Is Chip keeping it simple by design?

Posted October 27, 2013

The Eagles have scored alot of points with the read option but like everyone Im wondering why a more dynamic game plan hasnt appeared.  Im not looking for trick plays but interesting design plays.  To be honest I havent seen any.  I mean we move the ball and thats what counts but it would be nice to see Djax come around for a handoff or fake handoff, possibly pick plays, QB designed runs..etc .  I watched the Jets and our old friend Marty and still believe this guy is really talented in designing plays.   I mean he has interesting formations , movement and execution.  It doesnt always work but his looks seem nebulous.   So is shurmur this one dimensional or is simplicity just what the doctor ordered. 

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  • When Andy used to do that stuff you called it gimmicks. Now you want Chip to be Reid?
  • Not really. I thought Marty should have been elevated. He was pretty talented but handcuffed to the fatman.
  • I guess in some aspects they could be trying to tailor the offense to what they have at QB. It seems that Vick and Foles only seem capable of running parts of Chip's offense. Here is another reason why I want the Eagles to go QB in this upcoming draft. We need someone capable of running ALL aspects of Chip Kelly's offense. Why not let give Chip the chance to pick HIS QB? Then we can see the TRUE Chip Kelly offense.
  • You're waiting for trick plays, I'm waiting for skillful halftime adjustments.

    Or a stable run game WITHOUT Vick on the field.

    Or a decision to scrap this bad, terrible, awful 3-4 scheme, and let these 4-3 players get down to what they do best.

    Any of these would be AWESOME!
  • I never said anything abut waiting for trick plays. What Im waiting for are plays beyond the read option. Yo are right. Our run game is zero without Vicks legs. So, he better come up with something new.
  • Point taken. My bad.
  • Let's Get It Oooooooooonnnnnn!!!! Here's to a competitive game today....a great day for football.
  • The EAGLES Defense picks the giants to win.
  • WTF????I thought the complete lack of offense last week was because Foles was just scared but apparently not.What happened to the high paced,high flying offense we were promised this season?Foles threw the ball for more than 5yds Only a few times and hit maybe twice,now Vick against the giants threw mostly short dump or screen passes.Is it Kelly losing confidence in his players or vice versa?Right now I wouldn't blame either,I'm starting to.I know we just completely overhauled the entire team and are "rebuilding"but we are not going to have the same players to improve for much longer.That means breaking in new players which means more time before we're actually competitive again.Say it's too early,say it's just panic from being handled by 2 division rivals(if this game keeps going the way it has)but I don't see us making the playoffs and if we do,1st rd elimination.I pray I'm wrong.
  • Can we stop this "Mike Vick can lead us to the Super Bowl" crap?
  • I dont remember anyone saying he "would " lead us to a superbowl but he gives us a better chance than Barkley or Foles. I wouldnt mind bringing in a veteran starter. I have no faith Vick will be healthy and have no faith the other two can win. I would rather see Vince Young stay upright and throw for 400+ yards and play every game.
  • A better shot? No I would state they are all equally worthless, because none of them gives us a shot.
  • OK they stink equally. I might buy into that. I would rather bring in a a retread. I didnt think Vince Young was that bad last time.
  • I'm thinking future now. I want to see a future franchise QB. I'm rooting for the draft.
  • Let's see...58% completion rate, 60 passer rating and 9 picks to 4 TDs. Yeah, bring him back. Lol.
  • I seems obvious that Wood likes black QBs despite their talent or performance levels. He seems to be more concerned with the color of the players skin than he is on what the player actually does. Just an observation.
  • Maybe Kelly is keeping it simple, because he realizes that he's hitched his wagon to a bum steer named Vick so he's tanking games (without saying it) to position himself for a better chance at one of these young QBs in the upcoming draft. That's the only logical solution I can think of unless the genius is in reality an idiot.
  • Thats a scary thought I dont want to believe. as far as black QBs I have no problem with Tebow. Last I heard he is white? But if Vick is down for a longterm period I think they will sign a QB.
  • What are you talking about? They already signed G.J. Kinne, and he will likely be Barkley's backup against Oakland.... Wow what a scary thought.
  • Thats going to be a comedy. The lowly Raiders are going to clean our clock.
  • This QB system got ugly fast. I am now wondering how important the QB is to Kelly considering he's lost two in less than half a year. He doesn't seem to mind going through all these QBs with this Read System.
  • i think we were right he should have used both in the same game. That might have kept teams off balance enough to keep Foles and Vick upright. Barkley is going down next.
  • If Barkley fall too then I have to believe this system must be changed or Chip really could careless about his backfield as a whole.
  • This is hilarious. I remember when I was being harangued over NOT being aboard the S.S. Chip Kelly. Now it seems like it's in vogue to bash the man previously hailed as a genius and an innovator. I said MONTHS AGO that he was in over his head.

    Even his most ardent supporters (was August REALLY that long ago?) who were among my most vocal detractors, now sound like pale imitations of me as they attempt to critique Chip Kelly without having to quote me verbatim. And how DOES Trent Cole look in coverage? Todd Herremanns has REALLY improved the play of our interior O-line, don't you think?

    Fewer mea culpas! More smoothies!

    To go from thinking that Kelly was the bee's knees in AUGUST, to saying that he sets his players up to fail in OCTOBER? Man, that's a long way to travel in a mere 8 games. I mean I STARTED OUT a detractor, so it's no surprise that I'm here. But for a guy to go from groupie to grumpy in fewer than 2 calendar months since the season started (September 9th)? Sheesh! That much loyalty and a dollar will get you a 3-5 record while the coach you turned on goes 8-0 as the leagues powerhouse team.

    Oh well.
  • I think fans were happy for a new face. I had doubts about gimmicks being introduced to the Eagle system but I think after 14 years of fatman you had to give the new regime the benefit of the doubt. I still think he needs to be afforded time to put his stamp on the team and make adjustments. was he the best cadidate for the job? No. But thats what we have and its out of the fans hands. I still think he can be successful but you know from experience it takes a team effort. And it starts with the commitment of the owner. Im taking Luries word at face value that he wants to bring a superbowl to Philly. That could be the biggest error in my judgement. Because if history is any indication of Luries motives he is more concerned about the value and profitability of his team vs winning a superbowl. But like they say everyone deserves a second chance.
  • I'm still in shock over a certain two people claiming cole would never have to cover a wr in the slot. How did he do with dez?
  • If you're bringing me up here I may have mentioned that but I also stated that I didn't think that Cole could make this transition and I'd rather see Graham get the snaps. Unfortunately I also KNEW that the Eagles were stuck with Cole and that he would play because of Reid somehow finagling Cole (and Herremans) ridiculous deals with a lot of guaranteed money last year. Also remind flip for me that most barkers weren't arguing that Kelly may fail...we just thought he was a hypocrite for whining so freaking much after giving us all crap for being upset with an extremely bad two year run.
  • Our head coach is a substitute teacher. I know folks are going to say I sound like Hollywood on this one, but really, by the time Kelly is fired (or bolts for less competitive pastures), the fanbase here will hardly care who he's replaced with.

    In about 3 years we're going to finally go 9-7, finish second in the division, miss the playoffs and fans here will STILL throw a parade.
  • If he does leave in three years it's going to set the team back another couple years. Kelly will have the time to set this team up how he wants and then leave it for someone else to clean up. Hopefully he learns and is able to resist the urge to go back to college where it's easier.
  • Bye bye to the polynesian princess. I told you it didnt matter what his name was. Hes a patriot now
  • We got HOSED on that trade. Soap and a 6th for just a 5th?! NE was desperate for a someone who specializes in what Soap does. In fact it's easy to argue that he'll mean MUCH more to NE than he was EVER going to mean to us in this scheme.

    We let the Patriots off cheap.
  • I wasnt a big fan of his play but he was a veteran body. I dont think our defense or our future got any better from this trade. Our d-line struggles as it is how is this going to help us today?
  • When hh first got here I was almost jumping up and down, because I figured he'd play a true 1-tech in a 3-4 front and shift looks from a 1, a 2, or a 3 in 4-3 fronts like he did in San Fran. I was STOKED! Then he get's here and is almost never used as a 4-3 2 or 3, but almost exclusively as a 3-4 1 and rarely as a 3!

    Then we top this sh**burger off with trading him to a team that DESPERATELY needs to replace VINCE WILFORK, and we let them off with a 5th round pick and as garnish, we THROW IN another pick. Because apparently we didn't let the Patriots beat us up enough in the scrimmage and the preseason game. I am so SICK of getting cornholed by this team!

    And right now I don't know if I mean the EAGLES or the Patriots!
  • No matter how you slice this its a cost cutting move. And its confirmation that the Eagles feel they dont need any depth right now. Why? cause they have no post season plans.
  • You both couldn't be more wrong. Flip thinks the Eagles were hosed after giving up on a player who seems like he has nothing left? 10 tackles in 8 games and the Eagles got hosed?...I'm still waiting for Asomugha to show us all that the Eagles were wrong for letting him go. Lol. The man's been a healthy deactivation for at least 3 weeks this year...yeah, it was the Eagles safeties that made him look so bad. Sopoaga was a cost cutting measure but it's because the Eagles are getting more from their younger players so why keep him here? Let the young guys play!
  • Are you waiting for DRC to prove the Eagles were wrong too? Here you go again. The Eagles are perpetually young. Always cost cutting. always grabbing headlines. Case and point the trade.
  • Rodgers-Cromartie has nothing to do with the fact that flip was typing to anyone that would read that Asomugha wasn't as bad as he looked even though he clearly didn't come as he can barely get on the field in San Francisco. The Eagles are getting younger and part of that unfortunately is because they haven't drafted well and many of the players they move on from simply aren't good enough to keep around. Obviously the Eagles haven't seen enough from Sopoaga to warrant keeping around. @Eazy...flip will never change. He'll pat himself on the back for the few things he gets right and insist he wasn't wrong on most others and give a twisted reason why.
  • Got rid of Asomugha and DRC yet we STILL can't cover back there. Are we getting beat down the sidelines? Nope! Over the middle and in the flat? Yup!

    Nnamdi went to a team that went to last years Super Bowl, so they can afford to make him a healthy scratch. DRC is a starter on a powerhouse defense, that is second in it's division ONLY to the Andy Reid coached Chiefs. Meanwhile we're right where we were last year at this point.
  • Flip, I know you were paying attention. Asomugha was constantly getting beat in one on one situations. I'm not sure I've seen a worse corner when Asomugha was trying to locate the ball in the air. At some point a corner has to make some plays and not look for the safety to blame...especially one as highly regarded as Asomugha USED to be. Keep looking for excuses instead of admitting that Asomugha's game is gone even though he's on the verge of being cut by the 49ers...I mean come on. Did you really hint that because the 49ers are a Super Bowl team it's okay for Asomugha to be a scratch? That's even weak for you.
  • So funny how the Eagles got hosed the raiders give up a truckload for Palmer, give him away for peanuts, then trade for the stArting QB who isn't on their roster anymore. Dude makes himself out to be more and more a jake with every insane post.
  • You have to admit DRC looks completely different in a Broncos uniform. He looks energized. But I think one factor that comes into play which all of you miss is that Nhamdi and DRC are west coast guys. i dont think either liked living in Philly. Its like any other job . You move somewhere maybe away from family and you might hate it. I wasnt suprised they went back west. Covering receivers goes hand and hand with getting pressure and slowing down the run game. Im not sure our problem is with williams , Fletcher and Boykin. Bigger problem at safety and LB. I think Flip is right the middle of the field is soft. GT you are right the drafts have been that bad and the young players ae getting opportunities. The defense statistically is worse than last year but you can tell they are playing with more passion. I think they have gotten better interms of the effort not necessarily the manpower. They need impact players on both sides of the ball. This team is severly undermanned. But I have yet to here anyone question Lurie. In Philly he is hands off. Im not sure why because when a owner here doesnt operate right they get a full court press assault.
  • This just in Nnamdi is about to get cut. Oh and by the way the knock on DRC has always been he plays only when he's motivated. Nobody misses him. Fletcher this season has out played him last season and Williams as crappy as he is has already had a better season than that overpaid bum Nnamdi had last season too. The Eagles corners this season ARE BETTER THAN THEY WERE LAST SEASON.

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