Is Mike Really The Best Option?

Posted February 21, 2013
I know on paper it seems as if Mike Vick is a perfect fit for this new offense, but if one were to look closer I think they would see that isn't exactly the case. Vick has to learn the new scheme. Let's not forget how Mike Has been surprisingly poor at making quick reads and throwing the short pass. Even his screen passes have been poor. One thing people are also forgetting is when running the read option quarterbacks generally take more hits, because defenses are being taught to hit the QB as if he always has the football. Since the QB is acting as if he has the football even when he doesn't the ref will not call any penalty on the defender. We all know how fragile Mike Vick can be. In all honesty he doesn't fit in this offense anymore than Nick Foles does, because of his tendency to be injury prone. T. Suggs said during the Super Bowl every time Kapernick came in his direction off the read option fake he hit him in the mouth regardless if he had the ball or not. Defenses will do the same to Mike Vick. Unless Chip Kelly is willing to modify this offense to a style closer to what the Patriots are doing he's going to struggle in the league. In the NFL everyone can run and teams are going to take liberties with these quarterbacks who want to run around with the football. Especially guys like Mike Vick who would rather take on a hit than slide. In college Kelly had a player for 4 years tops, but in the NFL he's going to need his quarterback to last much longer than that. As such it wouldn't be prudent to have his quarterback rushing for a 1000 yards as Mike Vick indicated. That many carries out of a read option set is certain to have him spend some extended time on the sidelines. My point is don't count Nick Foles or Dennis Dixon out the equation just yet and don't assume Mike has this thing locked up.
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  • Before Dixon signed Vick was hands down (as far as skillset) Kelly's best option on the roster. Now that Dixon is here with a similar skillset, familiar with the Spread's concepts, familiar with Kelly's expectations in X or Y given situation, and also has knowledge of NFL defenses, whether Vick is still Kelly's best option has to be seen.

    Kelly signing TWO QB's in a weeks time signals Foles exit.

    Dixon's left knee is far from a done deal. He has to prove he can even make it off of a practice squad before there is any legit talk of him being a starter. Nobody elevates a practice squader directly to starter. Kelly is inexperienced, but he doesn't strike me as stupid.

    Any and everybody I've seen or read (including Chip Kelly) has alluded to Vick starting. (Vick was given a make or break contract, and he cannot be evaluated from the bench. Change of scenery, not of address.) Furthmore look up any quote from Dennis Dixon. The guy has a very "Que sera sera" attitude. You may fault Vick for his "Dynasty" statement, but (this is experience talking) guys rally around a leader with swagger and a can-do, do-expect attitude. Add to that Vick having the confidence of the teams #1 WR and #1 RB. Kelly will see what's up.

    BOTTOM LINE: If a depth chart were drawn up today Vick would be the starter. Vick won't have to lose the spot, someone else will have to take it.
  • You asked me on the Geno thread would I trade both Vick and Foles? And i would without hesitation if we have a viable option. Geno Smith is a viable option which would leave Vick out of a starters job and Foles is currently on the block despite what they say. This is a new era and system. If Smith is deemed worthy of being the first QB picked in the draft then he starts. And this way you dump Vicks salary and Foles inability to lead.
  • If we could get a 2nd for Vick and 3rd-4th for Foles I'd make the trade and draft Geno.
  • You will get more for Foles than Vick. You can bank on that.
  • The salary structure is completely different. If that statement is to imply that Foles is "worth" more thats a not the case. Havent you accepted that the whole organziation has deemed Vick as the better player to lead the team? Or are you still whining over Foles?
  • Neither the organization nor the coach has accepted that. I'm telling you the Eagles want more for Foles than they do for Vick. It's a fact Jack.
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  • He's faster than Foles and Dixon and has a cannon of an arm...besides that I don't think so. Honestly, listening to Kelly and Roseman, that and his toughness are all you hear them stress. We all know that Mike Vick can run and can throw the football...we also know he is tough (but brittle). Quick decision maker that reads defenses well?...doesn't take sacks or turn the ball over?...can take the hits that Kelly's read option is sure to dish out?...I just don't see it. Flip has hit on one thing that does make sense...Vick starting over Foles makes more sense if Kelly truly doesn't want to modify his system when replacing his QB and gives the offense more work this year at running his true system...there is no other reason in my opinion that Mike Vick should have even been brought back. Still wouldn't mind a second day QB in the draft.
  • I think you'll get a second day guy.
  • Im not sure about a cannon from the games Ive watched. But he has a pocket presence and runs as a last resort. And seems accurate inside the hash marks. You cant have Vick and Geno on the same sideline unless you plan on grooming Geno for a later debut. It will be a controversy from day one. Geno buys them a future. Vick gives them a credible chance to win now. Foles is a backup. but there are several scenarios I could be happy about.
  • I was discussing Vick and it seems you are discussing Smith, hollywood but if Kelly uses his first pick on Smith I would guess that he has a different starter in mind than Vick on day one.
  • I dont think Vick and Geno can be on the same team.
  • No timmmyah is. He's everything Kelly said he wants n fits the system not just one or the other. I'm telling u he will be an eagle by the end of the draft.
  • A recent new trend is that fans have been blaming Andy Reid for all of Vick's troubles. It's kind of ironic, because more than a few of those people didn't want Andy to leave. Well you can't blame Andy for the fact that in Vick's entire career he's only been healthy once for a full season. It is interesting that Vick was sacked the most in his Eagles career in 2010. Of course he was hurt that season as well. We can hope walking the halls of the Novacare Complex looking at old photos will inspire Mike Vick, but if money, a death of a friend, his teammates, trying to save the job of the only coach who was willing to give him a chance when nobody else would, and his own calls for a dynasty doesn't motivate Vick to play better then I seriously doubt anything else will.
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  • It's probably pretty hard to read and react to a blitz when your o-line is letting defenders run by them.
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  • In Atlanta Mike Vick had a TE, a great line, great running game, a young Roddy White (who didn't blow up until after Vick left and that is not a coincidence), and several coaches who were willing to let Mike Vick be Mike Vick. His overall record in Atlanta is 38-28. Everyone wants to argue for Vick brings nothing to the table but speculation. Everyone who thinks Mike Vick most likely wont be starting for the Eagles all of next season brings facts to the table.
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  • The let Mike be Mike movement cracks me up. These were the same people praising Andy Reid for turning him into a quarterback. Have they already forgotten when Mike was being Mike he got several coaches fired in the process? Nobody should be happy with Mike Vick given the starting job in Philly. He must earn it! That's why I'm glad that Chip Kelly is at least saying he must earn it.
  • I agree, Eazy. What did Vick do in Atlanta? One of the reasons I argued that Kolb needed more than 10 passes to prove his worth was because I didn't want the Eagles to go with Atlanta Mike Vick and I figured we'd be seeing him just took longer than I thought. He had a VERY nice run and of course we had to get behind him but we all know what happened. Alanta Mike Vick is also an oft injured turnover machine...he'll get them a few more yards on the ground but his completion percentage will likely suffer while he's gearing up to run(and it hasn't been that great since his 8-10 game anomaly). I just don't get the hype. A big part of Vick being brought back was because of the Eagles lack of having a better option that fits Kelly's offense...that doesn't get me exited at all.
  • I agree I'm not all that excited if they just hand the job to Vick, but from what Chip Kelly is saying I don't think he is. I think the guy is generally weighing his options. He thinks he can coach any of those guys. May the best man win. I think Dennis Dixon was even told he has a shot. Lets not forget we all have experience with these players, but Chip Kelly doesn't. He's going to. Give the ball to the guy who deserves it and that's how it should be.
  • Amen!

    Nick Foles was sacked 20 times in 6 starts. 20 times! Then he got his hand broken IN THE POCKET!

    Why is it that the O-line and Safeties get a pass for the last 2 years, while other players (YES, I'm talking Nnamdi, Vick, and DRC specifically) get crucified, when the extenuating circumstance are apparent? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

    Isn't it ironic that the only place that was shocked that Vick stayed in Philly, was Philly? Everybody else in the U.S.A. gets why. Nobody (but Philly) is even discussing it anymore. A twitter spat between Darrelle Revis and Richard Sherman topped NFL Total Access last night. Us? WHO CARES?

    Yet fans here are STILL debating whether or not Vick should start! How is it that Philly is the only place that didn't get the memo? Everyone else is putting cover sheets on their TPS Reports. Why not us?
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  • Spotella is exactly right, flip. We are discussing this BECAUSE it's Philadelphia...because it is happening here and it is an issue. It isn't like Vick lit up the NFL in the last two years (regardless of the reasons). What city in the NFL wouldn't bringing back your struggling QB on a team that is looking at so much change be an issue?
  • ask Chip kelly hes the coach. and Im not saying this to start a fight.
  • You ask him and get back to us with what he tells you.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Eagles coach Chip Kelly: ‘I want to coach Foles."
    Case closed.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • just like all of us in here Chip Kelly doesn't know who he is going to start this year at quarterback
  • That's my point! Lets not assume that anyone is his guy. I am going to take him at his word. He wants to see these guys out there before he makes a decision.
  • i'd just not even have vick in the conversation for some reason it just makes me feel like the open competition will have a bit of favoritism. like i said before countless times i'd rather see the team move forward with foles and struggle then stick with vick and be right back where we are now next season with another 8-8 record which won't net us a high draft pick and by then people might finally let give vick his walking papers
  • Remember you have the bias to Vick. I have a bias to Vick. Andy Reid has a bias to Vick, but Chip Kelly has said over and over again that he's going to play the best player. If Vick is the guy it will mean that he earned it. I've asked the question and all of the Vick apologist have been to scared to answer it. If Vick has a training camp and preseason similar to the one he had last season, and if Dixon, Foles, Edwards, or a rookie they drafted outplay him will Vick beat them out? My answer judging by what Chip Kelly has said so far would be no unless Chip is a liar and a fraud. Now the flipster wants to spin this (rather than answer the question) as if I'm calling Kelly a fraud right now. I'm not, but he's calling Kelly a liar, but he making it as "coach speak." It's one thing if Kelly is telling reporters how much he loves his quarterbacks and how it will be an open competition, but it's another when Vick is saying he welcomes the competition, and Dixon is saying he's in the race too.

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