leg doesn't cramp up again. Barkley was rushing and making simple rookie mistakes. He threw 3 picks in 2 possessions. But his arm is stronger than I thought. He didn't throw deep but the short balls had zip on them. It's a slow process with those two and people who expect them to be able to play right away r just flat out stupid. Most of the game for a qb is mental, learning from the sideline works and keeps ur qb healthy. Now ez and holly wanna say foles is injury prone but just last week told me he was taking the hits with no problem, but now he's injury prone. Makes me laugh.
  • This is what I'm worried about. If Foles doesn't have the opportunity this season, I am almost certain the Eagles will go after yet another QB in the draft and put that QB ahead of Nick Foles.

    It also means, we aren't going Defense in quite possibly the first 2 to 3 rounds in the draft (AGAIN)
  • I don't see it that way. From what I have seen from foles I'm sold on him. His awareness and ability to read a defense is what keeps him in there. I do believe foles can bring us the Super Bowl we all want, but even Dan Marino couldn't do it alone. Hell Brady hasn't done it since spy gate. We need badly a big wr that's actually good. Our safeties still suck and Cary Williams is overrated like hell. Fletcher has out played him all year and seems to be turning into a number one corner. We still need an outside lb who can cover. We can have cole covering dez Bryant. Funny thing is people tried to convince flip that cole wouldn't be covering slot WRs. Can u guess who? We need a 3-4 de and Greg hardy could fill that but it's going to cost us. We need a NT. I'm looking draft not sure who yet but not too many FA NTs out there.

    Most likely they do draft a qb cause most head coaches want there guy. I'm just worried about how much this draft reminds people of the 99 draft with qbs. Only one of them turned out really good. We know who. And culpepper was decent for a while.
  • I can give you 19 million reasons Lurie wont ever supply this team with what it needs. Hes got Vick running for his life keeping the team near .500. Its the perfect situation. Small payroll and one guy carring the team as far as he can. If I were Vick I would plant my rear on the bench for 4 weeks with that hammy and let the true Eagle come out.
  • Basically everything depends on what Chip wants. I like you, really like Foles long term. If I knew Foles was going to be the starter next season, than I would be all for Vick starting this season.

    The problem is, I still think Foles hasn't convinced Chip that he can be the guy.
  • Tampa hit him. When?
  • Ive never been on the Foles bandwagon. Ive told you he has made improvements but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I thought the Bucs defense was soft. Thats the truth. I wasnt even impressed by the Cowboys D. It was weak but he got "slightly" more pressure and he crumbled. I didnt even see any sign he can play with a torrid pass rush. He looked slow and lathargic. He couldnt escape to buy time and he cant throw effectiively on the run. So what else do we need to learn? He gives us zero chance of the playoffs. Vick gives us an outside shot. Ill take that shot and let the chips fall where they may. Barkley is a bust by the way . Keep Vick and draft a QB next year thats the only solution.
  • I saw the Cowboys game as a letdown offensively by the entire staff for doing a poor job of preparing the players and gameplan, and the players doing an extremely poor job of executing. This was a team loss in every was.
  • Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler, Eli Manning,

    All those guys are fast and great at outrunning the pressure. Most of those guys also had more than 1 horrible game in their past and yet were awarded more opportunities to get better.

    This idea to keep Foles on the sidelines because you don't like him or because he had 1 bad game is dumb.

    PS: Vick was just named the starter this sunday
  • Hes had more than 1 horrible outing. But he looked worse than ever. Arent you supposed to improve?
  • Are you discussing Vick's games from last year or maybe from 2011? Maybe the Vikings game in 2010 when he couldn't outshine Joe freakin' Webb on his way to 3 turnovers (2 fumbles and a pick) and a 24-14 Eagles loss? Which Vick game are you discussing because there are plenty of them?
  • I personally love listening to Vick on WIP or Philadelphiaeagles.com He basically has the personality I want to hear from a QB. The man want's everything for this city.

    That said.. He still SUCKS at QB. He would be a great role model for Foles right now. I want to see him in a back up position helping to groom the younger guys from now on. Freaking Matt Hassselback extended his career a good 5 more seasons this way!
  • Lol at matt hasselback. Vick has the fight n heart that iverson had and that's what/why the city loves and hates. They have that never give up attitude. That f it I'll do it on my own. But the problem is that hardly works.
  • Foles is a garbage QB. And so far EZ and GTD are 0-2. Foles & Kolb. I think you guys stroked Hoying too not sure. 0-3?
  • I was going to elaborate with a real comment, but realized I would be wasting my time on something too silly for words.
  • Definitely not worth defending yourself against someone who spends his time on here typing nothing but lies and BS. There are dozens of comments on here stating that we wanted to see what Foles (and Kolb) could do not that we thought they were studs but that doesn't stop the number one BSer on yardbarker. Foles game Sunday was part of why I wanted to see him play this year unlike a couple barkers who have typed that they've seen enough to want him as the Eagles starter next year. Hollywood has no integrity at all.
  • Elaborate please. Here you are contiuing with Foles. Its headed nowwhere. You might be the only one outside this forum that thinks he should go the rest of the way. If you like bloopers suure let him play. If you want something that resembles a competition you go with Vick. its common sense. These guys arent at fault for this this roster blame management.
  • I don't give a damn about being competitive this year if it means being mediocre for the next decade. You keep typing Foles had his chance and blew it after one bad game yet you've been ignoring Vick's bad games for years. Get a freakin' clue and stop with the BS. You want to discuss this I'm absolutely fine with that but stop the lies. I've typed over and over this isn't about Nick Foles and more about the Eagles future so just stop o clueless one. Let's have a discussion while typing the truth instead of you reaching for your BS and lies. Can you do that once on here? I haven't seen it so I doubt it.
  • This year's QB class is looking like it may rival 1983. That year produced three hall of famers. John Elway, Dan Marino, and Jim Kelly all came out of that class. I've always wondered, why can't we have that once in a generation talent on our side? I'm so hell-bent on getting a QB in this class b/c to me just looking at it makes me believe that this could be one of the best chances we've got at nabbing that sort of transcending talent. I'm talking about the kind of talent at QB that could put us on the fast track back to being a contender.
  • Or it can end up like the 99 class and only one qb is good.
  • Especially since the draft class from 2012 is better than the 1983 draft class. I find it hard to believe we would have another one so soon.

    Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck, RG3 (possible HOFER's)
    Then you have Tannehill, Foles - Who I place in the same category because both could develop into solid QB's down the line.
  • Idk about being better than the 83 class that's like picking mj vs Kobe vs lebron vs magic. Everyone is going to have their own opinion based off who they watched more and cheered for more. 83 had Jim Kelly (not the best but great), john elway (one of my favorites), and possibly the best qb ever with Dan Marino plus some others. The 99 class was getting the same praise as the 83 class but that didn't pan out so well the 04 class may go down as one of the best ever. Start with Eli, who isn't as good as people think but will always get praise and less criticism, Philip rivers who has been a great qb and even his past two seasons that were bad he still put up a higher passer rating than half the league, ben rapethisgirlhere who has two rings, matt schaub who's been good until this year and other starters who were just bad.

    Marino elway Kelly vs Eli rivers schaub rapethisgirlhere pretty good comparison.
  • Out of all the QBs in that class the only ones I'd take right now are Wilson and Luck. RG III is too injury prone. Tannehill and Foles are nothing special.
  • How can we say RG3 is too injury prone after one injury? The Redskins kept putting that kid out there even though they knew he was injured for weeks.
  • Gang have to agree with easy here. RG is talented and is just beinning to recover form his injury. he was poorly managed last year and should have never suffered a major injury that way. Not to mention a still shaky o-line. But once healed this guy will be a thorn in the Eagles side for the next 5 years +.
  • It's why I think it's time for use to seriously look at getting the future QB. Clearly the next guy isn't on the roster. These guys all stink.
  • I have no doubt RGIII is talented and Shanahan completely mismanaged him last year, but he had an injury history even before he went pro. That ACL he tore was the same one he injured back at Baylor.
  • Sounds like he got injured again. I still feel it's too early to label him injury prone, but it's hard to deny the fact he keeps getting injured.
  • Have ya heard this one....POP Goes The Weasel!!!

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College football's 35 most patriotic helmets

A brief history of non-star All-Stars

With Love retained, the Cavs can take care of LeBron

Grading the deal: Davis commits to Pelicans

Obama Administration: Change name if Redskins move to D.C.

Deciding what the All-Star Game means

Odell Beckham Jr. offered professional baseball contract

Orioles keep finding a way to win

Lloyd sends USWNT to World Cup final

Selecting the 2015 AL All-Stars

NBA Draft grades: Eastern Conference

Under the radar NBA free agents

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